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225 Responses to “The Dog House - November”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Are we still going to be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

    Or will that offend too many ethno-centric, religous, cultural groups living in our country?

  2. AmericanWorker says:

    Well thats and idea Eddie. Lets call it GIVING DAY It seems that all American Goverments local and state give away American taxpayers Dollars to help someone else anyway.

  3. Faye says:

    HEY, YA’LL!!!!

    I came in from out of town real early this morning and had to stop by the store — Walmart. Everything’s been rearranged. It’s all open, the aisles are clean, the floors are shining, everything’s neat. AND………. the Mexican music is gone from the overhead. And the Mexican announcer. I actually heard a jewish song. Then I heard an old Christmas song. Then they put on a local country-western station. The one announcement I heard was in ENGLISH and wasn’t even Spanish-accented. My clerk was a nice, personable, young black woman who just chatted away at me. Then I got to looking around. Man, all the rude hispanics that used to be there were gone! The ones that were there looked like the hispanics who have lived here all along. Most of the clerks were blacks and whites.


  4. Sandman says:

    Good question Eddie, I hear that Santa Claus is under attack this year because he is too white!

  5. Johnny says:


    glad to hear that they fixed your neighborhood WalMart.

    I just went to Denny’s this morning with my two boys and they were given kids menus that were in Spanish. I got up and asked for kids menus in English and they told me they did not have menus in English. I kept my cool and finally after waiting for 10 minutes and no server arriving at our table I decided it was time to leave and give our buisness to IHOP.

    Monday morning I am going to give Denny’s corporate a call and remind them that we live in America, one language, one border and one culture!!!!

    Sandman/ Eddie,
    Yea I hear ya, lets get rid of Santa and Thanksgiving!!!!! We should be celebrating Ramadan right now that is unless you are a Jihadist then you don’t have to worry about Ramada.
    Ahhhhhh gotta love the PC liberals!!!!!

  6. Vincent Narodnik says:

    As for the Thanksgiving “issue”, I think …excuse me, I feel that ‘dialog’ is needed, and all “diverse perspectives” are to he honored and respected.
    Our opinions here, however, have not been deemed “diverse” by our “Leaders”, so I imagine that - in the name of “fairness” and to be sensitive, a new ( tm ) holiday will be promulgated. Following Standard Operating Procedure #13, the name will be retained, but the meaning and purpose and feeling of it will be done away with. …much like the innards of the turkey that “we” used to celebrate “our” “national” holiday before cooking.
    Central Command is busy ‘ramping up’ a ‘pilot program’ to spread ‘awareness’ of the following festive ceremony to replace ours. Dont worry. It comes from the ‘perspective’ of a much more ancient ‘cultural tradition’
    Here is one of the promotional posters being ‘focus grouped’ right now:

  7. Angel says:

    I just got back from a road trip to and from Alabama. Coming back toward Atlanta on Interstate 20 from Birmingham there is a huge billboard for Ron Paul. My jaw dropped. check it out if you are in the area. It’s exactly 32 miles West of Atlanta. Then on Suwanee-Lawrenceville Road near the movie theater on the bridge someone put a banner for the Ron Paul Revolution on the railings on the bridge. Is anyone else noticing a Ron Paul increase in your areas?

  8. Angel says:

    Listen to the end when he says, “There’s a risk he could win.” I thought it was funny. Great music Alicia.

  9. melody says:

    13 year old boy, probably an anchor baby, doing stuff some American boys might not want to do: Date a 25 year math teacher. The teacher took him to Mexicao and got caught. The boy has relatives in Mexico. I don’t know if the teacher is Mexican. She don’t seem to have a Mexican name, but who knows.

  10. melody says:

    oops, I meant to say 25 year old teacher, and I spelled Mexico wrong.

  11. Mayday says:

    Melody I know who this teacher is. Kelsey isn’t mexican and it’s so hard to believe that she did this. The whole town is in shock and that’s all everyone has been talking about all week. Her myspace page has this written on it: “”WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS FOR THEY BECOME WORDS. WATCH YOUR WORDS FOR THEY BECOME ACTIONS. WATCH YOUR ACTIONS FOR THEY BECOME HABITS. WATCH YOUR HABITS FOR THEY BECOME CHARACTER. WATCH YOUR CHARACTER FOR IT BECOMES YOUR DESTINY.”"

    Here’s the story from our local paper:

    Hmm looks like our local paper just started letting people comment. Interesting.

  12. melody says:

    Oh, my. She is a mother just like that Mary Kay Letourneau. How can a mother leave her child for a 13 year old boy? I wonder if they will get married about 8 years from now like Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau did.

  13. the marlboro man says:

    FOLKS it seems that out of all the smart lawyers in all the big citys,and states,that OKLAHOMA,sat still till they had a bill that even GWBUSCH can,t F__K up?And I hope that the rest will follow.He must allow it or his people would already have done so?THANKS OK!!!

  14. Angel says:

    More flip flopping from JOHN MCCAIN.

    Now he wants to secure the borders first, BUT he still wants the amnesty bill to take care of the 12 million that are here.

  15. Angel says:

    Hillary Press

    Finally people are asking her the questions we all want answered.

  16. Angel says:


    Go to this link and on the top of the page watch

    “North American Nightmare”

  17. Mayday says:

    Melody-I just read a story on Alipac that says Fernando is an illegal alien.

    The local news has said nothing about this. At least he is back in Mexico where he belongs. The good thing is Lexington has one less gang member as he belonged to the 13th street gang here. Now they need to deport the rest of the family so that we can keep the family together. ;)

  18. Angel says:


    I went to this site that you had posted under the October doghouse.

    I would believe what it said, but I don’t for 2 reasons:

    1. First and foremost, it was written by a medical doctor; this person has a financial interest in putting down these methods. He is also saving his profession; as written on his own website - if Dr. Clark is right then the entire medical establishment has committed a huge fraud on people; I’ll say no more

    2. I was very ill in 2003; I used all of Dr. Clark’s methods to heal my body except for the synchronizer. I used the terminator zapper. Believe me - it kills all kinds of crap in your body; when I first started using it, I had to use it sparingly because I had so much stuff in my body; now I wear it all the time;

    Dr. Clark helped many, many people over the years. It is not surprising that a few here and there could not be cured. Who knows - maybe she was set-up. I believe that she was in Indiana, and that’s why she was tipped off.

    Also, Dr. clark’s own invention, the zapper, could have been patented and she could have made millions off of it herself. Instead she published how to make it and allowed anyone and everyone to reproduce them and sell them. I think that it was quite admirable of her. Last year, I saw a new product that was a spin-off of the zapper. I don’t recall the name, but you used it to zap acne on the face.

