The Dog House - October

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  1. 1 The Watchdog

    Is it October already?

    You can download this song at


    Yea, amazing isn’t it? I can’t believe it either Watchdog! Times goes by too, too fast.

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    Trick or Treat!!!

    I guess our Government will come knocking on our door dressed up like a Republic…

    I think I will dress up like a satisfied Tax Paying American Citizen.

    The Mexicans will come dressed up like Mexicans.

  4. 4 Sandman

    Ron Paul gives speech a few weeks ago to the John Birch Society… paul brushfires&total=8&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=5

  5. 5 Eddie B.

    God Bless Ron Paul. Ron Paul for President! Good link Sandman.

  6. 6 Angel
  7. 7 Angel

    I saw congressman Poe on Lou Dobbs show tonight. I like him. He was talking about how the open borders are making a legal battle out of the government just enforcing existing laws.

  8. 8 Angel

    Got this…thought I’d share

    see www.watercure. com


    An Open Letter to the New Generation of U.S. Military Officers:

    “The Nuremberg Principles says that we in the military have not only the
    right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order. It was on this basis that
    we executed Nazi officers who were ‘only carrying out their orders’…”

    An Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers Serving and
    Protecting Our Nation
    By Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., National Commander, The
    â??The Nuremberg Principles says that we in the military have not only the
    right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order. It was on this basis that
    we executed Nazi officers who were â??only carrying out their ordersâ??â?¦ The
    Constitution which we are sworn to uphold says that treaties entered into by the
    United States are the â??highest law of the land,â?? equivalent to the
    Constitution itself. Accordingly, we in the military are sworn to uphold treaty law,
    including the United Nations charter and the Geneva Conventionâ?¦ Based on the
    above, I contend that should some civilian order you to initiate a nuclear
    attack on Iran (for example), you are duty-bound to refuse that order. I might
    also suggest that you should consider whether the circumstances demand that you
    arrest whoever gave the order as a war criminal.�
    Dear Comrades in Arms,
    You are facing challenges in 2007 that we of previous generations never
    dreamed of. Iâ??m just an old fighter pilot (101 combat missions in Vietnam , F-4
    Phantom, Phu Cat, 1969-1970) whoâ??s now a disabled veteran with terminal cancer
    from Agent Orange. Our mailing list (over 22,000) includes veterans from all
    branches of the service, all political parties, and all parts of the
    political spectrum. We are Republicans and Democrats, Greens and Libertarians,
    Constitutionists and Reformers, and a good many Independents. What unites us is
    our desire for a government that (1) follows the Constitution, (2) honors the
    truth, and (3) serves the people.
    We see our government going down the wrong path, all too often ignoring
    military advice, and heading us toward great danger. And we look to you who still
    serve as the best hope for protecting our nation from disaster.
    We see the current Iraq War as having been unnecessary, entered into under
    false pretenses, and horribly mismanaged by the civilian authorities. Thousands
    of our brave troops have been needlessly sacrificed in a futile attempt at
    occupation of a hostile land. Many more thousands have suffered wounds which
    will change their lives forever. Tens of thousands have severe psychological
    problems because of what they have seen and what they have done. Potentially
    hundreds of thousands could be poisoned by depleted uranium, with symptoms
    appearing years later, just as happened to us exposed to Agent Orange. The
    military services are depleted and demoralized. The VA system is under-funded and
    overwhelmed. The National Guard and Reserves have been subjected to tour
    after tour, disrupting lives for even the lucky ones who return intact. Jobs
    have been lost, marriages have been destroyed, homes have been foreclosed, and
    children have been estranged. And for what? We have lost allies, made new
    enemies, and created thousands of new terrorists, further endangering the
    American people.
    But you know all this. Iâ??m sure you also see the enormous danger in a
    possible attack on Iran , possibly with nuclear weapons. Such an event, seriously
    contemplated by the Cheney faction of the Bush administration, would make
    enemies of Russia and China and turn us into the number one rogue nation on
    earth. The effect on our long-term national security would be devastating.
    Some of us had hoped that the new Democratic Congress would end the
    occupation of Iraq and take firm steps to prevent an attack on Iran , perhaps by
    impeaching Bush and Cheney. These hopes have been dashed. The lily-livered
    Democrats have caved in, turning their backs on those few (like Congressman Jack
    Murtha) who understand the situation. Many of us have personally walked the
    halls of Congress, to no avail.
    This is where you come in.
    We know that many of you share our concern and our determination to protect
    our republic from an arrogant, out-of-control, imperial presidency and a
    compliant, namby-pamby Congress (both of which are unduly influenced by the oil
    companies and other big-money interests). We know that you (like us) wouldnâ??t
    have pursued a military career unless you were idealistic and devoted to our
    nation and its people. (None of us do it for the pay and working conditions!)
    But we also recognize that you may not see how you can influence these
    events. We in the military have always had a historic subservience to civilian
    Perhaps I can help with whatever wisdom Iâ??ve gathered from age (I retired in
    1978, so I am ancient indeed).
    Our oath of office is to â??protect and defend the Constitution of the United
    States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.� Might I suggest that this
    includes a rogue president and vice-president? Certainly we are bound to carry
    out the legal orders of our superiors. But the Uniform Code of Military
    Justice (UCMJ) which binds all of us enshrines the Nuremberg Principles which
    this country established after World War II (which you are too young to
    remember). One of those Nuremberg Principles says that we in the military have not
    only the right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order. It was on this
    basis that we executed Nazi officers who were â??only carrying out their orders.â?

    The Constitution which we are sworn to uphold says that treaties entered into
    by the United States are the â??highest law of the land,â? equivalent to the
    Constitution itself. Accordingly, we in the military are sworn to uphold
    treaty law, including the United Nations charter and the Geneva Convention.
    Based on the above, I contend that should some civilian order you to initiate
    a nuclear attack on Iran (for example), you are duty-bound to refuse that
    order. I might also suggest that you should consider whether the circumstances
    demand that you arrest whoever gave the order as a war criminal.
    I know for a fact that in recent history (once under Nixon and once under
    Reagan), the military nuclear chain of command in the White House discussed
    these things and were prepared to refuse an order to â??nuke Russia .â? In effect
    they took the (non-existent) â??buttonâ? out of the hands of the President.. We
    were thus never quite as close to World War III as many feared, no matter how
    irrational any president might have become. They determined that the proper
    response to any such order was, â??Why, sir?â? Unless there was (in their
    words) a â??damn good answer,â? nothing was going to happen.
    I suggest that if you in this generation have not had such a discussion,
    perhaps it is time you do. In hindsight, itâ??s too bad such a discussion did not
    take place prior to the preemptive â??shock and aweâ? attack on Baghdad . Many
    of us at the time spoke out vehemently that such an attack would be an
    impeachable offense, a war crime against the people of Iraq , and treason against
    the United States of America . But our voices were drowned out and never
    reached the ears of the generals in 2003. I now regret that I never sent a letter
    such as this at that time, but depended on the corporate media to carry my
    message. I must not make that mistake again.
    Also in hindsight, President Bush could be court-martialed for abuse of power
    as Commander-in- Chief. Vice President Cheney could probably be
    court-martialed for his performance as Acting Commander-in- Chief in the White House bunker
    the morning of September 11, 2001 .
    We in the U.S. military would never consider a military coup, removing an
    elected president and installing one of our own. But following our oath of
    office, obeying the Nuremberg Principles, and preventing a rogue president from
    committing a war crime is not a military coup. If it requires the detention of
    executive branch officials, we will not impose a military dictatorship. We
    will let the Constitutional succession take place. This is what we are sworn
    to. This is protecting the Constitution, our highest obligation. In 2007, this
    is what is meant by â??Duty, Honor, Country.â?
    Thank you all for your service to this nation. May God bless America , and
    sustain us in this difficult time. And thanks for listening to the musings of
    an old junior officer.
    Robert M. Bowman, PhD, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

  9. 9 Sandman

    Yea, Ted Poe is near the top of my list of the most respected Politicians. The list is short but dignified. Other faves are Bilbray, Tancredo, Hunter, Paul, & Goode. Did I miss anyone?

  10. 10 Sandman

    Hey web-listening watchdogs, Glen Spenser from American Patrol will be interviewed on Check it out! The show loops every 3 hours so if you miss the broadcast, it will re-air at 2:00, 5:00 8:00 CST.

  11. 11 K2

    Interesting, but naive. The “Nuremburg Principle” was conceived in a Communist-Zionist construct. It was applied then, as it suited the agenda of that situation. Subsequent examples, such as the “Cold War” nuking were more about the players, than any principle. The US is not in control of it’s foreign policy, the nation, domestic policy or the miltary itself. Patton knew the score. WW2 was not won, it was lost. Unless something is done, and soon, to cure the US of the parasites that have taken over, even such steps as the one proposed will amount to little more than a band aid on a leper. The military may be the only hope, but more needs to be done than this. Take out one sock puppet, another will replace it. Refuse to nuke, they will find another route.

  12. 12 K2

    Of course someone like Ron Paul is definitely a step in the right direction. But even if elected, he will be swimming against a tough current. Like a 5 foot man trying to scale a 10 foot wall.

  13. 13 NoYouCant,00.html

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. ? A county garbage operations employee found a plastic bag on the road stuffed with $65,000 Thursday _ and immediately turned it in to authorities.

    It turned out the money had fallen off a Loomis armored car half an hour before Debbie Cole found it near the Pinellas County solid waste operations facility where she works. First she thought it was a turtle in the road.

    The 53-year-old Largo woman found the bag just before 7 a.m., full of enough $50 and $100 bills to pay her salary for two years. She immediately contacted a supervisor, who called deputies.

    It’s not clear how the bag fell from the truck, said Mark Clark, spokesman for Loomis, a Houston-based cash-handling company.

    Cole’s boss, Bob Hauser, said he can’t give her a raise or a bonus for her good deed because she’s a government employee. But maybe, he said, he can arrange some extra time off.

    Cole, who grew up in Long Island, said she was raised to be honest. She said she raised her four daughters the same way.

    Did she think for just a minute about keeping the money?

    “Everyone keeps asking me that,” Cole said. “To be honest, no. It didn’t even cross my mind.”

  14. 14 Angel

    Got all these…thought I’d share for those interested.

    Big brother must know when you get on a plane now.

    FDA no friend either





    What: Free The Border Patrol ? End Sanctuary City/County policies that protect illegal alien criminals.
    Where: Cook County Building - 118 N. Clark Street, Chicago
    When: Saturday, October 13, 2007 11:00AM - 1:00PM
    Why: Mayor Richard M. Daly and a majority of the Cook County Board are putting our lives at risk every day by protecting illegal alien criminals.


    MUst SEE ! How we are being prepped for martial law.

  15. 15 Angel

    Here’s another dose of positive energy. See how you feel after you watch it. Sandman, you will like this one.

    Lightworkers are Human Angels: Call to Action

  16. 16 Eddie B.

    Nice posts Angel! Never seen the BrassCheckTV before. Thanks!

  17. 17 BEADALONG

    Yes, Angel, thanks too for the posts. BrassCheckTV was scary but important. I’ll send that one out.

    AND The Lightworkers video also. I thought it was very beautiful.

  18. 18 Angel

    Thanks Eddie and Beadalong,

    What concerned me most about that video on BrasscheckTV was how the soldiers were conditioned not to respond to cries of freedom and their constitution rights and conditioned not to respond to pleas for food.

    Soldiers need to wake up now!


    Got this today; just relieved that others see that the severe drought in the SouthEast is computer induced. Get those orgone generators going quick.
    They just announced today that the resevoir in Athens/Clark County GA will be bone dry in just 2 months.

    Subject: dry conditions south east and atlantic states
    I have been monitoring the drought conditions for the eastern third of the US. Indeed it is very curious that persistant high presure over the Kentucky and Tennessee region has refused to go away. To me this appears as more HAARP/CHemtrail induced climate modification. Perhaps some people inthese regions need to build Orgone Generators to assist the Sylph’s?

  19. 19 Eddie B.

    Angel -

    Bush is recruiting mercenary soldiers who have no feeling towards Americans citizens so that when he does call in the troops these people will not have any reservations about taking orders.

    They are being piad more money than they could have earned at home, are not well educated and are promised that they can become American Citizens if they follow orders.

    We are not the same country we used to think we were. I am glad that my father and uncle who fought in Europe during WWII are not around to see this happening.

    The Lightwokers was very relaxing too. Once again, nice posts.

    Anybody seen Alex Jones “End Game” yet? How about you Sandman? Is that playing near you?

  20. 20 Faye

    Remember when I was talking about parallel government?;t=85958

  21. 21 Sandman

    Eddie, I watched “Endgame” last month at the premier showing. It was cool to visit with Alex & crew, I have known this group for some time,It is also fun to be in the company of hundreds of “awakened” people, so the energy always seems positive. Alex & crew are very active in their message about NWO/police state/open borders issues locally and it seems like when Alex shows up at any protest or political event, sparks fly! Anyway, about Endgame, it is a 2 hour movie that mostly covers globalist plans to erase borders, Bilderberg, de-population plans etc. It is a very dark movie that had some strong points but in my opinion, there was way too much talk about Bilderberg. At least 30 minutes of the begining covered just that. The best part of the film is when the TTC plan is covered. There are some clips of the TTC protest last year and I saw myself briefly in a few clips. Anyway, My fave is still Martial Law, and I understand that ANOTHER film has already been started.(more 9/11 stuff)
    Check out this clip of Alex, doing his usual thing!

  22. 22 BEADALONG

    Yup Angel. I’m afraid they’ve been conditioned that way. Hey, what about that lady at the airport who “Choked Herself?” (yea, right). I think the airports better concentrate on Cameras in the back rooms. It seems they need to be policed themselves!

