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A 41-year-old man is in critical condition after a Sunday night dispute at a Flag City gas station led to Lodi, where two men beat him with a baseball bat.

Steven Merrill, of Pioneer, and the two men began fighting around 7:50 p.m. at USA Gas, 2448 W. Kettleman Lane. He and Luis Trujillo, 21, were fighting when Juan Trujillo, 22, hit Merrill with an aluminum bat in the chest, knocking him to the ground, according to police.

Then, when Merrill was on the ground, Juan Trujillo allegedly hit Merrill in the face with the bat, said Sgt. Chris Jacobson. Police arrested Juan Trujillo on suspicion of attempted murder.

Luis Trujillo was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy, battery and driving without a license; and both men are also suspected of entering the country illegally, according to police.

Merrill was flown by medical helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, where he was in critical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said Monday.

The incident apparently began at the AM/PM gas station in Flag City near Interstate 5. All three men were involved in a verbal dispute there and Merrill left, with the other men following.

Merrill stopped at the Lodi gas station, where Juan and Luis Trujillo began circling around him and the fight started, police said.

Both suspects, who told police they live in Thornton, are expected to appear in court later this week. Preliminary police reports did not clarify if, or how, the Trujillos are related to one another.

Lodi police have not previously had contact with the suspects.

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12 Responses to “2 Invaders Beat American With Baseball Bat, Man In Critical Condition”
  1. BEADALONG says:

    Why don’t they just go to the White House and have a field day there with the politicians who adore them so much? Or even pay a visit to the Sacramento politicians who are allowing these people to remain here? Even better, these people need to go to the news stations and show “their great love” there also since they are the MSM darlings.

  2. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Is this a sign that they are stepping up their campaign against Americans or an isolated case of violence or perhaps they hear about the Oklahoma court decision and got angry and took it out on him.

  3. Matthew says:

    “Preliminary police reports did not clarify if, or how, the Trujillos are related to one another”.

    Huh…. They’re both mexican illegals, that’s the relation! They can’t even win a fight without some type of assistance! The bat was probably stolen too.

  4. the marlboro man says:

    Just some more of your hard working,folks who came here just to steal jobs,rob,murder,rape and any other god dam thing they can get away with!!! This is what our nation has come to,we don,t have the WILL to stop this kind of shit?Had this kind off thing been going on 50 or 75 years ago we would have been up in arms to put a stop to it fast!!WE THE PEOPLE have lost the will and the back bone to stand up to our BROKEN GOV,T and stop this in its tracks! All this P/C bullshit is going to destory this country,alone with the assholes we have put in charge of our GOV,T.If the people don,t wake up and do something in the next 5 years you willnot have any say what so ever!!

  5. Sandman says:

    Marlboro Man, you are right on. We may have to return to the wild west days where the citizens will have to take action and police their own towns. Washington runs the show now and look at what we have.Law and order is a thing of the past. An economic collapse will be bad for everyone, but I am certain that the days of vigilante justice will return if/ when things change in a big way (like a depression) Get the ropes ready!

  6. Mountain Man says:

    How come this hasn’t been called a HATE CRIME? If two white boys had beat-up a mexican it would be called a HATE CRIME. I guess when your Black or White and the thugs are mexican its just to bad take your beating and shut-up.

  7. Midnightwarrior says:

    I called the Lodi police department and got the # for the DA office 209-331-7500. The DA will be back her office on Monday and her name is Pat Garcia make sure you guys call and ask why these assholes aren’t being prosecuted for hate crimes. Count me on that call list!!!!

  8. Angel says:

    Thanks for the number midnightwarrior!

  9. Midnightwarrior says:

    No problem! I just hope a lot of Americans call this DA and give her a piece of their mind.

  10. Johnny says:

    “suspicion” to attempted murder??? Is the Lodi news trying to fool us by down-playing the charges. I freak’in hate these news outlets because they symphatize with these criminals!

    Suspicion!!!!! No you idiots its attempted first degree murder! and if this man dies as a result to his injuries it will be first degree murder. Why is the second person not being charged with attempted murder?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  11. Johnny says:

    And yes these sub-humans should be charged with a hate crime because I can promise you if the tables were turned and the criminals were white they would have hate crimes slapped to these charges too. And it would be making headlines all across the United States that two racist white boys beat attempted to kill a mexican illegal alien.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  12. SkyPainter says:

    Again I ask… How many more American Citizens will have to die or get hurt by an illegal alien before we do something about this?

    Stupid Senators, Representatives and Bushites… HOW MANY MORE?

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