Chicago Tribune

LOS ANGELES?An immigration activist who sought refuge inside a Chicago church for a year was arrested in Los Angeles this afternoon after taking her campaign on the road.

Elvira Arellano was arrested about 4:15 p.m. Chicago time by law-enforcement officials after leaving Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in downtown Los Angeles, said Emma Lozano, an adviser who was there during the arrest.

After talking to news media inside the church, Arellano and her supporters got into their van to head north to San Jose, where she was scheduled to speak at another church, Lozano said. Moments after they entered the van, an unmarked vehicle stopped them.

The driver of Arellano’s van, Roberto Lopez, poked his head out because he wanted to see why they were being blocked. Several other unmarked vehicles surrounded their van.

Agents emerged from all the cars screaming for Arellano to get out, Lozano said. Her 8-year-old son, Saul, started to cry, and Arellano said to everyone in the car, “Calm down. Don’t have any fear. They can’t hurt me.”

Then she turned to the people who were about to arrest her and she said, “You’re going to have to give me a minute with my son,” Lozano said. She spent time with her son in the car, then surrendered.

Arellano was arrested on Main Street, near the church, where she slept Saturday night and where she’s held several press conferences Saturday and today.

47 Responses to “Elvira Arellano Arrested In Los Angeles!”

  1. 1 Angel

    :) :)

  2. 2 Angel

    I wish that someone would give her the message, “God doesn’t not bless lawbreakers.”

  3. 3 Angel

    Ooops! Got a little excited there and typed a double negative.

    “God does not bless lawbreakers.”

  4. 4 DfD

    Only 599,999 Illegal Alien Felons (Absconders) to go. Let’s make sure they deport her! Don’t seperate her from Saulito, he’s free to go with her. Keep them together! bye bye.

    Liliana is next. She’s just down the street in Long Beach. Make a quick left and you can pick her and her brood up on the way. si se puede!

  5. 5 DfD

    The only problem is it sounds a little staged. Whaddya think?

  6. 6 Durango24k

    If thats not the best news I’ve heard all year I dont know what is! Something needs to make illegals understand that the rule of law has some meaning in our country.

    They should have arrested that “so called minister” as well. His participation in hiding this criminal should get him a ball and chain as well.

    Now we will see how Elvira continues to use her son as a political tool for her own gain. She will leave him here in America and beat to death the false chant that “He is American”. At this point I’m sure there are people in the pro-illegal movement that will pay her to do that just so they can have their poster child of sappy, heart wrenching family breakups. I can’t wait to see the pictures on the front page of the L.A. Times of his face pressed against the airport window in tears as she is deported to Mexico.

    Good-bye Elvira. We told you so!

  7. 7 The Watchdog


  8. 8 Loner

    It’s staged and planned for maximum exposure. I bet she’s getting paid plenty to do this. Tomorrow we’ll see Geraldo Rivera blubbering his eyes out on TV. Yeah, I can’t wait to see Liliana go next. There is no such thing as “sanctuary” for federal lawbreakers. Let’s arrest the “pastors” and “priests” too while we’re at it. …probably save some kids from getting abused…

  9. 9 AmericanWorker

    They could have gotten her in chicago but they didn’t . Staged for sure.

  10. 10 mr50bmg

    yes youll see her on tv not speaking english she stayed in that church for a year dont you think she would learn? one down 20 million to go

  11. 11 jwblack


  12. 12 Madison

    I’m afraid they’re making a martyr of her!!

  13. 13 Sandman

    Now the next step is to prosecute this 2 time felon and put her in jail the same way that American felons are punished. ID theft is a huge and growing crime that costs Americans billions of dollars per year. When a lawbreaker struts around the country as if she is above the law and nothing is done about it, our whole legal system is put into question. I am wondering though what will happen to her…I can see the SPLC, ACLU, RAZA LULAC, Ford Foundation, and many others coming to her aid. If this was staged, what good will come of it for Smellvira?

  14. 14 Angel

    I think that public pressure was so great. Once she left the church, they had to do something. I see, though, how some of you think it’s staged. I think it caught a lot of people off guard at the sudden report.

    It was time for her to go :)

  15. 15 DfD

    We need to stay right on top of this. Keep an eye on Villar, Nunez, LULAC, MEChA, NCLR, and Ahhhnoooooode!

    She needs to be deported. She must be getting tired. The Communists have been supporting her.

  16. 16 DfD



    The law is not broken!

    She broke the law!!

  17. 17 melody

    I agree this thing looks staged. I’m thinking Elvira is probably not religious and got tired of pretending to be religious and tired of living in a shelter situation with no privacy. As weird as it may sound, I think Elvira may have turned herself in. Can you imagine having to live in that church the rest of your life? having to eat all that expired food that they donate to food pantries and homeless shelters. She may have ate a lot of yummy food, but it is not the same as picking out what you want to eat. Also, I saw on a documentary that she had other illegals in the sanctuary and may have got tired of trying to get along with other illegals.

