TRENTON ? Gov. Jon S. Corzine on Monday created a special panel to study how best to integrate immigrants into New Jersey.

The 27-member panel will have 15 months from its first meeting to make recommendations on education, citizenship status, civil rights, fair housing, health care, language proficiency and job training. The panel will be chaired by Public Advocate Ron Chen.

“For years New Jersey has been a gateway to America a place of opportunity and new beginnings,” the Democratic Corzine said. “And today we take an important step in creating a comprehensive statewide strategy for weaving immigrants into the economic, social and civic fabric our communities and state.”

About one in five of the state’s 8.7 million residents were born in other countries,
according to U.S. Census figures.

“On a state level, we must work toward developing policies and programs that encourage our newest residents to integrate into our communities, helping to fuel our economic growth, enhance our social network and enrich our cultural fabric,” Chen said.

Sen. Ronald Rice was among those named to the panel.

“It’s time to ensure justice for immigrants who today often find the path to citizenship marked with violent attacks, job discrimination and inequality,” said Rice, D-Essex.

Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes, chairman of a state League of Municipalities immigration task force, said the panel will prove helpful “while Congress stands silently on the sidelines watching our broken immigration system fester.”

Corzine’s move came after about 500 people rallied in Morristown in late July for and against immigrants’ rights. The town has applied to become the first New Jersey municipality to enter a federal program that would give its police officers power to enforce immigration laws.

6 Responses to “New Jersey Governor Forms Panel To Help Invaders”

  1. 1 Vincent Narodnik

    Dont you think that if Mexicans or “immigrants” were genuinely interested in being American, that no “panel” would be needed to “study” the problem?
    Those who truly want to get along weave themselves in without any help-especially from the state.
    Neccesity for this to be shows that they lack the fiber necessary to be American.
    I would suggest to any member of raza that they want to leave their “Pride” at their failed nation if they want to attempt to become Anerican.
    This, however, is an impossibility.

  2. 2 Vincent Narodnik

    I do not know why this pisses me off so much.
    In a few, Im going to call his office and do a little shock-questioning.
    Then maybe Ill apply for the job as “studyer” on the “panel”.
    …did some quick digging on Corzine.
    heres how it goes:
    his commissioner of banking is Stephen Goldman.
    Corzine himself was forced from Goldman, Sachs in 1999
    Corzine spent 62,000,000 of his own money to get a job which pays $1.oo per year. Doesnt seem that he has a very sound concept of fiscal responsibility now, does it…or…oh waait! theres that “Power” thing. right. I forgot.
    When money loses its intoxication, the next harder drug is Power.
    Gets ‘em every time, Ol Scratch says!
    Here is some contact info, if’n ye wantsta sind de guv a letter full’0 luv.

    have a look at all of the unelected bueaucRAT positions this man is chieftan of:
    After applying for studier position, Im applying for Accupuncture Advisory Board, thats for sure!

  3. 3 DfD

    Yeah Vince,

    This guy is a sleazeball and ALWAYS has been. The idol of corruption would be his statue. Well, maybe not, this is New Jersey we’re talking about.

    Extremely arrogant!! Remember, Corzine was the guy, riding without his seatbelt on, racing back to the capital for that photo-op with Imus and the napp…………

  4. 4 Minutewoman

    Remember when Corzine was in that car accident? The accident was actually caused by an erratic driver in a red pickup truck, not by Corzine’s driver.

    “State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes said the accident occurred as a state trooper drove Corzine, who was in the front passenger seat, and an aide, who was in the back, north on the parkway in a Chevy Tahoe after a meeting in Atlantic City.

    Fuentes said “a red pickup driving erratically on the right shoulder suddenly swerved onto the roadway,” forcing a white pickup into an “evasive maneuver” that took it into Corzine’s path.”

    However, after the first reports, there was no more mention of the red pickup or its driver, who may never have been caught. What do you want to bet that was a drunk driver, possibly and illegal alien?

  5. 5 DfD

    Yeah, but Corzines driver was doin’ 95mph and Corzine didn’t have his seat belt on. Not very PC if you ask me!! Just had to get to that photo-op!!!

  6. 6 Sherri

    Vincent, you hit the nail right on the head! Applause!

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