I cannot believe they took this informers story seriously. And now they can’t find the guy! Read the entire article here.

He no longer believes an assassination was planned. Instead, he suspects the informant was duped by smugglers who concocted an elaborate ruse to frighten Sheriff Arpaio so he would back off on illegal immigration.

AZ Central

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spent an estimated $500,000 during the past six months protecting Joe Arpaio from an assassination that supposedly was designed to cause a furor in the United States over illegal immigration.

The convoluted plot, reported to police by a paid informant, purportedly involved members of the Minutemen border group hiring a hit squad from a Mexican drug cartel and using an outspoken immigrant-rights advocate as their intermediary.

Sheriff’s officials now acknowledge that virtually none of the information supplied by the source panned out.

According to the informant, Mexican nationals were to be blamed for the killing, which was to be carried out by members of Los Zetas, an enforcement arm of the smuggling organizations comprised mostly of former Mexican police and soldiers.

The informant, claiming to be a translator for cartel leaders, said he witnessed a down payment of $1.5 million for the slaying.

In all, 88 employees have played a role in the investigation since it began in mid-March. The Sheriff’s Office racked up about 16,720 hours of work on the case, plus nearly $82,000 in credit-card bills for gas, meals, airfare and motel rooms, including those for Sheriff Arpaio.

Detectives staked out border crossings, hid Arpaio in hotel rooms and chased leads from Connecticut to the Arizona-Mexico border.

People identified by the informant said they had never heard of the plot. The president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was incredulous at the idea his group would have been involved.

The case remains open, but the informant has vanished. No arrests have been made. And there are no new leads.

After hearing of the plot in March, sheriff’s deputies conducted numerous debriefing sessions with their informant, each adding new twists to an alleged plan that was to be carried out over Easter weekend.

Yet, Black acknowledged, the informer provided only two pieces of intelligence that were provable: He knew how long it takes Arpaio to walk from his downtown Phoenix office to his parking garage, and he knew the sheriff recently had dined at a particular Mexican restaurant in north Scottsdale.

Read the entire article here.

3 Responses to “Crazy Plot To Kill Sheriff Arpaio Is A Hoax”
  1. Matthew says:

    If Sheriff Joe were to be assassinated, well that would be a much greater loss than if someone were to assassinate G.W.B. Sheriff Joe is involved in healing this Nation, G.W.B is involved in killing this Nation.

  2. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Boy thee guys must be real dummies the believe that the minutemen would Hire some hit men to kill a Arpaio when every one Cheers him for his stand against the illegals. is this a case of Dummerer Yes thats what it looks like to me.

  3. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Hey Matthrew I would donate $200 for that on the last guy you mentioned.

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