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39 Responses to “The Dog House - September”

  1. 1 The Watchdog
  2. 2 David from California

    I live in a small unincorporated area just outside of San Bernardino called Muscoy. It’s very high % mexican illegal and this group of men that ride their horses around we gringos call them mexican cowboys. They have sharp spurs on their boots, chaps, a lasso, and a machete. They usually have a large beer in a brown bag between their legs on the saddle. About a year ago one of those illegals horse was acting up awful bad and the illegal lost control and HACKED HIS HORSE TO DEATH WITH THE MACHETE!! It happened up the street from me right in front of a family (also illegal) having a barbecue. The S.B. County Sheriff Dept arrested him for being drunk in public and killing his horse. There was a small story in the Sun Telegram about it. Also a follow up story about it a few days later that besides being drunk he was also on CRYSTAL METH.
    I see a Baretta 3032 Tomcat pocket pistol in my future!

  3. 3 Faye

    Hey, Marlboro Man,

    Here’s your answer about the buses. They were included all along.

  4. 4 melody

    I got relatives in several different states. Based on what I’m hearing, there is no where to find affordable housing anymore in the U.S.

    Want to buy a house? A loan predator will get you, and trick you into a mortgage you can’t afford to pay, and wind up in foreclosure.

    Try to rent and all these landlords want to do is rent to housing voucher people. You can’t blame the landlords. They get to rent out a dump for more than twice what it would be worth in a real free market society.

    Everybody brags about how these properties approved for housing vouchers (or whatever their calling the gov. funded housing) is in top notch shape, but I think some of those properties must be in bad shape. One house that had a sign “section 8 appoved” on it’s for rent sign had a chimney that had pieces of brick falling out of it and looked like it was going to slide off. How should that be approved by a building inspector? I have seen voucher approved rental units go empty for months as the landlords wait for the right voucher family. They really want that money.

    Their favorite families to rent to seems to be ones where all the adults are on SSI. That way they don’t have to worry about the adults meeting welfare work requirments, and losing cash welfare benefits due to welfare reform time limits (cash limited to 3 to 5 years now so by the time the welfare baby is 5 the family is in big trouble). I think if the family had no income the voucher takes over and pays all the rent. Try competing with a voucher. Even if you got a job, the landlord knows you can lose it, so these SSI people are even better.

    The landlord does not live next door to these people so he don’t care how loud their music is and looks the other way as they turn their rental unit into a flophouse used for nothing but party time.

  5. 5 the marlboro man

    FAYE- I can not belive what I just read,this is all the proof, these dogs have been coning us since G.BUSCH got in office.And yes its there in B/W ,the moveing of PEOPLE,GOODs,TRUCKs & BUSES, across the southern border.And to STOP RESTRICTION OF THE SO. BORDER. so people can move freely .This needs to be printed in every paper that will print it,Then maybe everyone will stop thinking were a bunch of nuts!GOV. Perry is up to his slimy neck in this! We need to pass this site note to everybody?

  6. 6 Faye

    Marboro Man,

    Well, it’s one more proof that the NAU is NOT a conspiracy theory and that the SPP is its vehicle of completion. There is much to be passed to the unknowing, unaware American public. How to do this? I don’t know. I’ve even printed stuff out and made visits to businesses flying American flags. I’ve even gone up and down the street and put print-outs on door knobs. I’ve gone down to City Hall and dropped off information in all the offices. News of it is spreading, but so is the changing everyay of our administrative laws and there’s already been several lawsuits that have gone counter to our Constitution. If you’re aware, you can see the hand of The North American Competitiveness Council; if not, it just looks like one more liberal judge.

  7. 7 the marlboro man

    Watchdog you get this take a look at the site FAYE got thats a hell of a news peace?Your 1 story on the trucks had the word buses in the end ,at first I though I was just misreading the thing.take a look.

  8. 8 the marlboro man

    I just wonder if I sent that to LOU DOBBS if anything would be said? Or if one of his aids would just can it.It worth a try.

  9. 9 Faye

    I found this on

    Mexican Welfare Poem - Mucho Gracias!

    President George Bush

    September 2, 2007

    Mexican Welfare Poem - Goodbye American Sovereignty

    I cross border, poor and broke,
    Take bus, to see employment folk.
    Nice man treat me good there,
    Say I need to see Welfare.
    Welfare say, “You come no more,
    We send cash right to your door.”
    Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
    Medicaid it keep you healthy!
    By and by, I got plenty money,
    Thanks to you, American dummy!

