Pat Condell, a stand up comedian from Britain entertains as well as informs us in his assessment of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe. GuardDog

Islam in Europe

Protest against “Islamisation” banned
August 10, 2007

BRUSSELS (AFP) - Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans has banned a protest against the “Islamisation” of Europe planned for 11 September, the anniversary of the suicide attacks on the US, his spokesman said Thursday.

The “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” (SIOE) group last month announced its intention to organise a protest in front of the European parliament building, six years after the suicide plane attacks in New York and Washington.

The group, which started in Denmark, considers Islam “a tool for introducing Islamic imperialistic politics.”

On its website it argues: “Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself.”

The group hopes to bring thousands out onto the streets of the Belgian capital on 11 September. It is organising other protests to take place simultaneously around the world, notably in the United States, Canada and Australia.

But the mayor’s spokesman Nicolas Dassonville said: “The danger to public order is too high,” to allow the Brussels protest to go ahead.

“The sizeable foreign community living in the area could react to the action,” he added.

The city of Brussels authorities receive between 500 and 600 requests to hold protests each year. In the last five years only six have been banned, said Dassonville.

17 Responses to “British Gent Talks About The Islamisation Of Europe”

  1. 1 simone

    Europe has been invaded by Muslims, just as we are being invaded by Mexicans.They are making the same outrageous demands, disrespecting laws, ruining the culture, lowering property values and all of the same things illegals to do us here in America.

    It is so sad to see what is happening to our British friends. The good, decent ones have had enough of this travesty.

    I just read the other day, that in Finland, some roaming Muslim thugs kidnapped a teenaged girl and raped her with a pair of SCISSORS! I kid you not!

    My niece recently returned from a vacation in Finland. Being a blue-eyed blonde, she said that the gangs of Muslim men were very menacing with their stare-downs and intimidating behavior. And she knew she was a target. Luckily, she had her 6′4″ husband with her.

    My cousin, who lives in Germany, is reporting the same thing going on there.

    Other relatives live in France and it’s the very same thing.

    But in all countries, the Muslims are protected and the citizens who are being kidnapped, murdered and raped are told to take a hike.

    Just like our government does to us when certain Hispanics commit their crimes against us and our country.

  2. 2 Vincent Narodnik

    There is a thick and gelatinous coating of sickly sweet falsehood that covers the desirable world.* It goes by different names and is slathered on with varying thicknesses, but its intent is always the same; to stifle truth and to induce a false friendship based on flattery.
    The truth is that Truth is not always nice, and emotionalizing facts always leads to falsehood. You’d think that after X,000 years, we would have learned something.
    See how kind the forces of “Peace” and “Tolerance” are.
    See how Tight the noose around their necks is.
    See that their tongues are tied so tight that they cannot even hold a SILENT protest to express their own LEGITIMATE disagreement to their OWN (?) government.
    This is why I am such an ardent MultiCulturalist.
    I was never comfortable with common sense or law anyway.
    The comparison of the European Headache with ours with the Mexicans is entirely accurate. And we are entirely right, and WITHIN OUR RIGHTS to express disgust and contempt with such a miserable state of affairs.
    Mexican society and culture are deficient. We mix like oil and water.
    I dont care how unpleasant a thing that is to say, its just the clear and obvious truth.
    *Above, I mentioned The Desirable World. I mean to introduce that as a standing concept. The desirable world is our world,the one that OUR ancestors built for US. It is our inheritance. I will not say that other societies are incapable of building a desirable world, only that no societies other than our own have. None, at least, that have endured. Ours was built to last through the ages. and because of that, it was not built on a foundation of outright lies and deception.
    If you are a foreigner here, unless you are in our world as a missionary, then you are here because our world is a better world than the one you left.
    Those facts are irrefutable. The psychological comfort of foreigners has taken up such a large portion of the thinking of the state that Law, Custom, and National Integrity are forgotten, hence overridden by the Cavalry of Enrichment.
    Off with them. They need to be put in their place or put out. Period.
    Either we of the desirable world begin behaving as though it is indeed our world, or we give them our wrists for the chains of Dhimmitude.
    The choice is ours and it must be made now. N O W.

    I would like to propose a Put a Foreigner in His Place Day.
    If you are out and about, and you see or hear a foreigner acting in offensive or brutish ways, call them out LOUDLY and explicitly let them know that you are enforcing the social rules of YOUR COUNTRY.
    The state will never call these hairy little bastards to heel, we are the ones who must wield the whip.
    Get Cracking!