    Dr. Clark has a very respectable reputation in the natural health industry. Next time you go to a health food or vitamin place, ask them about her.

    My fingers are tired, but on another day I’ll tell you about another invention that the medical community is now trying to taint with negative info. This one is not Dr. Clark’s invention.
    Always look at who is casting these stones.

    The health conspiracies in this country are massive. I knew even before I really knew that something was wrong back in the early 90s when they were building all the cancer centers. Ask yourself why cancer was non-existant prior to the 1950s. Just more part of the elitist destruction. AIDS was concocted in a lab in 1957. It’s all one big lie - one after another.

    The pharmeceutical companies are now drug pushers. You can’t watch TV for an hour and not see at least one drug pushing ad. They tell YOU to go to your drug dealing doctor to get the purple pill (or whatever).

    God provides in nature everything that you’ll ever need in life. You don’t need drugs, chemo, etc.

    Hopefully this information will help someone out there.

  19. melody says:


    I haven’t read the whole articles yet, but this is also on Yahoo news. Here is the link.

  20. melody says:

    Silly woman thought she could get money from a Mexican. And so learns the hard way that Mexicans expect you to take care of them. The Mexican puts you to work. That teacher is lucky her boy/man’s relatives did not decide to pimp her out. I guess they have no toilet cleaning jobs in Mexico. I’m sure they wanted to put her to work some how.

    She needs to have some serious mental help from the best professionals.

    No wonder the 13 year old boy thought she could be an illegal alien in Mexico. He thinks its easy to be an illegal. I bet he will probably get a special visa because of his abuse. His parents are probably illegal and probably wont get deported so they can be with him. At least he is in Mexico for now. I find it interesting that the Mexican authorities were so cooperative. I thought the legal age of concent was 12 in Mexico. A boy at age 13 is not considered a legal man in Mexico? I hope she is not pregnant with his baby.

  21. melody says:


    I have also tried to tell people that you can’t trust doctors. Most people seem to put doctors on a pedestal and forget they are human and can make mistakes like anybody else or even hurt somebody on purpose.

    It makes me sad to see children start getting an SSI check. I thought the goal was to make kids better, but why would parents want their kid to get better if the kid is the family’s meal ticket? If the parents had to pay for the child’s treatments would they put up with all the crap. I don’t think so. They would try yoga, vitamins, herbs, anything, but SSI don’t pay for that stuff.

    When I get sick I try the free stuff first like special exercises then the home remedies. I’m always reading alternative health care stuff.

    Several years ago I went to a seminar by a doctor Joel Wallach who has also been called a quack but he did say some stuff that made sense. He talked about how our soil is fertilized with low quality fertilizer and the minerals are not in the soil that need to be in it so you can’t get all your minerals from your food because if its not in the soil, it will not be in the plant. If the farmers rotated the crops better the soil would be better quality. He said once a person starts getting a social security disability check why would the person want to get better? If the person gets better he will lose his check and have to find a job. Some say you can’t take him seriously because he was a veterinary pathologist for 30 years. It’s been a while since I listened to his tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” but I believe he blames all disease on poor nutrition, and said the average doctor has a shorter life span than the general population because they don’t know what they are doing. He said doctors can’t even save themselves so don’t trust them. You may have heard of him. I would have tried some of his stuff if it wasn’t so expensive. Here is the link to his website.

  22. NoYouCant says:;aid=7154

    “Do your duty as true patriots. Acquaint yourself with every documented fact in this card deck. Then put impeachment BACK ON THE TABLE and remove this thug masquerading as our commander-in-chief before the damage he and his administration have caused cannot be undone. It is not only your responsibility but your DUTY. Your legacy, as well as this country’s, depends on it.”

    “It’s the least I could do in trying to send the message home since the majority of Americans feel like our cries are falling on deaf ears” Vasilatos says. “Hopefully this might aid in getting their attention since we gave them a mandate for a reason.”

  23. NoYouCant says:

    “When will United States Citizens ever decide enough is enough and fire Washington?

    Congress is pulling another fast one and no one is paying attention. As if wanting to control the entire population via the latest proposed commission, H.R. 1955, otherwise known as the â??Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007,â? is a slick piece of legislation. The way it reads, we are heading straight for an Authoritarian style government (like we are not in one already!).”;aid=7242

  24. the marlboro man says:

    Has this terror preven. act passed the senate,if so why has this not been made public,this is giving all our rights to GW BUSALLHEAD,this is the next step to martial law,my god has these asshole in congress read this thing its wide open to anything the GOV,T wants it to be,god help us if this thing has passed????Go to that site and a couple others this thing is DANDEROUS if this is added to the HLS act this gives DHS the power to do anything it wants,and you don,t have any rights at all if thats what they say??????? Has everyone had trouble getting UTUBE??

  25. melody says:

    I had some trouble with Youtube yesterday, but it’s ok now. I don’t know what happened. I just know I had no sound. I noticed there was a thing to slide next to the thing on the youtube video on the right side of the thing that tells you how many minutes the video is, and I slid it over and my sound came back and has been back on all my videos. I didn’t use to have to worry about turning the sound up on youtube. I wasn’t sure how to explain this.

  26. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel (no migraine today-I can actually get on a computer).

    Thank you. Yup NEWS WITH VIEWS (Devvy Kidd) even did an article on this a few months ago. If they’re starting to pay attention, maybe this is finally going to get going.

    Thanks for reminding me of the 3 steps. Yup, we start with the ridicule all right.

    Changing the subject, this MSRA is getting worse in the hospitals. I’ve typed up quite a few reports on pts getting sick with this persistent pest….I don’t know if the Guv is doing it, but the theory so far is the cattle/poultry are being fed Antibiotics because of crowding conditions….Problem is that the antibiotics become ineffective after a while.

    Or doctors have warned that people have to finish the antibiobics, otherwise, this mutates and turns into a superbug and not to use those antibacterial soaps.

    And we sure have been getting hit with a lot of produce/meat recalls (I wonder if that’s due to illegals prevalently working in produce and farming and are in our restaurants and many people just don’t wash their hands.

    Also STEPHEN BARRETT of (QUACKWATCH should NOT be trusted). He worked with Ronald Gots (ESRI) and really lets with MCS have it. Boy, between Stephen Barrett/Ronald Gots, they did a great discredit job on us.

  27. BEADALONG says:

    That’s great Faye!

    I can’t wait until Sears, Kohl’s, 7-11 and Target take down all their Spanish crap (Oakridge Mall) and have no more Spanish anouncements (in Sears). I haven’t gone in WalMart in a couple of years so I have no idea how bad it is there in (San Jose, CA).