    I write to friends in Mexico,
    Tell them ‘come fast, I have a plan.’
    They come by droves & breed fast as they can,
    To produce Anchor babies to secure Gringo bucks
    I buy big house with Welfare bucks
    They come here, we live together,
    More Welfare checks, it just gets better!

    Fourteen families, they moving in,
    But neighbor’s patience wearing thin.
    Finally, white guy moves away,
    Now I buy his house, and then I say,
    “Find more illegal Mexicans for house to rent.”
    And in the yard I put a tent.
    Send for family, they just trash,
    But they, too, draw the Welfare cash!

    U.S. children, we like them young,
    its OK, we have lots of fun.
    We do bad things, they think we crazy,
    we not dumb, enforcement lazy.

    Everything is very good,
    And soon we own the neighborhood!
    We have hobby, it’s called breeding,
    Welfare pay for baby feeding.
    Kids need dentist? Wife needs pills?
    We get free! We got no bills!
    Have a baby every year,
    No problem Gringo he pays the bills,
    Gringos crazy! He pay all year,
    To keep Welfare running here.

    We think America darn good place.
    Too darn good for the white man race.
    If they no like us, they can scram,
    we take money, they be damned.
    They speak no spanish,
    too bad for them, soon they vanish.

    Mexican trucks, they coming soon,
    marks beginning of your doom!

    Viva Mexico!

  10. 10 coyote

    Bravoe Faye esto es como una invitacion a que venga mas gente a U.S.A y luego se quejan de que por que venimos.

    I am not saying anything offensive to you or to anybody, but this is really funny.

  11. 11 Faye

    Only if you are on the receiving end or have an extremely black sense of humor.

  12. 12 coyote

    Well, think anyway you want it is your choice, and your fault too I did not put it.

    Good night, and I am not calling you trash.

  13. 13 Sandman

    That poem hit the nail on the head… Pretty much sums up Invader attitude.

  14. 14 coyote

    O right Husein, I mean Sadam or sandman?

  15. 15 Faye

    Si, este poema explicar el situacion exacto.

    Bekommen heraus von mein land.

    Sorry, WD, the Devil made me do it.

  16. 16 Faye


    Obteir dehors de ma atterrir.
    Ottenere fuori di mutuo atterrare.
    Fa ut av omsesidig min landa.
    Krign aroys fun mayn landn.

  17. 17 Sandman

    Coyote, cuida la Mota bato

  18. 18 Sandman

    Coyote Mira, este eres Tu!;search=

  19. 19 Sandman

    Fake Aztecs like these would get laughed off the sidewalk outside of Cali.;search=

  20. 20 Faye


    He, he, he. Thanks, I’ll go to bed happy.

  21. 21 peternoamnesty

    read this article people…mexico is our enemy im sure of it

  22. 22 Angel

    peternoamnesty- Mexico must have something on Bush; they are too arrogant; they should be thanking us and not demanding from us.

  23. 23 Eddie B.

    Happy Labor Day Doggers!


  24. 24 the marlboro man

    EDDIE B. same back at yah!! I think i,ll go sit on the back porch ,and wait for the dam BEAR ,thats be trying to get my MEXICAN dog!And pop the top on a cold one!!!

  25. 25 litew8

    You too Eddie.
    Sounds good marlboro man.
    I think I’ll clean my guns, drink some beers and eat a steak.

  26. 26 Mayday

    My town has a huge labor day flea market every year that attracts many, many people. I spent a lot of time there and talked to lots and lots of different people. The price was $3 to get in the place and almost all of the illegals were too cheap to pay to get in as it was not FREE for anyone unless you volunteered for the day.

    The invasion has gotten so bad here that everywhere I went there were people from lots of different towns are talking about the illegals. I think everyone felt free to talk about them because there were very, very few there. The illegals have spread their wings and are now buying places in the country and invading all of the towns around here. According to everything I read Nebraska isn’t part of reconquista and aztlan but they might as well include us on the aztlan map.

    No American citizen seems to care for their culture especially the way they treat their animals and the way they take advantage of freebies such as social services etc. I heard about steer fights, dog fights, chicken fights, horse races, dead and injured animals etc., people using EBT cards, getting free medical care, too many people living in one house, etc.

