Mexicans Tear Down Vicente Fox Statue


Opposition protesters have torn down a bronze statue of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, just hours after it was erected this morning.

Workers put up the commemorative 10-foot statue before dawn in the city of Boca del Rio, in Veracruz state.

But by midmorning a crowd of about 100 angry protesters began egging the statue, fastened a rope around its neck and pulled it to the ground.

Many were members of the centrist Revolutionary Institutional Party, which governed Mexico for much of the 20th century until Fox (of the conservative National Action Party) won a presidential election in 2000.

The statue’s inauguration ceremony, scheduled for tomorrow, has been canceled.

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In recent days Fox has denied accusations of corruption during his government.

Last week Fox gave interviews to various U.S. networks and was questioned about how he got various cars and properties during his time in office.

The scene was reminiscent of the scene in Baghdad following the U.S. invasion of Iraq, where U.S. troops and members of the Iraqi National Congress pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein opposite the Palestine Hotel.

17 Responses to “Mexicans Tear Down Vicente Fox Statue”


    Yay, they did something finally!

  2. 2 Faye

    Here’s another story right under that one. Fox is backtracking on his statement about blacks. I heard it — I don’t think it was misinterpreted at all. In fact, he’s become so blatant, he probably didn’t expect us to react. Just like ole Cindy Munoz of La Raza. They both revealed extreme racism toward our black people and then tried to backtrack. Fact is they think we’re dumb, stupid, and are not paying attention. Where’s Jo and Minutewoman? They would have an absolute tissy fit at this nonsense.

    As for the statue, he, he, he. Did my heart good event though those that pulled him down are as corrupt as he was.

  3. 3 DfD

    A correction in the article. The PAN is equivalent to the New Direction Democratic Party.

  4. 4 DfD

    They must have read his new book he’s trying to sell here in the United States!

  5. 5 C Betsy Ross

    Ex-Presidente Vicente Fox has been in our neck of the woods lately. His arrogance is surpassed only by his good opinion of himself. Fox has ostentatiously display his wealth, in Mexico. The Mexican media has published photos of his ‘ranch’ This has not gone over well with the “hard working people of Mexico.” I wish the media would play your video in slow motion … lol Hopefully they are playing it on all the Spanish speaking channels in the U.S.A. big grin from Texas. It would be wonderful to see a Big turnout for his next book signing or burning. Watchdog, Many thanks for the photos and video!

  6. 6 simone

    Watchdog, that made me laugh so hard and loud that the doggie next door started barking. Was down in the dumps about this illegal stuff tonight and your photos and video made my day. Loved the noise the statue made when it hit the dirt. The statue is as hollow inside as evil Fox. Thanks, WD!

    Hey, was I seeing wrong, or did the man, who had the broken hand of the statue, put the hand on Fox’s crotch?

  7. 7 stoney

    They were just practicing so when they get hold of Fox they will know best way to do the job Americans will not do!
    Only reason statue not hung was there were no trees strong enough for weight of statue available.

  8. 8 Mountain Man

    Why don’t these people use that same enthusiasm to fix there country?

  9. 9 Brent from Vista

    Very interesting and refreshing to see…

  10. 10 newyorker

    Maybe they should put a statue up of George Bush,Nancy Pelosi, Harry reid and Ted Kennedy so we
    can take all of them down.

  11. 11 Eddie B.

    Right on newyorker. And don’t forget your Governor Spitzer.

  12. 12 Angel

    Where’s our centrist revolutionary party?? We need one bad. See how strong their people and their culture is compared to our weakened state?

    I don’t get it. I thought that it was this new president that they didn’t like because he stole the last election.

  13. 13 K2

    The Mexicans are not a “strong” people, and neither is their “culture”. Don’t mistake the tendency to become inflamed, the volume of their numbers and “cultural” expansion into the US, as “strength”. Latino “democracy” is mob rule, and is based upon the conflict between the pastoral oligarchy, and marxist revolutionaries. The system is traditionally corrupt, and the people inherently compliant and willing to surrender to a patron-client autocracy. It simply appears “dynamic” and the people “fiery”, because the whole package is weak, and malleable. Corruption and lack of inter government branch checks are so ingrained that the usual process of civic involvement in all levels of Govt, useless. As a result, all Latino countries stagger through history, alternating between periods of entrenched corrupt oligarchy, and marxist regimes. The only recourse for Latinos, when they do decide to effect change, is to attack the entire system. The only stability they are capable of is submission to authority, oligarchical, or marxist. It is now being imported into the US, as the American elite wish the same largesse and freedom from accountability that their mestizo counterparts enjoy.

  14. 14 K2

    This is not meant to imply that mestizos are incapable, as individuals. Free from the Latino culture, and mass of people, it may be a different story.

  15. 15 Faye

    In fact, that’s just a really good idea. I think I’ll email his You Tube videos to a list of psychiatrists. That should be very interesting.

  16. 16 Sandman

    K2, you really nailed that observation on the head! With only a few exceptions in Latin America, the social and political landscape is a disaster on all levels and in all ways, yet we are told that we are obliged to “celebrate” or even sanctify La Raza. The levels of dysfunction, corruption and incompetence in Latin America is staggering. Most of the land to our South is/was overflowing with natural resources, but look at how they managed it! I am pretty sure that if the U.S. did not provide a steam valve for our colorful neighbors, MOST of this region would resemble Sub-Sahara Africa…Im talking starvation, genocide and wide-scale plagues. Our own politicians embrace these people because they can rule with much more compliance and less resistance, It is becoming painfully obvious that the Latino social and political landscape is morphing HERE into the same sick mess as Latin America. Many years ago, I took a Texas History class and one of our required readings was “Spain In America” by Charles Gibson. The book took a very candid look at the mindset of the early settlers of the New World. In a nutshell, Spain had not moved too far out of the dark ages and brought that backwards thinking with them to the New World. The Natives provided a perfect underclass to exploit and abuse. The 3 G’s (Gold, God & Glory) gave the early Settlers enough reason to come here…Such a contrast to the focus on freedom and liberty that OUR ancestors came here for! And yes, I am saying that we ARE better in all ways, otherwise there would not be such a tidal wave of humanity flooding across the borders.

  17. 17 newyorker

    o.k. EddieB, as soon as they put up a statue of Gov. Shitzer I will urinate on it.

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