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Republican Presidential candidate and Congressman, Tom Tancredo, announced that he plans to introduce legislation that would overturn a recent federal court ruling preventing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from sending “no-match” letters to potential employers of illegal aliens.

The letters would be sent to employers that have employees that have submitted fake or incorrect social security numbers. The agency was prepared to send 8.7 million letters prior to the preliminary injunction.

“Congress must take out the legs from underneath the court’s misguided ruling with legislation,” said Tancredo. “By giving DHS direct authority from Congress to send out the no-match letters, the court would be hard pressed to find another excuse to prevent DHS from enforcing our immigration laws.”

The federal district court judge, Charles Breyer of San Francisco, ruled earlier this week that DHS had exceeded its authority in issuing new no-match letters to employers.

The new letters require employers to verify employee Social Security Numbers and submit new paperwork to DHS. If the employer still refuses to do anything about potentially illegal employees within 90 days, DHS’ new rule says that he may be held criminally liable.

6 Responses to “Tancredo Seeks to Overturn 'No Match' Court Ruling”


    Instead of the Social Security sending the letter to the employers , notifying them that the employee social security don’t match . They should send it to DHS and this agency should act on soon by doing raid to these companies , who their employees social security don’t match … I feel it is a waste of time sending to the employers. DHS should just start doing raids instead of waiting for the employer to send the match … Also CONGRESSMEN TOM TANCREDO.should pass a law to protect the victims of ID theft ,That the victims should not have to pay those creditors who provide credit to the illegals who stole someone’s else ID.. Why should the victims got to go thru hell to clear their credit, and ID … When the creditors should invistigate if the person who is in front them , getting credit is the person who say it is… also should pass a law to punish those illegals who stole someone’s else ID and abused by stealing the items , yes stealing for when one purchase an item under assume name that is not the person , who it he /she say it is , it is stealing from the creditors,and stores, for they don’t have the intention to pay them….. Hard law should be pass to punish them , and to confiscated every single items and bank accounts or any thing that they received , under the stolen ID…..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH LETTING THESE CRIMINALS GETTING AWAY WITH EVERYTHING , NO BENEFIT TO THEM , NO DREAM ACT, NO MORE FREE RIDES, ON THE BACK OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS… DEPORTATION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION AND THE MAIN SOLUTION TO THE ABUSE……

  2. 2 peternoamnesty

    GO Tancredo….i hope Jeff Sessions do the same in the senate

  3. 3 David from California

    It will take a “TANC” to secure our borders !! Go Tom Tancredo 2008 !!

  4. 4 George(formerly-Ed)

    I am Glad to here that Tom Tanc Is doing this Bu when are they going to Impeach Bush & Tricky Dick & a whole lot of Politicians,In the mean time i am going to Email Arnold Swaticanagiager and tell him that he is a traitor & a whole bunch of other stuff.

  5. 5 K2

    “…TANCREDO.should pass a law to protect the victims of ID theft ,That the victims should not have to pay those creditors who provide credit to the illegals who stole someone?s else ID.. Why should the victims got to go thru hell to clear their credit, and ID ?”

    The victims will pay, and will go through hell, and the illegals will continue to benefit. In the Bizzarro NWO, the citizens are the criminals, and the illegals the victims. The illegals and the State are in the same business- redistributing the wealth from the “criminal” bourgeoise citizens, to the 3rd world “victims”. It is obvious from the groundswell against the Amnesty gift, that the citizenry is guilty of obstructing progress to towards the USSNAU. The unenlightened Americans will pay for such impertinence.

  6. 6 Angel

    Tom needs monetary support too, so he can stay in the presidential race. He was the one to open the debate about illegals back in the spring when none of the candidates wanted to go there.

    We need our leaders to stand up to insane things like this no match.

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