H.R. 4437 Victories And A Few Losses

House voting continued today on Judiciary Chairman Sensenbrenner’s border security bill, H.R. 4437.

I am beginning to have some faith in our elected officials in Washington. What happened these past two days has given me some hope that maybe these people are more connected to the will of the American public than I thought. The house passed the majority of the amendments that went up for a vote. This bill is much stronger that it was.

The biggest victory is that none of the amendments include language by Rep. Flake that would have supported an expanded foreign guestworker program. Our allies protested that they would kill the whole bill rather than include that invitation for the Senate to add a guestworker program to this enforcement-only bill. In a showdown with GOP leaders on Thursday afternoon, our allies persuaded the leaders to pull Flake’s language out of the Manager’s Amendment for Friday. This was a powerful signal to the Senate that it risks killing the whole bill if it sends it back with a guestworker program in it. I sure as hell hope so…

Unfortunately the amendment that would end birthright citizenship was not allowed to go up for a vote. We’ll get it next time!

NumbersUSA has all the details.

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