There is a new news program on in prime time at 8 PM EST weeknights on CNN called “Out In The Open” anchored by CNN weekend anchor Rick Sanchez. I’ve caught the program on several occasions over the course of the last few weeks. I’ve noticed a very pro illegal immigration slant on many of the segments with a healthy injection of words such as “undocumented” and “migrants” for example. This may be an attempt by CNN to pacify the pro illegal immigration advocates who object strongly to the Lou Dobbs Tonight program and Lou’s anti illegal advocacy journalism. Tune in to see the spin. GuardDog

CNN’s Rick Sanchez, pictured center, visits a street corner where many people gather to seek manual labor jobs.

Sanchez: Day laborers offer negotiating tips
October 2, 2007

Editor’s note: In our Behind the Scenes series, CNN correspondents share their experiences covering the news. Here, CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez describes spending some time with day laborers for a report that will air on ‘Out in the Open’ tonight at 8 ET.

PALISADES PARK, New Jersey (CNN) — For four hours Friday morning, I joined about 200 immigrants — legal and illegal — at a day-laborer site at the corner of East Columbia Avenue and Broad Avenue in downtown Palisades Park, New Jersey.

My goal was not to find a job; rather it was to see how day laborers go about finding one themselves.

Dressed in jeans, running shoes and a short-sleeve shirt, I looked like one of them. I also carried over my shoulder a bag containing a hidden camera.

Day laborer sites like this one have sprung up all over the country. The laborers — mostly immigrants, mostly men — come to them to find jobs in construction or masonry or painting or landscaping.

Some communities encourage the formation of these sites. In others, they have become lightning rods of controversy. In Palisades Park, they have become fixtures.

At the site I visited, the last thing the folks there needed was more competition for jobs, but they nonetheless welcomed me into their group. They gave me pointers about how to get a good job.

“Always ask how much,” one man told me in Spanish as he prepped me in the art of negotiating for a days’ wage.

Another said it’s better to be paid by the day instead of the hour. That way you’re assured of a decent payment even if the work is cut short or the job is finished early.

The guys I met told me they come here seven days a week. They wait and wait and wait for work.

“Sometimes there’s no work, sometimes there is work. Not every day,” one man said.

It gets worse when winter comes.

“When it’s cold, there’s no work,” another told me.

A good week, they said, is one where they get offered jobs on two days for about $90 a day. That’s a weekly salary of $180. It’s barely enough to put food on the table, but it’s better than the alternative. Life in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, they said, offers little in the way of income — about $5 a week for manual labor.

“We don’t have a choice but to try to save a little bit and go back to our country,” a 23-year-old Guatemalan man told me.

The routine is simple: Show up early and wait for hours until a prospective employer shows up, if one shows up. As more people flock to these sites the competition for jobs gets intense.

“There are a lot of people … and I mean a lot of people at the stop here. So you no longer get a lot of work,” the Guatemalan said.

On Friday, I was there for 3½ hours until I finally witnessed a job offer. It came from, ironically, another immigrant. He was from the Ivory Coast, Africa, new in America himself, and delighted to provide work for fellow immigrants. He was looking for someone to help him move furniture and other belongings.

These immigrants — the African with a job and the Latinos seeking work — negotiated the job terms in broken English, with African and Spanish accents swirling in the air.

“I need two,” said the African employer referring to the number of workers.

“Two dollars is not enough,” responded the Guatemalan.

After much arm waving and false starts, they eventually figured out what the other was saying and a deal was struck.

Many of the men here have a love-hate relationship with the United States. They miss their home countries but feel compelled to stay here out of economic necessity.

“All you get in this country is bitterness, sadness and loneliness,” one man told me.

“But money,” I interjected.

“Of course, that’s true,” he responded. “First place is … the money, that’s why we come.”


Tancredo on Out in the Open, Part 1

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24 Responses to “CNN's "Out In The Open" With Rick Sanchez Counters Lou Dobbs Tonight?”

  1. 1 Eddie B.

    This guy is nothing but PURE PROPOGANDA. When they take Lou Dobbs off the air then CNN is a goner. Bought and sold to the multinational corporations to promote the New World Order.

    I can barely stand listening to Wolf Blitzer. He has sold out big time. Jack Cafferty is the only thing worth watching after Lou.

