I emailed the brown supremacist that calls himself E.F. Mohammed and this was his reply. He included these photo’s of himself, cowardly hiding behind sunglasses and a Palestinian head scarf.

Hey cracKKKershithead,

If there is anything I would want to do is continue where I left off after I offed 7 of your white southern cracKKKer brothers in bush country Nam! I still remember their faces in horror just seconds before I sent them to meet their maKKKers in HELL! So when WE have this impending RACE WAR, which I am looKKKing forward to it, it will NOT faze me in the least bit if I take a few more of Satan’s white excrement vomit like YA’LL Goobers!

Make NO mistake Clitus! I hate ALL WHITE SUPREMACIST XENOPHOBE RACISTS LIKE YOU with EVERY fiber in my body and soul!

I was at the Long Beach St. Luke’s Church where WE were just waiting for YA’LL Goobers to maKKKe the appropriate mistaKKKe which it would had commenced the INEVITABLE RACE WAR! The ONLY thing that prevented it from happening forward with it was the LBPD PIGS! Other than that boy, I just can’t wait for racist whitey’s blood to flow on the streets of ameriKKKa!

Does that answer your question racist whitey?! As for those bootlicking “brown” HI-spanic MALINCHISTA RACE TRAITORS, they WILL be dealt more severely as the ENEMY to be reckoned with too when the right time arrives!



E.F Mohammed Martinez

By E. F. Mohammed Martinez

I am the one you love to hate the most after you invaded and stole my land!

I am the one you love to hate the most because of my skin color and AZTEC WARRIOR indigenous roots!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I speak two or more languages, ?you only speak one!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am academically educated and your worthy adversary!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I know how to fight APARTHEID XENOPHOBE RACISTS like you!

I am the one you love to hate the most because the Brown Sleeping Giant Tsunami tidal wave is fiercely approaching you on the horizon!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I do your menial jobs you are too lazy to do yourselves!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I go fight your stupid imperialist wars and die on foreign lands in the name of American CAPITALISM, IMPERIALISM and GENOCIDE!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I VOTE for those who look like me and other oppressed people of color!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I have the numbers, ?you do not!

I am the one you love to hate the most because you can no longer reproduce not even among yourselves!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am a successful business owner circulating my green dollars within OUR own communities of color!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I no longer believe your evil scheme to DIVIDE and CONQUEOR oppressed Blacks and Raza!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am no longer “assimilating” into your MANIFEST DESTINY “Ugly American Dream”!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am aware of AMERICA’S XENOPHOBIC RACIST HIS-story of GLOBAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I defend immigrants rights against America’s hatemongering racist attacks!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I say; America! YA BASTA! (America! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!)


I am the one you love to hate the most because you live in fear as LA RAZA is ready fight for a FREE AZTLAN on the streets of America!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am the new “Occupied Palestinian” in America!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am a Chicano, Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American of many skin colors, ?and I even look just like YOU too!

I am the one you love to hate the most because I am just as American as your immigrant forefathers!

Yes white racist America, be afraid, ?very afraid!

Because I am the one you love to hate the most!


Caption: DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH - A supporters of Lilian, whose last name name has been withheld, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Long Beach, Calif. on July 28, 2007. Lilian was provided sanctuary in the church. She faces deportation from the United States, where she has lived for the past 12 years, and is the only one in her family who is an illegal alien. Both supporters of Liliana and opponents, including members of Save or State and the Minutemen rallied in front of the church. Photo by Jeff Gritchen/Long Beach Press-Telegram

45 Responses to “More Death Threats From The Racist Reconquista”

  1. 1 The Watchdog

    Just a reminder to Immigration Watchdog members, even though this clown is making death threats, it is not appropriate for you to sink to his level and do the same.

    This is a very sick person, and legal Hispanic Americans would be horrified to read his comments. He does not speak for them.