    I seldom go into the Sprint store at Oakridge but twhen I did, they have a lot of Spanish signage in there too.

  28. BEADALONG says:

    I’ve also noticed that San Jose’s transit busses occasionally run that RAZA radio ad with Piolin on the busses. I’ve mentioned this to the S’ Jose mayor and the CA gov about this, but naturally, I never received any responses.

  29. Sandman says:

    Here is a 4.5 minute video that explains how MSM is controlled.

  30. Sandman says:

    Hillarious anti-Hillary website!

  31. BEADALONG says:

    Yup Sandman, I watched the MSM control issue the other day. It was great. THanks for the Hillary link. Those pix were funny.

  32. BEADALONG says:

    Here’s a QUACKBUSTER Article regarding STEPHEN BARRETT

    STEPHEN BARRETT works with RONALD GOTS (ESRI) and really tried very hard to discredit those with MCS and he also Discredited other illnesses as well.


    Stephen Barrett, the Wizard of Odds, played his odds and lost. He just hasn’t had a very good year.

    Stephen Barrett has attacked some of the most successful alternative therapies in the world. He has issued threats and initiated lawsuits, and until last year, got away with all of it. Then, his world began to crumble.

    Barrett filed a lawsuit against King Bio Pharmaceuticals, makers of homeopathics. Now, science has already established the value of homeopathy, but Barrett, ignoring science while pandering to the pharmaceutical industry, just had to do something. The result? Here is an excerpt from the judge’s decision:

    As for his credential as an expert on FDA regulation of homeopathic drugs, the Court finds that Dr. Barrett lacks sufficient qualifications in this area. Expertise in FDA regulation suggests a knowledge of how the agency enforces federal statutes and the agency’s own regulations. Dr. Barrett’s purported legal and regulatory knowledge is not apparent. He is not a lawyer, although he claims he attended several semesters of correspondence law school. While Dr. Barrett appears to have had several past conversations with FDA representatives, these appear to have been sporadic, mainly at his own instigation, and principally for the purpose of gathering information for his various articles and Internet web-sites. He has never testified before any governmental panel or agency on issues relating to FDA regulation of drugs. Presumably his professional continuing education experiences are outdated given that he has not had a current medical licence [sic] in over seven years. For these reasons, there is no sound basis on which to consider Dr. Barrett qualified as an expert on the issues he was offered to address. Moreover, there was no real focus to his testimony with respect to any of the issues in this case associated with Defendants’ products.

    C. Credibility of Plaintiff’s experts

    Furthermore, the Court finds that both Dr. Sampson and Dr. Barrett are biased heavily in favor of the Plaintiff and thus the weight to be accorded their testimony is slight in any event. Both are long-time board members of the Plaintiff; Dr. Barrett has served as its Chairman. Both participated in an application to the U.S. FDA during the early 1990s designed to restrict the sale of most homeopathic drugs. Dr. Sampson’s university course presents what is effectively a one-sided, critical view of alternative medicine. Dr. Barrett’s heavy activities in lecturing and writing about alternative medicine similarly are focused on the eradication of the practices about which he opines. Both witnesses’ fees, as Dr. Barrett testified, are paid from a fund established by Plaintiff NCAHF from the proceeds of suits such as the case at bar. Based on this fact alone, the Court may infer that Dr. Barrett and Sampson are more likely to receive fees for testifying on behalf of NCAHF in future cases if the Plaintiff prevails in the instant action and thereby wins funds to enrich the litigation fund described by Dr. Barrett. It is apparent, therefore, that both men have a direct, personal financial interest in the outcome of this litigation. Based on all of these factors, Dr. Sampson and Dr. Barrett can be described as zealous advocates of the Plaintiff’s position, and therefore not neutral or dispassionate witnesses or experts. In light of these affiliations and their orientation, it can fairly be said that Drs. Barrett and Sampson are themselves the client, and therefore their testimony should be accorded little, if any, credibility on that basis as well.

    This was just one loss in court. The story gets better!

    Some of you know how we here at the International Wellness Directory have taken an stance against fluoridation. The stuff is just not what the American Dental Association has been preaching. I do not drink the stuff and I have just three fluoride treatments a yearâ?¦and then detox the heck out of myself.

    Well, Darlene Sherrell ( ) has a web site dedicated to fighting Fluoride Poisoning. She has been under attack by Stephen Barrett and his ilk for some time. She fought back and attacked Barrette. Barrett filed a libel lawsuit against her. He’s threatened many people with defamation of character lawsuits (including yours truly) but this was the first time it has gotten to court.

    Here is the background, from the Health Freedom Law web site (

    In the summer of 1998, Darlene Sherrell, challenged Barrett to come forward to name a study demonstrating the safety of current fluoride levels in drinking water and the effect excessive daily intake of fluoride as a possible cause to chronic fluoride poisoning. At the time, in response to Sherrell’s challenge Barrett was “careful to state that he is and was aware of hundreds of studies pertaining to the safety of fluoridation of drinking water…” However, “…He did not testify that any study demonstrates the safety of current fluoridation levels…” Barrett had rebuked Sherrell’s continuous challenges and sent a message to her stating that she (Sherrell) was “delusional.”

    Long story short, case was dismissed. Barrett who claims to be backed by the FDA, FTC, DHHS, NCI, HIH, AMA, and ADA showed up with one witness and his own lame testimony. Barrett claimed to have hundreds of studies, but couldn’t produce one.

    Next, Barrett attacked that famous quack, Dr Hulda Clark who says she can cure all diseases. Now, personally, I don’t believe anyone can cure all diseases. There is something very mystical about healing. And Dr Hulda is probably a bit whacko. But, I still love her. She has some darn good ideas and science is beginning to prove her out. Well, Barrett lost his case against her too!

    Now, this isn’t over yet, because there are laws against filing frivolous lawsuits and Barrett is just beginning to feel the backlash of his programmed stupidity. He’s been slapped left and right with lawsuits for filing frivolous lawsuits, and it is estimated that he now owes somewhere close to half a million dollars.

    After years of threatening everyone and everything with lawsuits, Barrett is on the losing end of every single one of them. This being the case, he dropped his lawsuit against Dr Joseph Mercola, who runs one of the best alternative medicine web sites in the world (and much of what we find and pass on to you comes from the good doctor).