  2. 2 peternoamnesty

    also glenn beck is a good guy in cnn eddie


    I agree. Yea, I didn’t watch this show but I did listen to Sanchez talk about that upcoming show and he was EXTREMELY PRO-ILLEGAL! I was soooo disgusted and NOT ONCE did this bastard call illegal aliens what they are truly are! He just kept saying “immigrants.”

    Reminds me of that saying, “Repeat the lie enough and it will be believed.”


    Hmm, on a good day, he can make $90. That’s untaxed too, isn’t it?

  5. 5 Faye

    uuuooooo… I don’t think I’ve seen Perez pull that when he’s been on Lou. He comes across as a rabid La Raza or LULAC member here.

  6. 6 Sandman

    I watched a few month back, a “debate” between Sanchez and Lou Dobbs. Sanchez semed to be pretty angry at Lou’s position on immigration. He made a statement that his parents still do not speak English. WTF? are they retarded? He has the ways and means to educate them now so we all know that they (like most illegals) do not really want to be true Americans, they only want to tap off of our social services and good nature.
    Anyway, I watched Some of this Sanchez propaganda BS and did not want to waste too much of my free time hearing the same old BS that MSM has been excreating for years. This may be CNN’s way of finding “balance in the debate.
    You are right Eddie, Cafferty and Lou are the only people worth a damn on CNN!

  7. 7 Sandman

    …Kudos to Tancredo on this debate, he always shines on the immigration issues. He is the voice of millions. Perez has such a thick accent, he sounds like a pinata vender in TJ.

  8. 8 midwest minuteman

    It seems to me that CNN has indeed “sold out” with this program that sanchez has…..

    A shame, I thought for sure CNN would never have done that.

    Makes me believe that CNN is only interested in the “corporate” advertising dollar, and they’ve sold their soul to accomplish that.

  9. 9 Angel

    I agree Sandman. Tancredo is the best when it comes to illegal immigration.

    One night this past week, I watched Sanchez and it was some sort of immigration special where he was taking callers. About every other caller couldn’t get through. It became comical since it was live TV. Each caller just happened to be pro-illegal. Now if Lou Dobbs didn’t show “the other side” on his show, they would blast him. Why does Sanchez get a pass?

  10. 10 Angel

    peternoamnesty, I like Glenn Beck, too (when he’s talking about the Muslim or Mexican invasion), but he’s a little brainwashed on the War on Terror parody.Anyone who believes in the War on Terror with wide open borders and the encouragement of anyone to cross over is not thinking straight. Sorry to be blunt, but a spade is a spade.

    CNNs been poking jabs at Fox News about their rainbow colors of fear (red, orange, yellow, green). CNN claims to report the facts and not fear. Be careful with fear. One way to heal yourself is to get rid of fear. Fear is the invisible prison.

  11. 11 Angel

    My internet provider would not allow me to access www.teamtancredo.org a few minutes ago. Hmmmmm

  12. 12 justthetruth

    I suspect that CNN is offering this program in order to provide some balance to Lou Dobbs’s program. Although it is not widely known, there are moves afoot by some in Congress to reimpose the former FCC rule that required balanced programming in all news programs. This requirement would mean that programs like that of Lou Dobbs would always be required to present the opposite viewpoint on any opinions that Lou might provide.

    Albeit that there is widespread opposition to such moves, some senators are exploring the possibilities for either reimposing the old rule or introducing a new version of the old rule.  This has caused a great deal of concern amongst broadcasters. 

  13. 13 George(formerly-Ed)

    So if Sanchez’s parents can speak English that means that he is an anchor baby & they are Illegals How nice of cnn to hire the son of illegals.they must be really proud of them selves.

  14. 14 George(formerly-Ed)

    That should be cant speak English.

  15. 15 Faye

    Ya’ll will find this interesting.


  16. 16 Sandman

    Interesting link Faye, Not a shock that Sanchez is another drunk driving invader (who got away with murder) I wonder what would happen if he got some harrassment about his dirty little secret?

  17. 17 BEADALONG

    They can’t speak any English after all these years? Just incredible. Yes, it certainly does sound like he is an anchor baby.

  18. 18 BEADALONG

    Thanks Faye. Great link on Sanchez. I had no idea that he did this. And CNN had the nerve to hire him?