  2. 2 Matthew

    I know I’m not the only one, but I have already forwarded this to DHS, And the LBPD. This cockroach spineless masked Anti Establishment immigrant is the very reason our great Nation cannot afford to have this same mentality here in the 12 million that are here already. His sentiment is shared by those 12 million , hence the reason our country is in the condition it is presently in. That el vampira was in this country since at least 1997, and since that time she never cared to learn English, the #1 reason ALL Americans are glad to see her mexico loving ass gone.

    When Me and my neighbors sued that home owner for renting to illegal aliens and won, we sure did make a change FOR THE BETTER on our little street. And so did the feds when they arrested and deported them. El vampira is only one of many to come.

    AMERICA, the greatest Nation on earth, built by the greatest people on earth, AMERICANS!

  3. 3 Durango24k

    Don’t warriors have to be taller than 5′4? So Mexican warriors are an oxymoron!

    Whats funny about guys like this and gang bangers in general is they are cowards. Thats why they need to form packs, like hyenas, jackels, dogs. They can’t stand on there own and they are struggling to make it in life, especially on an intellectual level. It’s something most of them don’t even contemplate.

    Last but not least we see the exhaustion of his mind. When nothing else is left there comes the name calling, rhedoric and the obvious racism which has stained his soul. This has never been about racism. It’s about law and order, at least from our point of view. From his vantage point it seems to be about race. It’s sad he has to live with himself. Sad, really, really, pathetically sad.

  4. 4 madMIDWESTERN

    This guy really is nuts. The first part of his email is the craziest and the second part i’m sure he has this pretyped and sends it out daily to patriot sites.
    Why does he talk about Viet Nam? He isn’t old enough for one, and what would it have to do with illegals or their made up Atzlan. I like when he says he was about to kill the whites untill the 2 police officers showed up! Real tough. He says he has the numbers? The last study I had seen said that hispanics made up only 13% of the US. But its hard to tell because on the census the term WHITE also includes HISPANICS, but since this guy loves bin laden he probaly said he was middle-eastern. Since when did whites become unable to reproduce? Just because we use restraint and judgment in regards to having children doesn’t mean we’re not able to. Bottom line your an idiot pal, maybe i should of just said that, but i felt like ranting!

  5. 5 seven_staarten


    ¿mexhammed es un hoto?

  6. 6 Loner

    My husband was a Marine during the Vietnam War and he would be 65 years old now. There is no way this lying, cowardly little girl could possibly have been there. Besides, he would never have the courage or patriotism to fight for this, or any other country. He and his posse couldn’t even face two wimpy Long Beach cops!!

  7. 7 Arizona Patriot

    WHAT A CLOWN !!!

  8. 8 Harrison Bergeron

    I’m tempted to believe the guy isn’t real, and that this is just someone trolling for attention. It’s so over the top and crazy, even for a reconquista bigot.