    So, to all those wonderful organizations who give credence to the garbage published at Quackwatch (and their ilk) and to the URAC ( that certifies Medically Sound Web Sites (Barrett’s web site is certified by URAC!), we say, your time is running out. Barrett is no expert, he has no science to back up his claims, and his web site has enough BS to fertilize all the farms in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

    Medicine as we know it, is on the brink of destruction. Healing is where the heart is. The future of Medicine is going to be based upon what Edison and Socrates tried to tell us long ago: “We are what we eat” along with what ancient texts, including the Bible, have told us for centuries: Our Creator (Nature) has supplied us with all the medicines we will ever need. Now, if we can stop the corruption of our environment by monied interests, heck, Paradise isn’t too far off.

    International Wellness Directory Home Page

  33. melody says:

    I do wish they would stop fluoridating my tap water. Also, it oftens smells like chlorine, like bleach or something. I run the water and let it sit a few hours and it smells better. When I can I buy filters and filter it. I tried to find a toothpaste that don’t have fluoride in it, but nothing agreed with me. I am scared to use the baking soda mixtures some people recomend. I hear baking soda is hard on your teeth. I wish I had a link. I heard on the radio that you can get too much fluoride from regular tea if the tea grew where there is a lot of fluoride in the soil. Great, something else for me to worry about. The tea plants absorb fluoride really well and you can get fluoride poisen from regular tea. Well, I got to drink something. I’ll keep drinking my tea.

  34. melody says:

    The name Hulda sounds very familiar to me. I think I have read one of her books. Wish I could remember which one.

  35. Eddie B. says:

    I had NBC Today on and the whole thing was a propoganda piece on global warming to softwen us up for the new global warming taxes they are going to be hitting us with. Hitting us hard and soon.

    I almost couldn’t keep my coffee down it was so bad. All those familar faces that America has come to know and love… are puppets.

    It is amazing that in these pieces NOBODY has mentioned the fact that the ice caps on Mars are melting at the same rate as our glaciers…

    That the ice moons orbiting Jupiter are also melting at the same rate.

    Nobody even mentioned the fact that the sun’s radiance has increased to the levels of before the bronze age.

    So get ready folks. It is going to take a lot of tax payer dollars not only to support the unarmed invasion but also the new and improved one world Government. A lot of money The new and improved UNITED NATIONS does not come cheap!!!

    When we see the blue steel helmets walking in our streets you will know that we have been completely sold out. Lock, stock and smoking barrel.


  36. Sandman says:

    I think the guy who made this video had too much time on his hands!

  37. Vincent Narodnik says:

    The “Global Warming Issue” is indeed one of the looming threats to our existence as a nation.
    Note, I said NATION.
    “Global Warming” is just a bogeyman sewn together in the lab0ratory
    in the basement of the Rockafellers United Nations Building.*
    It is just another means of frightening people into giving up their own freedom and power to unelected “experts”.
    We are supposed to cede to them also Faith that they will “Save” us
    (by making uncountable restrictive laws to prevent us from burning to cinders)
    (then they will be counted as Saviors, so they think)
    When discussing this with people, I usually try to split the subject in two,
    The Scientific aspect and the Practical aspect.
    The scientific mssg. on the thing is mostly mixed, but generally doesnt support Al “GreenCross” Gores position on it.
    Basically, even if we accept Gores enviroapocalyptic view of it, science ALSO says that THERE IS NOTHING HUMANS CAN TO STOP IT, REVERSE IT, OR EVEN SLOW IT DOWN., thereby those carbon taxes etc are simply a bonfire of productive capital that otherwise could have been put to use fixing all of the many other problems we have down here. Like Al Gore, The United Nations, Lindsey Lohan, etc.
    as for that, Im in favor of a toxic waste super fund derived from a direct tax on all Globalists, OneWorlders, FreeMarketeers. The funds will be spent by US experts doing things that WE are sure will ’save the planet’ from all socio/environmental “challenges”.
    Order of business #1 will be to put a high fence around The Rockafeller Building ( ) and inter all of the above malefators until the “environment” is “safe”.
    They are big proponants of ‘compact cities’ (ie life in a sardine can)-so Im sure that they will love bunking down 50 to a room with so many other like minded people just like themselves
    Seriously, the chief cause of Global Warning is the methane gas released from the mouths of the talking hairdos who speak about it.

    *last week a news item came up. The United Nations announced that their building was in need of repairs and refurbishing. They laid out their proposal and estimates to the general assembly and-no surprise- the sum was staggering. -oh, and only us “rich countries” are going to pay for it. Thats nice, isnt it? Ill see if I can dig up the info and post it later.

    Idea: Move the UN to Gabon or somewhere and make them hold their covens in a large tent. Make all their dignitaries live in tent cities adjacent and ring it around with large refugee camps where they can “serve” in their free time out of funds taken directly from their family fortunes.
    No vacation time or travelling of any kind.
    No private toilet facilities. ALL (and Al) MUST share all of Mother Earths resourses equally, so Al and Tipper will have to use the communal showers with all of their Dgurdjiiti tribemen friends. at the same time. No curtains allowed.
    No paper or paper products can be used in their procedings, Covens will be held in the midst of drum circles and all discussions will be recorded by “oral tradition”
    Feel free to add to this list.
    I will submit my proposal to the General Counsel Wednesday next week.

  38. 1Madmomma says:

    Last night I was half ass paying attention to something on t.v. It was sports related, I know that. They said they now are using a green screen. I guess it allows them to tape the show with little or no lighting. They said the program as well as the whole network would be doing this from now on because the electricity they are saving by doing this will provide the power to light X amount of homes per year. My thought was, OH, HERE WE GO! I can’t help but think about all the electricity, and water that would be here for us down the road if it weren’t being all used up by illegals. Getting all the third worlders out of our country is my answer to a whole slew of problems! Do I hear an AMEN?

  39. Eddie B. says:

    1Madmomma -

    That assumes that the power companies don’t turn off the grids to artificially inflate the bills just like Enron.

    Did ya’ll know that our favorite retired Attorney General Alberto Gonzales used to be corporate council for Enron?… I guess that was his pledge period before hitting the big time corruption circus.

    Do a search on his replacement… this guy makes Gonzales look good. Hand picked by our King.

  40. Angel says:

    Beadalong/Melody and anyone out there that drinks water!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Angel says:

    It’s amazing some of the “technical difficulties” I can have at times. About an hour ago, I tried to post a link on here from about how flouridation of water and mind control goes all the way back to Nazi Germany. The link worked find until I tried to put it on here. Then “poof”. It’s gone. I get that screen that you hate to get when someone takes down a link.

    Too bad - it was a good article. It explained hour flouridation suppresses massive amounts of people.

    Just when you think all the “truths” are out….don’t get too comfortable. More stuff will continue to poor out.

