Illegal Immigration Harming America

Clarion Ledger

In regard to Earl Fincher’s letter (”Immigrants will do work others won’t,” Nov. 28), let me respond by saying that I moved to Hattiesburg from Southern California on July 1.

I spent my entire life in California, and I lived in ground zero of illegal immigration.

While there, I saw what uncontrolled illegal immigration has done to that state.

When I was growing up, California’s public school system was No. 1 in the nation; now it’s last.

The state spends over $10 billion a year on the education of illegal alien children, incarceration of illegal alien criminals and gang members, and medical care for illegal aliens who use the hospital emergency rooms as clinics.

In the last 10 years, 84 hospital emergency rooms in Los Angeles County have gone bankrupt and have had to shut down because illegal aliens do not pay their medical bills, yet they cannot be denied treatment.

If American citizens did not pay their bills, we would be sued.

Mr. Fincher says we should just “bring them in.” He does not seem to care that the influx of Third World, uneducated, disease-carrying people is destroying America.

He implies that it is only the folks on welfare who won’t do the jobs the illegal aliens will do. At latest count, there are 8 million Americans — not on welfare — who can’t find work.

If employers would pay a living wage — not $7.50 an hour — many more Americans would take those jobs.

Fifty years ago, Americans did do these jobs — before the tidal wave of illegal aliens.

Seamus McGowan

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