I’ve been covering these illegal alien encampments for a long time [archive]. These shanty towns are common in Latin America and they are popping up all over the United States with the influx of illegal aliens.

These squatters burglarize neighboring homes and they engage in prostitution, public drunkenness, and sexual assaults.

This particular encampment is in a North Bergen, NJ cemetery. Every one of the illegal aliens the Telemundo Reporter interviews is visibly drunk.

The police say they can’t arrest the men for loitering, but they could certainly arrest them for trespassing if the Paster of this church wouldn’t allow them to be there. You should contact the Pastor.

Rev. Douglas S. Shepler, Pastor
Church Office / Sanctuary: (201) 863-7030
Cemetery Office: (201) 863-0432

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10 Responses to “Shocking Video: Illegal Aliens Take Over North Bergen, NJ Cemetery”
  1. SkyPainter says:

    Man… Those illegal aliens where drunk and stoned! It is easy to tell from their tone of voice… Did anyone notice the bag covering the alcohol bottle next to the one sleeping on the bench? Or is it just me?

    If I had family burried there, I would suing the church that is running that cementery. They have no respect for the dead people.

  2. Eddie B. says:

    What’s it going to take? Honestly… this is disgusting. I certainly didn’t see any porta johns so it won’t take long for this to really become cess pool.

  3. American Worker says:

    it will be getting cold in NJ in a few months. Then what? Rev. Douglas S. Shepler, Pastor Do you have a large house. Please take these poor souls in YOUR home. PLEASE. P.S. let us know how it works out .

  4. Mountain Man says:

    To bad the scum are not permanent residents in that cemetery!!!

  5. Faye says:

    Why is Telemundo broadcasting this?…..

  6. 1Madmomma says:

    I sent the good Rev a note. I don’t suppose he’ll get back with me. He really is not doing these folks any favors, he is just enabling them to not get their lives together, and lord knows it doesn’t get much more disrespectful to our dead.

  7. simone says:

    Mountain Man-HEHEHEH HAHAHAHA-Good one!

  8. the marlboro man says:

    Did everyone get a good look AT OUR FUTURE/this is just whats going on every where/not just NJ

  9. NoYouCant says:

    That is the first time in my life I have seen a news broadcast where they air the views of intoxicated men.

    Why air it? Because “the dead don’t do anything…understand?…hmm?…and the human can punish you.”

    Then they show the living conditions of those poor, poor, men. “Have you slept here before?”

    Hello??!! Telemundo?? Your upstanding citizens are sleeping like that all over OUR country! If little old me knows that, so do you! Nice touch! *wink, wink*

    You see, they’re treated soooo bad in NEW JERSEY, (you know, the place where three American’s were just slaughtered and one was left for dead)that some of them get caught up in violence if they mistakenly choose to live with the “humans”.

    The Child Protection Service in that area needs to investigate the safety and welfare of the babies that are living in those conditions! Unless of course, some of those men are kinky. One never knows. Is the lady interviewed absolutely sure they are baby diapers and not adult size diapers?

  10. pchops says:

    The post appears to be from the Pastor but it is not from him. I live near the area and the area is a homeless camp. The town is mostly latino therefore people who have fallen off the path into alcoholism or lack of family support live here. I live in a more diverse city so our homeless population reflects our own diversity.

    This is incorrectly posted here and the clip isn’t even about illegal immigrants it is about HOMELESSNESS.

    Please be very careful about media sources and check peer reviewed journals on real stories and statistics.


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