Second-Degree Murdering Illegal Needs Sympathy

Franco Ordonez, a reporter for the Charolette Observer, has made a shameful attempt at damage control for his precious illegals. He wants sympathy for the drunk driving illegal that killed an 18 year old student! This is the same illegal that was deported 17 times! This is the same drunken illegal that was driving more than 100 mph headed in the wrong direction on the freeway! This is the same illegal that has two prior DWI convictions! Oh, and the SUV this illegal was driving appears to be stolen!

Franco Odonez wants you to know that this illegal is a hard worker and that he misses his family back in Mexico.


Please email or call Franco Ordonez and let him know he’s an assbag.
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Charlotte Observer

by Franco Ordonez

LAKE CITY, S.C. - Members of the Latino community here characterized Jorge Hernandez Soto on Tuesday as a hard-working man who made a terrible mistake and now needs help.

Oscar Correa, a Salvadoran construction worker, said he ran into Hernandez Soto last month at a party. Correa said Hernandez Soto asked about Correa’s family in El Salvador and spoke of his own in Mexico and a desire to see them.

Correa told the Observer he’s known Hernandez Soto casually for about three years and called him “a good person.”

“This is a terrible tragedy,” he said. “He should not have been driving, but we can’t undo what’s happened. He is a human being; now he needs help.”

Hernandez Soto faces charges that include driving while impaired and second-degree murder. He is accused of driving a Ford Expedition against traffic on Interstate 485 at speeds topping 100 mph before smashing into a Nissan 350Z driven by a UNC Charlotte freshman, Min Chang, who was killed in the crash.

About 6,500 people live in Lake City, about 130 miles southeast of Charlotte, nestled in tobacco country. Estimates of the local Latino population range from several hundred to a couple of thousand, according to staff at Marianita’s Tienda Hispana, a business that serves as a restaurant, convenience store, movie rental shop and clothing store.

Most are Mexican seasonal workers, who pick tobacco, cucumbers and sweet potatoes.

News of the tragedy came as a shock to the Hispanic community.

Santos Hernandez-Mendez, who is unrelated but has some mutual friends with Hernandez Soto, said too many Latinos end up behind the wheel after drinking.

“People need to think more,” said the 28-year-old Mexican-born box maker. “Think how much his (the victim’s) mother is hurting now.”

Here are some more facts in the case taken from this article.

  • Hernandez Soto has been charged at least three times with impaired driving and convicted at least twice of Driving While Impaired. The DWI convictions were in Colorado and Jackson County, Tenn.
  • Immigration officials told the Observer on Tuesday he’s been caught entering the country up to three times in the same month.
  • Once, authorities caught him in the U.S. on two consecutive days, a U.S. Border Patrol spokesman said.
  • Hernandez Soto uses several different names, which has made it difficult to obtain his criminal records.
  • Between 1996 and 2000, Hernandez Soto entered the country 17 times, said Salvador Zamora, spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol.
  • Hernandez Soto crossed from Douglas, Ariz., at least eight times, but was caught and sent back to Mexico repeatedly, Zamora said.
  • First Sgt. Joe Melone said the SUV that Hernandez Soto was driving was registered in three different states, most recently Virginia. Troopers had not figured out who owned it or whether it was insured.
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said seven people called 911 to report a wrong-way driver.
  • Five troopers — all of whom worked on the case — sat together on a front bench during Tuesday’s hearing. “We wanted to give the impression to the court that we are behind the charges we filed 1,000 percent. We wanted (Hernandez Soto) to see us to let him fully understand what he is up against,” Huffstickler said. “The young man that was killed should be graduating from college in three years. He should not have been killed. If it were not for Mr. Hernandez, he would have been in school today.”

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