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Mexican governors are traveling to different cities in the United States to learn first-hand the experiences of their compatriots north of the border and seek mechanisms to help protect them and aid in their development.

Three members of the Commission on Migrant Affairs of the National Conference of Mexican Governors, or Conago, began here Thursday a tour that will also take them to Chicago, New York and Dallas.

During their visit, the politicians will meet with community leaders and Mexican consuls to exchange ideas and explore ways to increase the wellbeing of their countrymen living in El Norte.

Speaking on behalf of all the visiting Mexican governors, Oliva Ramirez said he proposes that the United States adopt “a reciprocally beneficial policy based on respect.”

Amalia Garcia Medina, the governor of Zacatecas, said that roughly half of all those with roots in her state are now living in the United States.

“For me it’s essential to strengthen that link with Mexicans who generate wealth for the United States and who also contribute so much to their own country,” referring to the remittances sent home by emigrants.

“The problem here (with the immigrant workers) is not how the United States is going to get rid of a problem, but rather how all of us, with a bi-national vision, can generate synergies that allow us to move forward,” said Colima Gov. Jesus Silverio Cavazos.

6 Responses to “Mexican Governors Tour United States, Encourage Invasion”

  1. 1 Vincent Narodnik

    Speaking on behalf of all the visiting Mexican governors, Oliva Ramirez said he proposes that the United States adopt ?a reciprocally beneficial policy based on respect.?
    Wind that back!
    “… said he proposes that the United States adopt…”
    That WE adopt? but not Mexico?
    Senor Ramirez, Please recognize that that saw cuts both ways.
    You want respect? You have to give it first.
    Prospective Citizens do this primarily by showing respect for the laws of the nations they enter.
    Respect is not possible if your presence in our country was done in explicit rejection of our laws.
    Next, a genuine love of those you would call Countrymen is neccesary.
    This is not possible marching down the streets waving your flags, pumping your fists in the air and claiming theft of this land on the part of our ancestors.
    Thank you for flying your colors so proudly.


  2. 2 the marlboro man

    Too much happening at one time for this to not be planed.1 Bush in canada/with there boss for [spp/nau].2The gov. of texas there also TEX TRANS. CORdror,And god knows who else???? BUT they want what!!!!!Hay in case it sliped your little minds your in the U.S.A.WE THE PEOPLE didn/t ask your horrid bunch low lifes to come here but you can bet WE THE PEOPLE have askthem to leave!!! LIKE NOW!!!!!So care your asses back to mexico/ like now!!!!You are not wanted!!!!!!!

  3. 3 bobm

    Could it be that the only cities that were visited were sanctuary cities?
    If their not sizing-up the invasion, surely their not coming over here to help our governors with the running of the U.S. Most likely looking for inconspicuios places to operate their drug cartels.

  4. 4 melody

    Pro-illegals like to say that Elvira could have left that church any time she wanted and started over somewhere else in America. Well, where was she going? Elvira was like any other homeless person. She didn’t know where to go, so she stayed in that sanctuary. She and her supporters can lie all they want about putting a face on the situation. She probably did not have a flop house lined up where she could live with 20 or more people. Her parents and I think her grandparents live in Mexico. Who was going to watch Saul while she was at work? He is to young to leave home alone. She would have needed childcare just like any other single mom. Saul is getting to be at that age were nobody wants to watch the kid. Much easier to find someone to watch a little baby.

    It seems like our government and Mexico’s make these people legal but not legal at the same time. I find it hard to believe illegals are dumb enough to come to America without somebody offering them a job or some social service to get by on. They know they will have a place to live and food to eat because their own government is in on the sneaky behavior. These illegals would run from the media like stray cats if they honestly thought they were illegal. Somebody is giving them permision to be here. They just want Americans to think we have rights. Best way to control people is pretend to have options and voting rights. Seems like all we get is sham elections.

    I’m not jealous of illegals because I feel both governments are lying to them too. They are treated like the choosen ones until enough time has passed for them to demand rights and higher pay. Then it seems like they are magicly discovered and deported. I’m glad to see them get deported, but I can see what is going on.

    I don’t know if they really want to merge the U.S. with Mexico. The rich people are making too much money off all this immigration fraud.

  5. 5 allamerican

    this is just too much, we really really need to have a civil war

    since when does the US need 3rd world pieces of crap telling them what to do about anything

    if the visit of these govenors doesn’t represent a further loss of sovereignty, what does?


  6. 6 the marlboro man

    Since you are already here ,when you LEAVE take your /20 million FLOCK with you!!!!And don/t go away mad / just go the fuck away!!! thank you very much!! REGAURDS U.S.A.

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