Gov. Spitzer (left) with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in Washington on Saturday. Spitzer announced a compromise deal on his contentious drivers license plan.

New York Post
October 27, 2007

ALBANY - Following intense pressure, Gov. Spitzer is preparing to backpedal on his plan to issue state driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as he nears an agreement with Homeland Security in which undocumented aliens can obtain licenses as long as the cards are not recognized by the federal government, The Post has learned.

Under the expected deal, which could be announced as soon as today, the state will opt into the federal REAL ID program by agreeing to create the type of dual licensing system Spitzer had originally shot down, sources said yesterday.

Under the plan, illegal aliens would still be able to obtain driver’s licenses from the state, as Spitzer has pushed for all along.

But such licenses eventually would contain wording that they are not federally recognized, meaning they cannot be used by individuals as acceptable identification to board planes or enter federal facilities such as courthouses, the sources said.

The licenses, which would be available to illegal aliens and citizens alike, would not contain information about a person’s legal status - something the Spitzer administration felt was important to avoid them becoming a “scarlet letter,” a source said.

A tougher, federally recognized license, requiring applicants to provide Social Security numbers or letters showing they are in the country legally but not eligible for such numbers, would be available only to U.S. citizens and legal aliens.

Those licenses, which would contain special computer chips with personal identifying information, could be used not only to enter federal facilities and board planes, but also to cross the border, federal officials said.

It’s unclear just how soon the dual system will be up and running because the state has to put the necessary technology in place and design the two different licenses, the officials said……

11 Responses to “Spitzer Compromises On Driver?s Licenses For Illegals”

  1. 1 DfD

    This is NOT a compromise. Illegal Aliens will get Drivers Licenses. Theirs will be just as good as mine. Mine will be as legitimate as a Federal criminal. The only one who’s been compromised……………….IS ME!!

  2. 2 Angel


    Thanks for the info. Guarddog.

  3. 3 Eddie B.

    These guys are TRAITORS!!!! They are sell outs and the people in New York should this New World Order minion pig to resign or sue him for treason.

    Chertoff has DUAL CITIZENSHIP!!! He is a ZIONIST New World Order puppet masquerading as an America.

    Where is this going to stop???!!!

  4. 4 The Watchdog

    This is a really bad deal. Many other states will now issue licenses to illegal aliens too. I’m sure CA will be next.

    DFD is right. The only ones who are compromised by the REAL ID are American citizens. This is a fucking outrage!

  5. 5 Robert Cuncic

    Well, Spitzer, you have stooped to a new low in wanting to give “ILLEGAL ALIENS” a driver’s license. I can only suggest this now, that there be two ICE agents at each DMV and arrest those “ILLEGAL ALIENS” when they apply for the license. I thought it was a privilege to have a driver’s license and not a right. No “ILLEGAL ALIEN” has a right to a driver’s license! They don’t even have a right to be in this Country.
    I hope there is a special place in hell for you, Spitzer.

  6. 6 DfD

    Governors can’t make up new immigration laws! This is a Federal issue!! This is a direct violation of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. Spitzer is like saying, you can be here Illegally because I’m giving you a drivers license. That’s a violation of the Constitution!! State law cannot override Federal law in matters of immigration. Chertoff is just as guilty!!

  7. 7 K2

    Indeed. The USA now has citizens of 2 foreign countries, hostile to national interests, driving or deciding both foreign and domestic policy. The US emerged as a major international power in 1917. Will it make it through a whole century?

  8. 8 the marlboro man

    This asshole has a bigger game in mind!The senator from NY hasn,t said a word about this(HILLARY)also she said when the Dream Act failed,she would get it passed when she is (PREZ)Why wouldn,t the senator from that state speak up,when it afects her state(VOTES)If this happens,all the ILLEGALS will be headed for NY,once they get the D/L,they just go back where they came from and get a new D/L from that state,and REGESTER TO VOTE ? Other words a short way to AMNASTY .This is pure treson!Spitzer has been promised something big for doing this by nonr other than HILLARY,wait and see?This is just a way to slip under the law and get away with it! They have to be stopped,if the people could see the bigger picture all hell would brake lose!

  9. 9 newyorker

    This is all the same shit. Don’t be fooled by this
    moron. He thinks he can get away with this without New Yorkers knowing his game but he’s not fooling anyone.
    He’s the same dip shit he was last week.

  10. 10 1lastamerican

    Thanks to Lou Dobbs for exposing this idiot Spitzer, on his program nightly. Too bad the media refuses to expose Hillary’s voting record on immigration.

  11. 11 D-7

    About six weeks ago I mentioned to you all that I was here at the licensing place in the state of Washington. I mentioned that I couldn’t understand why there were so many hispanics crouching around speaking spanish. On my way out a grabbled a pamphet on the new rules for licensing. Among things SPELLED out that could be used as “resident” identification were a MEXICAN high school transcript, a MEXICAN matricula consular card (wow, now that’s REAL ID for you!) and a bunch of stupid stuff like your recent electricity bill to show residence, blah, blah, blah. But the slap in the face is that it said that those with social security numbers would have their licenses rescinded if the social security number came back a no-match — if you have one, you have to provide it. But, those who don’t have a social security number can just sign a form that says they don’t have one and that requirement is WAIVED. Are you shittin’ me? More scrutiny for Americans than freakin’ ILLEGALS. No wonder absolute swarms have made their way here in the last couple of years. I wasn’t even aware there was a problem until just about two years ago. It’s all different now.

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