Mexicans Miss Money From Relatives Up North
New York Times
October 26, 2007

EL RODEO, Mexico ? For years, millions of Mexican migrants working in the United States have sent money back home to villages like this one, money that allows families to pay medical bills and school fees, build houses and buy clothes or, if they save enough, maybe start a tiny business.

But after years of strong increases, the amount of migrant money flowing to Mexico has stagnated. From 2000 to 2006, remittances grew to nearly $24 billion a year from $6.6 billion, rising more than 20 percent some years. In 2007, the increase so far has been less than 2 percent.

Migrants and migration experts say a flagging American economy and an enforcement campaign against illegal workers in the United States have persuaded some migrants not to try to cross the border illegally to look for work. Others have decided to return to Mexico. And many of those who are staying in the United States are sending less money home.

In the rest of the world, remittances are rising, up as much as 10 percent a year, according to Donald F. Terry of the Inter-American Development Bank. Last year, migrant workers worldwide sent more than $300 billion to developing countries ? almost twice the amount of foreign direct investment.

But in Mexico, families are feeling squeezed.

Estrella Rivera, a slight 27-year-old in this stone-paved village in Guanajuato state in central Mexico, was hoping to use the money her husband, Alonso, sent back from working illegally in Texas to build a small clothing shop at the edge of her garden.

But a month ago, Mr. Rivera returned home. His hours at a Dallas window-screen factory were cut and rumors spread that he would inevitably have to produce a valid Social Security number. Now, he works odd jobs or tends cornfields. Mrs. Rivera?s shop is indefinitely delayed, a pile of bricks stacked on the grass.

Like Mr. Rivera, some of the men who went to work in the United States illegally have returned discouraged. And less work means less money to send home ? particularly from the southern United States and other areas where Mexican migrants are a more recent presence.

?One out of three people in these new states who was sending a year ago is not sending it home today,? Mr. Terry of the Inter-American Development Bank said. ?There are some 500,000 families who aren?t receiving this year.?…..

7 Responses to “Mexicans Miss Money From Relatives Up North”


    Hmm, Rangel was throwing out ideas on taxes today on CNN (I didn’t catch the whole thing though)….but if our government is money hungry for taxes, Remittence Money is definitely the way to go….and not only is Remittence going to Mexico and Latin America, it’s going to India, Asia, Africa and Europe. That’s a hell of a lot of Remittence money that is escaping our extremely greedy goverment’s attention…..I’ve mentioned this before a few times to Feinswine, etc, but they always ignore this suggestion.

  2. 2 K2

    What you are suggesting is not an option. That is not how redistribution of wealth works. The money is supposed to flow directly from your pocket, to your 3rd world replacements. As comrade Hillary said- “We’re going to have take things away from you… for the common good”. The common good being 3rd world foreigners. Get with the program, you are not thinking like a good communist “citizen of the world”.

  3. 3 bdiddy

    This is progress. Maybe the 2 million illegals in Southern California will go home too. They’re still squatting on 12th and Broadway right now!

  4. 4 Vincent Narodnik

    This article seems to be crying about the shame that this years INCREASE in remittances was ONLY 2%.
    We all know that it should have been in double digits, at least.
    I know I feel guilty after reading it, dont you?

    If only we could have done more!

  5. 5 Sippy69

    Oh, too damn bad…Hopefully your relatives will come home since there’s no more money up here. YOU LEACHES HAVE TAKEN TOO MUCH ALREADY!

    After all, we don’t want your families to be seperated!
    I guess as long as they’re here to steal emergency supplies, it’s okay for their families to be seperated.

    So where’s the MSM outrage of their “relatives up north” being seperated from their families down south?

    As I figured, the whole families being seperated issue is just rhetorical nonsense from the pro illegal side.

    Personally, I hope the remittances drop to half of what they were. I want to see mexico’s economy go south of the border.


    Yup K2, I just hope enough people see through Hillary and remember that her hubby did pass NAFTA.

    And I hope this remittence crashes.

  7. 7 Angel

    It will become less and less down the road.

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