    Pueblos Sin Voces Columna / People Without Voices Column

    By E.F. Mohammed Martinez

    Our land of AZTLAN (Occupied Mexico) from California to Texas was NEVER ceded voluntarily. The invading colonialist EuroameriKKKans ?arrived? in Plymouth RocKKK, Massachusetts on December 1620, ?ILLEGALLY! (What else is new!) Unfortunately the biggest fatal mistake our INDIGENOUS Native American brothers made was when our contemporary XENOPHOBE RACIST enemies? predecessors, were not asked for their damn ?Green Cards? or a ?Passports? before allowing them to contaminate this continent with their venereal diseases and other lethal life threatening biological plagues for future centuries! (Yea! ?Right!) These white heathen barbarian Europeans are not the only ones who washed ashore illegally on this Northern continent from England. I can equally point out how this similar grave HIS-storical travesty was also repeated by OUR INDIGENOUS AZTEC ancestors when the Spanish conquistadors Hernan Cortez and his band of invading cut throat thieves were no less murderous and racist than the Mayflower lawless gringo pirates in the same light when they pillaged and plundered almost all of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.
    People, let?s get down with it! After more than 387 years, today WE suffer the consequences of Anglo Saxon AmeriKKKan colonialism and their GLOBAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! The police abuses and racist attacks against OUR undocumented RAZA by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) with roundups and deportations on a massive scale continue unabated on a daily basis. OUR neoNAZI Brown Shirt MINUTEMEN enemies are not too far behind this RACE WAR either!
    The miserably recent failed ?Amnesty? Bill was NEVER beneficial to OUR undocumented communities who reside in THE DISUNITED SNAKKKES OF XENOPHOBE RACIST IMPERIALIST AMERIKKKA! (The undocumented have better luck obtaining ?Amnesty? in McArthur Park. Wink! Wink!) Had that ?Amnesty? law passed, without a doubt it would had separated thousands of families for several years and would had also forced many head of household breadwinners to return to their countries of origin and without a guarantee of possibly ever obtaining a solution to their legal status after spending thousands of dollars whereas in the final outcome it would had become a tremendous economic burden, whom the majority of these applicants are low income pay check to pay check workers.
    The FACT of this matter is that the recent vetoed U.S. Senate ?Amnesty? Bill was NEVER introduced nor debated in good faith from the outset. As far as most of these Washington DC Senate ?carnival snake oil barkers?, ?dummycrats? and RepublicsKKKums alike who depend on OUR RAZA VOTES, it was just another political ?circus pony ride? and a joke on OUR undocumented RAZA, ?PERIOD!
    Now, let?s ask ourselves the next polemic question; What do WE have in common with OUR Arab Palestinian brethren across thousands of miles from AZTLAN who live under European colonialism in the racist criminal TERRORIST apartheid ashkeNAZI so called ?Zionist Jewish State of Israel?? MUCHO! These ILLEGAL interloping ?Jews? of European origins were NEVER INDIGENOUS to the land of Palestine! (Research and read up on; AZTLAN and MANIFEST DESTINY)
    The majority of these selfdescribed Zionist ?Israeli? Jews originally hailed from Russia, Poland, Germany and the rest of Europe. After the Second World War, Adolf Hitler?s Holocaust Jewish victim survivors later became the 21ST Century GLOBAL CRIMINAL GANGSTERS AGAINST HUMANITY! YESTERDAY?S OPPRESSED ARE TODAY?S OPPRESSORS IN PALESTINE!
    These self-described Zionist ?Israelis? today are the descendants of Hitler?s former ?good? students whom they were taught well how to commit the same brutalities and genocidal atrocities in cold blood against the Palestinian people in their own homeland! Sad but true, the victims became the victimizers in the final outcome of the Nazi Holocaust. Since 1948 to present day, Palestinians have been forced to live under an ?Israeli? government sanctioned TERRORIST brutal and repressive occupation, led by the IDF (?Israeli? Defense Forces). For one Palestinian to travel and visit a nearby town or village, they need special permits, …in their own land! What human humiliation! Their homes and properties are almost daily confiscated with false pretexts and conjured up accusations of aiding and abetting their ?terrorist? relatives on heresy false information without overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.