  42. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Hey every one go to numbers usa they have anaticle on the new bill the save act attrition through enforcement.written Heath Shuler (D-N C} it had aral good chance After reading it go to freedom force int and watch the Video with Yuri some thing or rather he was a Russian kGB subversive it is really interesting then there is another on that tells how they are doing it and the way they are doing it.

  43. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    I still dont see how Big Business is going to make money out of this.if they reduce all Americans to well below the poverty level are they willing to just hand over their business to the new owo??????

  44. melody says:

    I hope that the people who are paid to put the fluoride in my tap water are lazy and don’t feel like doing their job figuring we would never know the fluoride wasn’t in there.

  45. Sandman says:

    I went to the movie theater earlier this evening to see the movie “American Gangster” (which was a very good movie) and I ran into Alex Jones.( he was promoting his new film) Anyway, he told me that his guest tomorow (Tuesday) will be the guy that is spearheading a huge Ron Paul fundraising event that so far has raised 2.7 million $$$ Anyway, check out this website, the concept is really different and is working better than planned!

  46. NoYouCant says:

    Amazing! I wonder when my best friend/neighbor will be investigated? Her A student son was dressed in a striped prison outfit for Halloween. BTW, they are black. She’ll get a *kick* out of this article!

    I find it interesting that costumes designed to make little girls look like sluts are acceptable. I certainly haven’t read about any investigation into the 8 yr old slut costumes, have you?

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Department of Homeland Security will investigate a Halloween costume party hosted by a top immigration official and attended by a man dressed in a striped prison outfit, dreadlocks and darkened skin make-up, a costume some say is offensive, the department’s secretary said.

    Julie Myers, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, called the man’s costume “offensive.”

    Julie Myers, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and host of the fundraising party, was on a three-judge panel that originally praised the prisoner costume for “originality.”

    Myers later apologized for “a few of the costumes,” calling them “inappropriate and offensive.” She said she and other senior managers “deeply regret that this happened.”

    A department photographer photographed Myers with the man, but the images were deleted after the costume were deemed offensive, ICE spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said.

    Between 50 and 75 people attended the party, which was a fundraiser for the Combined Federal Campaign, a federal government collection of charities.

    Nantel said one employee, whom she declined to identify, was wearing a black-and-white striped prison outfit, dreadlocks and a skin “bronzer” intended “to make him look African-American.” But, she said, it was not immediately apparent that he was wearing the make-up.

    “Most people in the room didn’t realize he was wearing make-up at all,” she said.

    “It was unintentioned. The employee did not mean to offend although there were some employees that were rightfully offended by it,” Nantel said.

    Myers and the other judges “noted his costume for originality.”

    “There were a couple of people who were offended,” Nantel said. “When it was confirmed through a conversation with the employee that he was wearing make-up,” Nantel said, the employee was counseled and Myers sent out a note to employees apologizing.

    In a November 2 email to ICE employees, Myers wrote, “It is now clear that, however unintended, a few of the costumes were inappropriate and offensive. While we were all thrilled to be a part of the CFC fundraising effort, I and the senior management at ICE deeply regret that this happened.”

    She reminded all employees to be compliant with the department’s diversity training requirement.

    Myers has served as head of ICE since January of 2006 but is still awaiting Senate confirmation.

    An ICE congressional liaison said ICE officials briefed congressional staffers about the costume party this week as a courtesy. But at least one congressional staffer said they approached ICE after receiving an anonymous fax about the incident.

    Myers called House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Mississippi, about the incident and is expected to meet with him before the end of the week, a Thompson spokeswoman told CNN.

    Myers also contacted the National Association of African-Americans in the Department of Homeland Security. In a letter to NAADHS members, the group’s vice president, Sjon Shavers, said the group “appreciates (Myers) reaching out to us so quickly in order to keep us apprised of the matter and we commend her on moving so swiftly toward appropriate corrective action.”

    As head of ICE, Myers heads the law enforcement agency charged with enforcing immigration law inside the United States. It is the second largest investigative agency in the federal government, with more than 15,000 employees, including 6,000 investigators.

    Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff “supports the actions that Assistant Secretary Myers has taken,” DHS spokeswoman Laura Keehner said. “We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior at DHS.”

    “The Secretary has asked for an inquiry into the facts surrounding the incident. Once the facts have been determined, we will take all necessary and appropriate actions,” Keehner said.

  47. BEADALONG says:

    Why doesn’t this worthless twit stick with immigration issues? She should be demoted to Bathroom Attendant at ICE headquarters due to her performance being so poor and ineffectual. Chertoff should join her in the Mens section.

  48. BEADALONG says:

    Really Sandman? How does Alex Jones seem in person? I don’t know because I’ve never met him.

  49. BEADALONG says:

    Thanks for the link Angel. And that Stephen Barrett (Quackwatch) was terrible.

  50. Sandman says:

    Beadalong, Alex in person is pretty much like his radio personality. He can be really intense sometimes and his mind is always full of info, so if you talk to him, small talk will go nowhere. He likes to have stimulating real-world conversation, sports talk or Hollywood celebrity news will piss him off. He is actually very funny at times. I have spoken to him many times over the years and he is almost always very friendly. In the former Prison Planet website banner, that is me standing net to Alex while he is yelling into the bullhorn. Any event he attends is a wild experience and his energy is infectous. He is not hard to find in Austin.

  51. BEADALONG says:

    Oh, that’s wonderful Sandman and ‘m so glad he’s not all caught into the Sports/Hollywood inane dribble. I’ll also look for that old website banner and check it out!

    Also, if he’s not hard to find in Austin, I will have to check with my half-brother who lives there. He must have heard of him. I’ve tried to talk to my half brother about all this stuff and he’s not listening either, so I’ll mention Alex to him and see what he says.

  52. Vincent Narodnik says:

    I just found a childhood picture of our soon-to-be Empress, Hillary Borgia.
    (but you may call her Her Eminence, thank you.)

  53. DfD says:

    So do the Writers Guild Union members support enforcement of our current, humane, fair, compassionate, and accessible immigration laws??? If they want OUR support, we need to have an answer. Eva Longoria was out on the line with them yesterday, WE know where this OPEN BORDERS ZEALOT stands on the issue!! Now would be a great time to get them “on the record” with some great footage….

  54. Faye says:


    Is hitlery the evil looking child on the left?

  55. Eddie B. says:

    I would love to meet Alex Jones. That guy has got some guts just like the rest of you folks going out to the streets and standing up.

  56. Mountain Man says:

    This is part of an email I recived today. I thought some of you might agree with it. I do.