    Elvira and her helpers may have thought it was better to pretend she was arrested than to give up.

    How come they have not arrested all those people that helped keep her in that sanctuary? No doubt about it, they need to arrest that Lozano woman and that preacher Slim. They should also arrest all the Chicago ICE agents who let her mock our laws for a year. They should also arrest the judge who did not put her in jail for social security fruad.

    It seems really weird to me that she was arrested in California where I thought all illegals were safe.

  18. 18 Sandman

    Melody, are you saying that this will be used as a test case to legitimize the presence of illegals, a sneaky way of going around the law? I can see this thing could get real big in the same way that the Alien Gonzalez story did a few years back. I think she wants to be a marytr.
    Also, notice the Virgin Mary statue placement…? The message I get is that they think that GOD is on their side. I can’t wait till tomorrow, invasion news will be heavy and all over the media!

  19. 19 nomoreexcuses

    She’ll get a TV movie and/or 6-figure book deal out of it.

  20. 20 melody

    Elvira’s new mug shot

    ICE - Detention and Removal operations


  21. 21 melody

    Sandman, that is a possibility,

    but the homeless say it is not easy living in a homeless shelter. In the winter homeless advocates say a lot of homeless will wait until the last minute to accept a van ride to an emergency shelter when it is cold enough to freeze to death, sometimes a homeless person will underestimate how cold it is and die.

    According to this documentary there were other illegals in the sanctuary for Elvira to have to get along with.


    They mention illegals named Flora and her boyfriend who were staying in the same church Elvira was. I’m surprised other media stories about Elvira don’t mention the other illegals that were also staying there. Flora was interviewed and said she had 3 kids that she left behind in Mexico and had not seen in if I remember correctly 6 years. Flora’s boyfriend was shown getting ready for work and driving a car and talking about how he didn’t have papers and driving was a risk and he made 10 dollars an hour in a factory.

  22. 22 Matthew

    STAGED for sure. This will be the push laraza and kyle have been waiting for. This will be the human issue that puts the shamnesty bill back on the track to passage. We have NOT heard the last of her or immigrant groups.

    Just wait.

  23. 23 melody

    Elvira’s parents run a store. Here are pictures of Elvira’s home town in Mexico. Her father wants her to come home.


  24. 24 Vincent Narodnik

    Look closely! I think her case number is PWN3D
    I wish we were all in a tavern somewhere
    What a party we could have
    What a pinata we could smash
    We could blindfold ourselves and with a makeshift greencard and a tack,
    we could play “Pin the Greencard on the Honky”
    just like Elviree wanted to do
    Sandman buys the first round

  25. 25 Vincent Narodnik

    Heres a tune to get the party rollin

  26. 26 DfD

    I’ll buy the second round!!


  27. 27 Vincent Narodnik

    After the pin the bill on the honky game, we can have a contest for alternate lyrics to that song
    then sing it till we get arrested!

    How bout this though?


    Question about poll question: When is it NOT right to arrest a fugitive felon???
    (we can have a contest for the answer to that question. My entry is:
    “When the fugitive is above the law because of her Raza”

  28. 28 DfD

    Go to MYFOXLA.com and vote in the poll on FOX.

  29. 29 GuardDog

    Let’s have some hope her folks. We get so little good news some days. This is big news for our side. She will be propped up as a martyr but once she is deported she is out of this country. I don’t think it’s staged. we just need to keep hammering away. She was a symbol to millions and now she is in jail just like any other common thief. That mug shot of her is a classic. Ding Dong the witch is arrested!!

  30. 30 The Watchdog

    The word is that they’ll be deporting her right away without charging her with additional crimes, ID theft, etc.

    I wonder if she’ll come back?

    This really puts a damper on the “Sanctuary” movement. I bet those invaders holed up in their churches wished they’d just stayed “in the shadows.” Now they realize they put a big target on their back.

  31. 31 Loner

    “Elvira Arellano meets earlier this month with a delegation of Mexican congressmen at Adalberto United Methodist Church on Chicago’s Northwest Side. The Mexican politicians had conferred with U.S. congressmen about her case in Washington a day earlier.”

    Picture #8 in the Chicago Tribune story (in melody’s post above) shows Elvira meeting with several Mexican politicians who came to the store-front “church” in Chicago to meet with her, and ostensibly offer her some kind of support from the Mexican government. Now we know who is bankrolling this P.R. stunt. I’d like to know exactly which U.S. congressmen were in on this meeting and whether or not any American dollars changed hands. This is a set-up.