    And I wonder whether we have any soldiers or police that realize all this is going on and will fight to oppose the takeover of this nation and its citizens.

    Off Topic some: But I wonder if John Murtha and others who are thinking about taxing us more for this Iraqi war will just get the cajones to round up an army and F0RCIBLY REMOVE ALL THESE TRAITORS FROM OFFICE! I think enough is enough. I want to see these traitors removed and punished for High Treason and set up for war crimes (just like the Nuremburg trials), then taken out and hung.

    Weather-Wise: Hmm, a high lasting that long in the Georgia or SE areas? That’s unusual & suspicious too. Normally, the S.E. is known for rain and high humidity not weather like the western deserts. I hope somebody does get the orgone generators going. I don’t have the money for travel or that. I’m flat broke (wish I could say different). I hope your draught situation ends very soon (and not with a devasting hurricane either).

  23. 23 BEADALONG

    Thanks very much, good links, Faye and Sandman.

    I’m so glad that Alex Jones, etc are doing this (AND YOU TOO BROOK).
    Thanks so very much for this website you set up. Searching for the Aztlan subject directed me right to the video you made and this website and the rest is history.

  24. 24 Eddie B.

    Thanks Sandman! I can’t wait for Alex to load it up on PrisonPlanet TV. These are scary times we are living these days.

    And ditto Beadalong.


  25. 25

    I listened to your interview with Todd Hartley last night, WD. It was great!

  26. 26 Angel

    Busy email day…. just a few I found interesting…thought I’d share what I received from others

    America is being nuked everyday 24/7

    Maybe this is why England is pulling out; I heard tonight

    Boosh siding will Mexican criminal

    911-How towers fell (interesting audio but no pic)

    Alex Jones on bad vaccines (don’t get flu vaccine!)

  27. 27 Angel

    Faye - So Mexicans are starting up a government here??? Can they do that legally???

    Eddie - Try to watch one of those 5 min. videos each day for some positive energy in this dark world we have today. Below is my current list of good ones on youtube (all in order of my most liked at top). Also, thanks for the mercenary info. I didn’t know that. Makes sense that he would do that instead of using our troops.

    1. The Lightworker Mission (my fav)
    2. Lightworkers…Unite (close 2nd)
    3. We Are the Lightworkers
    4. Called into Action
    5. The Lightworker Warriors
    6. Hold the Vision

  28. 28 Sandman

    Angel, you can really find some interesting links…I liked that link you posted about martial law, (…It looks like the US is moving quickly into the dark abyss of police state rule and unlimited paranoia. I often think about bailing out before the whole damn country becomes hell on earth just like Meheeko.
    Did anyone catch today? Jim Brossert (the guy who cut down the buzzard flag in Reno) was interviewed and I liked most of what he had to say until he professed his deep love for BOOSH! When Alex told him that Bush is all for the invasion/amnesty/big govt etc, Jim seemed clueless! I bet he watches FOX newz all day and listens to Rush for all his info. Don’t get me wrong about Jim, I admire what he did with the flag and all but he is TOTALLY CLUELESS about our Republican “leaders” in Washington. I am sure that many people have e-mailed this guy about Bush and I hope he wakes up soon…How the hell did Jim become so clueless?

  29. 29

    Vincente Fox is here promoting his book and calling us racists for wanting our borders controlled. Look at how Mexico handles their borders.

  30. 30 the marlboro man

    FAYE I saw Vfox on L King he said he had a deal with BUSCH to let the illegals in till he could get a bill thur for them.Then 9/11 hit and he told FOX he had to act like he was trying to enforce our borders to make it look good for the war on terror!This sack of shit has lied to us the whole time he,s been in office.I just wander how much money he has in banks in MEXICO,and SAUDI banks?If the AMERICAN PEOPLE knew all he has done sence he took office they would be calling for a public hanging!!!

  31. 31 Eddie B.

    You are right on point Marlboro Man! It is all about money and how much these greedy pigs can steal before the word gets out.

    How many beach front houses do our elected “officials” own in Mexico and many houses in gated communities do the Fantasticos own here?

    Who knows what kind of stock shinanigans are going on today. If Stock Watch is doing the same bang up job that Home Land Security is doing then who knows waht is going… Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

    This is why they all want to go to Dubai. No rules.

  32. 32 Angel

    Hi Sandman,

    Except for the lightworker/angel/health/healing/weather modification links, most other links are sent to me, so I can’t take much credit. I kind of pick and choose which ones to share. That Brass TV one really got my attention. I’m glad that they are useful.

    Here are a few more I received today.

    Thanks to those who worked to get rain; rained in GA for first time in a month. Spiritual help too :)

    So much for illegals being 12 million try 38 million in just CA

    Martinez stepping down

  33. 33 Angel

    I was talking to a man the other day who seemed very educated and somehow politics came up. He said that the only problem with Bush was that he spent too much money. What rock has this guy been hiding under? - much like that guy that ripped the flag down. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. THIS IS OUR PROBLEM. I don’t know how they’ve gotten away with duping so many people, but they’ve done it.

    Faye, thanks for info on V. Fox interview on CNN. Crazy man

  34. 34 BEADALONG

    Exactly Angel! This is the Problem! I send stuff sometimes at 3 times weekly to everybody I know, but maybe they just delete it right away, but I’ve also talked to them personally.

    I don’t know if there was a certain amount of brainwashing going on with my parents during WWII, my father was in the U.S. Air Force making bombing runs in Germany and my mother ran away from a Hitler Youth Camp)—-but they just CAN’T COMPREHEND what I’m telling them.

    And oh, this is one of her lines….If you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. For the longest time, I couldn’t answer her, but now the last 2.5 years, I finally can: “Be Very Careful Who You Yield That Power To.”

    Also, I’m delighted that you finally have your rain!

  35. 35 BEADALONG

    The only think I can think of is a lot of people still get their main news from Mainstream Media & I think it’s an awfully painful & sickening feeling to realize that our government is up to no good and would and has betrayed us constantly and we want to believe that we actually got it right, when in truth, we didn’t either and that we are just as prone to treason from within as anybody else. (I went through that), (just a viewpoint here-I could be wrong).

    Also, I wonder if fluoride does truly have to do with anything. On the other hand, maybe most people on this website use fluoridated toothpaste and have fluoridated water anyway, so that would blow that theory out of the water.

  36. 36

    marlboro man,

    He said that on Larry King?!!!! Man, we have some hollering to do. I’m going to go watch.

  37. 37 Eddie B.

    Angel and Beadalong -

    I just watched the latest Alex Jones video yesterday of his radio broadcast and his guest went outside and interviewed the people on the street on camera.

    It was hard to watch. He asked everybody he walked up to what the First Amendment was… it was pitiful. He asked them if they coud explain what the First Amendment protected…

    You all already know what he got back. To understand why this is happening is not that hard.

    John Rockefeller brought us the National Education Association right after the Deprtment of Education was established. The NEA, which is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), advises the DOE on how to educate the American public. The gives out grants. The DOE becomes dependent on the grant money. Just like a heroin addict becomes dependent on drugs.

    Once the hook was in then DOE was told what to teach. And certainly don’t teach them American History, or the Constiitution, or the Bill of Rights, or any of that old, dated stuff. Teach them about how to feel, not how to think. Teach them about the global village and how important political correctness is.

    What would we do without the Rockefeller family? What a great bunch of patriots.


  38. 38 the marlboro man

    God I hope V. FOX WOULD DEBATE LOU DOBBS /then maybe we would get some truth,because FOX would scew up and tell the truth,he can,t even shine LOUs shoes!!!!!

  39. 39 Angel


    I know that I hit a frustration level sometimes, too. It’s really not the fault of Americans. This decay has been going on since the 60s. We’re now really seeing the aftermath of 40 years of destruction (vaccines, chemtrails, illegal drugs, .Look at all the brainwashed plants (people) all over the country from project montauk and others. We’re really lucky to be standing on two feet. Lou Dobbs had cafferty on tonight and they were talking about the 70% dissastisfaction with gov. but people don’t know what to do. I get frustrated because I know that if all patriots stood up today this gov. would fold in a heartbeat. Somehow though Americans must pick themselves up. They will, but I think things will get worse before it happens. Americans won’t be proactive and nip this in the bud. I think all these new media binges like Anna Nicole, OJ, and others are all manufactured.

    And yeah we got rain :)

    Everyone get / make your own CB cloud buster to keep your weather from being manipulated by the super computers and HAARP.

    Thanks for the Alex Jones info. I really like him.

    Clone him and this gov. would be gone in a day.

  40. 40 Angel

    I don’t know if all of you have heard, but Lou Dobbs is trying to get Fox on his show. Now won’t that be interesting?

  41. 41 BEADALONG

    Hmm, Eddie B, so Rockefeller was behind this too. Juuuuuust wonderful. What a bastard (pardon the language)! Where does this dude stop? Better yet, I wonder why he or anybody involved with him hasn’t been shot dead yet.

  42. 42 BEADALONG

    Hmm, plants are one way of putting it Angel.

    Yea, I guess it’s a combination of a few things (including the illegal drugs). I’m sure glad I never went that route. Yea, with all this going on, we probably are looking at the aftermath and culmination of all this.

    Hmm, I wonder why we didn’t fall for all this and discovered all the nonsense going on when so many people can’t see it in front of their noses.

    And you’re right,if 70% of the populace is upset with this, why don’t they rise up like all the illegals did?

    Now, how do we get the people to rise up? I haven’t had much luck. Heck one time, I even went into a recruiting station and dropped by the 2 free pro-illegal alien rags of: La Oferta and El Observador—I had even translated (what I could and wrote it down for them) and explained it to them and they still weren’t concerned….Some of this still seems like explaining how to turn door knobs to cows-with that glazed look I get).

    Anyway to change the subject, I’m very glad you got the rain and I’ll look into Chem Busters this weekend.

  43. 43 BEADALONG

    Wow, Eddie B, now that I finally got a chance to watch the video, that was pretty good!

  44. 44 Eddie B.

    That was Brook. I just did the music part. Hats off Brook!

  45. 45 Angel

    Thanks Beadalong,

    Have you noticed how energized and on top of things that the illegals and their helpers are? They haven’t been exposed to 40-100 years of destruction yet. It is everything from chemtrails to immunizations to illegal drugs to brainwashing to 400 freakin TV stations to killing our military and on and on . We can really make a huge list here. We are beat down. I often think of Rocky II and that great song I just love on there. That’s us. Got to get beat up some more before we arise with final punches. I have to work on my own patience. I was very patient up until this summer. I guess one to many people called me nuts and it set me off on an impatience track.Over the summer, I had some extra time and was going on various blogs, and many people thought I was insane. It’s also hard to watch all this, isn’t it? Don’t all of you “in the know” find this at times difficult? It’s like the innocence of life if gone. Do you ever think back when you at least thought life was grand with nice thoughts. Maybe that’s part of what’s hard to take. What you thought your whole life was good or great was all really a fascade with destruction all around really happening. If only we could turn back time (to like the 70s) and had changed things then. But the if onlys can’t happen … we must move forward.

    You’ll find something else about the severe drought in GA, SC, FL, TN. Lou Dobbs, thankfully, is calling it to everyone’s attention on his show tonight. There is a key phrase that is a hint that the weather is not normal and is being induced with technology. It’s when you hear “the worst in 100 years” .
    Lou mentioned one out West that is the worst in 500 years. Take away someone’s food and they’ll die in 40 or so days. Take away someone’s water and they’ll die in ?? days.

    Let’s keep a running list.

    *food tampering (blamed on China)
    *tried to create massive TB outbreak (not successful)
    *tried to nuke us with own military (not successful)
    *was going to shut down electricity for long periods and claim another country knocked out computer system
    *was going to create massive flu outbreak and used sick folks in Mexico as a cover for origin
    *now were’re going to suffer massive drought because supercomputers control weather

    You can probably add to this list in your areas.

    Just keep in mind they’ve tried more than once to create a massive outbreak of an illness. It didn’t work. Now we are on to taking away water in 2 large regions of the US. This is serious. We have people collecting bath water just to water plants.

  46. 46 Angel

    Eddie (if you are around),

    I went to infowars and wasn’t certain which video you were talking about . I clicked on videos on the left hand side of the home page there. What is the name of the video?

    Thank you ,

    Beadalong, do check into holy grails and cloud busters and chembusters. That would be great. If you click on my name Angel (in blue) it will take you to one site that has a lot of info on them. You can buy some from that site. Every American needs to get these items (even if you don’t believe in chemtrails and weather control)

  47. 47 Angel


    From: Freedom Fighter Radio Date: Oct 10, 2007 4:36 AM
    Subject: [freedomfighterradi o] A Patriot wildfire is spreading across the nation! MARCH FOR AMERICA! –


    A Patriot wildfire is spreading across the nation!


    Carry the flag in your city!

    ATLANTA **RSVP/Info* *

    HOUSTON ** RSVP/Info **

    LOS ANGELES **RSVP/Info* *

    LAS VEGAS **RSVP/Info* *

    YAKIMA, WA ** RSVP/Info**


    We are losing our country?

    The time to act is now! On Saturday November 17th, 2007 there will be a nation wide protest

    march in opposition to the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America

    and establishment of a North American Union between the United States, Mexico and


    The SPP is a “hostile takeover of democracy” by the leaders of the United States,

    Canada &
    Mexico in collaboration with un-elected and unaccountable corporate elite “working groups”

    who are integrating and “harmonizing” policies and regulations between the three nations

    without any public forum or congressional oversight.