    ?Israel? today stands accused of criminal past and present human rights violations by many international human rights organizations and activists, including conspiracy through colonialist ILLEGAL land grabbing and expansionism with their utmost sinister intent of preventing it?s occupied Palestinian landowning citizens from ever returning to reclaim their rightful land they were forced out without judicial process or recourse to address their grievances in a court of law. Research and read up on; 1948 The Balfour Treaty)
    The judicial court system for Palestinians at EVERY level is a misnomer and almost non-existent. (Hello Ramsey Muniz! Hello Leonard Peltier! Hello Mumia Abul Jamaal! Hello ALL political prisoners! And hello Troy Davis, a proven innocent man on Death Row who was about to be executed by the state of Georgia on Tuesday 7/17/07 but was granted a last minute 90 day reprive! And hello RACIST XENOPHOBE ameriKKKa!) This is no different than the pre Nelson Mandela former South African apartheid regime or ameriKKKa?s former segregationist (Apartheid) pre 1950s civil rights era Black JIM CROW in the South and today?s RAZA Brown JIM CROW in AZTLAN, ?and as in Palestinian JIM CROW which is today?s Apartheid Zionist ?Israel?staple for almost 60 years with the unconditional blessings of ameriKKKa?s powers that be.
    Palestinians were NEVER consulted or asked by their pre1948 former British occupiers after Palestine was turned over under the ?Balfour Treaty? by the then British Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State), Arthur Balfour, to the Zionist Jewish TERRORIST organizations, the LEHI and Irgun. These are the same Zionist Jewish terrorists who on the morning dawn of April 9, 1948 attacked a defenseless Arab Palestinian village, Deir Yassin, as they murdered in cold blood more than 250 men, women and children. (In my future column; THE RISE AND FALL OF A ZIONIST STATE, I will provide more in-depth details of this human atrocity account.)
    Great ghosts of fire! Hmmmm? This ?Balfour Treaty? almost sounds and smells parallel to what happened in AZTLAN about 160 years ago with OUR Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848!
    The colonized and occupied Palestinian people to date are subjected to every indignity as scorned ?illegal aliens? in their own rightful land. In most cases they are deported to neighboring Jordan or other Arab countries. (Hello Native Americans and RAZA in ameriKKKa!)
    AmeriKKKa?s ?mainstream? press media apparatus has been accused by many foreign and American independent news agencies as being controlled and manipulated by AmeriKKKan pro Zionist ?Israel? powers that be and the alleged well financed and powerful ?American Jewish Lobby? in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon. In addition, the pro ?Israel? political propaganda machine has inundated the American general taxpaying public and the international communities with LIES and HYPOCRISY by claiming to be a ?democratic land of Israel? by it?s ?Israeli? tourist industry. In their foreign tourism propaganda, they NEVER mention their brutal human rights record, as previously mentioned, and how Palestinians are totally isolated and ignored as a nonexistent occupied people under the force of military arms. What arrogance! What audacity!
    In all historical reality, there was NEVER initially a self termed Zionist State of ?Israel? entity, nor a European interloping ashkeNAZI ?Jewish? people in Palestine before 1948. And there will NEVER be an apartheid Zionist ?Israel? as long as one single INDIGENOUS Palestinian man, woman and child remains in the struggle to eradicate with extreme prejudice if need be, the present occupying ?Israeli? cancer that permeates colonized Palestine! (Hmmmm? Now where have I heard this before?!)


