Trash Can Baby Brings Police Chief to Tears

I don’t know the mother’s immigration status, but they say in the article that’s she’s only been in the country for a month.


SMITHVILLE, Tenn.- The police chief and several others struggle to make sense of the case. Investigators plan to charge an 18-year-old woman who delivered a baby boy Friday night and allegedly tossed him in a trash can.

Policeman and parent Smithville Police Chief Richard Jennings struggles to make sense of the case.

“I mean, all she would have had to have done — there were 42 people, including the staff there, if she’d just said something. Excuse me, but she didn’t,” said Jennings.

The chief and TBI plan to charge Lillian Sosa,18, who has been here from Mexico only a month, with second degree murder.

According to investigators, Sosa gave birth to a baby boy in the ladies’ room of El Rancho Mexican Restaurant. They said she tossed the newborn in the trash. The restaurant owner said the nearly six pound baby was still alive, but died on the way to the hospital.

The mystery mother had vanished, so police immediately put out an all call to surrounding emergency rooms to be on the lookout for a woman who’s just given birth. Ms. Sosa never surfaced for the medical care she so desperately needed.

It was the police who insisted Sosa get help after her arrest.

“If she hadn’t had the surgery, there’s a very good possibility she would have died,” said Jennings.

Sosa has been living with an aunt in rural Dekalb County. She worked at El Rancho in Smithville less than two weeks.

Chief Jennings said he will never forget the crime scene.

Sosa is at a Cookeville hospital. She is under police surveillance around the clock. The chief expects her to be released sometime Monday and taken directly to jail. Sosa has reportedly told detectives the child was hers.

An autopsy in Nashville will tell investigators why the newborn boy stopped breathing. Police hope DNA tests will positively match him with his mother.

4 Responses to “Trash Can Baby Brings Police Chief to Tears”

  1. 1 Matthew

    They all come here to have baby’s in hopes to stay because of the kid. She came here a month ago and she should be the poster child for anti anchor baby legislation. how many tax dollars will end up being spent on this piece of trash illegal alien? We are all tapped out in having to support the other ones who burden us already!

  2. 2 Vaquera Guera

    I have not left this website, I have not commented on anything in a long time, not for any particular reason, but this article really upsets me beyond anything I can possibly understand and as a person who has tried to have a child with my husband for over 11 years now and I for one, would have gladly taken the child to raise as my own as I am sure 100’s of other people would, however, no one was given a chance. Watchdog, as soon as I get my property taxes paid, I still have about grand left to pay this year and I will be sending a money order to you in the mail. I want to say one more thing before I sign off, I am very happy that you are not like that Christie chick, after she was exposed, thank you, you seem to be geniune and sincere in your articles and seem to be a peaceful, respectful guy and on track. I have had opportunity to look at several of your videos and etc. and I know that you are good person, otherwise, I would not even consider sending you any money, cuz…. I am a tight wad, but anyways….. look for it in about a week or two.

  3. 3 Sandman

    I wondered where you went Guera…Welcome back!

  4. 4 midwest minuteman

    And there are those on various blogs who don’t like it when I call these INVADERS….


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