  19. 19 amethyst

    BEADALONG, Have you ever been to Miami? Rick’s parents are like the majority of Cuban immigrants who have come to Miami that still refuse to speak English after 48 years. (Cuban revolution was in 1959).

    Miami/MiamiDade County is a symbol of WHAT IS WRONG with immigration. These people have been so arrogant with their allegience to Cuba that it boggles the mind. Remember Elian? Also, remember that our leaders alowed this to happen. The Cuban adjustment Act allows this group to receive benefits that NO OTHER LEGAL OR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into this country receive.They are no different than the Mexicans, Guatemalans, Haitians, etc.. that come to this country for economic reasons not for fear of persecution of Castro.

  20. 20 BEADALONG

    Nope, I’ve never been there, Amethyst, but I definitely remember Elian.

    Wow, after 48 years, they still refuse to speak English? Huh. Not that I want to go to Cuba (I’m unknowelgeable about Cuba also beyond Castro), but I wonder how long I would last there if I refused to learn or speak Spanish. I’m sure they wouldn’t like that very much.

    And no, I didn’t know the situation was that bad in Miami/MiamiDade County or that they got benefits others didn’t receive.

    Speaking of arrogance though on the refusal to learn the language, I have a sister-in-law whose mother (even though she’s been living here in CA for decades) refuses to speak any English (yea, now, she’s got bilingual college-age kids who do speak good English-so I suspect she probably speaks some), but whenever I went to this sister-in-laws wedding or birthdays of their kids or baby showers, etc, this mother-in-law refused to speak any English at all….I always thought that was insulting and I was confused and tried to understand/justify this at that time. ….But for the past three years after learning illegal immigration and Aztlan, etc, I finally understood it. She’s just plain arrogant and inconsiderate and still feels the San Francisco Bay Area is part of Mexico and so, she feels she doesn’t have to know the English language,…at least I think that’s the reason.

    Well, thanks very much for the info.

  21. 21 BEADALONG

    Yup Angel, I’ve pointed that out to just about everybody I know and even when writing to politicians.

    Wide-Open Borders and the War on Terror don’t add up and don’t make sense.

  22. 22 iconoclast

    I thought Paula Zahn’s show incited racial hatred, but it seems Rick is doing the same thing. Imagine this: There is a fenced in area that has a couple of dogs in it. I come along and drag a stick along the fence. The dogs become aggravated and try to go after me. Of course, they can’t get me because the’re fenced in, and I am not. The more I drag the stick along the fence and taunt them,the more aggrevated they become, then they eventually begin attacking one another. This is exactly what the MSM is doing to us. As soon as you become aware of this, you can see what’s happening. It’ hard to see this because of the emotion involved, but that’s what’s happening!

  23. 23 amer

     I am back to CNN  after six months. I stoped watching CNN becouse of Lou and Paula I am so tierd of this hatered and discremination  
    Rick keep up the good work ….
    and do not give up may God bless you amin ! 

  24. 24 saipan

    Hi Rick!

    You may not realize it but you come out as more of a racist than Al Sharpton or David Duke. Well, at least David Duke is nor parading it everywhere as you and Al.

    You failed to compare (since that is what you’re doing) Jena case and Duke students FALSELY accused of rape. Which of those two involve prior criminal record? Do you recall what Al Sharpton said about them? How does that crow taste?

    Let’s compare Rodney King with his long criminal record and all the dead innocent people in following riot and looting, and Randy Weaver with no criminal record. Which of those two got $4 million?

    Picture former US president coming to Mexico and telling people on Mexican TV what they should or shouldn’t do and what laws they suppose to have.

    Your opinion on illegals: As you say there has to be some compromise BECAUSE there are too many illegals. Would you say some compromise has to be reached after “too many people” get away witb stealing cars? Either it’s legal or it’s illegal. Number has nothing to do with it.

    Btw, how come your parents don’t speak English. Are they so dumb? I came to Canada from “Eastern” Europe during Soviet invasion, and I had to learn English VERY quickly (and in proper grammar) to survive and get back to my profession.

    Your criticism of some TV anchor who stated blacks who kill other people don’t shoot themself. Can you name any who did? Did commuter train racist shooter from Jamaica shot himself? Or did Maryland snipers? Name some.

    Since when is stating simple facts “racist”? I never thought I would ever see something like this anywhere in North America. Shouldn’t all people be treated equally? Just my neutral point of view, as a former LEGAL immigrant.

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