Here is the video of the illegal aliens caught stealing food and supplies from Qualcomm stadium. They are told that they should take what they need, and so they take, and take, and take. They fill up their truck and return three times until the police stop them. They then talk to the Spanish media about it like it was no big deal.


San Diego Police officials say they detained eight undocumented immigrants today after the suspects allegedly stole emergency supplies for evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium. KPBS reporter Amita Sharma has more.

Authorities say evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium told police they noticed a group of people loading supplies onto a truck and driving away. San Diego Police Spokeswoman Monica Munoz says witnesses saw the group return three times to pick up supplies.

Munoz: What they were doing was taking those supplies and selling them so what we did was detain those individuals and spoke to them and they told us they were undocumented and what exactly they were doing so we turned them over to the Border Patrol.

Munoz says four of the eight people taken into custody were released. She said she did not know where the group resold the items, nor to whom.

32 Responses to “Video: Leeching Invaders Stealing Emergency Supplies In San Diego”

  1. 1 K2

    Geez Louise. 1) Why didn’t the “Espanol” (Marxist) agitprop “reporter”, interview the “person”, that supposedly “gave them” the “freebies”? Should have settled the matter, one would think. Unless of course, they were lying? 2)Awwww, they took cousins, IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY! How despicable. “They took my cousins… si. Waah, waah” “they did not arrest “Manuel” and his cholo, because his lavae are anchor babies? Arrest them and throw them back across the rio grande. The brats don’t want to be seperated? Take the nits back home. 3) The cops are not hunting illegals? They bloody well should be. “I’m scared that INS knows about me… waah”. Go home, and the problem is solved. 4) 13 damn years, and no trouble with immigration authorities? They have been leeching for 13 damn years. It is high time for some “trouble”.
    They look so sad. Let’s buy them all a big present. How about Amnesty?

  2. 2 Pete Wilson Fan Club

    This pisses me off to no end, I don’t think anything in this invasion process has pissed me off more. I spent a great deal of time in the Costco Zoo a couple days ago buying stuff to take to Qualcomm, even though I had 8 of my own family evacuees at my place to help out. Now come to find out the “international subcontractors” are coming to steal it.

    I have to stop typing,my head hurts from banging it against the wall.

  3. 3 K2

    And not just coming to steal it… but steal it, then SELL it. 3x truckloads, at least. Mucho pesos, ese! Gringoland… what a fiesta! Estupido anglos don’t leave anything nailed down! Come amigos, north to the land of endless bonanza!

  4. 4 NoYouCant

    All of this in front of their children. I can’t even imagine committing a crime, but it’s even harder to imagine doing it in front of my own children. Don’t they realize what they are teaching their children? How can you not care about your own child’s future?

    If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
    If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
    If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
    If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
    If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
    If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
    If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
    If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
    If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
    If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
    If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
    If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
    If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
    If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
    If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
    If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
    If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
    If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
    If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

    Dorthy Nolte

  5. 5 Cribster

    Is there any limit to their lack of morality??!!

    People that would steal emergency supplies during the time of a catastrophe should be shot. Then, they don’t even see anything wrong with it! I wonder how much of that human garbage got away with it.

    “My children are American citizens.” Yeah, that WE paid for and will continue to for the rest of their lives.


  6. 6 Vincent Narodnik

    I was wondering how long it would take for these sorts of stories to begin sprouting up. I am waiting for the looting stories to come.

  7. 7 allamerican

    yeah, and who set those fires anyway??

    get these filthy beggars out, they are 3rd worlders who do not understand civilization, and we don’t want to teach them, get them out!!!

  8. 8 Matthew

    Vincent Narodnik: Look up and the scroll down the home page. You will find that up there in Lake Arrowhead “10-15 male hispanics in a white pick up truck were seen looting homes and businesses”. Also an older model maroon Chrysler was spotted looting homes and driving off with items filling the vehicle.