  3. 3 Sandman

    I think that was your best one yet, Vincent. It seems like we have almost forgotten that America is OUR home and it is OUR responsibility to make it a decent place to live. Unfortunately, OUR Government thinks in a different way and that makes US the enemies!

  4. 4 marleen

    the governments view THE WORLD as their playground .they have no patriotism to any homeland …. we cry ”AMERICA..AMERICA.. LAND THAT I LOVE…WE THE PEOPLE”… these words mean NOTHING to these elitist clowns..they seem to have more of an existentialist view of themselves in relation to ”the common mans reality…they are the ”HIP ONES”..”IN THE LOOP” ”ON TOP OF THEIR GAME” ”THE INSIDERS” the movers [GLOBAL] without boarders.. it seems that the world is falling victim to some sort of elitist cult and they have enough money,guns and overall power to bring their utopia to fruition.

  5. 5 the marlboro man

    That was totaly inspiring!!!!I wrote a little article 2mo/s ago to the local news/ they finaly printed one. KEYES PLEASE !! Mr. Chertoff /Has a gut feeling we will be attacked this summer. Problem ,it was just that bunch of illegals who just ran past him. while he was admiring his 13 miles of fencing that has been built on our southren border. At this point the way G.BUSH and his bunch have secured our home land,they won/t have to fire one shot .When China buyes Mexico they will ,just walk up to the White House and demand the keyes !!Because we won/t have the money we owe them . We have sent all our manufactoring and heavey industy to them. Our country has been sold , the American people just don/t know it yet. We at one time ,built things  in this country.Now all we do is change money and make more back room deals,the politicians don/t want us to know about for our own good. Our AMERICA is being sold to the highest bider! Just like jobs! Our kids don/t know what hard work is anymore.But they will when it,s to late!SO JUST PASS THE KEYES PLEASE!!            Wander how you say that in CHINESE!!!!

  6. 6 SkyPainter

    Wow! A commedian who is not laughing anymore?

    Does this not say something in itself when a standout commedian such as Pat Condell is this serious and not laughing anymore?

    Europe better wake up fast… for they are headed in the direction of Sharia Law and intolerance. Again the European Union elits are royally screwing the individual European cultures with their cult of multiculturalism.

    When will they get it. Multiculturalism does not work at a national level. It is a recipe for dissaster.

    Vicent… Well said!

  7. 7 simone


    What a brilliant post! You never cease to amaze me.

    My mom and I, on a daily basis, put Foreigners in their place. We decided that we weren’t going to make them feel welcome. We don’t go looking for trouble, but if we are abused and treated rudely by these invaders, we stand right up to them. It’s amazing that most of them back down when they are ALONE. We are careful to not put groups of the invaders in their places, for obvious reasons.

    Recently, my mom and I were shopping at a locally owned upscale market. We shop there and pay extra because there are rarely any invader shoppers. It is pure bliss shopping there.

    We were looking at pastry items that had been stacked on shelves. A young, female Hispanic worker had a cart of pastries that she wanted to put on the shelves. Instead of waiting for us to make our selections, she pushed her way in and was shoulder to shoulder with my 80 year old mom. The worker started singing a song in Spanish inches from my mom’s ear with a smirk on her face.

    My mom backed up, pointed at her and sang “God Bless America” in a very loud voice. She sang the WHOLE song, God bless her. Everyone was looking and the nasty little worker took her cart, with pastries still loaded, and fled.

  8. 8 Educated American

    That Pat Condell fellow is right on the money.
    So is Vincent.

    I believe that the dilution of culture that is occuring in Europe right now is deliberate. One of the age-old ways for monied elites to control the masses is divide-and-conquer. A disunified populace is more apt to fight among themselves than notice the CCTV cameras going up everywhere, the blatant loss of civil liberties due to the “War on Terror”, secretive and non-responsive government, etc. Britain now has more CCTV cameras (some with loudspeakers that bark commands - I’m NOT kidding!) per square mile/citizen than any place in the world. You can be arrested for pretty much anything in Britain now - even down to defending yourself when someone is trying to rob you.