    Blue Fridays.
    Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing
    blue every Friday. The reason? Americans who support
    our troops used to be called the ’silent majority’ We
    are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for
    God, country and home in record breaking numbers. We
    are not organized, boisterous or overbearing.
    Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends,
    simply want to recognize that the vast majority of
    America supports our troops. Our idea of showing
    solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and
    respect starts this Friday — and continues each and
    every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a
    deafening message that … every red-blooded American
    who supports our men and women afar, will wear
    something blue.
    By word of mouth, press, TV — let’s make the United
    States on every Friday a sea of blue much like a
    homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every
    one of us who loves this country will share this with
    acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will
    not be long before the USA is covered in BLUE and it
    will let our troops know the once ’silent’ majority is
    on their side more than ever, certainly more than the
    media lets on.
    The first thing a soldier says when asked ‘What can
    we do to make things better for you?’ is …’We need
    your support and your prayers.’ Let’s get the word out
    and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear
    something blue every Friday.

  57. NoYouCant says:

    “Millions of Chinese made toys have been pulled from shelves in North America and Australia after scientists found they contain a chemical that converts into a powerful â??date rapeâ? drug when ingested. Two children in the U.S. and three in Australia were hospitalized after swallowing the beads….”

  58. BEADALONG says:

    Me too Eddie B, regarding Alex Jones (whoofer or not).

  59. melody says:

    I guess if our country continues to do business with China, all Americans who want their kids to be safe should learn how to make their own toys for their kids. The Amish would probably be good people to go to for information.

  60. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Heres some proof that it pays to have friends in high places.
    or maybe-you should pay people in high places to be your friend
    IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION AFTER THE FACT is a liiiitle bit of a privilege,
    isnt it?
    a little…unequal?;ei=5087

  61. Vincent Narodnik says:

    I think that link chopped off the tail. cut and paste if interested. the article is YET ANOTHER tricky thing that happened today while every thing else was happening. Heres the first paragraph
    WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 â?? Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee reached a tentative agreement on Wednesday with the Bush administration that would give telephone carriers legal immunity for any role they played in the National Security Agencyâ??s domestic eavesdropping program approved by President Bush after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a Congressional official said Wednesday.

  62. the marlboro man says:

    Hay guys I just watched the Glen Beck Show,(NOT A FAN)but he had a hellof a show on about Lorado TEX,with the guy who made the movie THE BORDER,The local Sheriff and the LOCal congressman had a good spat about $$$$$ to support the local lawenforcement instead of MEXICO,and the killing,and the drug cartels,the congressman made a real ass of him self,also said no matter there will never be any troops on the border!!!

  63. BEADALONG says:

    OFF TOPIC, but a couple of nights ago, BILL MAHER said “Immigration was a NON ISSUE.” I think he did actually manage to say “Illegal” once or twice and Martin Short, his guest said “Independents” are too “into themselves” are apolitical & they need to take sides….needless to say, but he never bothered to ask why people become Independent voters.

  64. Eddie B. says:

    Maher is a minion puppet who is being paid. I refuse to even look at him anymore. Heis a sellout traitor.

  65. NoYouCant says:

    Vincent, I figure it’s like this….why bother with building a wall/fence on the border when ultimately “they” (we all know who “they” are) will only have it torn down anyway? Maybe “they” should consider actually building one? It’ll help shut the pain-in-the-ass-Constitition-loving people up and afterward, it can be used as “busy work” for all the idiots who don’t have a “job”.

  66. melody says:

    Man discovered hidden in suitcase

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the Paso Del Norte port of entry in El Paso were surprised to find a man hidden in a suitcase while conducting an inspection early Tuesday morning. Two people were taken into custody in the failed alien smuggling attempt.

    While the discovery of a person concealed in any manner is exceptionally rare at the El Paso port of entry, CBP officers at other ports of entry have found people concealed in piñatas, sewn into car seats, inside gas tanks, under dashboards, and in a variety other locations in vehicles.


    These Mexicans are so brave and creative I wonder why they can’t do anything in Mexico. Don’t Mexico need creative people? Maybe the Mexican military does pay them to come over? Who wants to be put in a suitcase?

  67. Vincent Narodnik says:

    As far as Bill “the Shnoz” Maher is concerned, I have always smelt a rat when he was talking. Long since. I think he represents what is referred to as “controlled opposition” and, yes, I believe he is a tool, even if an unwitting tool like so many of them.
    As soon as the stench of Political Correctness* began to become undeniable, Central Command needed to convince us that the poison gas wasnt actually lethal, so they allowed a mannequin of acrid thoughts to spout out JUST ENOUGH “edgy” thoughts to make it SEEM as though you are still allowed to have your own opinion on things, and the ability to speak about those things openly in public without fear.
    His prototype and/or test balloon was Denis Leary. (who was limited to talking about things in Popular Culture)
    Even if all of the above were false, he represents ONLY the amoralist wing of the Libertarian spectrum of thought**-and as such, are quite a few other people better suited to speaking that position than he.
    Like Howard Stern, he is very adept at knowing where the buttons are and pushing them, but apparently only to gain negative attention (as bad children do) Some people thrive on shallow controversy and acrimonious discussion, and these people are his fan-base. …but then again some people actually LIKE the smell of Diesel smoke, or the sound of a roaring freeway. That isnt enough to justify the legitimacy of his ‘popularity’.
    Maher is yet another reason I dont and wont have a tv in my house.
    Plenty of messes around here without bringing in more from the outside.
    Guess thats about all on him.
    My apologies to any Maher or Stern or Leary fans.
    *about ‘93 or 4 Id say off hand.
    **I say ’spectrum of thought’ to make a clean distinction with Libertarian Political Ideology, which, though related, is best treated as a seperate phenomenon.

  68. Pavementtommy says:

    Hey crew. I was searching the web for a great site like this. The wife thinks I’m too proactive on the illegal issue, but I think it’s just as important as Iraq. We know the rhetoric about “fighting terrorists over there so we don’t have to here”, but illegal immigration is a slow and methodical invasion that’s already happening here, right under our noses! We really don’t need to worry about winning in Iraq if we lose here.

  69. The Watchdog says:

    Welcome Tommy. You are absolutely right. We are being invaded.

  70. stacey antu says:

    Please support my page. with so many people on Myspace, maybe we can change some minds and get help!!

  71. Angel says:

    Welcome Tommy and Stacey.

    This is a great site.

    Looks like we’ve had a steady stream of newcomers to this site since August. :)

  72. melody says:

    If you live in the state of Ohio.

    – Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Friday, saying she would be the best candidate to win the race and represent Ohioans’ interests in the White House.

