HUNTINGTON, Utah - Teams of rescuers struggled to clear fallen rock from tunnels early Tuesday, trying to reach six coal miners trapped by a cave-in more than 1,500 feet below the surface.

With no word on whether the six were still alive, crews worked through the night in shifts, with teams coming and going along the road leading to the Crandall Canyon mine in a forested canyon.

“Right now I can’t say if it’s looking any better,” weary miner Leland Lobato said as he ended an eight-hour shift. “They’re doing what they can to keep everybody as fresh as possible so nobody gets tired.”

The trapped miners were believed to have been in a chamber 3.4 miles inside the Crandall Canyon mine. Rescuers were able to reach a point about 1,700 feet from that point before being blocked by debris.

Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon said at least 100 people were working on the rescue effort Tuesday morning. He said he expected the mine company to begin bulldozing a road needed to bring in a drilling rig.

Many of the family members don’t speak English, so Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon said she hugged them, put her hands over her heart and then clasped them together to let them know she was praying for them, she said.

“Past experience tells us these things don’t go very well,” said Gordon, whose husband is a former miner.

Still, the families “seem to have a quiet determination at this point,” she told Fox News on Tuesday morning.

Outside the senior center, Ariana Sanchez, 16, said her father Manuel Sanchez, 42, was among the trapped miners. She said she cried when her mother told her the news, and declined to say more.

Other than Sanchez, little was known about the six miners, but Mexico’s consul in Salt Lake City, Salvador Jimenez, said Tuesday that three of the men are Mexican citizens.

Jimenez said, however, that he did not know any details about the men, including whether they are U.S. residents, their ages or hometowns.

15 Responses to “3 of 6 Miners Trapped Are Mexican Citizens (Illegals?)”

  1. 1 Sherri

    If it is true that three of these men are Mexican citizens, why are they here working? Is this another job no American will do? Give me a break! I’m so tired of hearing that b.s. excuse.
    I hope that all of these trapped miners will be found alive. If they survive and come out okay, ship these three illegals and their families back to Mexico where they belong.

  2. 2 DfD

    I wonder if Telemundo is suggesting the Americans get rescued first, just as a gesture of good will?

    I DOUBT IT!!!!!

  3. 3 Sippy69

    I can answer that one for you. It’s because Salt Lake City, and Provo are considered sanctuary cities. Bob Bennett, Hatch and Matheson are quite a joke for politicians. Gov. Huntsman isn’t any better.

  4. 4 1Madmomma

    The outsourcing of our jobs is bad enough, but these Mexicans taking jobs from American citizens in all occupations is getting, or I should say, has gotten way out of hand. Agriculture my ass! I pray they all get out alive, but if these men are not legal, they need to be deported. We know that they won’t be though, because they’ve gone through such an ordeal, and you know that will be spun into they are doing us a favor. Wonder how much they were making$$$? If they are illegals, we’ll probably get sued. Just Watch! I really do wonder what they were earning by comparison to others in the mining industry.

  5. 5 Mayday

    I’m predicting another sob story about the illegals and none about the American citizens.

  6. 6 DfD

    The owner of that mine, Bob Murray is in damage control mode now. CNN is portraying him as God-fearing, patriotic, working guy, and gentleman. Bob Murray hires Illegal Aliens.

    Nuff said!!!!

  7. 7 dolph

    When I read about this I jumped right on here and sure enuf here we are!
    My feeling is that this will be a very interesting story to follow not only because of this revelation, but because nothing is more important than the safety of these brave men, regardless of where they call home.


    Yea, I hope everybody will be found alive too. I think though that once everybody is pulled out, the illegal aliens are treated and then deported.

    I also think that this man who claims he’s so “patriotic & god fearing” ought to pulled on the carpet to explain why he hired illegal aliens.

  9. 9 Cribster

    If I’m not mistaken one of the victims from the bridge collapse was a Mexican Ntional (illegal invader.) Maybe God is finally getting around to smiting the invaders. The problem is citizens are going down with them.

    Aoind being in close proximity to illegal aliens lest you be smitten. That is if you can find a place in the country where you can get more than ten feet away from one.

  10. 10 coyote

    I think you guys are waisting your valuable time, fithing these people that you know we need here. There are opportunities for everybody, and if you were a little bit more intelligent you would see this as an opportunity not as problem. There are thousands of homes on the market right now that this illigals could buy if they were legal, and this could help our economy, think of how much money you could make if you were a little bit intelligent and come up with an idea to offer a service to all these people.

    This people risk their lives to come to this country, so they are no afraid to anything, this is why lots of them own their own businesses and are succesful.

    Probably we all would be in a better situation, if we help these people, instead of fighting them.

  11. 11 BEADALONG

    Here we go (yet again). Another illegal alien sympathizer/supporter. Coyote, wouldn’t you be happier on La Raza, MEChA, La Voz de Aztlan or Mexica Movement? You’re wasting your time here. You aren’t changing my mind any time soon.

    Why doesn’t Mexico do better by its own citizens? Why aren’t they put to task? Their answer is to foist their problem onto us, yet this never seems to be addressed.

    And like a broken record: Between outsourcing, all the H1B etc visas, our massive Trade Deficit, these never-ending wars and unlimited illegal immigration….no nation can withstand this onslaught forever. And once the Middle Class Golden Goose is killed, that’s it. You want to be on the Titanic? Welcome to it.

  12. 12 BEADALONG

    What is “fithing”?

  13. 13 Eddie B.

    The irony is unbelievable. Miners are trapped and the Mexican Consulates move into immediate action.

    Maybe FEMA should pay close attention to this.

  14. 14 melody


    I’m sure it is difficult for immigrants (legal and illegal) to understand. All I can say is 20 or 30 years from now if you are still here and the U.S. immigration policies are the same, you are in for a big shock. Your U.S. born citizen children and grandchildren will feel the same discrimination that U.S. citizens are now getting.

    A lot of churches, government agencies, and other social agencies have programs to help immigrants that are not available for U.S. citizens. Yes, a lot of immigrants do well in business, but they can get grants and loans from private and public sources that U.S. citizens can’t get.

    As for lots of homes being available on the market, the only reason illegals have a job is the laws are not being enforced. The American workers are already here! We have plenty of people legally here who are unemployed due to immigration fraud! Let those unemployed Americans work and they can buy those empty houses!

    Illegals need to be deported to make room for Americans who need jobs!

  15. 15 BEADALONG

    Melody, I get the impression Coyote won’t give a damn what we say. He/She is pro illegal alien & the hell with everyone else.

    Yup, Eddie B. The Mexican Consulates jump into immediate action and our worthless FEMA has its thumb up their butts again.

    Gee, I remember being fired from my jobs as I declined in mental function from either the flu or MCS. You should have seen the looks of contempt on my employers’ faces as I really struggled to deal with this (trying to work but ultimately getting sicker), but in the end, the humiliation made me stronger even though I wound up really hating these people. Maybe it was meant to be, I guess.

    Hmm, if I was fired for mental incompentcy under these circumstances (albeit even it was only Longs and 2 secretarial jobs), what’s Chertoff’s exuse? He’s utterly & completely worthless.

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