Smuggler Caught On Video - ICE Does Nothing!

CBS 4 News - Denver

The CBS4 investigative team watched a major illegal immigrant smuggling ring for months and was able to penetrate the ring.

Immigrations officials told CBS4 they probably won’t go after Pepe and the individual smugglers CBS4 caught on tape.

They said it is more efficient to spend their time trying to go deeper and take down an entire smuggling organization.

One Response to “Smuggler Caught On Video - ICE Does Nothing!”

  1. Fred Dawes Says:

    What is I.C.E., Doing about this? most likelly nothing but doing its P.C. Work.

    No one in government wants to take down anything until some other drug gang takes over, the fact is drug\smuggling organizations are being ran right out of mexico city is not lost on me.
    when the word coming down from Fox the show starts and the political race propaganda starts up with its lies, just look and understand this outrage and rape of out borders and nation ideals to say nothing about 3 million people doing time in prisons and jails.

    The only way you can stop this evil acts is to get down to the borders with guns in hand and say no to the mass gangs, once people start to dead for ideals of right against wrong we may get our nations life back in some kind of order with laws that have ideals of justice for all people.

    save a life stand against mexico and the third world drug dealers inside our own government.

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