  73. Angel says:

    Sandman - loved your youtube clip about how they control the media. Here’s an example:


    Please send a quick email and complain about the AJC newspaper pity cry for illegals. Thanks!

    CONTACT AJC here:


    Keep it short (150 words) and concise.

    Thanks so much!

  74. Angel says:

    So the American Dental Association is in on it too.

    Who can you trust? Got this email today; good link too


    Dear all,
    > Free thinkers abandon fluoride in water
    > ‘When it comes to water quality, the people of Juneau are among the
    > most informed in the state. In October, capital city residents voted
    > to ban fluoride from their water supply. Clean-water voters
    > (61 percent to 37 percent) despite the American Dental Association
    > spending $164,000 to promote the mass-medication scheme. The group
    > advocating to keep Juneau fluoride-free spent less than $5,000.’
    > Read more …
    > Regards,

  75. Angel says:

    Tired of Fox News bias; sign petition 20,000 already

    Many people claim that Fox News under reports Iraq casualties and such. That may be so. I think they under-report this Mexican Invasion. They also don’t say one peep about the NAU. Remember when Watchdog was on Hannity and Colmes a while back and they cut him off for talking about the NAU.

    Pompous Bill O’Reilly has really gotten to be a bully in the media world. He constantly puts down NBC. I’m not a big NBC fan, but I don’t like it when one network puts down another ALL THE TIME.

  76. Angel says:

    More illegals busted at airports.

    Something is up about a store called Shop-Rite.
    Evidentally, they are doing major pandering to illegals. They were sending out coupons in Spanish. They aren’t in my area, but they may be in yours.

    Impeach Cheney fever continuing.

    Must See! The world is waking up!
    Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation make it on the mainstream TV.

  77. Angel says:

    Another MUST SEE video!!

    I bet this is going on in all cities across the country. Check out this undercover sting operation at how illegals get their driver’s licenses, SS cards, and more.

    Unbelievable that this is going on ! Someone pass this on to Lou Dobbs

  78. Angel says:

    Man gets fake IDs with name of a high ranking official and gets through the world’s busiest airport.

    WARNING: Be on guard with all this giving government their reasons to implement REAL ID. They just need to enforce the laws. Period.

  79. melody says:

    Your posts are a good example of why I don’t like microchips. It seems like the bad guys keep up with all the technology, and might find ways to forge microchips so why bother with microchipping people? Like you said they just need to enforce the laws. Certainly people notice weird activity where they make these fake documents. If anything they should be in trouble for loitering. We need to get rid of the ACLU and let people use their common sense. Weird activity usually means crime.

  80. melody says:

    I wonder why they are talking about fake IDs on the news now when this has been happening for years. Makes me wonder is there is a turf war.

    Maybe they are letting the illegals hog all the jobs they think they can get away with and just got no more jobs for them? They can fool some of the people, but not all the people. Some Americans still need jobs. If they let illegals take too many jobs there will surely be trouble.

    Maybe there are some rich people who want their high school kids to get work experience at Burger King and they can’t find a job. Rich people don’t care till it affects them.

  81. NoYouCant says:

    Tried to send a few of Alex Jones’ video’s to my dad. They concerned the police state, three parts. Youtube wouldn’t let me send the last vid and kept disconnecting me from the internet.

  82. Pavementtommy says:

    There is a runoff election for Fort Worth City Council between a candidate endorsed by the Star-Telegram, and a pro-amnesty hispanic. The amnesty candidate says he’ll be the voice of his district using Spanish and English. My argument is that there is only one language, English, and that Spanish is only useful for encouraging illegals and those individuals that have an allegiance to a foreign nation.
    Fortunately he only claimed 23% of the vote, while his English-speaking opponent claimed 32%. If his supporters were Americans that could legally vote, maybe he’d have a chance. But I suspect that his base has many illegals, so better luck in Mexico. I’m getting sick of these pro-amnesty hispanics thinking they have a voice in AMERICAN politics. They don’t. If they want to make a change for the better, they should take their crusade to the countries and cultures they so dearly defend.
    Did George Washington or Thomas Jefferson help write an American culture, or a hispanic one? And I don’t know of any American citizens running for political office in Mexico or Guatemala. Most importantly, if the ideals and attitudes of hispanics helped run their own countries’ governments into the ground, then why on Earth do they think their same ideas and cultures can help improve our way of life? Because it can’t, and it won’t! The 2008 elections will reign in enforcement-driven officials, and get rid of the open-border traitors.

  83. melody says:

    If a video you like is taken down by Youtube, you might be able to find it on the Google video website.

  84. NoYouCant says:

    It’s not that. It’s that when I tried to email them, my computer would suddenly loose it’s connection to my server. I was able to email other Youtube vid’s, just not these. It felt creepy.

  85. AmericanWorker says:

    Hey WD’s ! With the holiday season (Christmas) just around the corner. Consider staying home and save some GAS and Stress and shop on line for Gifts and TOYS ! MADE IN THE USA ! There are a lot of great sites . Just Google Made in the usa. Thanks.

  86. Faye says:

    I for dang sure ain’t buying no toys from China.

  87. Faye says:

    In fact, American Worker, that’s a wonderful idea you have. I don’t have to go out and get bumped and bruised all over the place… just sit right here and order whatever I like MADE IN THE USA. Yeah, I like that.

  88. Faye says:

    I was just working on the info to put on CD’s we’re getting together. Remember the Mexican newspaper article I put on here someplace discussing the Amero? I just noticed the date: 04-10-99…

  89. Sandman says:

    The idea of buying American is a great one. The only problem is finding a product on the shelves that are made in this country. “Economists” like Thomas Friedman tell us that the savings we get from cheaper slave goods that are made overseas far exceeds the benefit we get from having Americans manufacture the products. No thanks Mr. Friedman, YOU give your children lead-coated toys or drive on Chinese tires…Besides, it is always better to support AMERICAN workers than Communist slaves.

  90. Sandman says:

    I clicked on the “March for America” link and I like the idea & hope that many people show up for this event. The key to success on this march will be if prominant media people can promote the event. I will ask around if a march can be organized here in Austin.

  91. peternoamnesty says:

    for those who dont know who is Duncan Hunter and where he stands

  92. peternoamnesty says:

  93. peternoamnesty says:


  94. The Watchdog says:

    ANGEL - I tried to send you an email but it bounced back. I guess I don’t have a current email for you.

  95. Angel says:

    WD- I’ll contact you .

  96. Angel says:


  97. Sandman says:

    Interesting link, So the story was never aired on 60 minutes??? There is proof that plans were made long before 9/11 to invade and occupy Iraq and Paul O’Neal admitted it. Hmmm where is the media!