    Overwhelming evidence supports the assertion that these efforts are the groundwork for an

    official and/or de facto merger into an “EU style” North American Union. The SPP seeks to

    establish a “North American framework” doublespeak for “Building a North American Community”

    a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations with the Canadian Council of Chief

    Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales. The SPP is implmenting

    CFR policy.

    References: 8102/

    Aspects of an eventual North American Union include a single currency (Amero) and a
    North American Triumvirate (Trilateral Parliament) that would super cede our

    judicial branch of government and outright subvert American Sovereignty.



    OLD GLORY - If nothing else please bring yourself and an American flag. A Sea of Red,

    White n’ Blue to make the highest visual impact possible. The American flag is the

    mainstay of the March for America.

    * Please NOTE * We have room but for one flag, the American flag.


    Those who wish to do so are encouraged to bring signage that is PRO-AMERICA and

    opposes the SPP/NAU.


    NO SPP!











    Water *will not* be provided, please plan to bring bottled water


    The Minuteman Project http://www.minutemanprojec

    Raymond Herrera (National Rally Spokesman)

    Americans Have Had Enough http://www.american

    Roan Garcia-Quintana (Executive Director)

    Atlanta Minuteman Project ? Georgia http://www.atlantaminutemanproject. com

    Donna Walker

    Billy Inman

    Father of Dustin Inman

    Terry Funderburk AKA The Lone Protester arrested for insulting employer of illegal aliens featured

    CNN’s Lou Dobbs & Blogs for Borders: com/watch? v=ejYfmnOi- h8

  48. 48 simone

    Interesting article that was sent to me today from Santa Rosa Press Democrat (commie rag). Santa Rosa is a sanctuary city and is in the sanctuary county of Sonoma CA. View the comments at the end if you wish.

  49. 49 simone

    Sorry, guys, looks like The Depressed Democrat requires you to log in to read the article. Don’t know how to cut and paste…anyway, it’s worth the read and is shocking coming from a Marxist city and county. Can anyone help me to cut and paste this? Thanks.

    Essentially, there is a proposal from the Santa Rosa City School district to require 9th graders to speak, read and write English (heavy Hispanic/Illegal population there). If the students don’t learn English by the ninth grade, they will be held back until they do. Gee, what a concept! It shouldn’t be a PROPOSAL, it should be a requirement.

  50. 50 simone

    Angel & Beadalong,

    This past week birds in my area have been ’screaming’ throughout the day. Hundreds of them just in my backyard. They are not chirping, it’s an agitated ’scream’. Birds are known to do this before earthquakes, but as far as I know, not for a full week. I went to the bank across town and the birds there were doing the same thing. Very strange and highly unusual. Hmmmm….

    Another thing, my mother and my family live about 50 miles apart. This is a region where the weather is very hot during the summer. Going back 50 years, there has always been tons of lizards skittering about. Well, last year there were hardly any at all (our kitty was very sad!) and this year, in either area there were none to be found. This, too, is very unusual. The kitty has wandered the yard all summer long looking for them and there are none to be found. Also, no cricket sounds at night. A little last year, but none this year. Very odd.

    Have any of you noticed any changes in the behavior of creatures in your area?

  51. 51 the marlboro man

    I keep hearing that RUDY JULIE ANNIE is the top gop well i did some checking on him and man this guy is up to his neck in all kind of stuff!1.Cross dresser,for gay marriage!!! He has a law firm in Houston,that is the head firm for the SPP,Texas corridor,or NAFTA super highway.The firefighters of NYC has called him a murder and a thief with proof,but not enough to get him in court yet,there working on it .Him and M.CHERTOFF,and the guy who is slated to be the new ATTY.GENERAL all have ties to ORGANized crime.When the towers were hit he refused to go to the commaned office in building 7 and ordered it emepty prior to the building falling down,The building was ordered pulled(To mean explosives)it would have taken 30 to 40 day to plant that many explosives in the right places(He knew)The debate when RON PAUL said 9/11 had nothing to do with IRAQ RUDY JULIE ANNIE,interupted and said IRAQ had ties to the terrorist!!!The ruble of 9/11 was ordered removed as fast as possible and no pictures or steel samples and hauled to ASIA ,also the trucks hauling the steel had a gps on each one if the truck stoped or detoured the FBI was right there(HE KNEW)all on his orders????This guy is dirty to know end.Also the now GOV.of NY is SPITZER he was RUDY JULIE ANNIEs ATTY.GEN.and now he want to give drivers lic. to the ILLEGALSI WONDER HOW THESE GUYS KEEP THOSE HORNS DOWN IN PUBLIC??????

  52. 52 BEADALONG

    Okay, to anybody that I didn’t answer to last night, I’ll do so later tonight Simone/Angel. I’ve been swamped with work.

    Anyway if anybody’s interested (who lives in California) CAPS has an action alert to OPPOSE SB1—-this gives financial aide (of SCARCE $) to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    GIL CEDILLO is at it AGAIN!


    alifornia?s “DREAM” Act!

    Action Alert ALERT - Ask Schwarzenegger to veto
    *****SB 1*****, California?s “DREAM” Act! ********

    Governor Schwarzenegger has still given no indication of
    whether he will sign SB 1 by Senator Gil Cedillo. He must act
    by Sunday, October 14th so please contact him immediately.

    California’s version of the “DREAM” Act would give scarce
    financial aid dollars to illegal alien students and penalize
    students who are citizens or legal immigrants by reducing the
    financial aid available to them.

    The alert letter has been updated, so please send it even if
    you have already contacted Schwarzenegger on this issue. In
    2006, the Governor vetoed a similar bill. With your support,
    we can persuade him to do so again.

    Gov. Schwarzenegger needs to hear that you want him to veto SB
    1. Send a fax or an e-mail by entering your ZIP Code and
    clicking “Go!” below. Then you may want to follow with a call
    to the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841.

    _____________________– TAKE ACTION–__________________

    Required text:
    (this text will appear at the beginning of your message)
    California is suffering greatly from the problems of
    illegal immigration. It is important that we do not
    promote further illegal immigration by blurring the line
    between legal and illegal.

    When you vetoed SB 160 last year, you stated, “California has over 100,000 students here legally who apply annually for financial aid to attend college, and our state has limited funds available for this important purpose.”

    You were right. Every year, thousands of California citizens are unable to enter the college of their choice because they lack adequate funds.

    Giving scarce financial aid to families who entered our country ILLEGALLY an insult to those who have played by the rules. It isUNFAIR to Citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

    _____________ MY WORDS I ADDED IN________________

    Remember the KEY WORD!!!!!! ***SCARCE****!!!! funds already for LEGAL Citizens.

    On top of this, I am SICK TO DEATH of this Gil Cedillo and his treason. Stop it and do something to kick him out of the CA Goverment. GIL CEDILLO Does NOT Deserve his position in office.

    And don’t TELL me that his constitutents will have to decide that.—–When CEDILLO KEEPS Cramming this down all our throats, he affects !!!!!!*****ALL CALIFORNIANS*****!!!!!

    Copyright © 2002, Californians for Population Stabilizati

  53. 53 BEADALONG

    ALERT for action in CA (if anybody’s interested)

    Anybody in CA-CAPS has action letter to oppose SB1-by Gil Cedillo (again) for Financial aide to ILLEGAL ALIENS of **SCARCE FUNDS**.

    The body of this text is above. Just get onto CAPS (Californians for Population Stabilization).

  54. 54 Eddie B.

    Marlboro Man -

    Both of these guys are evil. There is sooooo much dirt on them that it is hard to believe it hasn’t made it outside of the Internet.

    Silverstein is definitely in this mix as the property ownner and it is really in your face. Just check out the telephone number for WTC 7

    Click on CONTACT:

    7 World Trade Center
    250 Greenwich Street, 38th Fl.
    New York, NY 10007
    Telephone: 212-490-0666… 666!

    666!!! This is not an accident… Now add 2 1 2 4 9 0 = 18. 6 numbers and adds up to 18 and, of course, 18 / 6 = 3.


  55. 55 Sandman

    Ron Kicks A$$in ANOTHER debate poll

  56. 56 Sandman

  57. 57 Eddie B.

    Yes he did and left old CFR Fred dead.

  58. 58 Angel

    TV alert.

    You may want to tune in to Rick Sanchez in about 30 mins. eastern time. He’s at it again. His show will be about how “we” drug illegals so that we can deport them.

  59. 59 Eddie B.

    I’m sorry Angel.. I just got through eating and propoganda makes my stomach really upset.

    Rick Sanchez is unwatchable. Pure propoganda from the New World Order cabal.

  60. 60 Angel

    I understand Eddie. I’m going to watch just to make sure he doesn’t report anything false.


    Sandman - they are blaming Paul’s win because of internet deluge; doesn’t the internet represent the people these days; most everyone has one; great job Paul!

    Simone - Start watching to see if any planes are flying overhead before you hear the birds chirping. I don’t know where you are, but I can always tell in my area when they’ve spray stuff because I back up to the woods and the crickets start chirping very loudly which is probably their “crying”. Just ask aloud to speak to Arch Angel Michael, Gabriel and any angel that hears your call to immediately heal and repair the animals from what has been placed in the environment that could harm them and cause them pain. Then say thank you to the angels. See if the animals quiet down a bit in 30 mins. or so.

    Beadalong - I’ve heard of Cedillo guy; I’ll help out too.

  61. 61 Eddie B.

    Well, Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize was a real big surprise! Get ready for the UN GLobal Save the Planet Taxes. Coming soon.

    Great news though… all fossil fuel burning tanks, half tracks, humvees, air craft carriers, corporate Lear Jets, Chinese shipping container ships and space stations are tax exempt. Free Trade Exemption.

    Reducing the carbon footprint will fall squarely on the shoulders of the American middle class. Expect this tax to be collected at the same time as tne new “Let’s Help Rebuild Mexico” Mexican infra structure tax courtesy of El Presidente Jorge new “loan”.


  62. 62 Angel

    Directive 51

    … they are also both German (busche)

  63. 63 Angel

    Eddie, you might find this interesting maybe scary

  64. 64 simone

    Angel-thanks for the advice. The birds were going crazy once again all day long. Tomorrow I’ll take your advice….

  65. 65 Sandman

    Angel, that directive 51 video was interesting! I read some of the comments from the viewers and about 1 in 6 people were in denial! The odds of a disaster of some sort between now and 13 months from this point are pretty high. Even a tornado event or a deadly winter storm could be considered enough to initiate directive 51!

  66. 66 Eddie B.

    Thanks Angel! I have seen a lot of this and there are some inertesting things. Didn’t know about the Euro coin. That one was new.

    About our own Amero, they have placed a “FASCI” on the front. This is a fascist symbol the Nazis tok from the Roman Empire. The Fasci are “bound, bundled sticks with hatchet heads at the top”. Bush has been photographed with fasci mounted on both sides of his speaking podium.

    I saw the new Amero coins on Hal Turner. And I agree Sanman…. something is going to happen.

  67. 67 Angel


    What state are you in? Between 6:30 and 7PM tonight two solid black planes were flying parallel around NE Georgia (up and down Buford Hwy. area). Many times we can’t see their planes in GA because they keep a thick blanket of cloudy chemicals in the sky (but ever since I told people to get chem busters the skies haven’t been clearer or bluer). What a coincidence-not. Anyway I noticed a strong “gas” smell within seconds of the plane flying overhead (smelled just like a gas leak). Crickets in the woods started chirping. When it happens immediately say out loud the following:


    I need to speak to the Guardian Angels of me (say your full name) and Arch Angel Michael, and Arch Angel Gabriel, and any other angels that hears this emergency call,

    Please dissipate any harmful gases, toxins, pollutants, chemtrails, poisons in my home, around my home and around the entire United States of America right now.

    Thank you

    Then gaze at the sky for about 5 mins. You’ll begin to see a very faint misty rainfall. I don’t know why that happens while the toxins are transmuted. I’m no chemist, but this let’s you know that they are at work. Unfortunately, you have to repeat it often throughout the day. There are many mechanisms at work that put harmful things in the air.

    Say the other one I wrote above to help the living things.

    Angels know what is going BUT there is the law of free will so they cannot intervene without being asked first. Your guardian angels can only intervene without being asked only if you are about to die and it’s not your time.They intervene all the time and people just don’t know it. Remember a near miss accident? You might think : WOw! I could have been killed. They saved you.

    You all probably aren’t surprised that Ghost and City of Angels are two of my favorite movies:

  68. 68 Angel


    Someone sent that directive to me, so I thought it was worth posting.

    I see you share in my frustration with people not seeing what is going on. 200 million people which is 2/3 of US population must wake up. I don’t think we are there yet. The word among us is to keep doing what all of us are doing.


    Eddie, I didn’t know about the fasci - I know you knew much about this video because it had a lot of things that you’ve posted in the past. :)

  69. 69 simone


    I took your advice today and it calmed the birds down quite a bit. They only had two screaming episodes instead of many, many throughout the day.

    Eddie B,

    Interesting info about the fasci. Thanks for the heads up.

  70. 70 BEADALONG

    Hi Angel, sorry I didn’t get back earlier. I was sick (again). This on-off MCS thing is driving me batty (it’s so inconsistent). One day or a few several days I can actually feel halfway decent, and then BAM, there I go again!

    Anyway, yes I’ve definitely noticed how on top of things the illegals and their helpers are (I sure wish I could say the same).

    Yea, when you mention chemtrails and the combination of all that has affected the general populace, it is indeed a wonder we’re even walking around anymore.

    And on that subject, Some harmful chemicals have been brought up to the Northern Pole and have even thoroughly contaminated the seals, whales and polar bears and even the Inuit have been found to be contaminated. (It is thought to be brought up partially by storms and the Gulf Stream bring some of it up north). ….This junk bioaccumulates in the fat…….But some people AND SOME ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS seem to think this is only happening to animals…(it’s happening to us too).

