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America is facing a severe immigration crisis. The TRUE Enforcement and Border Security Act of 2005 is the ONLY comprehensive immigration enforcement solution before Congress.

The bill, sponsored by Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Virgil Goode (R-VA), faces the illegal immigration crisis head on. TRUE Enforcement would:

* Mandate Verification of Worker Eligibility
* Punish Employers who Hire Illegal Aliens
* Track Aliens Who Cross Our Borders
* Build the Border Fence
* It does not include a “Guest Worker” program!

Help advance TRUE Enforcement by signing a petition to President Bush and congressional leaders today!

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Watch video from TRUE news conference.

2 Responses to “Sign TRUE Enforcement Petition”

  1. Nicholas Mcmellen Says:

    Are using the video of day labor sites to enact a lawsuit against home depot and the city council?

  2. Watchdog Says:

    Any center that uses taxpayer funds is an outrage. I’d like to close that center down if it’s possible. If nothing else we are raising awareness of the problem. These centers look legit and many in the public think they are. They are in fact violating federal law. Unfortunately, we have no immigration law enforcement.

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