This is recent video of a radical UCLA Professor preaching Communist ideals and brown supremacy to his gullible disciples. This is what Hispanic students learn in MEChA and Chicano studies courses in high school and college. These racists are no different than the KKK and this should not be allowed in our schools. The opening credits state that the videographer is from

Union del Barrio, an organization that struggle for Mexicano Liberation, believes that:

- - Mexicans living both in México and in the ?southwest United States? suffer from political, economic, and social insecurity because the United States Government in 1848 occupied our land and since then our gente have been the victims of people who keep us oppressed, exploit our labor, keep a disproportionate number of our people in prisons, stereotype us through the media, falsify our history, deny us a relevant/productive education, and militarize the imposed borders in order to keep out the very same people from which Aztlán (Northern México) was stolen.

- - Mexicanos in Aztlán (Occupied México) must self-determine our own destiny and we are determined to liberate our people. The means to this end is the advancement of Mexicano self-determination which can best be defined as collectively determining our history; economically controlling our social development by self-determining our culture, education, and language; independently developing the content and direction of our political orientation; and controlling the political institutions that make the laws that govern us.

- - California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nuevo México, and Nevada, constitute Aztlán-México Ocupado. It is a geographical and political territory belonging to the Mexicano people. These lands were taken by armed forced by the U.S. Government, during the US-Mexico War of 1848.

- - Collectivism, organization building, and accountability are fundamental to our struggle. We say a critical aspect of this point is the need to channel our people’s energy and resources into accountable and disciplined organizations. In political struggle, individualism is bourgeois, elitist, egotistical, and backward trait. We must raise the shortcomings and contradictions to those who profess being active in political work without accountability to an organization.

- - The absolute and unequivocal liberation of Mexicana women is a fundamental component of our struggle for liberation as a people. Fundamental to any liberation organization and pro-independence conscious movement is the absolute political, social, and economic equality between men and women.

16 Responses to “Communist Chicano Revolutionaries Plot The Destruction Of The USA”

  1. 1 the marlboro man

    This what the payer is getting for our hard earned money???How much is this ass hole being payed for his work to ,to tell us what a bunch of (DUMBasses) we are.Just sit there and take this SHIT,DAM can,t stand it!!!!!Its a go thing I live out in the woods!!!!!

  2. 2 okaram

    I don’t know if this guy is a professor at UCLA (no info on the video about it), but he definitely is an idiot.

  3. 3 Angel

    They get support from our government.

  4. 4 Angel

    That man is really dangerous. I wonder when that event took place.

  5. 5 SkyPainter

    I am telling you guys… This stuff is bad news. This guy is claiming that 40 million of his La Raza are up here in what he calls the “Northern Front”… Think about it… not the border or anything like that. He calls it the northern front as in a frontline.

  6. 6 The Watchdog

    Feb. 6, 2007, Carl Braun of MCDC and Dr. Yaron Brook, an open-immigration advocate and president of the Ayn Rand Institute were scheduled to have a debate but the event was cancelled due to threats of violence. So this video was from around that time.

    The speaker identifies himself as a teacher when he says how proud he was of a previous speaker (not shown).

    I’m going to try to identify this “revolutionary” Professor.

  7. 7 okaram

    The speaker says somebody else was his student, which means he teaches or used to teach, not necessarily at UCLA (he could be a high-school prof for example). He is still an idiot though :)

  8. 8 Angel

    Thanks! Things have changed a lot since Feb. for them. Let me know if you hear anything like this that is recent.

  9. 9 Vincent Narodnik

    The banner behind the (speaker) said
    I was thankful for that.
    It added a needed measure of ironic absurdity to the show
    which I wouldnt otherwise have been able to watch whole.

    REVOLUTION (!!!) was the key word
    The central concept in the word revolution is the Latin root ‘volut-’
    which means ‘(a) turning’ …or a swirling
    like the contents of a toilet tank
    such as the “movement” El Comandante was recommending.
    The contents of his thought (if any) however are to be found in the cistern beneath that toilet-and his speech was really only a bowel movement of the mouth. I will be sending him some toothpaste tomorrow….uh, if that isnt too much of an “Imperialist” thing to do..

    Marx famously said that religion is the opiate of the masses.
    It would have been nice if he had been a little more circumspect.
    He then would have realized that Marxism is a religion also,
    and its practice, the opiate of the asses.

    I think I’m done now.

  10. 10 BEADALONG

    Hmm, if Chertoff (Homeland Stupidity) is so Terrorist minded, why doesn’t he go after people like this, like flies on manure? I think he should be just at least a little interested, shouldn’t he?

    This guy is obviously fomenting revolution, isn’t he? So where is that Chertoff?

  11. 11 Eddie B.

    Maybe we should have let the Germans stay in Mexico. That would have given them a different view of life.


  12. 12 Faye

    “Fringe groups” speading, ever farther and ever wider.

  13. 13 Sandman

    Good question Beadalong, If we really are in a “war on terra”, why are people like this both funded by our system AND ignored by everyone including the media and DHS? I have concluded that the war on terror is really a war on freedom for Americans. it is a farce, just like that new fake Bin Laden video that is all over the media…Notice the timing of that video right before 9/11 so that we can be reminded that the boogie man is out there in the shadows just waiting to get us? Even if the Bin Laden really did plot 9/11, his American death toll is far less than the invasion.

  14. 14 Eddie B.

    The whole thing is a setup. It is all a planned series of staged events to bring in amrtial law and be done with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    You are right on it Sandmen. This is about fomenting the American citizens into a fight. Then King Jorge can declare Martial Law.

    Once everybody discovers that Bin Laden is a surrogate Boogie Man then the Martins will invade.

  15. 15 Educated American

    Sandman and Eddie B. are correct. The war on terror is largely a fraud. (I say “largely” because there is no denying that madrasas exist, suicidal jihadis exist, and actual terrorist bombings occur. But as you mentioned, it sure seems like every “terror scare” or “terror bust” always coincides with some need on the part of the Bush Administration to deflect some political scandal. Keith Olbermann has done a couple of marvelous reports on those “coincidences”.)

    Interesting that the “teacher” did NOT identify the Minutemen as the enemy, but rather capitalism and imperialism. I could actually agree with him were it not for his advocacy of Fidel Castro. I mean, why does he think people flee Cuba in life rafts? The advocacy of Communism as THE ANSWER is a totally naive
    college-student thing. Again, why were people hopping the Berlin Wall and getting OUT of East Berlin? In fact, people like this professor are playing into the whole left-right deception paradigm.

    The worst part of the little written “manifesto” above is the part about “individualism is bourgeois, elitist, egotistical, and backward”. That is the part of communism I hate the most: “We must all be THE SAME . . . THE SAME . . . THE SAME . . .”. Individual rights, individual property ownership, and all that stuff is the root philosophy of America. Only chumps would think that individualism is a bad thing. I refuse to become part of the Borg Hive Mind - whether it’s communist or corporatist (fascist).

  16. 16 Sandman

    Ron Paul explains our manipulation…

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