  10. 10 Sandman

    I got a few laughs when I read the mindless blabber from this cholo who is no doubt a product of the fine California public education system. I only have a few points to make about his thinking or motivation for writing here. I think it is odd that he would hate Bush so much when Bush is his best friend! Bush & company want unlimited numbers of his kind on our land, I guess that they figure they will not have to be the ones to clean up the mess when things get out of hand…Which leads me to the next point. I am guessing that this cholo did not spend too much time reading any history because he would know that 150 years ago us “KraKKKerz” kicked Mexican ass all the way down to D.F. and the worst resistance we faced on the way down was from other Americans of Irish decent who were against a war against a fellow Catholic country. As the American military marched into D.F. the only resistance came from a few ‘tards that were released from the local nuthouse as a desperation move by the Mexican elite. We could have and should have taken over the whole country over at that point, it would have been very easy! Mexicans are only pretend fighters.
    Now we have these mindless knuckle-draggers acting tough on the web (real brave) or they cover their ugly faces and stand behind more cholos in crowds demanding rights that do not belong to them. I wish that some of this pachuco energy would be directed at fighting the evil political machine in Mexico, This turd is wasting our time!

  11. 11 Sandman

    Not far from here is a nice tribute to Gringo power and domination over a weak minded and fundamentally corrupt nation of people. The building stands as a reminder that the best won a conflict and good things came from that. I am speaking of the Alamo, and once in a while some Mexican radicals want to make some noise about us stealing “their” land or the symbolism of this site. What most cholos do not realize is that before 1840, Mexicans were the invaders in Texas and they had real problems dealing with the real Indians who occupied this land. These were not cave-dwelling, cannibalistic Aztecs, they were hatchet-wielding, blood-lusting wildmen who had a real problem with outsiders from Mexico telling them what to do. It was so bad for the Mexicans at that time, they had to bring in “Gringos” to deal with the problem. My point is that when a Mexican says “this is MY land” I laugh…Mexicans are not the same people as the North American natives, I don’t know where that lie got started but it really needs to stop!

  12. 12 Sandman

    Hey Martinez, open a Geography book sometime, Martinez is a SPANISH name. Spain is in EUROPE dumbass!

  13. 13 Eddie B.


  14. 14 Sippy69

    Just another gutless coward.

  15. 15 Vincent Narodnik


  16. 16 DfD

    Tony “Family Man” Villar must be a warrior, he’s…………..5′6″!

    Martinez looks and sounds like he needs a rabie shot!

    Not a lot of love for victims of crimes committed by Ilegal Aliens. Very cold!!!

  17. 17 Vincent Narodnik

    …On the other hand, I hear now that Tony Snow is on his way out. There will be a Whitehouse Press Secretary job opening soon. Quick! send in your resume, Mohammed! America needs “diverse” voices to speak for us! especially those of such highly caffinated rage and authentic ™ urban alienation.
    El Virus will be our new and improved Rosa Parks, and YOU, will be our new James Dean. An Hispanic James Dean. How exciting! Do you have a publicist yet? Ill send you some prospectives. This time next year FTW Mohammed will be plastered on jeans from Maine to Califern, from Boston to Frisco! You will be the toast of the coast and the man (?) with the most. I would like to ghost write your autobio/hagiography. This will be great! Move over Boswell!
    Inarticulacy as High Art! All hail Jacques Derrida!!!

    sorry. got a little carried away. it must have been the sweep of inspiration I got from reading HoHammeds diatribe.
    I cant help asking, uh,…maybe YOU could answer, Alla Akbar, how long did it take for this work of inspirational prose to be written. …typed, I mean. Surely with as much demonstrated intelligence as we see on the page, uh
    I guess the question I am asking is how many WPM can you dash off writing with paws? and do you have to shear off the hair around the claws so as not to damage the keyboard? Enquiring minds want to know.

  18. 18 cthelight

    You know what you all?

    I do not believe this person is illegal or even
    an immigrant. His wording and writing strikes me
    as someone who is just sort of “out there” and wants
    attention. This does not read to me like a
    reconquista type. Reads like an American who does
    not like his country.

  19. 19 cthelight

    Someone take his sunglasses off…I do believe he
    might be a blue eyed banditti…trying to hide his
    USA nationality.

  20. 20 SkyPainter

    Man… Talk about diarrea from both ends!

    All I can say is that I have yet to meet a Vietnam Vet who would talk like that. Believe me. My father served two tours of duty in Vietnam and I have never herad him or any of his friends say crap like that. The other thing is that my father is 69 years old. Diarrea mouth on that picture looks quite young to me. I don’t think he as been to Vietnam at all. This guy is simply a racist looking for attention. This sounds like a dog that barks allot, but has not bite whatsoever.

  21. 21 the marlboro man

    SKYPAINTER/ Thats why i can/t get the answer to DATE/TIME/PLACE/ i was 18 when i got to that shit hole!I/m now 57 so i don/t think so.I would also like D/T/P/ these no time limit on charges of murder/man i sure would like to get my hands on this lump of shit!!!!!

  22. 22 SkyPainter

    I hear you Marlboro. My father never bragged about his experience in Vietnam. Anyone who has been there and has been part of a platoon on patrol will never spout crap like that. The physical and emotional toll it took on him says it all.

    From what my father has told me about his tour in Vietnam, this guy would not last a day on patrol the way he runs off his mouth. If anything, he would have been shot by the vietcong not to mention having put his platoon in mortal danger too.

