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An illegal immigrant was sentenced today in Chesapeake Circuit Court to a year in prison for having sex with a 13-year-old girl and producing nude images of the child.

Carlos De La Cruz Ramos, fomerly of the 3700 block of S. Military Highway in Chesapeake, was arrested in May after a Wal-Mart store clerk processed film he had dropped off that showed images of a nude child, police said. Ramos was convicted in August of producing child pornography and carnal knowledge, both felonies carrying maximum punishments of 10 years in prison.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney David Whitted said Ramos was 19 when he committed the crime.

Judge E. Preston Grissom sentenced Ramos to five years with four years suspended on each conviction. His prison time will run together, meaning Ramos will serve an active sentence of one year behind bars. Grissom also ordered that Ramos, upon his release from prison, be turned over to federal authorities for deportation. Grissom ordered that Ramos register as a sex offender in the event he is not deported. If he ever returned to the United States, it would be a violation of his suspended sentence.

With the aid of an interpreter, Ramos stood in court today and responded “no” when asked if he had anything to say. Ramos, who has a sixth-grade education, has been in jail since his arrest March 8.

4 Responses to “Invader Pedohphile Gets 1 Year, Possible Deportation”

  1. 1 Madison


  2. 2 Eddie B.

    He may not go home. He might like it in there and stay a while.

  3. 3 Johnny

    He won’t register as a sex offender and as far as his 1 year sentence….He’ll end up doing about half of that sentence.

    The judge who sentenced this guy needs to serve time in the same cell with this scum!

  4. 4 K2

    “Grissom ordered that Ramos register as a sex offender in the event he is not deported.”

    Somewhat of a hint one would think.

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