Border Wars


YUMA, ARIZ. –When Border Patrol agents here meet for “the muster,” their gathering before the night shift, they’ve got a lot to talk about. On a recent evening, shift commander Tony Martinez ticked off a laundry list of events from the night before. Scores of illegal immigrants had rushed the 8-foot metal fence that separates San Luis, Ariz., from Mexicali, Mexico–a tactic known as the “banzai run.” A routine checkpoint stop turned up 251 bundles of marijuana in a rental car. And a report out of Miami indicated that some illegals were getting plastic surgery on their fingertips so their prints wouldn’t be recognized by the FBI’s database. “Remember Casa Grande,” Martinez warned, referring to an incident when an agent found three axes and three loaded guns in an illegal immigrant’s duffel bag. “And please, be careful.”

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