They needed 60 votes to proceed with the bill.

    Yea - 52
    Nay - 44

I watched it on CSPAN2 and it gave me goose bumps when they gave the final tally.

31 Responses to “Dream Act Amnesty Fails Once Again! America Wins!!!”

  1. 1 Deadeyemcgill

    I watched it too and it gave me vein bulges as Durbin tried to play the sympathy card with his examples of who would be using the benefits. Even if what he said was the whole story, haven’t his examples already benefitted quite a lot from their presence here?

  2. 2 Mountain Man

    This is a good day. My blood pressure is back to normal.

  3. 3 Arizona Patriot

    NOW, we need to find out who voted Yea for it and make sure those TRAITORS are voted out of office OR recalled !!!

  4. 4 Sippy69

    Good fighting everyone who helped to defeat this crap legislation (again).

    I hope the dems have finally realized (wishful thinking, I know.) that AMERICANS HAVE SPOKEN and we don’t want this!!!

    This had better be the last time they try and pass this stupid bill. After all the defeats this bill has suffered, you would think Congress would get the hint.

  5. 5 newyorker

    America wins Illegals and crooked politicians lose.
    Keep bashing these bastards. Law and order came out on top today.

  6. 6 newyorker

    The bad news is more said yea than nay.

  7. 7 Sandman

    I take this bill defeat to mean that the Senate has finally figured out that Americans do not want amnesty in any form. I agree Az Patriot, we need to identify the supporters of this and put ‘em on the whipping post!

  8. 8 George(formerly-Ed)

    Yea! we did it again.I wounder just what bill they ill try to stick it in next.bastards.I watched lou Dobbs last night & again he was very angry.What I cant under stand is why he doesn’t call for the American people to start a national effort the gather signature drive to impeach Bush,Cheney.and all of the pro illegal congress & senators.that’s what we need to do.

  9. 9 Eddie B.

    We got a BUMS LIST fer sure. Vote all these traitors and bums outta here. Let them retire to Mexico for forever.

  10. 10 rocker

    I agree with ArizonaP…waiting on breakdown from NumbersUSA to see who the slimebuckets in each party are. Cheers to all those who hammered these bastards again! I’m ready for a celebratory cold one myself.
    Also, prayers from the hearland for all those in California . God Bless.

  11. 11 Matthew

    Great job WatchDogs. Another one bites the dust. Follow up calls need to be placed, but this time these traitor senators need to be told that we are democrats and that we voted for them in their last election and we will be voting them out come next election because of their arrogance, ignorance and representation of illegal aliens and their la raza groups.

  12. 12 SkyPainter

    WEW! How many more times does the senate need to be reminded that we don’t want this piece of SH*T of a legislation.

    Who are the 56 Anti American Treasonous Senators? I just can’t wait to see who they are. They should be recalled and expelled from the Senate for failing to do the people’s will. Somehow they forget that they work for US. We The People don’t work for them.

  13. 13 Vincent Narodnik YES.gif

  14. 14 Vincent Narodnik

    Sorry.That link ddnt come up in full. cut and paste it with correction or look to the right of the page and hit button that says:”BREAKING NEWS: HOLY S..T!!!”
    It has a funny celebration type moving photo.

  15. 15 Mountain Man

    I am supprised that Boxer didn’t vote, I was sure she would vote for it.

    I am not supprised that WHORE FEINSTEIN voted for it.I called her office all day long and I kept being told her line was busy. She just wasn’t accepting any calls. She knew they weren’t what she wanted to hear.DIRTBAG BITCH!!!

  16. 16 BEADALONG

    Yay! Again this was defeated! Great job guys!

    Thanks again for the heads up, Watchdog!

    And yes Mountain Man, I agree about Feinswine. I’ll give her a peice of my mind again (even if ony her staff reads it).

    I guess (like somebody else had mentioned earlier), , this is “OUR” country, NOT their “theirs.”

    They’re also supposed to be working for us (the legal citizens of THIS nation), not everybody else.

