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Illegal border crossers arrested along Arizona’s stretch of U.S.-Mexican border will soon find themselves facing two weeks to six months in jail, which now is reserved only for repeat crossers and those with criminal records.

The sector is working toward a zero-tolerance program known as “Operation Streamline” that is now used in the Yuma and Del Rio sectors, U.S. Border Patrol Tucson Sector Chief Robert W. Gilbert told a U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security subcommittee Wednesday. The program is also set to start soon in the Laredo Sector.

The program creates a deterrent that dramatically alters the dynamics along the border.
First-time offenders would be charged with a misdemeanor “entry without inspection,” which carries a jail sentence of 15 to 180 days. Repeat offenders could be charged with felony re-entry and imprisoned up to two years.

Most illegal entrants from Mexico apprehended here are currently allowed to return home voluntarily unless a records check shows they have been detained repeatedly or have a criminal history. Only a small fraction of the illegal crossers are prosecuted.

That catch-and-release system, which has been in place since the early 1970s, created an empty threat to many illegal border crossers, said Robert Boatright, the new deputy chief in the Tucson Sector.

“There has to be a consequence. There is little or no consequence until you go to a Streamline-type process,” said Boatright, the right-hand man to Gilbert. “It’s going to be a change in paradigm; there are going to be consequences to illegal immigration.”

6 Responses to “Jail Time In Store For All AZ Crossers”

  1. 1 Mountain Man

    How about hard labor while there in jail. Like putting them on a rock pile with a sledgehammer making little rocks out of big ones. Make it so they don’t want to come back ever.

  2. 2 SkyPainter

    This is a good start. I would make it a felony right off the bat, however… this is a good start.

    I agree with you Mountain Man, give them hard labor while in jail. In addition to sledgehammering rocks, I would make them pick up the little rocks and move them half a mile away to the little rock pile.

  3. 3 George(formerly-Ed)

    Mountain Man. better yet make them build the wall along the border.I want to say yeah but I will hold back and wait and see if La Raza & the ACLU file a law suit.You Know I had a friend who went to an Arizona youth camp back in the 60’s and all day long all they did was build a three foot rock wall then tare it down & start a new one three feet away all day long thats what they did and they were just teens,he did that for six months.That’s how long it took his parents to prove he did not do what he was convicted of.Well if it is good enough for teens they it is good enough for mexican invaders.

  4. 4 George(formerly-Ed)

    thgis story was supose to be aired on LOuDobbs this evening but he did not report it .

  5. 5 1Madmomma

    Now the rest of the border states need to follow suit. This crap has got to stop! It still just bugs the hell out of me. WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY does our country let them get away with this crap. They cause so much friggen havoc, cost us so much damn money, and we sit on our hands and do nothing. If it were us costing the Mexican gov’t money, they would probably enact some law to be able to drop us in our tracks, boom dead! We better pray to God Hillary, or Obama don’t get elected. I think thats why the stupid beach is not doing nothing about the New York drivers license give away. Counting on voter fraud to get them into office. Sickening pieces of doo, they are!!!!!!

  6. 6 Johnny

    I like the idea of hard labor for these scumbags.

    I say have them on a chaingang picking up the trash they left behind in the deserts of Arizona and then have them clean up all the grafitti that their anchor babies paint all over the city streets signs and brick walls.

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