The Rev. Luis-Carlos Sanchez of the United Front Task Force said Tulsa was
chosen for the billboards over Oklahoma City because of the friction here. “Unfortunately there’s a high-level of discrimination taking place,” he said. “People are living in constant fear.”


I took a few liberties.

Signs hit at state’s new immigration law
Tulsa World
August 2, 2007

Two billboards along Tulsa’s busy stretch of Interstate 44 were unveiled Wednesday to raise awareness of the opposition to Oklahoma’s sweeping illegal immigration law that will take effect Nov. 1.

One, sponsored by the United Front Task Force and facing west near Memorial Drive, asks, “Is it OK for Oklahoma to have a law that promotes hate among people?”

The other, sponsored by the American Dream Coalition and facing east near Sheridan Road, features a tearful girl clutching a teddy bear with the statement, “My mommy is not a criminal. She is a hardworking Hispanic woman.”

The groups hope the two billboards soon will be followed by many others.

“We want people to know that families will be torn apart by this legislation,” said the Rev. Victor Orta II, president of the American Dream Coalition. “I am for the enforcement of our immigration laws, but there needs to be legalization for families who have been here a long time.”

The Rev. Luis-Carlos Sanchez of the United Front Task Force said Tulsa was chosen
for the billboards over Oklahoma City because of the friction here.

“Unfortunately there’s a high-level of discrimination taking place,” he said. “People are living in constant fear.”

State Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, the author of House Bill 1804, said critics fail to understand the intent of the law.

“This isn’t about whether you are for or against immigration, or for or against immigrants,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what your skin color is or if you speak with an accent.

“What matters is if you are in the country legally or illegally. The only people threatened by House Bill 1804 are those who choose to break the law.”

The law will eliminate most taxpayer subsidies for illegal immigrants, allow state and local law enforcement officers to verify immigration statuses of those arrested and crack down on businesses that employ illegal immigrants, among other measures.

Terrill said the two Tulsa billboards will not affect the new law taking effect.

“It doesn’t matter if opponents put up two billboards or 200, that won’t change the fact that House Bill 1804 is the law and will be enforced beginning Nov. 1,” he said.

A “Say No to 1804 Legal Defense Fund” has been established by the United Front Task Force.

Terrill said the law will be defended in court, if necessary.

“I’m 99.9 percent confident that this bill will withstand any legal challenge brought against it,” he said.

“House Bill 1804 is not preempted by federal law. It does not exceed the scope of state authority in this area and is designed to sync perfectly with federal immigration law.”…..

18 Responses to “More "Wave Of Hate" Propaganda”

  1. 1 peternoamnesty

    promotes hate among the people? funny now the criminals are victims

  2. 2 Mary

    If you didn’t blatantly break our laws, show incredible disrespect for our language and culture, and steal our social services meant for our own children, old folks and veterans, we wouldn’t hate you. After all that you are doing to us, we’d be nuts if we didn’t at least mildly dislike you. Case closed.

    What a bunch of maroons. It’s like a mugger expressing indignation that his mugging victim “hates” him. “Is it OK for OKlahoma to pass a law that promotes hatred of muggers by putting them in jail for mugging people?”

    With babyish dolts like these people running things in our country we will not be a superpower for long. These people have the outlook of a five-year-old and that’s being generous on the age quotient. Less generous people would say a three-year-old.

    They need to go take a crap in their adult-size Huggies diapers and then give their pacifiers a good long suck — maybe that’ll make them feel better.

    The people who built this country from the ground up were grown-ups. Maybe Mexicans should try acting like grown-ups, too, and then maybe their own country wouldn’t be such a craphole.

  3. 3 Angel

    For crying out loud! Now it’s “hate” “hate” “hate” as their new buzz word. I guess racists and bigot didn’t get them very far.

  4. 4 hadenuff

    I like how one of those billboards states “my mommy is not a criminal, she is a hardworking HISPANIC woman…like they are the only “race” that has illegals in this country. This just goes to show that there intent is not to protect illegal aliens… it’s to protect illegal alien HISPANICS only. Who’s the racist HATERS now!

  5. 5 Minutewoman

    I love it!! They’re so stupid. They’re doing our P.R. work for us. The more idiotic piffle like this they put up in public, the madder Americans will get, and the firmer our resolve will be to close our borders and enforce our laws!!

    Keep it up, stupidos; your’re just speeding up your own departure!


    I’ve lost total respect for all churches or ministry. I will avoid them at all cost & they better not ask me for 1 red cent!

  7. 7 Vincent Narodnik

    I guess Mary said every thing I was going to say, and did a damn good job of it, so I guess all I gotta say is YEEHAAAAW OKLAHOMA!!!
    Glad to be your neighbor.
    I imagine that soon enough, I will be signing up with the Oklahoma Regiment, if Kansas cant get lively enough to start protecting itself.