    I heard a story from a reputable source about some mexicans who didn’t speak english who rented a house. When they moved out it seems they had taken everything including the kitchen sink and kitchen cupboards. The place was stripped bare. Then there were the stories about the mexican roofing crew who does a shitty job, the mexican with five social security cards, the mexican who kept getting fired and coming back to work with a new name until he got fired again. Then there was a story about the couple that adopted a meth anchor baby because their parents got deported. I also heard a story about the anchor baby who was old enough to know better peeing in public at a garage sale and about another lady who was wering a long dress that squated and shit on the ground at another garage sale. These stories were from people I’ve known a long time that don’t lie.

    There was an illegal or I assume illegal mexican there(little english) whom I observed buying three slot machines. The guy who sold them had huge signs up that said ILLEGAL TO USE FOR GAMBLING and do not buy to use them to gamble with as it’s illegal to gamble with slot machines in Nebraska. I’m betting that we will now have slot machine place someplace in the country for the illegals where they abuse their animals in fights and races. If the illegal gets caught with his gambling machine he will say he didn’t know they were illegal because he can’t read English and I’m sure it will only be a slap on the hand or he’ll go back to mehico and come back with a different name.

    People are waking up. It’s only a matter of time.

  27. 27 Vincent Narodnik

    People are waking up. It?s only a matter of time.
    Yes. Thats true, but all the same, it is we who are the undeceived who have been watching this gathering storm for years who must take the responsibility of ringing the wake up bell loudly and clearly and at every opportunity.
    There are lots of good, free, effective ways of getting out the message. we all need to do our part, beyond just talking about it here.
    The group at the flea market you talked about is prime opportunity to get out the word.
    This sentence really stood out and I think its something we can all relate to
    ”I think everyone felt free to talk about them because there were very, very few there.”
    Thats true on many levels. Even in our own families. Raza is spreading so fast and so thick that its almost certain you are going to offend someone. So what though? Offend away. Now is not time to make nicenice. It was not popular to say unflattering things about Tories in revolutionary New England either. No history book has ever flattered any nation for being the Most Polite Victim Nation. …see their smiling skeleton on the desert floor? Those Armenians sure were polite when they were overran by the Turks! Nope. That doesnt exist.
    and at any rate, we are not living so that we can gain future flattery from historians.
    It has been put on our shoulders to save our nation, and save it we must.
    Getting back to the subject, in an atmosphere such as the one you described, you have a captive audience and multiplied effectiveness.
    Talking to this guy here and giving him a card with some websites, some contact #s etc. goes a long way. Give him 2 cards. or 3.
    I usually write mine out in advance and have them right at the ready. Im going to a tractor show this weekend and well, do I have to spell it out?
    Its now or never for us.
    That aint just a love song.
    Id love to hear it reworked as a marching song.
    We’ll need it come the day.

  28. 28 Vincent Narodnik

    Heres another thing
    I went away for a couple of days and I come back and see that a new troll has sprouted its head in the door. In honor of the coming mexican boycott of September 12, why dont we boycott this troll and not give him what his malarial soul craves (negative attention) Lets turn our backs on him and let him or her wriggle elsewhere. We dont need to waste firepower on worms.

  29. 29 Mayday

    In regards to my sentence-”I think everyone felt free to talk about them because there were very, very few there.? I should have added the words “in public” because I’ve never heard so much talk about the invasion in a public place from so many different people. Also I was never the one who started the conversation which for me is very unusual and I did do some educating. As to websites sadly many of these people are computer illiterate or only did a few emails and the ebay thing. But they are the kind of people who will write to their senators and congressmen and get politically involved.

    You’re right Vincent about “Raza is spreading so fast and so thick ” A few years ago the thirld world was only in Lexington so the people who lived close to here didn’t think they would ever be affected so weren’t very concerned about them. Now it has affected them and their eyes are opened.

  30. 30 Sandman

    This article may interest some watchdogs…

  31. 31 the marlboro man

    SANMAN, I can/t belive what my eyes are seeing, THIS S/O/B has sold us out with us knowing nothing,and getting a way withit , IT s NOT ON THE MSM so most people won,t listen.OR think you lost your MIND!!!!!

