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SPRING HILL ? For decades, it?s been considered the best way to cultivate patriotism in young schoolchildren in the United States: Rising daily, hand over heart, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

So does it matter if it?s not said in English?

Some local parents say yes, and are raising objections over last week?s recitation of the pledge in Spanish during Hispanic Heritage month at Spring Hill?s J.D. Floyd Elementary School.

But school district officials say no ? that it was a one-time teaching exercise designed to broaden the horizons of young children, nothing more.

So who?s right?

Spring Hill resident Elyse DiMartino said she first learned of the ?nuevo pledge? when her second-grader came home from school Oct. 17 and announced that his class had recited the pledge first in English, then in Spanish that day.

?I thought he was kidding,? DiMartino said, whose two other children also attend J.D. Floyd.

When she called the school, however, she said Principal Marcia Austin confirmed the news, citing the exercise as a learning experience and way of recognizing diversity.

?I told her I?m offended by (saying the pledge in Spanish),? DiMartino said.

While Austin was not available for comment at press time, Hernando superintendent Wayne Alexander confirmed that such decisions are within individual principals? jurisdictions to decide.

?I expect the principals ? and our teachers, in general ? to come up with ways to celebrate, reward, promote and acknowledge our diversity,? he said.

Alexander said the activity was a new one, suggested by a student, as part of national Hispanic Heritage Month.

11 Responses to “Anger Over School Saying Pledge Of Allegiance In Spanish”

  1. 1 George(formerly-Ed)

    Bull it is a form of indoctrination,just as having little Kids reading stories about Little johnny having two dads & jane having two mothers as well as stories of cross dressers and Morfadites. Makes me glad my daughter is in collage now,

  2. 2 Madison

    Goerge,they’re just as bad if not worse with their liberal teachings in collage.I hope she doesn’t get brainwashed there.

  3. 3 Cribster

    I prefer unity over diversity. Diversity leads to division!

  4. 4 Eddie B.

    Put the frog in boiling water and it jumps out. Put the frog in the water first then turn up the heat and it will come out fully cooked.

    It is just a matter of time. If the parents aren’t up in arms over this then shame, shame, shame. We are being sold out. Comprende?

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. 5 Vincent Narodnik

    Slow morning around here, so I read it in its original.
    I couldnt resist sharing this little tidbit from the article.

    ?Being bilingual is not a sin, and the feeling behind it is the same,? she said. ?You don?t just love in one language.?

    I will be spending some time this morning writing to the Museum of Unmeaning pleading that they open an annex devoted to smarm, cheese, and shlock.
    I will send this specimen as proof of how great the need really is.

    However, now that I think about it, postal regulations forbid sending such things in the mail. Even if I managed to pack it really well, within a day or so the odor would be so obvious they’d detect it and I’d be busted.

    Maybe e-mail is the answer.

  6. 6 bdiddy

    There is a place that is 100% acceptant of Hispanic Heritage Month - it’s called MEXICO. Was the class all Hispanic students? - I wouldn’t think so. How unfair is it for the other minorities? Let’s have the kids say the pledge in Korean and German.

  7. 7 Angel

    Obama refused to put his hand over his heart when they recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

    I think that Obama is purposely siding with the fringe elements in his party to lose support from the rest of America. I think he and Hillary made a deal about 6 months ago for Obama to start screwing up so Hillary would be top dog. I wonder what Hillary promised him down the road? Maybe VP? That’s the change in Obama as I see it since he first started.

  8. 8 Eddie B.

    Thanks Vincent! Pants fit better now!

  9. 9 dolph

    This is no surprise to me. My 17 year old daughter was taught the Pledge of Allegiance in spanish in Phoenix, AZ over 10 years ago. It didn’t bother me then, as she told me they do it in English first, the in espanol. It does bother me now.

  10. 10 D-7

    My kids are forbidden to do anything in spanish, even to take spanish — my kid had to struggle through with German, even though I hear spanish is easier. I forbid it as a protest to the Hispanic pandering going on and I’m certainly not afraid to be called racist. Bring it on, while I show up in my German army coat — then with blonde hair people start imaging neo-nazi thoughts, but I don’t give a damn. Then they’re a little confused because they remember my kids are black. I forbade it last year when I found out my kid was required to look up a science vocabulary word in the spanish part of the glossary. I wrote a big ol’ note to the teacher saying anything my kid ended up doing in science sure as hell wouldn’t be in spanish (never capitilized on purpose) and that they were forbidden to do anything in spanish. I’ve instructed my kids to tell me anytime this type of pandering comes up, to tell the teachers they are forbidden and that the teachers must get ahold of me. I go out of my way to give them hell for it. I know they think that crap is cute. Every pansy wants to be liked and be thought of as a good person so badly they throw out true justice and common sense.

  11. 11 George(formerly-Ed)

    Madisos no she wont I rased her to have her own Mind and she does she will even debate me on issue out side thehome as well as things I sayshe has had thre boy friends for a short time short time because I believe they tried to get her to have sex abd she willnot do it Because my ex & me taught her properly.

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