Anchor baby Faby running from Reporters

Nunez Says LA Times is racist for
investigating his expenditures

LA Times

SACRAMENTO — Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez offered some explanation Friday for a few campaign fund expenditures in Europe, but refused to elaborate on how tens of thousands of dollars of other purchases were related to governmental or political business.

“Every expenditure I made has been totally legitimate,” the Los Angeles Democrat said at a Capitol news conference.

he Times reported last week that since becoming Assembly leader in 2004, Nuñez has used campaign funds to travel extensively, visiting exclusive hotels and restaurants in Europe and South America.

He also has spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign money on “meetings” and “office expenses” at businesses such as Louis Vuitton in Paris, a wine bar in Sacramento and clothier Robert Talbott in Carmel.

State law allows politicians to spend political donations on travel, meetings and gifts so long as the purchases are related to a political, governmental or legislative purpose.

“Maybe I put my foot in my mouth a little bit,” he said, by telling The Times last week: “There’s not too big a difference between how I live and how most middle-class people live.”

“Expenses that have been made are legal expenses, fully, to the letter of the law. I have nothing to hide from anybody, but I refuse to give you the fullest explanation on each and every item for the last . . . 3 1/2 years,” Nuñez said.

He said the “distraction” of questions about his campaign expenditures has made him hesitant to accept invitations to visit Mexico and Asia this year.

“I might just not do them at all,” Nuñez said huffily.

12 Responses to “Fabian Nuñez Tries To Defend His Improper Use Of Campaign Funds For Lavish Lifestyle”

  1. 1 DfD

    NO ON PROP. 93!!!

  2. 2 roger

    This anchor baby or legalized illigal alien Nunez has been supporting illigal immigrations, probably with fraudulent votings, to keep him in office so he can enjoy those lavish lifestyles and abuse his previliges. To say that his lifestyle is the same as middle-class is an total insult to American public’s inlelligence, in California in particular.

  3. 3 DfD

    I haven’t been to one wine seller in France to discuss Global Warming, have you????

  4. 4 Zorro

    Oh yeah I can see how those Dems are doing *much* better with ethics than Republicans… LOL! I just love when karma bites people in the ass.

    Any politician who salutes the flag of another country should be run out of office, tarred and feathered and hung in the town square as an example for other politicians.


    Is Prop 93 about term limits, DfD?
    Nope to the French question and does he know that our $ dropped quite in value in comparison to the Euro?…Yea, with that in mind alone, French wine would be more expensive than Californian wine.

    Zorro, he actually saluted a flag from another country? Then he deserves your suggestion.

  6. 6 DfD


    Prop. 93 is about “easing” the restrictions of term limits from the 90’s. They’ll try to couch it as “toughening” up on term limits. Don’t be fooled! We’ve got them lookin’ over their shoulders right now. Keep up the good work!!

  7. 7 DfD

    Racism!! “Damaging people (of ethnicity)”! Moyers forgot that part of the quote.

    Aw yes! The RACE CARD!! How much money does his legal wife line her pockets with contributors’ money??? This is quite a scam these two have going!!

  8. 8 stoney

    He just may not go yo Mexico this year?
    I would suggest he go immediately, with one way ticket!


    WE should keep our eyes open and be ready for anything ,these illegal alien lovers and friends do, for if it don’t benefit the illegals or his contributors like maybe,the oil companies or any other company,who want him to pass a propersition to tax us more , so they can get companies welfare and illegals get more benefits. thank to the American Citizens ,they are not going to back that propersition on the ballot,,.. Anything Fabian Nuñez and his friends try to pass , WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOCK IT DOWN . in others words don’t pass those prop on the ballot , for they are going to cost us alot of money,and I can not and will not pay more taxes to benefit the illegals or the companies, that contribute to his expensive in France,spain or here the USA.

  10. 10 seven_staarten

    l.a. times is racist?


    la raza votes for la raza. no competence/integrity required, just a spanish surname.

  11. 11 Angel

    Watch Fabian on youtube video called Nation of Aztlan if you haven’t already seen it.

  12. 12 Faye

    You guys in California gonna jail this dude?

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