  9. 9 Matthew

    And by the way. This little cockroach anchor baby in the video crying, and the reporter turning the grand theft of emergency supplies completely around by now blaming law enforcement for arresting the thieves in front of the kids! Once again these mexican invaders are the victims of criminal acts perpetrated by American law enforcement. The human tragedy that these anchor baby’s went through excuses the felony’s their “tio” committed?

    The aclu and la raza are gonna be all over this one. No apologies to the American population ever for the actions of the scum they represent, just excuses one after another. They divert the truth and twist the facts in order to make American law and order into some type of unbearable gestapo.

  10. 10 Sippy69

    Just more great folks who are here to work. How low can these scum bags go? How pathetic.

  11. 11 The Watchdog

    Amazing slant on the story by the Spanish media. They turn these criminals into victims of immigration. Ohhh, and the crying little ones are so scared of being taken away. It’s all very sickening.

  12. 12 midwest minuteman


  13. 13 newyorker

    Absolute savages!!!!

  14. 14 melody

    These invaders and their “U.S. citizen children” (I put that in quotes because they don’t deserve to be citizens), must have been using their poor immigrant stories for so long they got braver and braver and now look stupid. 3 truck loads? How stupid. I could understand them thinking they could bag it up and run off, but to be dumb enough to keep coming back? On the same day? Even the same week would be stupid, or should be. Makes me wonder what they are used to getting away with.

    Can you imagine a U.S. citzen being able to get free stuff until you proved who you were and that your house really did burn to the ground? I would be lucky if I didn’t have to wait for some government official to check and make sure my house was gone. That just don’t make any sense to me, “they told us to take what we want because we don’t know if anything will be there when we get back”? Don’t make any sense. I can’t believe anybody could believe this. The pro-invaders sink to all sorts of lows and verbal gymnastics to explain these things and probably coach them on what to say. That’s probabably the real reason they want to make sure they have to have free interpreters: somebody to help them sound less stupid.

  15. 15 Vincent Narodnik

    Update 11:59 AM

    Press Release From San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office

    On 10/24/2007, at about 3:22 am, officers from the City of San Bernardino Police Department observed a vehicle leaving an open business at a high rate of speed. When officers attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver failed to yield. During the pursuit, in the area of 11th and L Street, the driver of the vehicle assaulted the officers with his vehicle. Officers fired on the vehicle, striking the driver. Paramedics responded and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the driver is being withheld until the notification of the next of kin. [102407 1519 SY]Name Released: Rolando Cruz Zuniga, 47 year old resident of San Bernardino [102507 0853 SY]

  16. 16 scorpiokat

    This is just more proof that he and his ilk are simply out to get whatever they can beg, borrow or steal. I guess this is one of those jobs “Americans won’t do.” One more revolting invader and his kind who are totally not interested in becoming Americans. They want only to take what we have and turn this country into the cesspool they are accustomed to. The next voice you hear will be the ACLU and LaRaza (the Race) crying about how inhumane it was for the invaders to be arrested for stealing what the American people donated. This is beyond despicable. How many times do we have to be punched in the gut before we retaliate? This piece should be on every front page of every newspaper in this country and sent First-Class mail to the Senate, House and Congress, c/o Harry Reid.

  17. 17 George(formerly-Ed)

    sippy69 how low can they go I don know right now they are so low that they can walk under a snake with a top hat on or they are so low that they will have to dig up to bury them.

  18. 18 Matthew

    Never any mention of how sorry they are for stealing, nothing said about the three truck loads of emergency supplies being stolen, no mention of the crimes they committed. Just pure excuse making and diversion from the real issues. These G damn scum bags are never responsible for wrong doing ever! They pull out the race card and wiggle their way out of every single circumstance they are negatively involved in.

  19. 19 bdiddy

    THIRTEEN YEARS LEECHING! We’ve got to do something about the anchorbaby crap. Did you see any of the poor people who were truly displaced by the fire take emgergency items by the truck loads? Sure they are only here to better themselves and take care of their families. Greedy scum pigs.
    This is how these low-lives are. If your items are not locked up and nailed down, they think it’s for the taking! They walked into my mom’s yard and picked the fruits (by the grocery bags!!!) like it’s Christmas!!!!!!!