    And if there’s “Jobs Americans Won’t do”, look in the damn mirror.

    Then, get off our dime, pay back every single red penny that we, the taxpayers paid them in their salaries and various and ALL perks, (including vacations, medical and retirement)…..Then get the hell out of here and run for office in Mexico!

  17. 17 Sandman

    I just wrote a nasty e-mail to my bitch Senator Hutchison. That NeoCon whore wrote a very short note on her website explaining why she supprted the bill… Such a lame reason for her sell-out! Thanks for the master list ‘Dog, and I encourage watchdogs out there to slam their Senators if they voted for this!

  18. 18 Sandman

    …I noticed too that pervert Senator Larry Craig supported this bill. No surprise there!

  19. 19 peternoamnesty

    im glad the nightmare act is dead……for now

  20. 20 Bensbca

    Good job everybody. The sell out, open borders senators,are relentless,so we all have to be as well. Time to gear up for the next round, “AGJOBs.”

  21. 21 rod

    its going to be a good weekend

  22. 22 Mayday

    I was glued to the TV watching the Dream Act go down and then I walked victoriously to the end of my driveway to get my mail. The illegal alien or anchor baby idiot kid across the road was sitting under a tree loudly rubbing two knife blades together. As I ignored him I thought yep it’s time to boot them all out-the time is coming soon. I resolved right then and there to fight even harder to make sure it happens.

    My senators are both sellouts and it’s time to go give them a piece of my mind again. They will both be voted out and Hagels time is about over-thank God!

  23. 23 Johnny

    AZ Patriot,

    not only do we need to find out who these scum are that voted yea, we need to do something about the abuse of the 14th amendment. The reason I say this is because I personally believe that these illegal immigrants are using their breeding powers to overthrow our government.

    They come here and breed like rats and when each little cochroach is born they are now considered a US citizen, which means they can vote and have just as much say in things as we the people do.

    Eventually in the long run there will millions of anchor babies and they will be the future generation and not the American children that come from American parents.

    The abuse of the 14th amendment has got to be one of the most important topics we need to focus on or else we will lose this country in a matter of 30 years or so.

  24. 24 simone

    Victory is sweet! I’m not going to hold my breath as much as I’d like to. I don’t trust these scumbags.

    BARBARA BOXCUTTER missed the big event because she was down in SO CAL doing photo ops because of the fire. She made me puke with her mock “caring” about the victims of the fire. Since when does that witch care about anything but herself?

    Those that voted for this crap are going to rue the day they did when re-election comes around. I plan on monetarily supporting anyone that stands firm for America. We must get the evil out of the Senate, Congress, White House and on down the line.

  25. 25 Vincent Narodnik

    They needed 60 votes to proceed with the bill.

    or another way of looking at it is to say that
    They needed 60 knives to bring down the bull.
    Sorry, senators.
    America is not your beast of burden
    there for you to make a spectacle of in the bloodsport you call “politics”
    Theres more like it.

  26. 26 Roger

    Wow! that was close. It goes to show the danger of political correctness when it comes to illigal immigrations.

  27. 27 Angel

    BENSBCA is right. AG jobs is next.

    I heard that Dream ACT was a 1 million amnesty

    AG jobs is a 3 million amnesty.

    Don’t get off the horse yet!

    Let’s start preempting that one now.

    Great job America!!

  28. 28 Cribster

    What a relief!!

    I was mentally exhausted at the end of everyday from calling, faxing and e-mailing all the while thinking we had a good chance of losing this one.

    Dingy Harry pulled out all the stops, I hope he’s feeling like crap right now.

    As you guys are saying, AgJobs will be right around the corner. No rest for the weary.

  29. 29 George(formerly-Ed)

    No that is no rest for the wicked.

  30. 30 Eddie B.

    Weii I have to give one nod… they are consistnet. Bought and paid for. Best Government money can buy. Keeping the Agnew tradition alive.

  31. 31 melody

    Enough is enough. When can we rest?

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