  23. 23 defaoite

    I googled this guy. He’s a troll that surfs the boards waitng for someone to say anything even slightly anti illegal-immigration and he trounces on them with his hate. What scares me is he spends his time waiting for a revolution that will never come. When he realises he’s not going to get one, he’s going to take matters into his own hands, Colombine style. He really needs to be taken off of the streets beofre he hurts somebody. If I were to post that sme kind of bile I’d be arrested and charged with a hate crime.

    And the whole Aztlan arguement has so many holes in it I don’t know where to start.

  24. 24 Jalira

    Bwhahahahahhaaa!!!!! Watchdog this guy is too funny!! He lives in fantasy land, how sad that he thinks he is oppressed somehow. LOL!!!! He sure does know how to write things in a very comedic way. The really funny part is that this is not a joke to him!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! Can you imagine the self-created stress and ulcers that must plague him?

  25. 25 hadenuff

    This guy would’nt last 2 minutes against an American Woman let alone spend any time in Vietnam. I think the only time he spent in Vietnam was while playing his video game.

  26. 26 simone

    There’s an interesting opinion on “Che” on http://www.mexica-movement.org.
    Near the bottom of the page, this racist site completely discredits “Che” with a big red X over his face and the statement “Che was an Argentine, European Descent, not OUR people.”

    Next to “Che’s” likeness, is Emiliano Zapata. Under his likeness, it states “Zapata is a hero of our ‘Anahuac’ nation.” Under that, there is an interesting commentary regarding “Che” and “Zapata”.

    So, it appears that the Raza “Warriors” are not so united as to their “hero”. You have the “Che” believers and then you have the “Zapata” believers.

    And finally, during WWI, WWII, Vietnam and the Mid-East wars, the Mexican government didn’t fight for the good of the world. Instead, they allowed our enemies into their country and assisted them in spying on the United States. They have always been our enemy and they always will be.

  27. 27 Mountain Man

    I’ll bet he is a product of that aztlan school that Watchdog has reported on before. The one in L.A. I’ll bet they turn out several more just like him.

  28. 28 Vincent Narodnik

    I just got done reading the entire corpus of Martinez work on this site in one sitting. I think you are correct, Cthelight.
    Especially in the last posting.
    I have a suspicion that there is more than one person writing under the same moniker. If it emanates from the same source, then it must be a case of several people using the same computer to write it.
    All the same, I think we should expect to see more and more of this in the near future. The “wave of hate” does not emanate from our shores. The tide rolls both ways as we know.

  29. 29 Angel

    Hmm Cthelight,

    You’ve got a point there. Maybe this was a set-up. I won’t say who I think, but maybe someone is trying to start this so called race war. Then police state can be enacted.

    Or, it could be someone with their panties all in a wad because of Elvira.

    We shouldn’t rule it out - Cthelight. Great observation.

  30. 30 Angel

    I put this immigrationwatchdog link to this letter on Alipac. I timed it. It was on alipac’s site for 5 mins, and they took it off and sent me a message.

    People need to know what is going on. We already have MSM censorship.

    I can’t emphasize enough how this is an awesome site. Alipac should take some lessons from Watchdog.

  31. 31 simone


    Alipac is a very informative, but sometimes annoying site. The chosen elite regulars who are allowed to monitor the site are becoming more and more power hungry in doing their jobs. “No, you can’t say this or that, because you will make our site look bad”. It reminds me of hall monitors in elementary school who tattled on everyone. This is why I’ve never become a member and never will, unless they change their policy.

    I can completely understand inappropriate language, racial slurs and hate speech being scrutinized. But, for legitimate information that connects directly to the cause, I find their site is too censored, just like the MSM.

    Watchdog let’s us be true American Patriots and we are allowed to express any and all opinions. Our free speech is respected. Thank you, Watchdog, for being so gracious in your acceptance of our free speech rights.