    I didn’t enjoy being the only one that got sick in the office (it was rather embarrasing if you ask me) and I was the “ONLY ONE” who could smell anything “Funny” in the offices…..{everyone else I thought I was crazy}!!!! {MCS gives most people an incredibly elevated sense of smell-maybe because of the blood-brain barrier being defective?} and deficient or missing Detox Enzymes such as (paraoxenase and/or cholinesterace.

    Cholinesterace is mentioned on the warning on Cat flea collars. The flea collars could affect that enzyme {after reading that, I didn’t get any flea collars for the 2 cats-because, hey, I could have cats with MCS too!

    …..Anyway, I know EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN BY LOST PATIENCE! I’m sorry to hear you ran into those problems-Its verrrrry frustrating!

    I’ve tried explaining plenty too—it didn’t get anywhere—–I/we in our MCS group tried contacting and warning the EPA & newspapers & whoever else might listen about the 9/11 air! Did anybody care at the time? Nope! {they thought I/we were crazy or it “Wasn’t Fit to Print”}.

    It’s extremely hard to watch all this. It’s so Obvious, it’s disgusting, …Why can’t people see this?

    Hmm….LOU DOBBS has been noticing too then about the draughts & his added list of poisons, etc. …THAT’S GREAT!!!!!!!!

    I’m very glad that massive illness didn’t take place! But I have to wonder when I read about {”Morgellan’s Colored Fibers”}. Personally, I think it’s real and it came from Nanotechnology and ChemTrails.

    Also, it bothers me when I read about this “Spanish Flu.” It seems almost as if they want that recreated and there is {Fort Deitrich & Plum Island}. ….I have my suspicions now that AIDS was bioengineered.(the claim is bovine virus and Sheep Visna virus combined)…There was a time when I thought that was absolutely preposterous…but AIDS came out about the same time as EPSTEIN-BARR (Yuppie Flu)….BEFORE that happened, NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT’S EXISTENCE. It seemed like an out-of-the-blue situation….Also, in England, there’s a U.S. lab that was supposedly working on sort of contaminant (bacterior or virus-I don’t remember), but it got out and has affected the nearby cattle.

    Speaking of water, I do plan on stocking up on that too. I’ve already bought plenty of things like Top Ramen and stews, some puddings, etc. I’ve also been looking at powdered milk (that’s going to be expensive), it’s $12 a box (so far where I’ve looked)….and I have a lot of soap too. I’lll be adding other things along the way. (such mundane things as keeping clean and washing clothes/dishes, etc) ….is going to be a whole different picture–we might not have electricity anymore-so washing clothes will be quite a chore alone)

    THANKS VERY MUCH for your advice and help and I will definitely be looking at your web site!

  71. 71 BEADALONG

    Thanks Angel, I will trying that advice too.

  72. 72 K2

    Sometime in 1979 there was a very small article (couple of paras long), in the local paper. It reported that 3 (or 4?) vials of bioengineered viruses had “vanished”, from the CIA’s bio-weapons labs. It was puzzling that the incident had been reported, and that the lab and strains actually existed. But it was buried on page-13. Within 2 years, AIDS struck. A strategic virus if there ever was one. That leaves 2 or 3 more.

  73. 73 BEADALONG

    Hi Simone, Sorry I didn’t get back until tonight. I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) of a moderate degree and my health pattern hasn’t been consistent at all (this makes it hard to plan anything at all)….Constant migraines, fatigue.

    …Anyway, no I haven’t heard any birds/animals reacting like that.

    What did happen, however, (I’ve been taking plenty of pix of: Ducks (and their chicks), other birds, butterflies, bumblebees in the Spring for about 4 yrs now) in S. San San Jose, CA along a bike trail (that runs along Los Alamitas Creek and along Vasona for about 4 miles-other areas as well)…and I also was taking pix of the finches feeding off our bird feeders as well.

    What I noticed was {this year} there was a drastically reduced # of birds/ducks, butterflies and bumblees/regular bees….The only things that seemed to be in any number were these tiny bees and small white butterflies and a very reduced bird population of any kind.

    Another thing I noticed was even though we had a drought, (at the tail end of May), it was already starting to look like Fall in some areas. {I don’t know if it was because of draught-but we did have recent rains and some trees were blooming and still green}, but right after that, it looked like many trees had just died and the leaves were all Extremely shriveled/brown already….At least in Fall, the leaves do change color, but they don’t shrivel while they’re still on the tree.

    There was very heavy chemtrailing during the earlier part of this year (all kinds of Xs/Grids-I’ve got the pix to prove it), so I wonder if this also has anything to do with it as well as the usual suspects (of disease, fungus, mites, predation, weather changes & increased development).

    This chemtrailing was bad enough to take same paint off of my dark teal car, so I think this is bound to influence the wildlife. After all, they are outside most of the time.

    And what I try to tell people about these chemtrails is: What comes up must come down and every living thing on this planet has to breathe sometime.

  74. 74 BEADALONG

    Thanks Brook & Eddie B! Great video!

  75. 75 BEADALONG

    Yup, Simone, that was pretty shocking about the schools and Latinos in Sonoma.

    Well, I guess all those wineries up there in Napa/Sonoma probably have a heavy Latino population now for their wineries. Are you from that area? It is sure is beautiful (and yes, it can be very hot during the summer).

    I’m in South San Jose, CA. Boy, has it grown (a little too much). When we first came to CA, we were at an air force base (Point Arena) on top of the mountain and on the coast. It was very beautiful there and occasionally, we’d go through the hill range (beatiful forests) and worked our south into the Napa/Sonoma areas…I do miss it (but that was years ago-more like 30 yrs ago), so I’m sure a lot has changed.

  76. 76 the marlboro man

    IF you realy want to see what happen on 9/11 check this out then go to sept. clues of 9/11 — 1-8 this is the real truth!!!

  77. 77 Angel

    I just got this with a small note that said if you do not shed a tear for your country while watching this then something is wrong with you.

  78. 78 Angel

    Now’s probably a good time to say maybe we have really been duped about Iraq.

    So the claim is 3500 dead with over 30,000 injured. What stopped the Vietnam War? Massive body bags.

    They learned their lesson. There are far more dead than what is being reported. Think about it.

    Also, there are report of massive amounts of humvees and other equipment from attacks all over Iraq.

    Keep the numbers low so you won’t holler too much.

    Keep you scared just enough to just bloodshed.

    Think about the level of evilness it takes to purposely kill people, to make people and animals die without water(droughts in SE and SW), to put carcinogens in the air purposely to harm living things (that’s why there aren’t as many birds and bees around - your next!)

  79. 79 Sandman

    Gr8 RonPaul video, Angel!

  80. 80 BEADALONG

    Yup Angel, we were duped big time! And the stooges that weasled their way out of their own involvement in war any way they could are the ones that are so in love with war and every else doing the dying, getting maimed or losing everything they owned to bombings.

    And yea, it is pretty evil to do all this with the weather/carcinogenic tampering too.

    But I’ve trying to explain this to other people 9not that my social sphere is that great right now, but I do try) and this doesn’t seem to concern them in the slightest.

  81. 81 BEADALONG

    K2, I didn’t know about that article at all.

    So, something that important just rated 2 paragraphs burried somewhere on pg 13 and that was it? Oh my god.

    That’s what’s wrong with the media! Something that important that went unnoticed?

    And all those poor people who got this AIDS disease. What a terrible thing to do to people and the MSM (Mainstream Media) probably knew full well what was really going on.

    And AIDS/Chronic Fatigue/Epstein Barr did seem to just come out of the blue.

    Initially, I swallowed the story of Africans eating monkeys and such, but I think that if any Africans do this, it’s been going on for eons. Wouldn’t they have encountered this a long time ago before this? I kinda wonder about that Ebola too. Is it naturally occurring or was it contrived also?

  82. 82

    Well, Angel, we’ve been doing the same thing today — watching Ron Paul videos. I’ve been checking all these candidates out trying to find a viable candidate to beat Hitlery. I have always been a Tancredo fan, even contributing to his Colorado re-election campaign. The democrats are out as an option for me. I have looked at the Republicans until I’m blue in the face. Goulh-liani is attached at the hip to the NAU and the Trans-Texas Corridor. He is making and stands to make a LOT of money at our expense. Romney has flip-flopped until I don’t trust him. And, he doesn’t have the power to beat Hitlery. Brownback & Huckabee will push for amnesty and are pro-NAU. Thompson is not going to fly and has CFR membership and has voted consistently for gun control. McCain is down the tubes and won’t be able to beat Hitlery. Tancredo and Hunter are both good men BUT WE NEED SOMEONE TO WIN THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. We won’t win by write-in. Turn Ron Paul loose with the nomination and I believe he can win. And I believe he’s our only hope to stop this NAU thing. If he gets the nomination, his contributions will go up and he will be afforded massive public exposure and he will also be able to publicize more on conventional media instead of just the internet.

    So, there’s a problem. A lot of people were talked into changing over to independent. That means they can’t vote in the Republican primaries in a lot of places. Hence, no Ron Paul.

    I am advocating that you change to Republican and to also write to the RNC why you are doing so. Tell them he’s who the American public wants and that your contributions will go to Ron Paul directly until they start backing him. We wanted a leader. I think we have him, but we must ALL get behind him. Primaries are the first part of the year. After that, it’s all over.

  83. 83

    Pelosi’s “ethical” congress:

  84. 84 BEADALONG

    2 new things today/yesterday:
    1. Carl’s Jr on the Corner of Almaden Expressway and Branham Lane in San Jose CA has Green, Red and white decorations with their (Grande Opening sign)…might this have anything to do with the “Hispanic Month”?

    2. Also about half-an-hour ago, the LATINO CAUCUS advertised for more Latinos to get into COLLEGE…..Well that’s fine and dandy if they’re not illegal or born to illegal aliens. That 14th amendment’s got to be revised all the back to 1986!

    They say to do this so “you can make a difference.” I wonder what “difference” that would be…Aztlan? Anahuac?

  85. 85 simone

    Wells Fargo Bank and Washington Mutual in some (maybe all?)areas of CA have removed all Spanish signage, both exterior and interior from many of their branches. Also, they no longer are putting out Spanish language deposit slips and other banking documents. Guess they are feeling the heat. It’s too late low-life Wells Fargo. We won’t be back—EVER!

  86. 86 simone

    Angel and Beadalong,

    I, too, smell nasty chemicals in the air at times and sometimes the odor of gas. I usually come into the house to check if I left the stove on, but I haven’t. Even my boy kitty, won’t go outside. And, yes, I too, can smell odors that no one else can, except for my mom and sister.

    Everything to me now feels “OFF” if you know what I mean. Food isn’t tasting right, some of my senses seem numb and generally things seem off kilter. I’m perfectly healthy (just had a physical) so I’m mystified as to the cause of this general malaise.

    Beadalong, interesting that you have noticed changes in nature as well. I find it to be strikingly unusual and I’m sure you are correct as to the cause. Something is very rotten out there.

    Also, has anyone seen the Comcast public service messages showing attractive Hispanic college students and Hispanic mentors who are encouraging young Hispanics (legal/illegal I’m sure) to go to college? At the end of the commercial, the Hispanic college student says something like, “I’m doing this for myself, my family and my COUNTRY.” Then the student shoots a knowing look at the mentor. I always think to myself, “Which country, USA or Mexico?” It is so annoying and, of course, you never see ads for other ethnicities. Racist Comcast.

  87. 87 The Watchdog

    Vote in this poll.

    Should border fence projects be exempt from environmental laws?


  88. 88 K2

    The article appeared in a non-US rural/metro zone local paper in 1979. There was no mention of it in any of the “major” dailies that carried wire news. It might mean something, or not, but the paper was one of the last non-corporate papers in the country, owned by a Church. It would still be in the back issue files. Seem to recall that there has been an admission of sorts, in the last couple of years, that some CIA “bio samples” are indeed unaccounted for. Why would it be reported at all though? Very strange. As far as viruses that could lead back to this incident, Ebola predates 1979, though that does not mean it wasn’t manufactured. AIDs though, did have it’s origins around 1979, exploding in 1981 or so. Whether the vials were 3 different strains, or all of the same virus, is not known.

  89. 89

    Done, WD.

  90. 90 AmericanWorker

    Needed a new fire extinguisher to protect the home and family. Shopped around and found. KIDDE brand made in MEXICO. This will not be in my house. FIRST ALERT was my pick USA. By the way First Alert has a great easy to use model called TUNDRA great thing to have around folks.

  91. 91 Angel


    Get the angels involved to help you.

    I use them for many things. If I lose something, I ask for their help and within mins. I usually find what I need. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Start testing it out with everyday things and you’ll see.

  92. 92 Angel


    Lou Dobbs had something about that fight in CA you posted the other day. sounded like Arnie back down from what I gathered. :)

  93. 93 simone

    Angel, the past two days, when the birds have started crying (screeching), I have used your methods and they WORKED! Within 10-15 minutes they stopped ALL DAY. Thanks for you guidance! I will try it on other things, especially losing or misplacing things, which happens many times a day! I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. Thanks again for your support.

  94. 94 seven_staarten

    i can’t get this out of my mind.

    we are those horses.

  95. 95 Sandman

    To any watchdogs out there that like the John Birch Society or take interest in fighting globalism, NWO, open borders etc, there is a great interview with a JBS leader on Bob Dacy is filling in for Alex Jones, and he is doing a great job. This is worth the time to listen to!

  96. 96 BEADALONG

    Simone, that’s wonderful that those 2 banks removed their signs. In San Jose, the Wells Fargo on Blossom Hill Rd still has their Spanish signs up as well as in the nearby Safeway (Safeway has nice big glossy brochures in Spanish in their Fargo bank section).