    Concerning Islam: There will NEVER be Islamic government in any European nation. Europe has a deep cultural history that native-born Europeans won’t let go of. The problem right now is the uber-PC, post-post deconstructionalist/post-moderne mindset of so-many Europeans these days. “I wouldn’t want to criticize Muslims - that would be racist of me!” Although I believe that 90% of the so-called “War on Terror” is a fraud, the physical invasion of the Western world by Islam is dangerous. It is dangerous because authentic terrorist acts and staged terror attacks (state-sponsered) are both used as an excuse to take away YET MORE civil liberties after each new attack. That is why KNOWN AL QAEDA operatives have been allowed to live openly in Britain. Many of them are also double-agents working for MI6. The hope is that they will continue to stir up trouble - thus insuring the advancement of the global police state. It is sort of a managed chaos. “Ordo Ab Chao”.

    The EU: the European Union is the test case for the NAU. The more centralized power becomes in the world, the more difficult it is for the people to wrest control back to local populaces. All of this globalist stuff needs to be fought. No NAFTA, no Texas Super Highway, no SPP, no NAU, no EU.

    One of the primary bulwarks against this sort of globalization is nationalism. But nationalism can only flourish in a culturally, and politically unified populace. It also helps immensely when you have an economically prosperous, educated, and politically engaged MIDDLE CLASS. Everything that is good and strong about America has been systematically undermined for decades now. Again, I believe this is DELIBERATE. There are people who just simply want to 3rd-world-ize the entire globe and usher in a new feudalistic society. They must be defeated.

    The Muslims will never get my alcohol, my jazz, my rock’n'roll, or my right to vote. Any muslim who would want to CHANGE OR ALTER the western society they are living in needs to be immediately deported.

  9. 9 1Madmomma

    simone; I like your Momma! Sounds like my kind of gal. I’ve been having a real hard time with being the one to move over when they are walking straight at me. I was taught to be nice. I’m tired of being nice to rude people. ALL RUDE PEOPLE. Regardless of skin color, I’m sick of rude behavior, and I sure am loud and proud about it, especially when it involves my Grandbaby’s. I let them know about it. Sad when children between the ages of 7 and 2 have more manners than adults. I’m with ya Vincent! Didn’t quite understand your comment about commonsense though. I thought everything you said made perfect commonsense.

  10. 10 Vincent Narodnik

    Sorry, the common sense comment and the one that preceded it were sarcasm.
    I occasionally shift gears out of the blue as though I were just talking-in which case you would have heard the withering tone of my voice. Sorry.
    For what its worth, and in reference to what I said above, I must again advertize that I myself have been an illegal alien working illegally in foreign nations,
    As such, I know from first hand experience being put in my place by people in their (THEIR!) countries enforcing the social rules of their land. I in no way begrudge any of them. That is simply normal human behavior, and the way that ORDER is maintained. Absence of this is of course, Chaos. and erasure of the culture of the country.
    I love America and American culture, but I did not go to France to immerse myself in American culture. or hang around with mobs of Americans. I certainly did not go there to ram American culture down the throats of Frenchmen.
    Raza among us, however, seems to demonstrate overwhelmingly not just obliviousness to us, but hostility and menace (as in Simones example above)
    Even if we must be rude to establish OUR societies norms, it is OUR country to be rude in. I am not in favor of answering brutality with brutality, but firm and clear instruction of what minimum standards are in America.
    10 point to your mother Simone! She has more courage than most.
    Anyway, I hope that cleared up the confusion.

  11. 11 Loner

    Simone: Please give you mother a hug for me!!

  12. 12 Sandman

    Sounds like Simone has One Mad Momma!

  13. 13 GuardDog

    Vincent you said:

    “I love America and American culture”

    What would you tell some one who said there is no American culture. American culture is made up of many different cultures. I get that when I say I love American culture. How would you respond?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. 14 simone

    Everyone-thanks for your kind and supportive comments regarding my mom, Sally. Before she went to bed tonight I showed her your sentiments. She grinned from ear to ear. It made her day!

  15. 15 Harrison Bergeron

    ?Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself.?

    I have to agree. I encourage people to read Robert Spencer’s book, “The Truth About Muhammad”. You’ll learn a lot about Islam, and gain a better understanding of where Islamofascism comes from.