  32. 32 simone

    Also-where is Mister Mohammed Martinez and his delusional/paranoid “manifestos” today? Seems he’s run out of threats and propaganda or DHS has nailed him. Hopefully, it’s the latter. But I doubt it.

  33. 33 The Watchdog

    They didn’t allow this email from the Aztec Asshat on ALIPAC? That’s weird.

    I think maybe a moderator jumped the gun on that one. I was talking to William on the phone last night about this guy. He was working on a press release about the increase in violence from illegal aliens and their supporters.

    I know there was a pretty long thread on ALIPAC about the first thread posted here concerning the Aztec Asshat.

  34. 34 Loner

    DHS is indeed working on it; you can take my word for that.

  35. 35 litew8

    I noticed you filter/remove comments that have the words C O M M I E and S O C I A L I S T Watchdog. What’s the difference. Do you not want people saying those words? Or is it something else?

  36. 36 simone

    Loner-thanks for the update of DHS. I stand corrected about my doubts!

  37. 37 Vernal

    Perhaps Mohammed’s PMS has improved today, but I’m sure he’ll be back next month. Or perhaps he has absorbed the lesson Elvira just got: deportacion - si se puede.

  38. 38 Sandman

    …”DHS is working on it” Such great news, I am also sure that they are looking at our broken borders, criminals already in this country, MS-13 activity, our food and product safety, dangerous imports, pandemic diseases, crooked politicians, anarchists, reconquistas and other true threats. Chertoff is in charge and I feel real safe!

  39. 39 Loner

    Sandman, I hear you. All I can say is that I have personally talked with an agent working in the DHS cyber crime division several times and we have looked at and discussed the postings on this website together. He says he is handing this information on up the line but of course cannot say exactly what if anything will happen. He did say that confessing to the murder of U.S. soldiers puts this person in a very bad position, and even though he may simply be a psycho-crank, so was John Lee Malvo. So people like this need to be taken seriously. All we can do is hope that there are people in DHS who are not clowns.

    I would also say that it shouldn’t be too hard for those of us who live in California to figure out exactly who this guy is and where he lives. The DHS agent agreed that it shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint him. I’ll bet that Watchdog, or some of our friends at SOS could locate him. He needs to have his cage rattled, real hard.

  40. 40 AniMEL

    This twit is on MySpace, and he’s been sending the same tripe to me. Here was his first letter:

    Body: I had a dream that I had EXTERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE ALL the XENOPHOBE RACIST white po piss subhuman incest inbred “race”. I my dream YA’LL white cocKKKroaches that were not fumigated or turned into LAMPSHADES, SOAP BARS or fertilizer MULCH were buried alive or dropped off a chopper several miles off shore at sea without a parachute. Satan’s white excrement vomit race and Jewboys are like parasitical rabid dog lice! They need to be oven baked! NEED I SAY MORE HEA YA’LL INCEST INBRED CRACKKKERSHITHEAD COCKKKROACHES?!
    E.F. Mohammed Martinez aka AZTEC Al-QAEDA


    P.S. The ONLY white people that I have ALWAYS supported in their struggle are Northern Ireland’s IRA. I met IRA’s then Bernadette Devlin some 35 years ago. I have ALWAYS been a strong proIRA adherent.
    You being a member of an oppressed group (Lesbian), should understand OPPRESSION and DISCRIMINATION! But then again, your inherited privileged whiteness overides ALL other oppressions! That’s understandable. I am NOT against ALL white people per se. I am a freedom fighter against ALL XENOPHOBE RACISTS and INJUSTICE!
    MaKKKe no mistaKKKe! THERE WILL be white racist blood flowing on the streets of ameriKKKa one day and I hope to be there myself cutting their throats!”

    Unfortunately, DHS has not gotten to him, because he’s still sending me messages. He claims to have a bachelor’s degree, claims to have fought in Vietnam, claims that upon coming home a hotel clerk refused to give him a room, then claims that he then beat the clerk half to death and spent time in prison for it. Then he claims he’s been working for a “prestigious medical center in Los Angeles” for 25 years. Gag me.