    Washington Mutual on the corner of Almaden/Blossom Hill still has their Spanish signs up with their Spanish checks.

    I haven’t noticed the Comcast ads yet, but yea, I gotta wonder “which” country they have in mind too.

    I know exactly what you mean about that “off” sensation and that malaise. That’s what I’ve been dealing with along with all these migraines/headaches (and I don’t have health insurance), so I’ve been just trying to deal with it.

    Yea, the environment just isn’t right. I forgot to mention pesticides, herbacides fungacides, but if everything else has been ruled out for the cause of problems, then the only other thing left is these chemtrails.

  97. 97 BEADALONG

    Thanks Angel for your suggestion and yup, Arnie backed down…..unfortunately I heard he signed some doozies concerning schools and letting either sex enter each other’s bathrooms and locker rooms, etc.

    I don’t know what he was thinking.

  98. 98 BEADALONG

    Thanks K2. Yea who knows and it’s a wonder anything was reported at all.

  99. 99 Angel


    Angels are delighted to help. They also like to know that you know that they are there. Many if not all wish to be here in human form. They have powers that you do not have (or with some do not know that you have).

    A long time ago I said that there is a book that is a must read, but I never posted the name. It’s called Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue. I highly recommend it.

    In peace and light,


  100. 100 Angel

    I meant to add this Simone.

    I think that it is wonderful that you are helping the birds or anything on this planet. Many people only think of themselves. It’s unfortunate because we are all tied together.

    I just checked my email and there are some important links I’m about to post.

    Some breaking news…..

  101. 101 BEADALONG

    Yea, Seven__Staarten. That was terrible about the horses.

    I also just read recently about an incident in Puerto Rico where the pets were seized from housing projects (supposedly the owners weren’t supposed to have pets—but still)…..anyway, according to the story, these pets were just thrown off a 50′ bridge to their deaths.

  102. 102 Angel

    Breaking news………
    Got a breaking news email that Mexican military is congregating near a PBA post. Keep checking this link for details is what I was told.

    First sign country in breaking apart just like the Ma Bells did. Thomas Chittum’s book Civil War II is right on course.

    Time to get MAD at MADD


    South Carolina is sick of illegals and seems to be doing something about it.

    2012 - Movie into future with over 600,000 views on goggle

  103. 103 simone

    Angel, thanks for your kind words and the recommendation of the book. The birds thank you for your help, they are feeling much better today!

  104. 104 simone


    Interesting that Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual in San Jose haven’t dump the Spanish banking slips, signs, etc. I suppose it’s probably up to each branch manager to make that decision. Too bad corporate didn’t send the word down, huh?

  105. 105 Angel

    Fox news working hard to promote the verichip

  106. 106 Angel

    Church in OH brainwashing people into NWO

    Reinstating draft?????????

    6 min. vIDEO about Rudy and petition to sign with 16,000 signers already

  107. 107 Angel

    This one is my new favorite.

    I hope you aren’t tired of these. Use them as positive relaxation. :)

  108. 108 BEADALONG

    Thanks for all the links Angel. Oh boy, the Mexican Military, you would think that would worry Prez Bush/politicians. And MADD has their nerve. That chipping is scary. I told my parents about that one about 1.5 yrs or so ago. I also said they’re no bigger than a grain of rice and if animals can be chipped, so can we (Of course I never got a response). Thanks also for your new favorite link (those videos are relaxing).

  109. 109 BEADALONG

    Yup Simone, it is amazing that these 2 banks are still at (at least where I’m at).

    Also in the Safeway on Almaden Expressway (near Blossom Hill), Wells Fargo has a branch in there and they had plenty of Spanish signs and their brochures.

    OFF TOPIC but still concerns banks is REMITTENCE: I Googled Remittence and Wells Fargo came out almost right on top.

    This REMITTENCE MONEY leaving our nation is huge! It’s not only the Latinos doing it though. When I Googled, I saw that people working here that are from the countries of India, England and Africa are doing this.

    This is money that should be in circulating in the US, not flowing out of our country. And I bet this if this is taxed at all, it’s probably just barely taxed.

  110. 110 BEADALONG

    Angel, when I saw Lou Dobbs today, he talked about the draught. He also talked about Georgia and how dry that was. Wow, Georgia and the SE just aren’t known for that. When I think of that area, I think of a lot of rain and humidity, not draught.

  111. 111 Sandman

    Where in the world did Minutewoman go? I miss her comments!

  112. 112 BEADALONG

    Yup, Sandman, she was pretty good, eh?

  113. 113 BEADALONG

    Well, for some reason, it knocked out twice when I did a copy/paste, so I’ll just say that since M.A.D.D. was mentioned, Frosty Wooldridge on News With Views just did an a recent article on them.

  114. 114 marleen

    good job WD, i enjoyed your interview.

  115. 115 Angel

    Odds and ends

    Project Mannequin

    Operation Lifeguard;box=Inbox

  116. 116 Angel

    Watchdog, I think this answers your question about if the Browns were peacefully apprehended.

  117. 117 DfD

    Bush’s job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month’s record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month’s record low.

  118. 118 BEADALONG

    I read that Project Mannequin, Angel. This was pretty awful. I have to ask if this true, why God would permit such horrible things. And unfortunately, I’ve also had to ask this question many times.

  119. 119 Eddie B.

    Beadalong -

    This is what the open borders kooks really don’t get. Hey there is plenty of land left wide open but what about the water?

  120. 120 AmericanWorker

    Folks please have a seat for this one. RON PAUL was featured on my local news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. 121 simone

    In my area, some people have noticed that when certain Hispanics waits on them in a store, for example, they are told at the time of payment by the Hispanic clerk that they’ll be getting a senior citizen discount or to show their senior discount card. Even if someone looks 40, they do it to insult Americans. I thought it only happened in my area, but according to another site last evening, this is happening across the country.

    This actually happened to me at a Salvation Army store and the grocery store a few times. It threw me for a loop and I couldn’t think of a snappy retort. I was insulted. It has also happened to various friends of mine. I decided the next time they do it to me (and it’s always females that do it) I’m going to look at their stomach & ask “When’s the baby due?” That should give them the message. I hate to even lower myself to their level, but their level of treatment seems to be all they understand. And I’m not going to just stand there and let them mistreat me. Not every Hispanic does this and I’m treated very nicely by many. Anyone else have this happen? Or have you been insulted in similar ways?

  122. 122 simone

    What has happened to Vincent Narodnik? And Minutewoman? I miss them.

  123. 123 melody

    Aren’t they all pregnant? so its a safe question to ask. They’ll probably proudly start rubbing their bellys like there is a magic genie in there waiting to come out.

  124. 124 Eddie B.

    Angel -

    I like that RogueGovernment site! The Ed Brown mistreatment is being covered by Alex Jones too. This is getting out of control.

    And Simone is right, where is MinuteWoman and Vincent? Anybody heard from them lately?

  125. 125 DfD

    RNC Chairman, and OPEN BORDERS ZEALOT, sen. Mel Martinez has resigned! GOOD NEWS! Another AMNESTY advocate bites the dust. Republicans are NOT letting these clowns off the hook. Now, let’s start exposing the Democrats who are doing the same as Mel. As a former Democrat, I need more help out here. Don’t just say, “well, we know they’re gonna vote that way”. That’s not good enough!! The vast majority of rank and file Dems want the Illegal Aliens DEPORTED! My sign isn’t DfD (Democrats for Deportation) for nuthin’ ya know! ha ha Keep workin’, WE’RE WINNIN’!!! It’s still only the 8th round of a 12-round Cahmpionship Fight! Get the word out to City employees in you area and to Likely Voters. Don’t waste your time notifying…..everybody.

  126. 126 Sandman

    DFD, great news on Martinez, I can’t get too happy though, it seems like when one corrupt Bush crony leaves, someone WORSE fills his/her shoes. Melody, welcome back.

  127. 127 Angel

    Media takeover soon?;Itemid=44

    Herbal Tea seized (must be good for us)

    http://www.newstarget. com/022137. html

    Reinstate draft?

    Yes, Eddie that’s a creepy site, but they have the juice. Infowars is always on top of things, aren’t they?

  128. 128 Angel


    Why did you delete my last post about the drought in Georgia??


  129. 129 the marlboro man

    People I,m upset ,we have this asshole BUSCH trying to start war with IRAN ,we are still in IRAQ,AFGAN.,and the troops are spread thin or wore out!The other assholes in the senate&congress,have no clue ass to why they are even there?We have about 12,000 MEXICANS cross our border a day! We got this ELITIST in NYC going to give D/L to the illegals,we got PERRY down in TEXAS putting this NAFTA SUPER H/w in run over peoples rights,the list could go on for 4pages!!!And BUSH still think we are just going to roll over,he needs to watch LOU DOBBS now&then,or the people that are out working for a living,just trying to get by/but thats not going to happen!I STILL WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW HE GETS,THOSE HORNS TO GO DOWN WHEN HE IS IN PUBLIC???What about all the money sent back to places these people came from,stop it dead in its tracks ! Our $$$$$is MEXICOS 2 largest import,DRUGS,OIL!! NOW this dumbass is going to give MEXICO 1.5 billlion to help stop something that they are making billions on,a lot is kicked up to the ELITES so they can keep on !!!!PEOPLE we are broke plan and simple 6/1/2 years of a man that couldn,t run an oil co.with out scaming the stok holders??WE ARE BROKE,and this asshole keeps getting MONEY FROM CHINA every day!!WHY they got us by the thourght,and they know it as long as BUSH,or RUDY JULLIE ANNIE,or BILLREY get in we are domed and the people are buying there bullshit,hook line and sinkus!GOOD NIGHT

  130. 130 AmericanWorker

    Simone/Eddie Vincent said he would be away for awhile and the last I remember from Minnute Woman was she was going to change her name. And where’s MARY ?

  131. 131 simone

    Yeah, where IS Mary? We miss all of you–please come back soon!

  132. 132 DfD

    Sometimes people need a little R&R to refuel.

  133. 133 Angel

    I think that I put this on here once before. Check out your areas on the map. The colors of RED are schedule to have no life at all. North Georgia is in red. Droughts are a quick way to achieve that goal.

  134. 134 Angel

    Are you ready for an Ah Ha moment???

    I found this on another site. Looks likes their is another ulterior motive to the drought afflicting more than 1/2 of this country.

    WATER is part of NAFTA. Make us beg for water and of course viola the solution will be the North American Union.

    Sneaky rascals

  135. 135 Angel

    I found this on a blog. Interesting theory about where the water in GA is going. Underground bases?? Hmmm


    I feel it is manipulation of the weather. This is off the wall, and I will say it because it was something thrown out to me…What if the powers to be are taking the water to the underground bases? Being that there will be chaos above the Earth, do note that these bases do exist. There are some in GA, and the noted Dulce Base. So, when all chaos goes on above Earth and the water is gone or isn’t worth a crap to drink or consume…due to poisons, toxins, whatever…ya got these military bases underground surviving on good water. On the other hand, it seems to me that the evil powers to be are making things on Earth very dire for us. To Anon1, you gave some informative sites in your post above…I just might share these with some folks. It doesn’t hurt to dig into things and finding out information. Some of it may be hard to grasp, or accept, but it does show the deviousness of the minds of these evil snake bastards who do nothing but murder, lie, and steal and decieve. We are at war here and NOW. Jacob and Esau are still fighting today! We should pray to THE MOST HIGH to destroy their weaponry. Pray that it backfires in their faces and destroys them!

  136. 136 Angel

    This book The Deporter was on Glenn Beck; supposed to be a must read; I haven’t read it yet.

    Deceptive La Raza

  137. 137 Angel

    If you read nothing else that I’ve posted, please read this. Details on weather modification. Global warming is done by HAARP.

  138. 138 Angel

    Ok I know many of you are tired of me posting about the drought in Georgia, but you all out West and other parts of SE are next.

    Atlanta is the largest city to get all of its water from a lake. Lake Lanier will be bone dry in 90 days. Right around Christmas Day. This will include not just Atlanta but everything north of Macon , Georgia. Alabama is in just as must trouble, for they get much of their water from Lake Lanier/Chattahoochee River. In other words, we have a major, major problem.

    Governor Perdue was on TV this morning claiming that we are in a state of emergency and is asking Bush for money. Funny how I don’t feel much better now - anyway, picture millions of people in Georgia and Alabama without water.

    One solution - start booting out illegals - that would be a huge help.

  139. 139 BEADALONG

    Hi Angel, just getting on briefly before I have to hit my work again. Yes I checked out the website on weather modification and HAARP/ELF earlier today. I haven’t looked at that web site in ages, but it’s a good one.

    The maps are incredible and since I’ve reading periodically on this HAARP/ELF chemtrails (some of which info is also on with Ken Adachi). TESLA is also talked about in case anybody’s interested.

    I think on Chemtrails, there was Carnicom (I think that’s the spelling), but if anybody runs Google, there’s a bit on Chemtrails.

    They’re definitely manipulating our weather and have done so for quite a while (I was only aware of this about 1.5 yr ago)–and the weather bobble heads and the news stations won’t mention a thing about this or answer any questions regarding this.

    The Rockies have been experiencing draught for a while now and the Colorado has far less water than it should (Frosty Wooldridge also mentions this constantly since he lives in Colorado).

    California has been getting hit with fires right and left. Due to the Santa Anas (which do naturally occur), there’s several fires burning in S. CA again and We’re in this drought too.

    Looking at the map though, I was really surprised to see that Georgia was the hardest hit. It’s usually the SW with its deserts and 4-corners area that’s known for desert and draught……that’s why I also suspect the weather manipulation in Georgia (the SE on the map also showed draught) ….and now, the draught in Georgia is in the news and yes, I heard on news that the governor is asking for a state of emergeny also.

