Months ago, the headlines and TV news reports read “Minuteman Charged With Beating Disabled Immigrants.” John Monti was charged with seven misdemeanors, including battery, hate crimes, and interfering with a person’s civil rights. It didn’t matter that John Monti wasn’t even a member of a Minuteman group, the biased media was foaming at the mouth; finally they had what they wanted.

Now John has been acquitted of all the charges and the media is refusing to inform the public as to why the jury reached their “not guilty” verdict. Instead, the media is repeating the false charges against him and ignoring all the evidence that showed that it was in fact the six day laborers that attacked John Monti instead of the other way around. The media would like the public to believe that somehow the jury must have made a mistake.

There is no doubt in my mind that if John had been convicted, this story would have become national news.

Five months after John Monti was attacked by six day laborers, he filed a Grand Jury request for an investigation into the San Diego Police Department’s refusal to act on a prostitution ring in McGonigle Canyon. The underage prostitutes are smuggled across the border and forced to have sex with large groups of agricultural workers and day laborers. The police retaliated by bringing false charges against him. They tried to put an innocent man in prison.

The media will not report on how illegal alien activist Claudia Smith conspired with the San Diego Police Department to fabricate evidence against John because she is one of their biggest sources for anti-Minuteman news. Claudia Smith practically writes their stories for them.

Bilingual Educator, John Monti in the classroom.

John Monti - In his own words.

Dear Friends,

I’ve been completely acquitted of the false charges filed against me by City Attorney Michael Aguirre who acted under political pressure by so-call migrant rights advocates. To have been totally acquitted 12-0 means the City Attorney couldn’t convince a single juror I was guilty of any of the charges. Further, it means the judge couldn’t call it a mistrial and retry me. She just thanked the jury and we left victorious. It means alot to everyone over here because it makes a statement that they can’t abuse the system and get away with it.

I want to thank all who donated or wrote back in support. I really appreciated it.


I want to thank Allison Aranda and Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation. They made this all possible. Allison is a sensational attorney.

If you want to donate money, go to their website and donate:

San Diego Purge Trial of 2007

City Attorney Michael Aguirre’s charges against me was barefaced political persecution. It was right out of the Stalinist purge trials of the 1930s. Enrique Morones claims him as a friend so the fact he’d act like a “brown shirt” shouldn’t surprise anyone. As many of you know, I learned of these charges from national television when Claudia Smith, Jose Balzaga (fake victim) and Daniel Gilleon appeared on Hannity and Colmes. Claudia Smith herself uttered it. She beamed with her words - we got you now!

The City Attorney wanted to talk about the SDMM and Jeff Schwilk rather than the facts. He couldn’t impeach me with anything because my story has never changed. He had it on Hannity and Rick Roberts, but it never changed. A little more on facts - the wounds were consistent with me being the victim and I had a broken camera and cell phone. All of the 911 callers collaborated my story - aka the independent witnesses said I was being attacked. Hopefully, we’ll get the calls posted soon so you can listen to them.

Why would they persecute little old me?

1. Brook Young of and I exposed the migrant camps with a video and it started the catalyst that got the shanty town removed from McGonigle Canyon. I was exposed to that place because of the child prostitution and human trafficking that was happening there. A health care worker showed me it and told me what was going on. 2. I filed a grand jury complaint for events related to how the San Diego Police Department responded to us attempting to rescue 3 Mexican girls from the traffickers. They did nothing and left us there with a warning that the traffickers may have guns. Cowards? Sell-outs? Only an investigation will find out. Would these be good reasons to destroy me?

Total Victory

Remember now, the acquittal was total. It was 12-0. The City Attorney and the goonage that concocted this thing were shutout. They didn’t even make the playoffs or get close. When we finished yesterday, the judge just thanked the jury and that was it! There was no split jury or mistrial. They lost big time. They couldn’t convince a single juror!

Why Did I Go There?

The big reason - the day labor site was part of the shanty town by Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. where over 100 men live by the admission of the migrants themselves. This shanty town is also a site of human trafficking/forced prostitution. FBI Agent Josie Regula had investigated it in 2005. I believe the shanty towns are lawless zones like the border. They are the places where girls are brought - I emphasize brought and exploited. I believe the shanty town and the heinous crime of sexual slavery are part of the illegal immigration problem. The shanty towns exist exactly like they do as suburbs of Tegucigalpa or Guatemala City - they are squatter colonies. I believe they were ONCE exclusively agrarian, but now they are Third World colonies. We found one in Capo Beach for example and they are in other places. They are a symptom of a larger problem with secure borders.

Strange Happenings During the Trial

1. My attorney’s car was burglarized and her work bag stolen.

2. A 911 caller surfaced in the middle of the trial and all of a sudden they found the 911 call. She and her children further proved my story. (i.e. I was attacked and they tried to steal my camera.) Her doctor actually called who said that she had told him that she was a witness and that the press was reporting an UNTRUE story. He called and put the court in contact with her! (Quick note on the press - NBC said back in March that I was beating disabled immigrants without checking their facts. The press was highly defamatory because I’m a bilingual teacher and I teach in a completely Latino community. I was told by a student that a friend of her sister said, I kill Mexicans at the border. Libel? Damage to standing in community?)