  20. 20 Brent from Vista

    This story was a jaw dropper! But are we really surprised by these actions??
    We were hosting several families that had been evacuated from Fallbrook and we watched the live report of this incident…every single person in the room went ballistic when they saw the story! After the TV network (Local NBC) aired the story, I told my friends that would probably be the only time we would see this story covered by television media. And the only other time the story was referenced or spoke of was on the Rick Roberts Show (760AM KFMB).
    This story shows the direct disconnect between illegal aliens who are here in the US for the free handouts and the people who are here to contribute to a nation and its communities. Just the mere fact that these illegal aliens had the balls to go down and steal these valuable supplies illustrates their direct disrespect for the fire victims, evacuees and the American citizen. They could care less about the benefit it could serve to stranded people…only how it could benefit their needs.


  21. 21 bergey

    I found it interesting how the illegal described the woman who accused him of stealing as the “American Woman”!

  22. 22 cthelight

    Neither Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck mentioned this
    on the news tonight. Arson, yes, but guardedly.
    No names…would not want to incriminate anyone.

  23. 23 Educated American

    I just can’t even believe this. This is one of the worst invader stories I’ve ever heard. What utter scum.

    I’m almost speechless.

    Usually, crying children are a heart-tugger for me. I watched that little kid crying over the fate of his “cousins” and felt . . .


    And now there is at least one story of a confirmed illegal Guatamalan trying to start another fire.

    What the hell is going on?

  24. 24 1lastamerican

    Glad I got out of California when I did. The only problem, they all followed me to South Carolina. Maybe they will now go to New York to get their driver license with no problem. Just wait till Hiltlery gets in, we will be much safer.

  25. 25 Angel

    No thoughts except for himself. You’d think he’d at least have some pride.

  26. 26 Mountain Man

    Angel, these Illegal Aliens don’t know what pride is. They don’t understand the concept of integrity and pride the way Americans do. They teach there children to cheat steal and take advantage of any situation they can. No morals at all.

  27. 27 melody

    Do they show this newscast in all the Spanish speaking countries? If this type of garbage is being shown, no wonder the pregnant women don’t mind risking their lives on their dangerous journey to get here. The rewards are too great to pass up. The message is so painfully obvious:

    1. have your hijos on American soil.

    2. don’t use birthcontrol the more hijos the better.

    3. one hijo anchor baby equals one extra special reason to stay in America

    4. each invader needs a baby to hide behind

    5. be sure to wave smallest hijo for all to see

    6. be sure to teach hijos to cry on cue for cameras

    7. no hijo equals no benefits

    8. no hijo equals being arrested by law enforcement just because you the
    invader likes to steal

  28. 28 seven_staarten

    ‘Usually, crying children are a heart-tugger for me. I watched that little kid crying over the fate of his ?cousins? and felt . . .


    familiarity breeds contempt.


  29. 29 SkyPainter

    That guy is just lying his head off… It is quite obvious to me from the tone of his voice and his physical manerisms while he “explains” what happened.

    The funny thing is that he never mentions the three vans loads that were taken away. Oh no… that was never mentioned.

    This just makes me mad as hell. Ohhhh… and the crying kids? LOL… OH MY GOD! Let’s see…. and the Oscar goes to…. The LITTLE KID!

    Someone break out the micro violin please.

  30. 30 BEADALONG

    Oh (@%#@ Gag! Gack, cough, choke cough@)#! And the parents have been here for 13 years and they didn’t seem to speak a drop of English!

  31. 31 Sippy69

    You said it George! Even that isn’t low enough! :) I still simply can’t believe these losers. And worse, in the video he makes it sound like he did nothing wrong. Nice try on the espanol TV station by interviewing the crying kids in order to get sympathy. As I’ve said before, if illegals want sympathy from Americans, they need to look between shit and syphillus in the dictionary because they are not getting it!

  32. 32 DfD

    I like the new shirt the Telemundo Chica put on this guy before the interview.

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