    And no, I can’t picture Georgia/Alabama without water.

    Speaking of illegals, I wrote these people since they’re always harping on TV that CA is in water crisis.

    I said, “yes I perfectly understand that we’re in a draught situation, we have an aging water pipe infrastructure, we’re in need of more resevoirs …..BUT ALSO,,,,,,,,{I/we citizens of CA can cut back until we’re blue in the face}…but where on earth is the sanity in letting in millions more people –legal and ILLEGAL & why aren’t you addressing that?

  140. 140 BEADALONG

    Hmm, I wonder if Georgia will have to wind up cutting off water to Alabama and maybe water would have to be trucked in. I hope that winter will bring in the badly needed rain (and hopefully the weather systems won’t be blocked)…..

    What about desalination and piping to bring water in that way? If Riad (spelling), Saudi Arabia can do it, maybe the governor of Georgia can do this?

    If this happens in CA, we’re up Sh….t Creek too. We can only cut back so far, but letting in more people when this is going on is insane.

  141. 141 Angel

    This site is awesome. Click on the ‘drying up’ link and it tells you what to do if we are without water.

    It also tells about weather all around the country.

    I tried to tell a man tonight (same one who the other week said the only problem with Bush is that he has spent too much money) that this water problem is serious and they are saying that Lanier will be bone dry in now (81 day - new number). He told me not to believe all that “sky is falling crap”. I told him that schools are considering shutting down. My head hurts from hitting the darn wall!! What a frustrating mess I always seem to run into. Sorry to say this, but I feel I need to. Americans have become so spoiled and expect everything to be there for them that they can’t even imagine when it won’t be. Therefore, in some ways, this needs to happen. I know that sounds crazy, but something major needs to happen to wake up the masses.

    Hi Beadalong - I’ll have to check out the tesla. Never heard of that one . Thanks for the info. Frosty’s area will be on down the road (although they’re working on it slowly) I’m glad you don’t have your head in the sand. I didn’t anticipate this when I agreed to this mission.

  142. 142 Sandman

    Angel, what in the world is this?

  143. 143 BEADALONG

    Hi Angel, I know exactly what you mean about the frustration level.

    I ran into a brick wall too when I got sick with MCS)-and I learned down the road the extent of the lobbyists with their disinformation to the doctors (therefore they didn’t believe us), certain chemical industries, foundations and institutions and even the military complex had a hand in this {because of the denial of Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome} which was treated exactly like us.

    MSM also had a hand in this through either occasional discredit or flat out not talking about us at all and environmental groups usually seem to be only concerned with cute seals, polar bears and whales (which they are) rather than listen to anything affected people who can actually verbally express what is going on.

    Anyway, changing the subject back again, maybe enough Americans will have woken up (at least in Georgia and the SE). Hopefully, this will help motivate them to action.

    Also Frosty’s been complaining about this for some time (about their drought and it not making sense to bring in more people and further overloading their already overloaded ecologic systems).

    In the website of News With Views: both Frosty/Devvy Kidd did an article on the Georgia drought.

    Hmm, I just thought of something {I haven’t checked my geography in ages and some of what I learned in school I forgot}, but does the Missouri and Mississpi and possibly Platte River rise from the Rockies? I’ll have to check that out…..If they do rise from the Rockies, then drought will be affecting them too.

    Oh, Nikola Tesla is a brilliant scientist inventor. There’s a good article on him in Wickipedia.

    Thanks for your link on Standeyo..I’ll be checking that out later.

  144. 144 BEADALONG

    S CA FIRES-This is what Ken Adachi had to say about these 8 simultaneous fires that started somewhere (from what I read in Yahoo articles) about 10 PM (that’s a funny time for all these fires to start).

    By Ken Adachi
    October 22, 2007

    Irvine, California. I saw a huge smoke cloud over our place yesterday about the time the sun was going down. I took a few photos. I thought it may have been a fire from a large building complex as there was too much smoke for a house fire. Later in the evening, I found out that it was being called a “brush fire” This morning on local news, I found out from the fire department spokesman that the “brush fire” was started in 3 different places along the Portola highway and 241 freeway by unknown arsonists (”please call in if you have a ‘tip’, no matter how insignificant”, etc.).

    Well, we don’t really get “brush” fires that burn uncontrollably in this area, unlike other parts of California, because the city is too highly developed. We don’t have acres and acres of forested trees here in Irvine. There are some forested areas in land owned by the Irving Company some miles from here, but not here within the city limits proper. We only have trees and brush along some highways and so that’s where we get OUR fires. However, the 7 or 8 OTHER areas of California that also just HAPPENED TO SIMULTANEOUSLY IGNITE ABOUT THE SAME TIME LAST NIGHT with THEIR fires, are suffering a worst fate and many homes being burned to the ground.

    The governor called a national emergency this morning. I notice that when Governor Arnold and all the other politicos and fire officials rattle on about such a swell job they doing to contain this “crisis” (as we see videos of planes dropping water and homes burring away on the right side of the screen -a la 911 style video reportage), they never mention the subject of arson - not even once. No accounting is offered as to WHY so many fires would ALL start on the SAME NIGHT in 8 different regions of California, just within a day or so after the Santa Ana winds started picking up.

    We only get police and fire chiefs telling us about the extreme dryness of the wood and low humidity, etc. and how we need to cooperate with “authorities” if we are asked to leave our homes, etc. Officials often make reference to similar fires that caused much destruction 4 years ago in, again, many different regions of southern California breaking out AT THE SAME time. I recall hearing reports on the radio of suspicion of arson with many of those fires, but nothing came of that ‘investigation’ .

    I sort of doubt that we’ll even get an investigation this time around, just the “emergency” response. .

    Ken Adachi

  145. 145 BEADALONG

    Hmm, well one Yahoo news article said one fire started about 10 PM, but if he was taking pictures of a fire around sunset, sunsets aren’t at 10 PM., so hmm, about what time did all these fires start? I’m going to have to sort that out.

  146. 146 BEADALONG

    Well also, because of high winds, the news said there were downed powerlines which started the fires which would also be true (but 8 fires sounds excessive), but then again, maybe I’m wrong.

  147. 147 Angel


    Did I post that link previously?????

    I don’t believe in Ufos. They are government spy ships and such that they don’t want to admit to. However, they want everyone to fear UFOs just like they want you to fear everything else.

    If I posted that, it was a slip of the finger.

  148. 148 Angel

    Hi Beadalong,

    I sent you some more light this evening.

    I’ve been watching that fire out there since about 6 AM yesterday morning when I first heard about it.
    All these world record calamities are getting a bit too ridiculous. Worst fire ever….on 2 inches of rain out there this year when it should be about 10. Has anyone noticed that everything that happens in this country that is weather related or a catastrophe is the WORST EVER or on a grand scale. Gosh people wake up. Remember when I said you all would be next (just not the same was as Georgia’s lakes drying up in 80 days) . You all get fires. Fires were intentionally set and then of course hurricane Santa Ana winds roll through there with perfect timing thanks to the supercomputers. Something strange is going on in colleges these days, too. Remember that one in Virginia with the mad man and the police were hiding in the bushes while supposedly he was killing them all. Well Pepperdine (sp?) university was giving shelter to the staff members, but not the students (other than a gym). That’s the initial report I heard.

    Also, there was a recent report of a race war in LA between Blacks and Mexicans over a neighborhood. I heard a report that 200 were killed. They definitely needed a MAJOR all encompassing story to keep that one in the dark. Something with ongoing drama like a raging fire. Gosh the predictability of it all is sickening.

    Oh, by the way, we got about a 1/2 inch of rain in north Georgia today. It was actually clean rain that we haven’t had in a while. No chemtrail crap in it. I can tell by how dirty the sides of my windshield dry . If after one rain it looks like your windshield hasn’t been washed in 6 months, that’s a pretty good clue that the rain has been contaminated. We need some microbiologists to start testing this stuff in all areas of the country. I think the fury of the 80 days and no water was about to make all you know what break lose throughout the SE, so hence a little rain will calm the natives is their thought. Visions of a massive Katrina where everyone goes nuts may have entered some heads around here. I was reading about the fury and eye-opening (controlled weather modification) by the general populace :) ) Some folks are waking up to HAARP and Chemtrails and weather modification. Thankfully.

  149. 149 Sandman

    Angel, Lou Dobbs ran a story on the draught in the South. If that lake goes dry, Atlanta will be a disaster area. Cities cannot function without water. Removing 200,000 invaders from that area would help 4 sure.

  150. 150 Sandman

    …A follow-up article on weather modification.;aid=7139

  151. 151 Mountain Man

    Does anyone wonder if some of those fires in San Diego County or other So. Cal areas might have been caused by those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SHANTY TOWNS in the brushie canyons? You can bet your bottom dollar we will never find out if thats the case. Just a thought!

  152. 152 BEADALONG

    Yup, you have a point there too, Mountain Man (especially when I hear of fires starting at night).

  153. 153 BEADALONG

    Thanks Angel, I appreciate it.

    Yup, this is all pretty crazy. I realize downed power lines in high winds and careless cigarrette smokers and illegal aliens at night cause fires too and even glass getting overheated by the sun is a culprit or a bird fried on power lines, or some spark from a car fire or some spark from equipment can start fires, but this seems really extreme to me. And they’re calling this the “Perfect Fire Storm” according to Wolf Blitzer….but yes, they do seem to talk about the “Worst Ever” here and there.

    So at the university in Virginia, while this guy was on a rampage the police were hiding. Hmm and it s/l Pepperdine didn’t do very well by its students at all.

    I also don’t recall hearing that story in LA of the race war. I guess the MSM forgot to mention that (as usual).

    I’m so delighted that you got rain! I hope more comes in for you and the drought can end. And I’m glad it was clean rain. Now that you mention it, i’ve seen how dirty my car seemed to get after a good rain and I thought that was kind of strange.

    And yes, this junk definitely has to be tested.

    I’ve also tried contacting the News/Weather dept to ask about these Chem Trails and they’ve never answered me…they do affect weather after all.

    Also, I could imagine a Katrina-like situation in Georgia. What does anybody do without water? We have to have that to survive. And after Katrina, I’ve been wary of how the government treated the people….Let’s see how it works over here now…..So far, the news says some people are at the stadium and are being given water and everything they need.

    And hopefully, more people do learn about HAARP, ELF. Chemtrails and Weather Modification.

  154. 154 BEADALONG

    Sandman, Thanks very much for the great article. It was very informative.

  155. 155 Angel

    Help Johnny Sutton’s first casualty

    Help Terry Funderburk

    Terry Funderburk being forced to plead guilty?

    BUT…Bush just got more WAR money

  156. 156 Angel

    This was sent to me too.

    Illegals get free flu shots (more of your money)


    Sandman, I live 5-10 mins. from that Lake Lanier that Dobbs had on his show. People are waking up to weather modification by super computers. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs. I think it’s becoming a large group now. Some people are suspecting that the lake has been drained. Because in 3 weeks the levels dropped dramatically.

    Several blogs I’ve read recently have cited a newspaper article about the military bragging about “owning the weather” back in the late 1990s timeframe. Does anyone know of more info or a link on it???????? Popping that out would be good to share with naysayers who still think we live in Mary Poppins world.


    Ken Adachi’s suspicions are right. Illegals didn’t start that fire. Amazing that Arnie and others don’t even want to mention arson. When this can be done and those (many are in the know about it) don’t even blink an eye lash in guilt or despair, it’s pure evil. I won’t mention names. But you can guess some of those involved. Just amazing that the Santa Ana (hurricane strength winds) came about.

    Remember that the earth evolves through chakras just as people do. We are in the truth chakra. I nor other angels control it. The truth just keeps coming out and will continue :) Thank God!

  157. 157 Sandman

    Beadalong/Angel, The weather modification info has been documented for many years, mostly unnoticed by the public. Last year I was looking in the Texas State Comptrollers website, researching ranch management info and came across a big section on weather modification. It was an interesting read because it went into the history of how the whole thing got started. As far back as the Napolionic wars, strange storms would erupt during heavy battles where cannon fire was being shot. The theory at that time was that the booming noise caused the clouds to open up. In the late 1800’s, CW Post (Post cereal fame) invested millions into researching the cause. He went as far as launching ballons full of explosives and lighting them up at various altitudes…He had mixed results with those experiments because he believed also that the noise caused the storms. It turned out that the various metal oxides from the explosions were what gave the desired effect and 50 years later the Govt got involved and took it to a whole new level. Today, there are several companies that specialize in rockets, chemicals and even special planes that disperse these materials. Now with the use of HAARP, weather modification is on a whole new track. But I should stop talking about this because it will put me in the C.T. catagory and I dont want that. But if anyone doubts this, just look at official documents. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico AND Mexico have jointly invested in cloud busting. According to official documents, the “experts” believe that without the cloud seeding, much of the southwest would be drier than it is now.

  158. 158 Angel

    We Control the Weather - here is some proof

    Everyone on the planet needs to see this one.

  159. 159 Educated American

    Re: The Great Miserable Fires of 2007 A.D.

    I live in Los Angeles about 1/2 mile away from the Pacific Ocean.

    (Said in outraged Chris Farley voice:) “For the love of God - where is the FREAKIN’ RAIN, already!!??”

    This is so miserable and I feel so sorry for all the folks around southern California that have lost their homes and businesses . . .

    Just a week ago it was RAINING and COLD where I live. There was that crisp football weather chill in the air. We actually turned on our heater - and used it at night for a few days.

    Then - BAM!! Super Hot!! Santa Ana Winds!!! Fires Everywhere!! Apocalyptic Destruction!!