3. We received a phone call to my wife’s cellphone from our home number when we were asleep in bed. (It was probably the ACLU calling for a donation to fight the Patriot Act.)

4. When our investigator went to serve subpoenas to 3 of the day laborers who were going to prove my story, Claudia Smith showed up and told all of the day laborers to not cooperate and they all left. This is interfering with the serving of subpoenas - a no-no. An inactive lawyer like Claudia should have known better, BUT Claudia topped it off by calling Detective Lenhart to say that our investigator (a neutral guy from the phone book) was pointing a gun to the head of one of the migrants. So, 4 police cars showed up and found out that Claudia Smith called in a false police report - a crime. Of course “the blue gang,” Oh! I mean the SDPD, showed up and their sergeant said that the investigation wasn’t compromised. Speaking of tainting witnesses?

5. It was revealed in testimony that Detective Lenhart received an email from Claudia Smith about John Monti using “racial slurs” so he went to talk to Roberto Pena, my attacker, and so the “dirty Mexicans” myth was born. It was added to the 2 month old investigation so they could more easily charge me with hate crimes. You can see why Lenhart combined with Aguirre create dictatorships. The whole thing made me question whether there are innocent men and women in prison now because of them?

6. Claudia Smith was identified as an attorney in Detective Lenhart’s false police report. I wonder if Claudia is representing herself as an attorney when she is not one - a violation of the law. Moreover, it was found that there were missing notes and police reports. We showed this in open court testimony. Where did all of those notes and reports go?

7. Three day laborers testified in my defense. Now, these guys were just good old fashioned honest people. Nothing more and nothing less. I pray that God will bless them for their honesty.

8. Now, remember people, I’m a teacher and I have my own views. I oppose illegal immigration on humanitarian grounds almost strictly. I had two students and a parent come as character witnesses. The one boy and his mother said on the stand that they were undocumented however he was a great success story from the previous year. He increased in math greatly and had great self-esteem about his abilities that he never knew he had. The girl was another success story who I got to believe in herself. All I can say is that I love my kids!

Click to enlarge

The above picture shows Estanislao Gonzales who claimed that he had been struck by me. In concocting their story they decided to put him there so they could make it look impossible that he hit me. Of course, he has a disability, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from committing spousal abuse. He gave his wife a black eye in 2001. Now, this picture shows him LEAVING and it was the evidence that defeated 4 of the counts. His testimony was the epitome of a personal injury attorney’s theater. He used his good arm to hold up his bad arm to swear in. My pictures were time stamped, too, showing it was unlikely he’d be there in time, if he would have walked there and also he wasn’t in any of the later pictures. I later said he wasn’t there and I hadn’t ever seen him - it was the truth.

Click to enlarge.

This is Jose Balzaga here and his testimony was easily impeached by this series of pictures. Now, I had a high speed camera and it took very detailed shots. We examined the photos and found this sequence. This showed that I had told the truth. Balzaga had been threatening me! Balzaga was ambushed by these pictures on the stand and he lamely replied, “They were taken on another day.” He had a smirk, but his testimony was enough to show he committed assault that day - a crime.

Robert Pena is there wearing a cap and standing on the sidewalk. He said on the stand that there were 2 cameras and if we could find the other we’d see the other set of pictures I took. The jury probably laughed this one off. He was really reaching. I heard he wanted to go back to Mexico and we were concerned he wasn’t going to show up.

The Students Have Their Teacher Back.

Click to enlarge.

9 Responses to “John Monti Acquitted Of Crimes Against Day Laborers”
  1. Angel says:

    I think this was the incident that had really pissed me off about Claudia. I think…not sure. Something a while back really made me upset with her. As I was reading it, it sounded familar, but I don’t recall ever hearing the name Monti.

    Anyway…..Educated American…are you around??
    I’m beginning to think that Claudia is one of those on the gov. payroll or at the least the La Raza payroll. What do you think?

    Time for another chat with you know who.

  2. Jalira says:

    WooooHooo!!!!!!!!!! I always knew this would happen, but its still a wonderful feeling knowing truth prevailed. I decided awhile back if amnesty passes or Monti gets charged with a hate crime I’m quitting my job and starting a revolution. Either one of those would be a completely intolerable travesty!!!!!!

  3. DfD says:

    This is GREAT NEWS!!! John Monti is a class guy!!!

  4. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Is John Monti going to press charges on thoes who lied under oath,is he going to press charges against Claudia as well as the nothr county police??? I sure hope Just proves that if you do enough crap you are bound to make mistakes and they did.Isure hope these people get what they deserve.

  5. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    You know is she ever did any thing like that to me I have a strange feeling that she would have a horrible accident.

  6. The Watchdog says:

    There will be lawsuits against the city of San Diego, the day laborers, and Claudia Smith. Exactly when, I don’t know, but soon!

  7. Johnny says:

    how about criminal charges against Claudia and the illegal aliens who falsely reported a crime? I am sure we can find something there. But, then again a lawsuit would probably go a long way compared to a simple misdomeanor that would just slap her on the wrist with a 150 dollar fine.


  8. Hot says:

    A big Thank-You to John Monti:)
    Keep up the Good fight, America!

  9. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Thanks watchdog for answering my question.I have a felling that Monti will win his law suit.

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