    Now the 3-ring circus begins: “candle-light vigil” outside the jail in L.A.:

  32. 32 Matthew

    Just got wind that her supporters(who are at this hour, still rallying outside the federal building in L.A) will be getting together and finding a way to get her back in the U.S

    These people are so persistent in a negative way, it only drives a wedge further between them and Americans. They are such a nuisance and a total drag. Paris hilton is five times the celebrity this scum bag elvira is, and paris went to jail for crimes committed half the severity. What is wrong with these open borders fanatics, what goes on inside of their pee brains to come to the conclusion that identity theft, social security fraud, violations of federals LAWS, tax evasion and violations of a court order etc etc etc, are acceptable and should be ignored because one handles baggage or cleans urinals at an airport in Chicago?


  33. 33 Davey in Seattle

    It is really stupid to deport anyone unless the borders are secured because, they just come back 14 times and then maybe kill someone the next time.

    It is a waste of money to deport them. What is going to stop the bitch from coming back. She will wait till the smoke clears.

    They should keep her in jail like Ramos and Compean until they build one or the other, it is only fair.

    Build the fence, wall, then deport all the illegals. Start with all the criminals in jail.

  34. 34 Davey in Seattle

    Maybe we can write to Paris and ask if she will complain that she went to jail and Elvira might get off lightly if she is not deported.

    Watchdog, or Guarddog, do you have any ideas?

    If we got the celebrities to speak up we might have some help.

    Charlie Sheen really made a difference with 911.
    Many actors jumped on the band wagon after he said his piece.

    Thank the ICE for their work.

    Immigration Customs Enforcement
    501 West Ocean Blvd.
    Suite 7200
    Long Beach, CA 90802

  35. 35 litew8

    I couldn’t find that poll. Maybe they took it down because it was obvious everyone thought it was good to actually enforce our laws.

    But along the side, there’s a side bar with related news. Glancing at it, the headlines looked like this…

    …illegal alien entered the country
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation
    …non-citizen fights deportation

  36. 36 Eddie B.

    “I wonder if she?ll come back?”

    Do woodpeckers have hard lips? She will be given a hero’s welcome when she does sneak back.


  37. 37 NoYouCant

    I think it’s staged too, how could it not be?

    We read over and over again how illegal alien drunk driver’s and gang-banging murderers have killed another person and it’s always the same thing. A pile of DWI’s, deportation orders ignored, no-show’s for court dates, etc. But for this tiny lady, who should have been arrested and deported as soon as it was discovered she committed identity theft/fraud, we’re given a circus.

    I’m curious as to why her house in mexico looks the way it does. Tree climbing, Daryl Hannah could have at least chipped in for a roof, or maybe a tree house.

    MSM is for the gullible and they are busy working on the script.

  38. 38 DfD

    Oh! Elvira forgot her son, Saulito. I don’t know of any respectable mother who would LEAVE HER CHILD BEHIND!!! Not one!!!

  39. 39 sliptip

    Now ICE needs to arrest the pastor of that church for harboring a fugitive.

  40. 40 Mountain Man


    This BITCH and her kind are the real ENEMY of the U.S.A.

    You folks know we’ve not seen the last of WITCH yet.

  41. 41 peternoamnesty

    LOL look at her eyes in that picture! she is not just an illegal alien,she is an alien from mars! happy times!

  42. 42 Davey in Seattle

    That is their family values, she forgot her son, how typical.

    If she comes back, she should be charged with child endangerment.

    Add the other crimes and she should spend some time and she won’t see Sal for quite some time.

  43. 43 John Creasy

    I wish ICE would wrap up saulito and send him Fed-Ex to his mother. Anchor babies are illegals as well, because a parent or both parents were/are illegal. If the anchors aren’t shipped out they will only cause havoc and mayhem…and worse.

  44. 44 madMIDWESTERN

    She will be back in the US in a few days. She already knows how to steal ssn and forge documents. That is probally why she left the kid here. He should be in CPS custody. But if she comes back in the US at least we won’t see her dumbass on TV because now she knows they’ll nabbed her eventually. I jumped up and down and yelled a good Kansas “yahoo” when i heard she was in TJ now. I read an article about 10minutes ago and they call her a “mexican immigrant”, i about puked, shes not an immigrant, shes just a illegal alien, well now she isn’t anything but another Mexican citizen, ha! lets hope it stays that way. 30,000,000 to go!

  45. 45 DfD

    Elvira Arellano was asked if she wanted to take her son back with her. SHE REFUSED! She is NOT A VICTIM!!

    L.A. mayor Tony ?Family Man? Villar chimed in by saying this country is tearing families apart. Now there?s a guy who knows a thing or two about tearing a family apart. What a pillar of credibility!!!

  46. 46 SkyPainter

    Hold on… Tony Villar said this country is tearing families apart?


    Never mind he has children with… 3 different women so far? Tony Villar’s family values… Now that’s rich! I am sure his children know those family values like no one else can.

    Villar… The human monument to integrity and family values! YEA RIGHT!!!

    ROFL! LOL!!! Someone send him more toilet brushes!!!

  47. 47 DfD

    What’s the matter Emma? Elvira dump her kid on ya?

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