    Hey. Read that sign again.
    Notice the conspicuous THEIR
    Freudian slip?
    or simple acknowledgement that raza doesnt belong there?

  8. 8 DfD

    They’re kickin’ and screamin’!! Kind of reminds me of that seen in the movie “Papillon”, when the prisoner is being “escorted” to the gallows. Spittin’, kickin’, and cussin’!

    Keep in mind, a man once said, “the hypocritical lawmakers, people, and judges have no right to exercise their “hate” over me in my God-given right to the pursuit of my happiness and controlling aspects of my personal life.” And, “What gives them the right?”

    That man? Ted Bundy

  9. 9 SkyPainter

    Again… The church is getting involved in politics! How about removing their tax exempt status? They will not see a sigle penny from me either.

    I like the second billboard idea. I sure hope one of the immigration groups puts one up right next to the church’s hate message.

  10. 10 cthelight


    I have an idea. There have to be at least
    30 million retirees in this country right now.
    They do not have to worry about being at work or
    raising their children. Let us gather them all
    together…ALL 30 MILLION OF THEM…and march their
    butts across the border into Mexico and demand their
    rights to retirement jobs, healthcare, food stamps,
    housing and the right to march with American flags
    in their streets. Oh, and I and they do not want to
    learn how to speak spanish. Do you suppose we
    could get together 20-30 million and walk across the
    border???????????Let’s go….I am ready. And I want to be able to drive with no license or car insurance….what a savings that would be.

  11. 11 1Madmomma

    GuardDog: Your billboard should be posted in every city in the United States. Send the message loud, and clear. We are fed the f**k up! I’d contribute to that.

  12. 12 Johnny

    Real Americans will see right through that hate billboard for what it is. It is this type of behavior that will only embolden Americans more to push these invaders out of our beloved country.

  13. 13 Sherri

    Mary, your post was right on! Bravo! Applause!

    As usual, Raza and other pro-illegal groups don’t have a legitimate arguement, so they pull out the race card. But they’re so stupid, they can’t even do that right.
    This isn’t about race—it’s about ILLEGALITY, stupid! Get it? Just because they work hard doesn’t mean it’s an ENTITLEMENT to be here! These arrogant a–holes think they’re entitled to everything! Does that mean that I can move into my boss’s home, expect him/her to pay for my food, housing, and medical bills, because I work hard? After all, I work hard—I’m entitled to all of that and more!
    If people are experiencing discrimination and hate, they’ve brought it on themselves. It’s their arrogance and sense of entitlement that have brought it on. Americans are tired of it, and they are speaking out. This foolishness has gone on long enough!

  14. 14 Angel

    cthelight - good point

    How about we get those 30 million to raise cane right here? They don’t have the 2.5 kids and the 3 jobs, so their living a life of leisure.

  15. 15 melody

    tearful girl clutching a teddy bear with the statement, “my mommy is not a criminal. She is a hard working hispanic woman.”

    Poor thing, you “hard working hispanic woman”. Here’s a snot rag!

    Your an invader woman hogging a job an American mommy could have had if you were deported. Nobody seems to have any compassion for the U.S. citizen moms of America who don’t have jobs when their cash welfare time limits are up. 3 years is not that long to get cash benefits. Who knows how many American moms have had their kids taken by the state because every job they tried to get was being hogged by an illegal? American kids cry for their moms too. Do your people (the invaders) have any compassion for American kids in foster care?

    Oh, I guess your answer to every thing is “Why didn’t the American mommy become a rocket scientist.” Well if being an illegal invader makes you superior to all other humans, why don’t you become a rocket scientist?

    How many tears did your people (the invaders) shed for the Americans who have gone to jail for not paying child support?

    Sorry, we don’t need you. We have moms, dads, childless people, and people done raising their kids, already here who could and want to do the work if the evil employers would let us have jobs like the one you are hogging.

  16. 16 1Madmomma

    Angel; Just because someone is retired, doesn’t necessarily mean they live a life of leisure. Even though many older folks no longer work, doesn’t mean they don’t have responsibilities. Actually many are taking care of the Grand babies, either because the parents wages are no longer sufficient enough to cover mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, gasoline, etc, or they raise them outright for a variety of reasons. Many retirees have to work part time jobs, as Social Security doesn’t pay enough to live off of, unless they had a retirement package through their work. Many older folks have physical problems that keep them from marching. Lighten up on our elderly dear. I’m sure that many that are physically able, and have the life of leisure do what they can. All the older folks I know seem to have a better grasp on whats happening to our country than most of the young adults that I know do, and it breaks their hearts. Seems almost all of them personally knew, or were related in some way to the men who fought, and died for our country. They didn’t fight and die for the rights of illegal invaders. They know this, and are madder than hell about it. If you couldn’t tell, I have a soft spot for our elderly. Please don’t be offended.

