NY Senators mum on Spitzer’s ID plan for immigrants
News Day
October 29, 2007

WASHINGTON - New York’s plan to create three types of driver’s licenses, including one for illegal immigrants, has everyone talking _ everyone except the state’s Democratic senators, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a fellow Democrat, announced over the weekend that he had struck a deal with federal homeland security officials to create a three-tiered state system of licenses.

In doing so, New York agreed to adopt Bush administration goals on tighter identification security, but Spitzer stuck to his much-criticized plan to allow illegal immigrants to get licenses.

The license debate, hard-wired to issues like immigration, terrorism, and civil liberties, may simply be too radioactive for either a presidential candidate like Clinton or a powerful senator like Schumer.

For years, Clinton and Schumer seemingly couldn’t stop talking about the government’s looming border ID rules.

Now it’s different.

“She’s running for president, and this is a land-mine no matter what you do,” said Doug Muzzio, a professor of politics at Baruch College in New York. “The best strategy for her is to do what she’s doing: keep quiet, because whatever you said, you will tick off constituencies, whether it’s in the primary or the general election.”

For Schumer, the danger is less obvious, but still very real to the third-ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate.

Also, Spitzer’s popularity among New York voters is sinking fast, lashed to the political dead weight of his license plan.

“Spitzer himself has become toxic,” said Muzzio. “It’s not only the message, it’s the messenger.”

Under Spitzer’s plan, one card which will be as secure as a passport and would be valid to get the user across the Canadian border, another will be good enough for domestic air travel, and a third won’t be acceptable for air travel but will be available to illegal immigrants and others.

“The plan we put forth makes perfect sense,” Spitzer said in a teleconference from Portugal while attending and environmental conference of government leaders. “This is the structure that squares security, maximizes participation, and permits law enforcement to know who in the state is driving, and that is the series of objectives we laid out.”

Sen. Clinton has spent years urging the Bush administration to scale back plans to require passports to cross the U.S. border into Canada, saying that would be too costly and cumbersome for communities like Buffalo. She has also rejected the suggestion that better driver’s licenses could be used instead, noting they wouldn’t be available to children.

On Monday, her spokesman Philippe Reines said she continues to review Spitzer’s plan.

“Sen. Clinton strongly believes that a federal solution is needed to our immigration crisis,” said Reines. “She is still studying the governor’s most recent proposal, but understands the impetus behind his plan _ that federal inaction on comprehensive immigration reform has created conditions where states feel compelled to act on their own.”…..

3 Responses to “NY Senators Mum On Spitzer's ID Plan For Illegals”

  1. 1 newyorker

    Of course they are mum. We have a slut running for president and that dip Schumer wants re-election.
    They both suck and love illegals.

  2. 2 Angel

    I’ve been watching Lou Dobb’s diatribe against these licenses nightly. Thank you Lou!

    Now for why Shumer and particulary Hillary are mum….do you think that it is by chance that this is New York and not California or Florida or North Carolina right now? Think about it. Hillary concocted the entire thing. She wants to win the presidency and she for d _ _ sure needs to win her own state. This is voter fraud in the works right now. A driver’s license is a ticket to voting. Period. It’s a ticket toward the White House.

    I do give them an “A” for creative and ingenuity.

    Next time you hear about this….just think which senator is really behind this. Poor Governor Spitzer has become her sacrificial lamb. He gets just what he deserves for trying to carry out policies for the NWO politicians like Hillary.

    And the circus continues…………..

  3. 3 Vincent Narodnik

    ?NY Senators Mum”
    What else should we expect from mummies?
    Lets make that “NY Senators Dum…”
    (spoken in the quality of language programmed for us by the Edumacation Industry)
    Do you mind if I have a little fun with your post, NewYorker?
    They both suck and “love” illegals. Long time. For votes.
    I guess I shouldnt be surprised, but Donkey Shows are no longer a specialty of Tiajuana brothels, but now can be seen as far north and east as Albany.
    even in H.H.Richardsons magnificent New York State House.
    With architecture so fine, maybe the name should be changed to
    “The New York Gentlemens Club”

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