    WTF?! I see some of you guys have posted stuff about weather modification and HAARP, and whatever. Sure feels like it. So weird.

    When I was coming home from work at about 3:30 today the sun was obscured behind all the smoke. There was this strange reddish twilight look to everything. Right now the moon is kind of “orangy”. All the poor outside pets are having to deal with the ash that has been leaving a thin layer on everything for the last couple of days. My car looks like it hasn’t been washed in 5 years. Everybody’s got nasal/headache issues around here.

    OK, I don’t mean to whine - but you get the idea.

  160. 160 simone


    So sorry to hear of your bad fortune in SO CAL. It is so eerie watching the news and seeing all of the smoke and the orange tinge it puts on everything. I can’t even imagine how any of you are breathing right now. It also makes me so sad to think about the animals & birds and how much they must be suffering–they don’t even understand what’s happening. Hopefully it will be over very soon. I worry so about the fire fighters as well. Seems really strange that all of those fires in SO CAL have started about the same time. Yes, it’s fire season, but this time it appears to be quite odd. Good wishes to you and yours.

  161. 161 Angel

    hmmmm…..not surprised that this is being discussed

  162. 162 Angel

    double hmmmm…these guys are serious; a man in Georgia told me about 4 months ago that there was a secession movement in Georgia and would be coming to the forefront soon.

    California next? That will get Arnie’s feathers ruffled.

  163. 163 Angel

    Just hang on Educated American. Once the Dream Act bill is done with - the 24/7 coverage and fires will be gone.

    Gosh things are so predictable. Can’t you see it?

  164. 164 seven_staarten

    from salon:

    ‘Blackwater’s run for the border

    The notorious security contractor has plans for a military-style complex near the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics worry the firm’s “mercenary soldiers” could join the U.S. Border Patrol.’

  165. 165 BEADALONG

    Hi Educated, I really hope you’ll be okay. Hey, in your situation, I don’t think you’re whining in the least bit! This is scary and huge.

    My own neice lives in the Rancho Bernardo and Poway area (the Witch Fire) and she had to be evacuated.

    I know I/we might sound weird to you with that stuff, but then again, I also can’t rule out arson, and downed power lines due to high winds either or the long drought (setting up a tinderbox situation), but this did seem extreme even for these reasons.

  166. 166 Vincent Narodnik

    Hang in there, Educated.
    Looks like you still got your sense of humor though
    so all is not lost.
    I am going to ring the warning bell again about a site called HotAir.
    They usually have some good videos about “the immigration issue”
    but for almost everything else, they keep getting worse and worse.
    If judged by their tone, it seems that they are becoming like a default half-way house for NeoCons fallen from the poison bush.
    Heres my evidence:
    They think that it is GOOD that that AMERICAN CITIZEN who was simply asking 3 or 4 straight forward polite questions got tazed, then mobbed by cops before being tossed out. Grab a look at some of those comments!
    they may have changed the tent that they sleep under
    but they are still beating the same war drums.
    I said it before, Ill say it again
    I dont trust these people.

  167. 167 DfD

    Larry Craig voted FOR The Dream Act AMNESTY!!

  168. 168 Educated American

    The Fires: The ash continues to fill most of the sky. The good news is that the winds have begun to die down and are supposed to reverse in their usual easterly direction on Friday. That should be the beginning of the end for all this mess.

    Vincent: I took a look at that HotAir link. It seems to me that many so-called conservatives have decided - consciously or subconsciously - to follow the Fuhrer-Prinzip all the way to Gotterdammerung. Many people have already crossed so many moral lines right along with the Bush Administration that they can’t turn back. They have somehow equated the new Patriot Act police state power with their OWN sense of personal power. “Yeah! Taze him some more! Grrr!”. There is a kind of war-crazed mania that’s in the air. Many (otherwise highly intelligent and educated) folks have lost hold of rational thought. “Bomb Iran NOW!!”. They’ll be fighting with Panzerfausts in the burning streets of Berlin, so to speak. Ivy League educations apparently destroy innate common sense and the ability to discern simple lies. (I am aquainted with some of these types of people from my high school days. They went to Yale and I went to “Faber College” from Animal House - i.e. the University of Oregon.)

    The Andrew Meyer incident was never about the tazering. It was: “Why did the police even put their hands on him in the first place?” I mean, Meyer seems to have verbally relented after his mic was cut, AND Kerry sounded ready to at least lie his way out of the questions asked of him. It will be interesting to dissect the next such incident.

    OK everybody - I’m gonna go watch the World Series now. Go Rockies! (The Red Sox had their glory in ‘04. Time to restore The Curse.)

  169. 169 Angel


    Thanks for the HOtAIR warning.

    Some people in this country are just begging for martial law. That college student that was tased has a large group that said they are glad it was done to him. Disgusting.

  170. 170 NoYouCant

    “A new government report says there are now more than three quarters of a million names on the U.S. government’s terrorist “watch list,” raising concerns the list may be becoming too large.”

    “With our current security layers,we have prevented thousands of dangerous people from entering the United States, including individuals suspected of terrorism, murderers, rapists, drug smugglers and human traffickers,” Rosensweig said. “In fiscal year 2007, Customs and Border Patrol alone encountered 5,953 positive watch list matches.”

    Wednesday’s report comes on the heels of a Justice Department inspector-general’s report, which expressed concern about the quality of some of the data in the watch list, but noted continuing improvement in the system.

    Terrorist Screening Center Director Leonard Boyle expressed particular satisfaction with the recent execution of a multi-agency agreement, which he said “provides a full and fair review of any watch list record that is the cause of an individual’s complaint.”

    Lieberman and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said they were concerned about a report that a Mexican citizen with tuberculosis was able to cross the border into the U.S. more than 20 times without being stopped.

    Rosensweig attributed the problem to a complicated and unusual pattern in the man’s name combined with inaccurate birth date information.

    (How bout that fancy last paragraph? These people are assholes!)

  171. 171 Eddie B.

    “The notorious security contractor has plans for a military-style complex near the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics worry the firm?s ?mercenary soldiers? could join the U.S. Border Patrol”


  172. 172 Mountain Man

    I posted on 10-23-07 above and said does anybody wonder if these fires might be caused by Illegal Invaders. Well I just heard one of the people the law has arrested was a Guatemalan national. And just last night on O’Rielly he said people who were blaming Illegal Invaders for the fires were crazy’s. Go figure.

  173. 173 The Watchdog

    Idiot arrested for impersonating a fireman.


  174. 174 Angel

    O’Reilly as of tonight is glad that the student got tased, the cops did their job, and the student has been charged.

    Boycott O’Reilly!

  175. 175 Angel

    secession talk on the rise; it was on Glenn Beck last night too

    secession movement - Chattanooga TN

    secession movement of California

    Internet censorship increased in last month


    My first thought a few days ago about secession was not good. My mission is to save and restore U.S., but maybe the final outcome is not what we all expect (God’s way). Keep an open mind about this as it may continue to unravel more before our eyes.

    PS - if you are really upset about the idea of secession (it is kind of sad); thank Bush for it!

  176. 176 BEADALONG

    Yup Mountain Man. You were definitely right about that one.

    I did also mention that I can’t rule out arson either (and arsonists could be anybody) and also in the case of the McGonigle (spelling?) Canyon squatters or squatters in other locations, when fires get started at night, I think of them.

    And also usually during commute times, I think of some idiot tossing their cigarrettes out the window or just driving along with their arm out of the car with the cigarrette dangling in their fingers and they just keep on flicking those ashes and it’s such 1st nature to them, they don’t even think of it.

  177. 177 BEADALONG

    Thanks for the links on recession Angel. I’ll check that out. How are things holding up in Georgia, rain or water wise?

  178. 178 Angel

    Beadalong, I read the California Ind. site thoroughtly. You might really be interested in that link since you are there.


    Christians against real ID; we need to do what they did in our states Exodus

    Similarites of Hitler and Bush Regimes; Christians waking up! Exodus

    Outstanding speech that validates what patriots are doing; a must see Exodus

    I’ve been worried for about a year now that these folks were gone; definitely a stealing of these folks;
    some still out there now Exodus


  179. 179 Angel


    I just had this forwarded to me. Does anyone know more about this?

    Subject: Re: Governor Schwarzenegger Backs Aerial Biochemical Spraying That Harms Children

    I can’t believe people actually buy this crap. Moths?? Come on! You know, I’m beginning to think the NWO isn’t that bright, it’s just that the average person is just a complete moron! It’s not only about waking people up, it’s more like pulling them out of a 50 year coma. Un-freakin-believab le.

    Best to all,

    wrote: yeah, like these jerks really care about moths! This is all part of the depopulation agenda. And the general public has no clue.

    Dear all,

    Governor Schwarzenegger Backs Aerial Biochemical Spraying That Harms

    (NewsTarget) On September 9th, 2007 several planes hired by the State
    of California Food and Agricultural Department (CDFA) flying at an
    altitude of approximately 500ft sprayed the untested biochemical,
    CheckMate®OLR- F, on over 30,000 citizens in Monterey and other
    surrounding cities in California. This occurred without the permission
    of the citizens. The spraying continued for three nights from
    approximately 8pm to 5am. About 1,500 pounds of biochemical were
    dumped on the cities. Many citizens did not even know what was
    happening when the planes were buzzing overhead.

    Read more..


  180. 180 Angel

  181. 181 Angel

    Got this today:

    Spanish radio stations are gathering signatures petitioning for drivers licenses for illegal aliens.To present the petitions to Governor Spritzer. Now imagine that!

    Today in front by 59th street and 6th Avenue, New York across the street from the Plaza Hotel.

    They plan to gather signatures until Saturday (tomorrow).

  182. 182 Angel

    Some of you will consider this crazy talk, but you need to know that this will happen to you tomorrow even if you don’t believe.

    On news last night there was talk about “dirty air” hanging around LA and other regions in CA due to fire leftovers. That is nonsense . They are using that as an excuse to cover up what they are putting down. They did the same thing in GA when we had the fires 300 miles away. They were putting stuff down to try to make us sick with TB. Then that link above about what bio chemical they sprayed for 3 days in CA in Sept. We must act.

    Therefore, angels will be taking action tonight and tomorrow. They felt it should be done to all Americans because what is going on in CA is probably happening in other areas. Just start looking at how many low flying planes are going around your area. There’s a ton here.

    They are understanding that today many people are working, so tomorrow will be the day. They will be working to kill all parasites, red cells, pathogens, bacterias, and virsuses that have been intentionally placed in the air that you have inhaled. Illegals, anyone who initially came here illegally and those that are part of the new world order will not be included.

    Just a warning that you may not feel good tomorrow. You will not be sick so don’t go to the doctor. Your stomach may feel queasy. You may feel tired. And/or you may feel very sick to your stomach and have a head ache. It will just be the affects of parasites dieing in your body. How sick will depend on how much is in your body. Within a day or two, you will feel much better. They apologize in advance if you have a wedding or something else major going on. But the result of not doing the work on you could be deadly.

    Hang in there.

    In peace and light.


  183. 183 Eddie B.

    I didn’t even think about all those planes on the news stations here spraying poison in the air. What will these demons do next.

  184. 184 BEADALONG

    Thanks for all the info/links & heads up, Angel. I greatly appreciate it. And with a blanket of fire, it would easy to do this. It’s just dispicable.

    I still can’t quite believe these people would do this to us, but on the other hand, we did get lied into these wars, they keep harping about terrorism, yet leave our borders wide open, they are Chem Trailing and doing weather modification and they haven’t come clean with us on that, they are trying to bring in the NAU, etc and I think they’re also lying about the controversy about what’s causing the increased rates of autism and the like also.

    Boy, the Spanish Stations are it for Spitzer, huh?

    Boy, I remember that one person complaining/blasting Lou Dobbs a while back on one of these blogs and we had to remind her of how overwhelmingly the pro-illegal side is represented vs. our gross underpresentation of the truth and Lou Dobbs is pretty much it in MSM.

  185. 185 Sandman

    The latest Alex Jones film (Endgame) is now out on Google. The best part of the film is where the discussion goes into the NAU, TTC, open borders agendas etc. Brook, it would be great if those segments of the film could be posted on this site as clips. The film really explains well the reasons behind the open borders mindset of our politicians. Youtube also posted this movie but it is segmented in 10 minute increments. Check it out!;q=endgame alex&total=401&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

  186. 186 Angel


    As I watched the news coverage about those CA fires early on, I often wondered if they were really spraying water on that fire. The news media that I saw kept making a point of showing helicopters picking up water from a lake. Just a big hmmmm

    When the air is smokey, they use that to spread other stuff that you won’t be able to smell due to the smoke. Back in June, they were doing that big time in Georgia. Observe, observe, observe. Look up everytime you see a plane or helicopter. Sniff the air, too. Everybody needs to pay attention.

    Interesting cloud formation (or should I say lack of in North Georgia). I stood outside today and looked directly South and saw a huge line of clouds that must be blanketing central and south GA. Ironically, there is no drought there. Not a cloud in the sky today in North Georgia. There is no way that mother nature can form that perfect line. I’ve seen it a lot over the last few weeks as Lake Lanier is disappearing. They started doing it right after I told people to make those cloud busters to bring rain.They want to ensure that there isn’t a cloud in the sky that could possible bring rain.
    Expect to hear more about the drought here in the near future. We were at 80-90 days. I don’t know where we are now.

    I would still invest in a cloud chem buster and organite (sp?). Click on my name Angel in blue above to go to a link that can help you get started.

    God bless,


  187. 187 Angel

    If you have money to burn, buy an orgone generator, too.

