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The owner of Tarrasco Steel, a company that supplied workers on the Biloxi Bay Bridge, was arrested and charged with hiring illegal immigrants on projects in three states. Some had improper welding certification.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Jose S. Gonzalez, 32, at his office in Greenville Thursday, according to a news release. Tarrasco Steel was hired as a subcontractor for rebar installation services to major bridge projects in Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee. The federal government considers those bridges as critical infrastructure, and they were part of routine inspections of facilities that if damaged could pose a threat to national security and public safety.

“There is a serious public safety concern when illegal aliens, who are not authorized to work in the country legally, and who do not possess valid welding certifications, are employed in the construction of bridges in our communities,” said Michael A. Holt, special agent in charge of the Customs Office of Investigations in New Orleans, in a news release.

On inspections of several construction sites March 29, representatives of several federal agencies confirmed the majority of Tarrasco Steel employees were using bogus Social Security numbers, and 77 immigrants were arrested. Twenty-six of them worked for Tarrasco Steel. Some of them worked on the Biloxi bridge, the Huey P. Long bridge in New Orleans, and a project on Interstate 40 in Memphis, among others, the news release said.

9 Responses to “Invaders With Phony Welding Certification Worked On Biloxi Bay Bridge”

  1. 1 SkyPainter

    “Some of them worked on the Biloxi bridge, the Huey P. Long bridge in New Orleans, and a project on Interstate 40 in Memphis, among others, the news release said.”

    Oh boy! Someone better start inspecting the bridges that the Tarrasco Steel has worked on. I am willing to wager that those bridges are not safe and are probably the next ones to collapse.

  2. 2 Sherri

    So are these jobs no Americans will do? Since when? I thought they were only supposed to be here working in agriculture jobs do? Anyone that buys that arguement needs to have their head examined! Or have removed from their ass!
    I also agree with SkyPainter that every bridge that this company has worked on should be inspected. Notice the owner? Garcia? I suppose he’s just helping his fellow countrymen…
    Or he’ll claim he can’t find any Americans to do the work. Did he even look, or did he just send the word down to Mexico? Most likely the latter.
    Tarrasco should have it’s business license revoked and this fool should never be able to get one again. If he can’t do it right, then he doesn’t deserve to be in business. And he can pay back all of the payroll and other taxes that he didn’t have to pay because of hiring illegals.

  3. 3 1Madmomma

    More and more each day, I’m believing we need to get them all out of this country. Once again, how much are these illegals making by comparison to other legally certified welders? You think Tarrasco Steal gave the gov’t a price cut, considering the low wages they’re paying? NO! That might signal something shady is going on. Our National Security, and Public Safety is at risk because our beloved country is filled with illegal foreigners from everywhere. Get them out NOW! I don’t give a hoot where they’re from, get them out of here!


    Well, I’m also going to mention houses and construction. Since there’s been so many in construction, I wonder what the safety of the structure of all those houses are.

  5. 5 1Madmomma

    I’m so glad I live in a home that was built long before this invasion. People pay outlandish prices to buy a brand new, never lived in before home. Especially here in earthquake-land, thats not your best choice. It could end up looking like a gigantic pile of crunched saltine crackers.

  6. 6 Davey in Seattle


    I can tell you anything these Illegals do, is wrong. I have been baby sitting them for 20 plus years in construction. I am an all phase carpenter and building inspector. The structure is usually screwed up and the inspector is only going by code at the minimum. Inspectors are not to concerned about the quality of the work.

    I wouldn’t buy any house built after 1976 mainly because of the Illegals built so many houses and the materials today are crap!

    Most of the finish covers the structure and you can’t see behind the walls! If you seen the house before the walls were covered, you would run!

    Just think of them building airplanes! My brother works for a company that hires Illegals and they are painting the planes now! If they build the planes, I will never fly again!

    After seeing the bridge in Minnesota collapse, I wonder about who did the welding on the Narrows Bridge here in Seattle. It opened last month!

  7. 7 Vincent Narodnik

    Only doing ag jobs and busboys.Right. Welding is (or was) a pretty high paying job, especially specialized, like bridge work.
    This is the way we build “a bridge to the 21st Century” ?
    With incompetent slave labor?

    Do they write legislation now with illegal labor also?


    Good point 1MadMomma. Being in the South SF Bay Area, housing is sky high. The area where I live in, the average house is about $750,000 or so.

    Davey In Seattle: Wow, that is so scary what you’re saying. This seems so bizarre what’s all going on. And you know what’s going, being in your professions. This is so bad!

    And your brother says illegals are building/painting planes? Oh my God!

    I now have to wonder about these bridges also.

    So, our prez & Guv is allowing this incredibly dangerous situation to exist & yet he keeps harping on “Terrorism & Homeland Security.” How disgusting!

  9. 9 SkyPainter

    How long before the bafoons in our government allow the same lot of bogus welders to do welding on airplaines? Cars? Busses? Skycrapers? How safe are we really?

    By the way… Painting ariplaes is a well paid job that American Citizens are doing and have been doing since day one. I thought the illegal aliens where only doing the low end jobs that supposedly “Americans don’t want to do”.

    This is the same pattern again. They invade an industry, undercut the prizes massively by cutting corners on quality and safety. Once they push out the American Citizens, then they start asking for living wages and claim to be exploited, this and that.

    It is time to elect a president that will put an end to this cancer.

    Tancredo for President.

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