  17. 17 Faye

    Angel -

    I’m retired. I still put in at least 3 days a week, 12-hour days at night. Come home, fix breakfast for the great-grandkid and the ole man, play with the baby until he goes down for a nap, get dinner & supper done, all the laundry, vacumning, lawn mowing, etc. I have to go over to mom and dad’s and clean and do everything around there. Mom’s real good about tearing stuff apart and letting me fix it — major construction a lot of time. Plus play nurse at home for them, the ole man, and everyone in the neighborhood who gets a hangnail…. evidently bowel movements must be my bag or I have “Tell me about your bowel movements tatooed across my forehead.” Then I get 4 hours sleep, maybe, and go do it again.

    HOWEVER, I do like to raze one of the locals by writing letters to the editor… Here’s one you might enjoy. He didn’t. He. He. He. This one was after he had written in telling everyone we’d stolen the southwest, etc…. you know the rest of the story.

    Dear Editor,

    Well, Mr. (So & So) is again vying for the title of ?King of Misdirection.? I?ve been reading him for years. He?s just gotten bolder and bolder, probably because most of us have let poor ole (another frequent letter to the editor writer) wing it alone. Since my ancestors are not only German but also Commanche Indian, I figure I ought to have something to say about our ?heroic Native American chiefs and warriors.? There is no Commanche reservation. We assimilated. True, only after 100 years of waging atrocities so bad we kept the ?illegal immigrants? out of Texas for 100 years, but we finally had to assimilate. I remember when I found out we were part Indian. An agent from the Indian Bureau came to my grandfather?s door ? it was in the white house with the bomb on the fence over on Ruth Ave. The agent was trying to give my granddad some land in settlement of an old treaty. Rather than admit we had Indian blood in us, my granddad ran him off with a shotgun. My granddad had crossed the color line. I even have a picture of him with a sheriff?s badge on. I don?t know where he was when it was taken. I also remember when we had the old bus service and blacks had to ride at the back. I remember the 1960s when integration was passed. And now, it doesn?t matter what color you are, you can attain the ?American dream.?

    The point is, I?m tired of being called a ?bigot,? ?racist,? ?murderer,? when I am a patriot. I don?t think I?m being stingy when someone puts their hand in my pocket without my permission; it?s called theft. And it?s a basic principle that a country should be able to maintain its sovereignty. Have you taken a look at Mexico?s immigration laws lately? So, what is this idea that an illegal immigrant can come to a new country, access all of its benefits while maintaining allegiance only to the old country, demand all the rights of a legal citizen, and bad mouth the citizens providing those benefits?

    I have the solution, though. I?m going to adopt Toby Keith?s song for my theme song and take Mr. (So & So) up on his invitation for me to migrate from my own country. (He had included the “Go back to Europe deal). I?m going to send that letter to President Bush that?s on the web announcing my illegal immigration to Mexico and requesting that he inform the Mexican government of my immigration stating that I want free medical care for me, my family, my extended family, that I want free housing and free food, that I want English-speaking teachers for all my children, better yet, I just want more Americans to teach my children so American teachers will be replacing Mexican teachers, that I?m going to be flying the American flag on my car & my house and I want it flown at every governmental institution on top of the Mexican flag, that I?m not going to carry insurance on my car, that I want free and available translators provided at all the services I will require, that I want free breakfasts and lunches for all my children, that I don?t want to be prosecuted for any crimes that I or my family might commit, that I can commit a crime in Mexico and run back to the US and Mr. Bush won?t extradite me or my family, that I want every pamphlet, book, notice, street sign, store sign printed in English in addition to the Spanish they are already printed in, etc. Yeah! ?Baby, if you?re good to go, we?ll go down to Mexico and get a place in Cabo and kick back in the sand?..?

    This was before I knew about La Raza, Mexica Movement, MALDEF, NAU, SPP.

  18. 18 the marlboro man

    you all have a good point. finale a state has the balls to tell the feds. they have hadit! i have a son who lives in guthie ok. i talk to yesterday who said people in ok. were fedup with g.bush and d.h.s. lies and decite.when you take the kids candy away they will srcrem!!!! he also hit on the fact the jails were full of criminals/the schools over run with illegals or anchor babys. just dam feedup with the bullshit from wash.d.c. and the people in it. and also if they want to sue letem /that ok.had all its ducks in a row. keep your powder dry !!!!!!!1

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