  188. 188 Angel

    Oh and watch the news. Whenever their other plans aren’t working, and/or the natives are getting restless, the media starts reporting more tension with Putin/Russia. I heard it on Thursday. Don’t ever forget that in the “Final Invasion of the United States of America” (number 6 on yahoo search engine) Russia was the one that would invade us.

  189. 189 Angel


    Thanks for the “endgame” link. We are at the endgame. That’s for sure!


  190. 190 Angel

    Sandman, Somehow I missed this post from earlier. This is an excellent site. I’m copying it for anyone who may have missed it like I did.

    Sandman’s post on weather modification

    ?A follow-up article on weather modification.…..p;aid=7139

  191. 191 The Watchdog

    Exclusive Larry Craig Interview

  192. 192 Angel

    Anyone want to tour Mount Weather in Virginia??

  193. 193 melody

    I would be afraid to wear one of these shirts in my neighborhood.

  194. 194 melody

    A new Wal-mart has opened in Cleveland, Ohio. Don’t move to Cleveland to get away from invaders. You will never find a job. The economy is real crappy. 6,000 people put in applications, but that Wal-mart only has 350 jobs!
    About 6,000 people have applied for 350 jobs there. Robert Simons, a professor of urban planning and real estate in the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, said that’s a sign of a soft local economy. “That seems like a whole lot” of applicants, he said.

  195. 195 Angel

    Melody - the powers at be have been destroying the north and their jobs ever since the early 1970s. That’s how I ended up in Georgia.


    Got these today


    Ramos and Compean

    I love this one from good ole Frosty

    Not so fast - don’t run out and get those licenses :)

  196. 196 Angel

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: >
    Date: Oct 28, 2007 5:13 PM

    Mexican Flag Burner

    Roy Warden

    Event: Evidentiary Hearing/Press Conference

    Demonstration, Mexican Flag Burning

    Place: Tucson Municipal Court

    Date: November 01, 2007

    Time: 1:30 pm


    Warden Announces Resumption of Tucson Weekly Public Forum

    Please be advised that, subsequent to an evidentiary hearing before Judge Hays on November 01, 2007, local street activist Roy Warden (aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner”) will hold a press conference/rally announcing the resumption of the Tucson Weekly Public Forum, including Mexican Flag Burnings, as per an Order of the Superior Court issued by Judge Acuna.

    “Earlier this year, Municipal Court Judges Hays and Riojas suspended my First Amendment rights. Judge Acuna just restored them. ‘Rock and Roll’ resumes in the streets of Tucson,” said Warden.

    Warden says the evidentiary hearing is likely to be contentious. “We have a lot of issues on the table,” Warden said, “not the least of which is the location of the press conference and rally. But rest assured, the Boys are Back in Town.

    “We will hold a demonstration on Thursday, and we will Burn a Mexican Flag, no matter what Judge Hays says.”

    Right to Film Hearings:

    Of particular importance is a motion Warden will argue regarding his right to film future hearings.

    ” Moxie Firecracker Films, a well respected documentary film company, wanted to fly out from New York and film the hearing on November 01. They are interested only in the First Amendment issues presented by my case. But Judge Hays shut them down. Judge Hays wants to hide from public view his own malfeasance, and his incompetence,” says Warden.

    “On November 01, I’m going to get right in Judge Hays’ face on that decision. I’m going to stop this ‘Star Chamber’ proceeding in its tracks,” Warden said. “We’ll spend the next several years jacking around the Arizona Appellate Courts if need be.”

    We Said “No” to Immigration Reform

    “Chris Simcox, the other Minutemen, and Kathy McKee who wrote the original Proposition 200 were first on the lines. They stood tall in the saddle to help secure the border, stop entitlements offered to illegals, and stop the illegal vote.

    “But the ‘;Riot in Armory Park’ on April 10, 2006, when twelve of us confronted fifteen thousand screaming ‘La Raza’ activists, was the second ‘Shot Heard Around the World,’ Warden said.

    “Twelve of us got right in their ugly faces, said ‘No’ to Immigration Reform, and burned 2 of their flags. Those defiant acts committed by so few of us, in the face of so many, galvanized Americans to take action.

    “‘Amnesty’ is Dead. The ‘Dream Act’ is Dead. The fence is going up and Mexicans are going home.

    “We’ve got them on the run,” said Warden. “We’ve knocked ‘the Cabbage-Patch Mexican’ (Congressman Grijalva) and Isabel Garcia back on their heels. They no longer proclaim, ‘Today we march, Tomorrow we vote.’

    “Now they just await my summons to federal court. Round two of the Third American Revolution is about to begin.”

    Roy Warden, Publisher

    Common Sense II

    (520) 881-0535

  197. 197 Angel

    Did you grow up on Disney? I did. Be careful……

    Eddie… you’ll find this one intriguing

  198. 198 Eddie B.

    Whoaaaa…. I just did a Google Image search on Little Mermaid and that guy was right. There is definitly a phalic symbol smack dab in the middle of the Tinkerbell’s castle… Good one Angel.

  199. 199 Mayday

    This is a link to an article in our local paper. After you read it please tell me if these illegal alien criminals are being allowed to stay in the US after their prison sentences. What in the heck is a three year period of supervised release when you are an illegal alien?

  200. 200 Angel


    Bill Clinton shamed in public;

    asked about

    Bilderburg Group
    North American Union
    New World Order
    911 Inside job

    Media is not showing this.

  201. 201 Angel

    Unbelievable Mayday!!!

    Thanks for sharing. So illegals can be found guilty of identity theft and get out of jail on “supervised release”. Gosh! Did the judge forget that they are illegal to begin with?

  202. 202 Mayday

    Yes Angel it is crazy. I had to read the article three times and was scratching my head the whole time. Thanks for answering as I needed to quit scratching my head and going: Huh? Did I really read this right? Sounds like you read and understood the article the same way I did. :)

    I wonder what the illegals will be doing while they are on supervised release besides sucking up more taxpayer money?

  203. 203 Sandman

    Gr8 link on Clinton, Angel. I guess that he denies ever going to the Grove and never heard of the New World Order. The sad part about all this is that we have a good chance of having 4 more years of Clintons in the White House. Bush and his NeoCons have spoiled the GOP waters for a very long time. We will see Slick Willy every day if/when that happens…Hows that for a nightmare!

  204. 204

    WD: Why did you close comments on the Lou Dobbs video?

    Mayday: This is happening all the time. They walk out of court free and disappear to do more of the same.

    Angel: I’m glad people are confronting them and asking about this — we need to do more of it. I’ve watched the videos of 9-11. It looks like a controlled demolition. I haven’t accepted that yet. But the Bilderburg, NAU stuff is real.

  205. 205 Eddie B.

    Good link again Angel! Clinton is a liar. You don’t have to ask me which one either. They are both the same.

    God help us is Hillarious is elected. We will be doomed.

  206. 206 Angel

    Got this today. I did a cut and paste because the other stuff was about bombing Iran.
    What’s that old saying ? Something like you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people none of the time (or something along the lines) Glad to see people are waking up to government induced illnesses:


    Ø Self-Government in Peril from the Globalists

    The Flu Is Really Dangerous

    It’s now leaking out that there was more going on than met the eye at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit in Montebello, Canada in August. The three amigos, Bush, Harper and Calderon, finalized and released the “North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza.”

    The “Plan” (that’s what they call it, with a capital P) is to use the excuse of a major flu epidemic to shift powers from U.S. legislatures to unelected, unaccountable “North American” bureaucrats.

    I think that they are sneaking it in through these vaccines. I don’t know about your area, but there are cheap flu shot signs everywhere. They’ve been pushing hard around my area. Don’t get vaccinated!!

  207. 207 Angel

    I must say that this doesn’t surprise me. I’ve read crazy things about this guy over the last year or so. You also need to be on the look out for being infiltrated by big brother.


    Simcox is a leader of the American Patriot Chicken Shit Brigade. There is no place for waffling on the issue of illegal alien invasion. There is no room for more immigration legal or not. The only thing that will save this nation is the immediate implementation of a zero immigration policy.

    Please take a look at the Numbers gumball video and look at the numbers in a perspective any body can understand.

    The United States can not take on more population and have enough resources to feed them all. Our water supplies are strained now. The only thing additional immigration will cause is the destruction of our nation.

    Simcox is a dangerous man who should not be associated with any American Patriot movement designed to preserve our rule of law, our constitution and our national sovereignty.

    American Patriots must stand up and refuse to give in to the false accusations of racism. That is a Marxist tactic that has been used for over 100 years to promote world wide communist objectives. It is a part of changing the debate and charging the victims with the very thing the Marxist attackers are guilty of.

    Only a fool would even attempt to defend themselves against false racism charges. It only makes it look more plausible and detracts from the real debate.

    The United States is under attack, an attack that is being aided by the corrupt US elected officials who work for the elite and their Chain of Command for Treason. We must recognize this and kick the shit out of the invaders and those who support it.

    I sure as hell don’t want this Simcox chicken shit or anybody else apologizing for me. He and all the Chicken Shit brigade can kiss may ass.

    Burn the ____ ____ rag of a flag at every rally. Defend your self don’t apologize to your murderers and rapists for jack shit. How damned dumb is this?

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Date: Oct 30, 2007 9:34 AM
    Subject: INS: Response to Minuteman boss less harsh

    I have a big problem with this report: I hope my sniffer is off on this but I doubt it. We have all seen money in the right amount change many people in the movement.

    “I have seen the people they bring over here as economic chattel,” Simcox said, adding that he has found bodies of immigrants in the desert. “I don’t blame any of the people for coming here, but we must have a way to bring them in legally.”
    [Has Simcox forgotten that we HAVE a way to enter America *LEGALLY*?]

    He urged students to do their part by voting and helping undocumented immigrants with citizenship applications.
    [Help *undocumented* - that means the ILLEGALS - with *citizenship applications*? How is that to happen? If they are here as ILLEGALS they have no right to be applying for citizenship. They must return to the country they came from and apply from there to ENTER America. If they are granted the right to enter they are no longer *undocumented* as they will have papers granting them to be here.]

    “Many of them take great pride in it,” Simcox said, referring to those without documents. “You have to ask what truly is in their hearts.”
    [Most of those ILLEGALS do not want to become American citizens - that is what is in their hearts. They are here to OCCUPY America and remain Mexican citizens.]

    I think Simcox is trying to play all sides of the game in order to keep making money from this issue as he has been doing for far too long. He is an opportunist who has stained the entire Minuteman movement. I have thought that was the intent all along - a *change agent*.

    We have several hardworking - minimal fanfare - men and women DOING THE JOB that Simcox pretends to be doing and they are spending their own money to do the job - not constantly begging for MONEY MONEY DONATE HERE buttons in all emails.

    Find those groups who are on the ground, doing the job - contribute to them as they won’t spend your money on airfare, fancy lodging and food and staffing. It will go for food and gasoline to do the job - nothing more.

    There are many more good groups but I know these two myself.
    Make sure you are helping those who are doing the job - not those being “celebrities”.

    Response to Minuteman boss less harsh

    Web Posted: 10/29/2007 10:28 PM CDT


    After a hostile reception in April, Chris Simcox’s return Monday to the University of Texas at San Antonio was much quieter, though not entirely free of protest.

    Simcox, president of the Arizona-based Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, was invited to campus by UTSA’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas to talk about the values of the Minutemen, often-armed citizens who patrol U.S. borders reporting illegal activity to police. He spoke in the Retama Auditorium at the University Center.

    A handful of students chanting “Racist, fascist, go away!” interrupted Simcox during his speech, but were led away in orderly fashion by campus police after ignoring several warnings to sit down and be quiet.

    About 45 students came to hear Simcox on Monday, a much smaller crowd than the hundreds who packed the Sombrilla Plaza for his first appearance in April. At that event, protesters with bullhorns became so loud and unruly that they clashed with campus police and forced Simcox to leave midspeech.

    Like last time, the protesters circulated fliers accusing Simcox of links to white supremacist organizations, a claim Simcox denies.

    More coverage
    KENS video: Minutemen leader returns to speak at UTSA

    “I know enough from this pamphlet to know that he is not celebrating equal rights,” said Marcus Allen, a 19-year-old protester. “They’re allowing someone to call a rally of ignorance and bigotry. You can’t do that.”

    Other students chided the protesters.

    “They are not effective. They are emotional,” said Amarro Nelson, a 20-year-old junior. “These people are talking about race, (Simcox) is talking about the border.”

    Simcox also lashed back at the protesters, saying they had a “fascist mentality” because they tried to quash his right to free speech.

    During his talk, Simcox said that when government fails to enforce laws against illegal immigration, citizens like the Minutemen have a moral obligation to step in and help.

    “I have seen the people they bring over here as economic chattel,” Simcox said, adding that he has found bodies of immigrants in the desert. “I don’t blame any of the people for coming here, but we must have a way to bring them in legally.”

    He urged students to do their part by voting and helping undocumented immigrants with citizenship applications.

    “Many of them take great pride in it,” Simcox said, referring to those without documents. “You have to ask what truly is in their hearts.”


  208. 208 Vincent Narodnik

    Just a little (?) factoid about Hillary. Her campaign manager is Patty Solis Doyle, who I hadnt heard about until I found this on Daily Telegraph:

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager

    Secretive adviser who shuns the limelight and has worked with Hillary Clinton for 16 years after starting as her scheduler in Arkansas and then in the White House when she was First Lady. Demands loyalty, forbids leaks and is responsible for creating one of the most disciplined campaigns in political history.

    The daughter of Mexican immigrants, she hails from Chicago and likely to be White House chief of staff and gatekeeper should Mrs Clinton become president. No one bar Bill Clinton is closer to the New York senator, who gave a reading at Ms Doyle?s wedding.

    Google her for more info if interested. Better keep an eye on this one.

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