  41. 41 the marlboro man

    Someone get this M/F phone and address/ i think i still have afew buddys in CALF.His spital will stop soon!!!!

  42. 42 Loner

    AniMEL, Thanks for the new info. It’s possible that some of his spew has elements of truth. We now know that he lives in Los Angeles County! I will get this new info to my contact at DHS tomorrow (they’re in New York and it’s too late today). They don’t usually pounce right away; they will watch a person for a while to see if there are other, even bigger connections and associations. Be patient folks, but keep reporting information. What is his handle on My Space?

    Again, the phone number for the DHS Cyber Info Line is (202) 282-8781.

  43. 43 Angel

    Yeah Simone - the administrator named “Dixie” gives me the most trouble. She must sit on that site for hours because one time I put something on in the morning and she complained and then about 5 hours later it was the same thing. I think they have too many moderators on that site.

    Yeah Watchdog - I figured that you had talked with William because he sent out an Alipac letter to all members of which I am. He named you and that other item you had received. That after noon I copied the letter from your site and put it on there thinking it would be okay. I also put a warning about the language before the letter. They have a great website but Simone is right that the moderators are getting carried away. They are also obsessed with racists. They worry about every source of everything. How in the heck and I to know if someone is labeled a racist or not. I wrote a long time ago on here that every one is a racist to some degree. It’s just human nature.

    Oh well, it just makes me appreciate your site that much more. I get frustrated with alipac, but I still seem to go back on occasion. Just trying to get info out. The problem is that it’s just speaking to the choir. We need to get more of this info out to the general public.

  44. 44 AniMEL

    His MySpace handle is the same as his yahoo email:


    He also claims to have spent two years living in Palestine. When he found out I was gay, he tried playing on the “you must understand oppressed people” line (gag me with a sharp instrument). When I didn’t start singing his tune, this was his almost immediate response:

    Body: BRING IT ON YOU INCEST INBRED CRACKKKERSHITHEAD WHITE SUPREMACIST! The TOTAL annihilation and EXTERMINATION of the racist criminal apartheid Zionist “Israel” is OUR goal as Palestinians. As a Chicano, I hope YA’LL whiteys maKKKe your fatal foolish mistaKKKe and attempt the INEVITABLE RACE WAR! If it was up to me I would NOT hesitate to make XENOPHOBE RACIST whitey into LAMPSHADES, SOAP BARS, FERTILIZER MULCH, etc. At least WE RAZA can make racist whitey “useful” for a change!
    It NEVER ceases to amaze me that most if not YA’LL white cracKKKers are born SNITCHES who cry out; “Police! Police! Police!” However, your SNITCHING to the PIGS DOES NOT faze me in the least bit gringa pendeja!
    Begone you white supremacist enemy SNITCH!
    By the way Elly Mae, if you rush to Wal-Mart right now, there is a firesale (pardon tha pun Elly Mae!) on cum stained white bedsheets and two holed pillowcases! The you can also run to Home Depot and buy your lumber, nails and KKKerosine so you and Sheriff Arapio can have a cross burning shindig at CLEM’S MOONSHINE JUG & DEAD POSSUM GRILL! Tha PO WHITE TRASH BAND will be providing tha “entertainment”! There will also be a “Possum & Turnips” ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet too! Tha MOONSHINE will be served from the back of Jethro’s pickup! Damn butch! Yo sho are going to have a shindig of a time thar too! Bon apetit “Strapon Big Bertha!”
    YA’LL CUM BACKKK NOW! YA HEA?! WELL I DO DECLAH! Yeeeeeehaaaa! Jajajajajaja!


    This after he said, “I’m done with you. Goodbye.” I might be laughing if there wasn’t the possibility of a grain of truth hiding in this rant.


  45. 45

    I’ve heard the insults about ‘white incest’ before. What the heck is that about? I don’t even understand the basis for it?

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