    No religion that fails to promote justice, compassion, truth, and human dignity is a legitimate religion — in my opinion. There are many flavors of Islam. Some are much, much better than others. But it’s impossible to remove the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad from the faith. And Muhammad did some really vile, evil things. I don’t believe a Prophet of God would send assassins to murder ‘poets’ who wrote negative things about him/her. Yet that’s exactly what Muhammad is said to have done. Muhammad also divides the world in to two groups, Muslims and non-Muslims. And non-Muslims are always second class citizens at best. No matter how you reform Islam, you are left with the issue of a having a central religious figure that is not a moral example.

  16. 16 sunshipway


    I am from the USA. I currently live in Germany. I went to high school in Paris in the 70s.

    Back in the 70s I had Arab friends in school who were “cool” and more into Western culture than their own culture. They played guitar and wanted to learn Jimi Hendrix and Santana songs.

    I moved back to the States in the 80s and 90s. I visited Europe again in the 80s for a month and loved it.

    I moved back to Europe in 2001 and noticed that Paris no longer felt the same. It felt like an occupied city; A city occupied by Muslims. I saw them kneeling down for prayer en masse at “prayer time” and felt threatened by their presence to the extent that I would try to avoid Arabs in general.

    They had become the new “back street boys”. Although I had met a few Arabs who I considered friends, I nevertheless felt that a big change had come over Europe.

    After the war started in 2003, things changed for the worse, but I don’t believe it was only because of the war; I think that the Islamisation plan had already been enacted and I was only just starting to recognize it for what it truly was.

    I believe many Muslims and Arabs originally moved to Europe to escape Sharia law in their own countries ? they didn’t like the harshness it imposed on their freedoms ? only to find themselves in ghettos where Sharia law was secretly being enforced by the ghetto lords who would threaten them to join the ranks or pay with ostracization or even blood.

    The established Christian churches find themselves in a difficult position because their own hypocrisy is so prevalent that a majority of westerners have rejected their teachings. By turning Jesus into a fairy-tale-state-puppet; the Christian Church has become a laughing stock.

    Most Christians believe they are following the teachings of Jesus, when, in reality, they are merely being used as pawns in a cynical game and being exploited by elitists who laugh at them as they debate homosexuality and talking in tongues.

    This preoccupation with irrelevant debate plays right into the hands of religious fundamentalists of all stripes especially the Islamizationists who can’t wait for the next idiocracy to evolve.

    If you put ten Christians from different (or even some of the same) denominations into one room, it is hard to get them to agree on any one fundamental “truth”. Whereas, a Muslim has no choice; the Imam is in charge and is not to be questioned or debated, only blindly followed.

    Short of dictatorship; it would be very difficult to unite the western world. That’s why western politicians bow down to Islamization; they are good subjects; they pay their taxes; they don’t protest too much as long as Sharia law (dictatorship) is in place.

    Westerners have too many expectations; they want freedom of thought, etc., which is not good for the greedy-elite-control-hungry-corporations.

    Sharia law dictatorship allows the state to rule all aspects of its subject’s lives including religion, thought and social behavior.

    So, the ideal types of governments for these greedy corporations are actually Saudi Arabia and Iran because they rule with an iron fist. Therefore, while western governments preach democracy and freedom; they really can’t wait for an excuse to become dictatorships.

    The only way for the people of the world to really unite is the true teachings of “Jesus of Nazareth”, who was called “the Christ”, which are actually hidden away in places like the Vatican and the higher echelons of the major religions. The one thing they fear the most is the truth about Jesus.

    The substitute, Jesus Christ, is their best friend, the Roman Paul invented Jesus Christ, the fairy-tale, in order to keep the masses pacified, and it has worked for two thousand years. But, now, the people want more. The people, I hope, are looking for the real Jesus, the non-violent revolutionary who rejected the ruling class and showed the people how to free themselves from slavery.

    Just as Ghandi and MLKJ, to name a few, gave their lives for that freedom and truth, which is for all mankind, we are all now being called to step up to the plate.

    The choice is becoming clearer and clearer: you are either for freedom or against it. Where do you work? How much petrol-gas do you buy every year?

    If you are driving around in your 4×4 complaining about the state of the world, ask yourself; who is laughing.

  17. 17 sunshipway

    BTW, ExxonMobile and Shell oil, two of the biggest carbon emitters in the world (more than most countries), made profits of nearly £90m (approx. $180m) per day in 2006. (Source: The Guardian, 2 Feb. 2007)

    And the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi H. Dowling is “The Book” about Jesus, don’t believe me, check it out for yourself, get real about Jesus….

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