Bush says not to worry about losing your job.

“I know many Americans feel uneasy about new competition and worry that trade will cost jobs,” Bush said. “So the federal government is providing substantial funding for trade adjustment assistance that helps Americans make the transition from one job to the next. We are working to improve federal job-training programs. And we are providing strong support for America’s community colleges, where people of any age can go to learn new skills for a better, high-paying career.”


Since Democrats took control of Congress in January, it has not approved any free trade agreements that the administration has negotiated, and it has allowed Bush’s authority to negotiate future deals under expedited procedures to expire.

Before lawmakers now are agreements with Peru and Panama, considered likely to pass, and with Colombia and South Korea, both seen as precarious. The deal with Colombia is in trouble over human rights issues and there is strong opposition to the South Korea agreement because of barriers erected by Seoul to keep out U.S. autos and beef.

The administration already has reached agreement with Democrats to include tougher language on protecting worker rights and the environment. But critics say five consecutive years of record U.S. trade deficits have played a major role in the loss of more than 3 million manufacturing jobs since Bush took office in 2001.

8 Responses to “Bush And Congress Pursue More 'Trade Agreements' To Destroy American Jobs.”


    This SOB is just so glib about this, isn’t he? After all, it’s not his own a$$ on the line getting hit with this.

    Protectionist? Fancy that. The other countries are certainly protectionist, but us dumb Americans can’t be? Bulls..it

  2. 2 Faye

    Yep. Retraining is in place. You have to apply and someone will decide if your job was affected by trade practices. Limited money available. I don’t see it in place in Michigan very much. And your family goes into debt and struggles while you attempt to get retrained… if they approve you.

  3. 3 George(formerly-Ed)

    When are the good politicians if they really are good going to impeacn this SOB????


    Agreed Faye, and yea, “if they approve you.”

    I don’t know George (formerly-Ed), I’ve been hoping some of the good politicians would round up their army and forcibly remove these people from office (both parties).

    Some people say we need to wait until the next election….What I see so far, is the Dems were voted in are sitting there with their thumbs up their a$$es and just allowing Bush to continue his madness…..Then, they blather about getting us out of the war….however,…wasn’t that what people had in mind when they elected these Dems in power?

    Instead, it’s just still the same ol dog n’ pony show with their empty promises.

  5. 5 stoney

    Look for empty promises from any incumbent!
    Vote out ANY ONE in congress, look at congress success (?) rate and tell me why any should be re elected except very very small handful !
    Ariz. senator Kyle case in point of before election and after re election!

  6. 6 Brent from Vista

    This is the worst Administration this country has ever seen! And we still have another year with this guy!! God help us.

  7. 7 Eddie B.

    He is doing the bidding of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. They are open borders free trade. That is their agenda. They are hell bent on destroying this coutntry and when is Congress going to stand up?

  8. 8 Angel

    Dems won’t even go to Michigan to hear from people there with all their job losses.

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