Thompson Sharpens Mood, Unveils Immigration Plan
New York Sun
October 24, 2007

Fred Thompson sharpened the mood of the Republican presidential debate when he unveiled his anti-immigration policy in Collier County, Fla., yesterday, flashing a rare glint of steel at his closest rivals, Mayor Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Senator McCain.

The former Tennessee senator’s proposed measures to curtail illegal immigration exploited a perceived weakness in his main opponents by drawing attention to their more generous approach to an issue that excites the Republican base like no other.

In an attempt to wrest the issue of national security from the frontrunner, Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Thompson said defending the borders and preventing terrorism were linked. “A small amount of nuclear material could do a lot of damage in the wrong hands,” he said. “It makes you wonder why a terrorist would bother going through an airport or a port … when we have an open border.” His campaign issued figures suggesting that 22% of crime is committed by illegal immigrants.

“You’ve clearly been swamped with a particular kind of problem because the federal government, in large part, has let you down and has not done their part,” he said. Mr. Thompson took a clear swipe at Mr. Giuliani by threatening to cut off all federal grants to “sanctuary cities” and states, like New York, that fail to report illegal immigrants or offer them public benefits. “Some of our cities in this country, for their own individual reasons and notions, have basically said to their locals, ‘You can’t cooperate with federal authorities. If you run across illegal aliens, you cannot cooperate with” the federal government, “you cannot reveal them to federal authorities,’” Mr. Thompson said. “That’s wrong. I propose that we cut off some discretionary funding to those cities.”

Other measures Mr. Thompson advocated were the rejection of amnesty for the approximately 12 million illegal immigrants already in America; more severe enforcement methods through existing powers to find, prosecute, and expel them; the bolstering of border security; a national identity card scheme; and more strict entry and exit regulations.

“There’s not a lot of new legislation that needs to be passed,” Mr. Thompson said. “We need to enforce the laws that are on the books. There are laws against illegal immigration, there are laws to secure the border, there are laws against sanctuary cities, there are laws against publicly funding illegals, and that law is being disregarded.”…..

10 Responses to “Thompson Sharpens Mood, Unveils Immigration Plan”

  1. 1 mississippian

    Trying to out-Tancredo Tancredo?

  2. 2 George(formerly-Ed)

    This is off the topic.I was reading the Philippine news on the net when I came across a short article it seems that President Gloria is spushing for a free trade amongst the Asian countries,Humm is this the begining of the AU Asain union???

  3. 3 Sandman

    Always question the words from a CFR member. Remember, Boosh had tough words about the border back in 2000.

  4. 4 K2

    The elites in the west pacific and asian mainland have been organizing the AU for sometime now. The Nafta equivalent foundations have been laid. It is all no mere coincidence. Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, really are coming to pass. We already have Perpetual War, Doublethink, Newspeak and Thoughtcrime etc.

  5. 5 Eddie B.

    Thank You Mr. Council for Foreign Relations Member Thompson. Nice script. And his lips never moved once while speaking.

  6. 6 The Watchdog

    Kiss my ass Thompson. Like we really need a corporate lobbyist, globalist, CFR member as our next president. Sack of shit.

  7. 7 George(formerly-Ed)

    K2 I never doubted that it was no accedent I know the plan first the eu then the nau & au & afu (African union) as wel as perhaps a spu(south pacific union)

  8. 8 George(formerly-Ed)

    K2 I for got to mention that there ia a lot of resistnets by the congress & senate to Glorias’push for it.

  9. 9 George(formerly-Ed)

    pretty soon they will all be trying to out do each other on Illegal aliens & and that is good.I am going to email Lou Dobbs and tell him it is time to stop all of his talk and call for a nation wid impeachment of Bush,Cheney & all of the politicians that vote for Amnesty.

  10. 10 Angel

    I feel the same as all of you above. I don’t like Thompson at all.

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