The pro amnesty, open borders, globalist Senator from South Carolina is desperate to stay in office. There’s a very good chance this creep will get voted out after his push for amnesty. To elitists like Lindsey Graham the United States isn’t a place or a sovereign country. “America is an idea,” he says. “Nobody owns this.” Sorry Senator, but we the American people own it! “We’re going to tell the bigots to shut up,” he says. Sorry you globalist POS, but our laws are not racist and demanding them to be enforced doesn’t make us bigots!

Lindsey Graham pandering to the National Council of La Raza


COLUMBIA, S.C. - U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday he will introduce legislation to replace all paper Social Security cards with plastic biometric cards that can’t be duplicated, so employers can be certain of the legal status of their workers.

The South Carolina Republican said Congress must address the out-of-control illegal immigration problem, and last month’s defeat of comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate means the problem must be tackled piecemeal.

“The root cause, the basic problem with immigration is employment,” Graham said. “The reason people come here in such large numbers is to get the jobs in America that pay more in one day they can make maybe in six months where they come from.”

America needs a legal guest worker program to fill jobs citizens don’t want, but the U.S. must control who enters the country for national security, he said.

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7 Responses to “Desperate Lindsey Graham "Social Security Cards Should Be Revamped"”

  1. 1 melody

    I find it hard to believe a card can really be tamper proof. They will probably say we need to microchip people instead.

    I have even heard that even if you microchip people, the microchip could be tampered with. Every time there is new technology the criminals find ways to tamper with it. I don’t see how you can trust anything to be tamper proof.

    If a crook wants to steal a purse all he has to do is look for distracted women who are not watching their purses, catch them off guard, doesn’t have to hurt anybody, but try getting a microchip out of somebody now that would cause a lot harm if the criminal didn’t know what he was doing. I heard that even the experts will have trouble removing microchips. Unfortunately if we go to a cashless society that uses microchips to pay for things, theifs will be kidnapping people to make them buy stuff for them.

    What is needed is some common sense. If the person don’t speak English, they are like 500% more likely to be an illegal so profile and spend more time checking them. I would hope legal immigrants would understand and not be so hurt and offended. How are you suppose to catch illegals if you are afaid to ask if they are citizens?

  2. 2 marleen

    Lindsey Graham is basically saying that ”WE THE PEOPLE” have NO ROOTS..NO RIGHTS..that we are just cogs in the wheel that serves the global loving elite who see the world as their playground. i wonder if the soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere are aware that they are spilling their blood for naught.

  3. 3 the marlboro man

    Somebody shoot this S O B i,m so sick ofthis guy! he needs to go!!!!fore give me but enought/he just keeps beating the dog! you LOST!!!! dumass

  4. 4 Sandman

    Every time I see or hear Graham, I KNOW in my gut that he is trouble. He literally disturbs me to the core and I cannot explain it. Anyway, he is a part of a growing list of political whores that belong in jail instead of the halls of Congress. So now he wants “tamper-proof” id’s? RFID chips?…More Big Brother…Hmmmm. I guess that illegals will be the un-chipped and… We the people will be the poor fools that have to suffer.

  5. 5 simone

    Sissy Grahamnesty is a disgusting human being.

  6. 6 jwblack

    There is lots of information on the subject of ?Smart Cards?. The geek site has many stories on these devices.

    China To Deploy World’s Largest People Tracking Network:

    Buffer Overflow Found in RFID Passport Readers:

    Are Contactless Payments Really Secure?:

    RFID Passports Cloned Without Opening the Package:

    All stories pertaining to ?Smart Cards?:

  7. 7 Vincent Narodnik

    Never ask a vampire how to “revamp” anything.
    Especially not Linsey Graham-cracker

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