  32. 32 Vincent Narodnik

    This is a mssg to SkyPainter but also to everyone generally.
    Sometimes it comes up where a post doesnt make it for mysterious reasons. It can be very frustrating because sometimes we spend a half an hour or more writing things and they just get swept off into cyber space.
    That happened to me last …no, two weeks ago in a long post I wrote in response to a Q from Guarddog. Thing just disappeared. along with the 40 minutes I spent writing it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!
    I think the cause is a technical one, and it bit me again today, but here it is (I think)
    If you post something and hit the SUBMIT button and dont wait for it to transfer up it will just erase it.
    if you post something and then hit the “home” symbol on your tool bar to go to your browser, same thing
    also I (think) that the same thing happens if you post on one article and move on to the next article without going first to the home page
    (example) at the top of this page, youll see:

    « ?Can?t Afford The Sunshine? Anti-Illegal Music Video (on the L side)
    Son Saul Joins Deported Convicted Felon And Mother In Mexico » (R side)
    …If I right now push SUBMIT then hit “cant afford the sunshine”, I would bet that this whole post would be erased.
    Its happened alot.
    To be sure, I usually always hit the BLOG button, then move on.

    As near as I know, this is what happens.
    I can say for sure that Ive never lost one by going to BLOG first.
    Thats an idea anyway.

  33. 33 AmericanWorker

    Check this out! OH ! by the way HE DON’T LIVE THERE ANYMORE go figure.

  34. 34 Eddie B.

    The Cyber Foo-Foo Dust Fairies steal them Vincent. They are very sneaky.

  35. 35 Angel

    Excerpt from Sandman’s link:

    Corsi said he “wouldn’t put it past” the WHO and the U.N. to release the virus themselves in order to capitalize on the power they crave and that an article he wrote for World Net Dail y was a warning about both loss of sovereignty in matters of public health but also an effort to counteract the scare mongering on behalf of the U.N.

    Sandman, thank you!!!!!

    Finally someone is putting this in print and people will at least listen (hopefully).

    Remember back with that Andrew Speaker case?

    Pathogens can/are being sprayed in the air.

  36. 36 SkyPainter

    Thanks for the heads up Vincent. That’s probably what happened. I do remember hitting the submit button and then switching out of the page before it posted.

    I’ll make sure it posts first before moving away from the page.

  37. 37 D-7

    Mayday & all,
    I bring up illegals every chance I get without showing too much of my obsession. I bring it up in bars, in store lines. I deliberately talk out loud to my companions when illegals are around about how good this country really was until invasion & corporate greed took over. I don’t care if I come off crazy. Usually I don’t. It’s surprising how many people want to vent about it but Americans are amazingly restrained and polite. I am not. I don’t go out of my way to attack an individual, but still I will deliberately say things for a group or a few hear.
    I was talking to a bail bondsman the other day. (Yeah, I bailed someone out, 100 bucks for those of you curious.) Anyway when we were done I asked about illegals. He jumped on it and said his outfit won’t bail them. He said his boss said make any excuse, they never show for court. He said many of them get deported in the meantime and the court comes and still wants the bond. And the others responsible to pay also disappear. He also said Russians were really bad about not showing, and also American Indians, because they have refuge on our nearby reservation and cannot be cuffed there.) The bondsman said he’s had mexicans line up with 4 cars & titles to bail out their amigo, but he will not do it. They are too high of a risk. So glad to hear it!

  38. 38 Faye

    I was on another site where the discussion was Bush’s attitude and someone brought up his giving the finger to the American public and posted a you tube. I was just glancing down at the comments and there was a link to these. There are 6 of them. Here’s the link to the first. Knew this, but not the extent…

  39. 39 Faye


    Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Friday that Mexico’s new President Felipe Calderon will help the United States protect its southern border.

    “He is committed to enforcing the border, he is committed to cleaning up some of the corruption down there,” McCain said during an event in downtown Des Moines. “I’m optimistic that we’ll get a lot more cooperation in the future out of the Mexican government.”

    However, McCain acknowledged he wonders just how much can be done.

    “Has the corruption and the drugs become so bad that any government in Mexico can control it?” he said. “I have to believe they can, but it’s going to be very, very tough.”

    The timing of his praise for Calderon, who is gaining popularity in Mexico as he battles drug cartels, comes as lawmakers in Washington sort out new legislation on illegal immigration.

    McCain has been criticized by some fellow Republicans for supporting President Bush’s immigration plan, which they argue offers amnesty to illegal immigrants. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have questioned the proposal, but the Arizona senator defends the measure.

    “There’s room for additional compromise,” he said, “but I think the principles … are there.” said.


    I found the above under FUBAR at Capitol Hill Blue.

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