An immigration reform organization is trying to help a Chicago storeowner who is being squeezed out by unlicensed street vendors who are in the country illegally.

Susan Tully of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) says her organization is appalled that the city of Chicago is refusing to do anything to help the shop owner who is paying $2,500 a month rent, as well as all the licensing fees to legitimately run his business. Tulley says the illegal aliens are operating over a dozen carts in the vicinity of the store.

“The city code enforcement officers who do the business license inspection have told him that the council person in charge of that area has told them hands off. They’re not allowed to require a health permit or a business license of those food carts — and here he is expected to compete,” she says.

Tully says FAIR wants to show that reverse discrimination is taking place in Chicago. She says it is very difficult for the shop owner to compete when illegal immigrants have more rights than he does. She laments that illegal aliens have “a whole set of rights and free reign” to do whatever they want, but an American citizen who wants to do the right thing is penalized.

8 Responses to “Chicago Store Owner Being Squeezed Out By Illegal Alien Street Vendors”

  1. 1 1Madmomma

    All the BS that is going on right now with these illegals is an outrage. It is an advantage to be an illegal. I once knew a catering truck driver that damn near got shut down because of all the health inspections, you know rules and regulations. Those laws that only pertain to us ( US citizens ). It is maddening to say the least.

  2. 2 George(formerly-Ed)

    Hey every one watch Lou Dobbs tonight he’s going to talk about Texas they developed a zero tolorence towards Illegals.

  3. 3 melody

    Since I began to realize the truth about some of the heart-warming coming to America stories, I feel discriminated against. Many of the legal immigrants have become rich from starting a business. Americans are less likely to want to work in their restaurants because they don’t speak the language and that makes them less likely to be sued for job discrimination. Which also makes it easier to get away with hiring illegal aliens. Many times they know they can exploit illegal aliens because they know for sure they are illegal because they are the ones who recruited them from the home country. They get away with housing code violations, and shady business deals on their path to the American dream. Stuff the typical American can’t get away with in less the American wants to live with invaders.

    On top of all that, Americans are brainwashed into thinking they are needy just because they are immigrants. Just because a person is an immigrant does not mean he has been poor or will ever be poor. Many immigrants are just rich people following the money trail. Many were rich before they even came here, but the way they write about them in the media you would never suspect.

  4. 4 Matthew

    If any one gets sick or dies from eating from one of these cockroach carts, will the city of Chicago take responsibility?

  5. 5 K2

    Are these all food “carts”? Would suggest the following tactic, for the present, while attempting to deal with the Liberal-communist council- Get friends and supporters, who have the time and inclination, to approach the carts as often as possible. Armed with a supply of pea-soup, strawberry milk etc, barf, hurl and vomit in open view, right where the serving occurs. Keep coming back. If necessary, actually buy 1x serve, in order to “justify” remaining in close proximity, and in active hurling mode. The privileged roach “business” (aka scam), will suffer. Fight fire with fire.

  6. 6 Mountain Man

    K2 I like your way of thinking.

  7. 7 SkyPainter

    Gee wiz K2! Now that’s one way to fight back. I like your thinking.

  8. 8 1Madmomma

    Good call to action K2!

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