CLEAR LAKE, Iowa: Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Monday rejected rival Mitt Romney’s claim that New York City offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, said Romney was wrong last week when he characterized New York as a city that failed to enforce immigration laws on the books. In fact, New York has never officially declared itself a “sanctuary city.”

“Frankly, that designation would not apply to New York City,” Giuliani told reporters after meeting with about 80 people at a restaurant in Clear Lake. “What you got to look at in fairness to is the overall results ? and no city in terms of crime, safety, dealing with illegality of all different kinds has done a better job than New York City.”

Romney suggested last week punishing municipalities that fail to enforce immigration laws by cutting at least some federal funding.

Last month, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told Congress that the city protects residents’ confidentiality when they report a crime or seek medical care or education, and its policy complies with the 1996 immigration law.

Giuliani said his background in law enforcement had influenced his approach to illegal immigration, adding that he supports building a high-tech border fence and increasing the number of border guards.

Polls indicate Giuliani is trailing Romney among Iowa Republicans, but he leads in many national polls. Giuliani stressed at the campaign event that he offers the party the best opportunity to win states such as California that typically side with Democrats.

4 Responses to “Giuliani Says New York Wasn't Illegal Alien Sanctuary As Romney Suggested”

  1. 1 Minutewoman

    Oh really? Then what about that overstuffed housefull of African Muslim aliens that burned to death last year? The City of New York is not enforcing its zoning laws there for fear of “offending” foreign nationals.

  2. 2 Sherri

    What else is new Minutewoman? God forbid that any illegal aliens should ever be offended! It just wouldn’t be nice! And Americans are such nice people—they’ll even rip the shirt off of another American’s back to give it to the “poor, unfortunate” illegals! Bucket, please!

    I don’t buy it that New York isn’t a haven for illegals. I doubt most major cities are willing to do anything about it. As long as it brings in money for the city, who cares?
    As for Romney’s suggestion about cutting off Federal funding for sanctuary cities—I wholeheartedly agree! Not partially, but ALL of it. The best place to start a program like that would be Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    But, of course, since the Feds don’t want to do anything about the problem, nothing will ever be done. Hell, they probably REWARD sanctuary cities with extra money!

  3. 3 1Madmomma

    Just because a city hasn’t DECLARED itself a sanctuary city, doesn’t mean it isn’t one. If you don’t enforce our Federal immigration laws, and protect American citizens, and their jobs, it’s a sanctuary city! Illegals flock there.

  4. 4 Davey in Seattle

    Vote for Tancredo or Paul!

    Romney is jumping on the band wagon because he knows we don’t want them here.

    Your Mama(Obama) is a sell out just like Clinton.

    A woman told me she was voting for Clinton because she is a woman!
    I told her, what the F–k are you voting for stupid? I also told her to vote for the horse and his record!

    If Tancredo or Paul isn’t elected, we are done as a country and we need to buy more guns and more ammo!

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