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ALBANY ? Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, noncitizens who legally obtained New York State driver?s licenses have been given licenses stamped ?temporary visitor? along with the date their visa expired.

No longer.

The Spitzer administration three weeks ago quietly eliminated the state policy that required the special identification stamp on the driver?s licenses for noncitizens who are legally, though temporarily, residing in the United States.

The policy change also eliminated the accompanying expiration date that was intended to show when the person?s legal right to be in the United States ended ? raising the chance that a valuable form of identification could remain in the hands of people who want to remain in the country illegally.

This recent decision to stop labeling licenses of noncitizens comes as the governor is also pressing ahead with a companion policy in which the state would permit immigrants here illegally to obtain driver?s licenses.

Opponents of Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer?s latest move say it sends a signal that New York does not care whether individuals are within its borders illegally. They point out that three of the terrorist hijackers on 9/11 had expired visas and that driver?s licenses were among the forms of identification they possessed to carry out their plot.

11 Responses to “Spitzer Removes "Temporary Visitor" Stamp From Driver's Licenses Of Noncitizens”

  1. 1 newyorker

    This piece of crap Gov. just amazes me. He was the
    attorney general before he became Gov. - You would
    think he would have more sense and be law abiding. No,
    not this jerk off. To think we have him for another
    31/2 years makes me sick.

  2. 2 Faye

    newyorker - search “recall” and get a petition going.

  3. 3 newyorker

    I will try Faye.

  4. 4 George(formerly-Ed)

    Newyorker,Arnold Swatikanager is just as bad as Spitzer,Spitzer is spitting on all NewYorkers.

  5. 5 George(formerly-Ed)

    Watchdog, What do yoy mean by NO MORE INVASION PROTEST IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD???are you going to stop protesting there??

  6. 6 George(formerly-Ed)

    I dont Know what Happened but the Post above was suppose to be to be on the no more protest in.some how it got pushed Here instead. Go figure???

  7. 7 Eddie B.

    New Yorkers you had better hit the streets. This guy is a New World Order POS.

    He is a criminal.


  8. 8 Angel

    At least Arnold will back down instead of arrogantly jumping into an open fire pit. Spitzer is now the illegal alien governor of the country.

  9. 9 Angel

    Lou Dobbs has been covering this every night. He was going over all the outrage in the newspaper headlines throughout the state of NY on his show this evening.

  10. 10

    Really probably all of us should be hitting the streets….

    They go to New York, get driver’s licenses, then come to our states and trade the NY one for our state.

    THEN THEY VOTE!!!!!!!

  11. 11 newyorker

    You are correct Faye on the voting Issue. Especially
    in High Hispanic areas where you have legal hispanics
    allowing illegal hispanics to vote. A whole bunch of
    them were caught in Port Chester, NY and now the feds
    are in Port Chester not to help Americans but to help hispanics gain voting rights. Can you believe this shit? To top things off Gov. Shitzer was the Attorney General of New York and this Bastard wants nothing more than to help criminals. I think I’ll move to
    northern Vermont right on the canadian border.

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