A couple convicted of tax evasion was taken into custody after a five-month-long standoff with federal agents in New Hampshire, a federal law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

Ed and Elaine Brown, who had refused to surrender to authorities to serve their prison sentences, were taken into custody without incident Thursday evening by U.S. Marshals at about 8:00 p.m.

The Browns had been holed up in their concrete-reinforced home in Plainfield, New Hampshire.

They were convicted of evading $1.9 million in taxes — a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. The Browns were sentenced in absentia in April.

Throughout the ordeal, the Browns insisted there was no valid law that requires them to pay income taxes.

“We have committed no crime and we will not go to prison for non-crimes,” Elaine Brown told CNN in June.

Marshals cut off utilities to the house in early June, but the Browns told CNN it was not much of a hardship because they had their own wind turbine, as well as solar panels that provided some electricity.

Also, their property covers more than 103 acres, so there was plenty of wood to keep them warm in the winter, they said.

The couple and their New Hampshire home had become a rallying spot for anti-government supporters. Randy Weaver — a survivor of the 1992 incident in Ruby Ridge, Idaho — had recently visited the Browns to show his support.

Over the summer, the Browns invited their supporters and friends to an outdoor party on their property that included live music, bocci and barbeque. Their online invitations asked attendees to “stand in solidarity with the Browns against income tax fraud and celebrate freedom.”

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier told CNN the service had no desire to engage in a violent confrontation with the Browns. “But warrants aren’t going away. They will serve their prison sentence,” he added.

The Browns, who are in their 60s, now likely face a host of other charges.

They accumulated the back taxes between 1996 and 2003, in part from money made from Elaine’s private dental practice.

Four people accused of aiding and abetting the Browns, including one man who allegedly provided security, were arrested and taken into custody in mid-September.

10 Responses to “Ed and Elaine Brown Taken Into Custody”
  1. midwest minuteman says:

    “Four people accused of aiding and abetting…were arrested and taken into custody in mid-September.”

    Isn’t it something how our government “picks and chooses” who to prosecute for “aiding and abetting”….

  2. The Watchdog says:

    The Feds wouldn’t allow media or anyone else in the area so I guess we’ll just have to take their word that their arrests were “peaceful.”

  3. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    I just read on foxnews that tow fed cops prended to be supporters of the Browns and were invited in to their house then they arrested them,

  4. Brent from Vista says:

    We’ll probably never know the true story how the Brown’s were taken down. And with the CIA controled main steam media (research “Operation Mockingbird”) it makes it even tougher for information to get out.

  5. the marlboro man says:

    Chaces are we will be told they are in prison /and neaver hear a word from them?Just like the real reports on 9/11 no real investgation has ever been done/covered up if it was.

  6. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm, but they don’t care about the underground (untaxed) economy of the illegals or all that money they wire out of country in remittence (untaxed) that should be going back into our communities.

    This is in the billions, but why don’t they care about that?

  7. Eddie B. says:

    Go to ALex Jones is all over this one.

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks, Eddie.

    How can this be if there is no law?

  9. Davey in Seattle says:

    As Alex Jones says, it is a scare tactic for you. I don’t believe it for one minute it was peaceful.

    I am surprised that they were dupped into this arrest. They had all they needed to fight them off and I don’t think they were that stupid to fall for any tricks.

    Ed shouldn’t have threatned the cops. It is really hard to say if that is true because, the media and witnesses weren’t there.

    It is said, that they were convicted of tax evasion. It is interesting that many people have gotten off because of the lies about the law!

    With a 50 cal, they would have done some damage. They had a fortress with walls 10 inches thick.

    As I said, if we don’t stop the infringement on our 2nd amendment right, we will be like Russia or old Nazi Germany!

    Call your politician and tell them to stop the Hr.2640 bill against veterans!

  10. Angel says:

    Davey in Seattle,

    They were infiltrated with some folks who weren’t really on their side (imposters). Similar to that Christie woman who infiltrated the Minute Men in San Diego. Now that they know, they probably now can see the signs that they didn’t think much about previously. I’ll have to research that HR2640. Thanks for sharing it.

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