  98. The Watchdog says:

  99. The Watchdog says:

    No, that story aired on 60 minutes. I watched it. It was never buried.

  100. the marlboro man says:

    I found something you guys might want to take a look at ,ITS on google video .com John Perkins&VFP National Convention Confessions 1-4 /if this is true we are in big trouble

  101. NoYouCant says:

    I wonder what their company picnic’s are like?

    NEW YORK (CNN) — A $7.86 billion lawsuit was filed Wednesday in New York on behalf of nearly 400 Colombian families who say Chiquita Brands International should be held responsible for the “torture and murder” of their loved ones.

    Attorney Jonathan Reiter said his clients are seeking “damages for terrorism, war crimes … and wrongful death.”

    The plaintiffs are asking for $10 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages for each of the 393 victims named in the suit.

    Earlier this year, Chiquita, as part of a plea agreement, admitted that what it called protection payments had been given to Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, or AUC. AUC was named a terrorist organization by the United States in 2002, making it a crime to give them money.

    The lawsuit alleges Chiquita’s interaction with the paramilitary group went further than the payments — it accuses the company of facilitating shipments of arms to the group.

    “They conspired with the AUC, aided and abetted them in a far-reaching conspiracy and plan to control every aspect of banana growing, distribution and sale,” Reiter said.

    The attorney said one couple refused to sell their banana farm “for pennies” and were killed by AUC in 2001, and other murder victims had been directed to “sell their bananas only to Chiquita.”

    The families filing the suit will remain anonymous because of fear of reprisals in their home country, he said.

    “The principal upon which this lawsuit is brought is that when you put money into the hands of terrorists, when you put guns into the hands of terrorists, then you are legally responsible for the atrocities, the murders and the tortures that those terrorists commit,” Reiter said.

    Responding to the allegations Wednesday afternoon, the company said, “Chiquita Brands International categorically denies the allegations made by these attorneys. We reiterate that Chiquita and its employees were victims and that the actions taken by the company were always motivated to protect the lives of our employees and their families.”

    Chiquita’s director of communications, Michael Mitchell, went on to say, “Our company had been forced to make protection payments to safeguard our workforce. It is absolutely untrue for anyone to suggest that these payments were made for any other purpose.”

    Mitchell said the company will fight the allegations. “Chiquita has already been the victim of extortion in Colombia. We will not allow ourselves to become extortion victims in the United States.”

    In the March plea agreement, Chiquita Brands International agreed to pay a $25 million fine for the payments made by the company’s former banana-producing subsidiary in Colombia.

    During a government investigation, the company admitted to making payments to AUC even after outside counsel told the company those payments were illegal and should stop immediately.

  102. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Well, heres a good little Ron Paul video for anybody with 4 minutes to spare.
    seems like a good one to send out to friends, family, etc.

  103. Angel says:

    I saw Tom Tancredo on Rick’s show this evening.

    All I’ve got to say is smart idea. :)

    Folks need to just grab the shovels and start throwing this crap back at those masters.

  104. Sandman says:

    Vincent, that Ron Paul video was gr8. Is that a TV commercial?
    Angel, I saw that Tancredo video also, Sanchez thinks that law breakers have a right to compromise on our laws. Tancredo was very reserved tonight, his commercial I understand is throwing Raza into fits!

  105. Angel says:

    Sandman - yeah because then La Raza can’t throw out the RACE card because some is afraid of terrorists. Haven’t we been programmed to be afraid of terrorists?? I love the idea; throw the same crap they throw at us back to them. :)



    Every single person reading this needs to make a concerted effort to get local scientists and microbiologist testing the air. For the last 2 days Chicago and the suburbs of Atlanta have been horrible.

    Isn’t it amazing the contrast that the sky can do suddenly??

  106. Sandman says:

    Angel, I found some official documents that make a case for weather modification. The claim by the Govt. is that without weather modification, Texas would become a desert fast. I am not sure if I believe that but the dry weather in the Southeast could be caused by “cloud rustling”.

  107. Angel says:

    SANDMAN - excellent article!! So even back in ‘96 they were talking about weather modification. I read somewhere that Japan is preventing certain storms to protect them. Technology is there to turn this drought around. Hmmmm….. isn’t it ironic GWB was governor of Texas during the time of that article and the drought there. Seems like droughts seem to follow him. There is so much on the web that I don’t know how anyone can discredit weather modification.
    One interesting note about here in Georgia. Lake Lanier has been affected negatively the most, and I just happen to live near it. Draw your own conclusions.

    Of course, though, everything does happen for a reason. Running out of water will wake up the masses.
    I’m just sitting back watching this one play out.

  108. Angel says:

    Sandman, You’re not going to believe this, but then again you will. At exactly 11;20 which was 2 mins. ago the skies opened up here. First rain in eons. That’s how quick it can pop up.
    Probably threw some of that silver oxide crap in the air real quick.

    Other than living things, I feel really sorry for meteorologists. They once could predict weather fairly accurately until the powers at be began tampering with weather all the time.

  109. Sandman says:

    Angel, When large American cities start going dry, people will start asking questions like: “Why are they flooding so many foreigners into America while our natural resources are going dry” Or they may say: “we have to do something NOW” …But it will be too late. Here in Texas we have years where no rain falls for months and some years where we get 60 inches of rain per year. About 6 years ago, we received 2 feet of rain in 2 days! I do not know if all this is from weather modification or not but I do know that the skies are being seeded and weather is becoming more extreme. What doo you think will happen to Atlanta if L.Lanier goes dry? No city can function without water…

  110. BEADALONG says:

    Yup Sandman, good question about letting in more & more people and having drought, (makes no sense to me either). Frosty wrote a few articles about that and I’ve written dumb-dumb Schwarzenegger a couple of times about it (no answer of course).

    Angel, on Yahoo, they were talking about this very wealthy guy living in his mansion in Atlanta and he’s using up incredible amounts of water while most people are cutting back.

    Shouldn’t the Guv or mayor have the guts to cut this guy’s water off (no matter how rich or important he is?) …After all, this is a water emergency, he should comply also….Why should this selfish clod get off?

  111. melody says:

    The H1B visa holders are complaining. Here is a sample of their website:

    gives you an opportunity to share information, good/bad reviews and experiences of your H1B sponsoring company with your other H1B mates. Comments, postings and information from H1B visa sponsoring employers are welcome too. This is a honest effort to bring together all people working on H1B visa in USA. Your identity is protected and not shared. So please register yourself and contribute to the forum by sharing information. If you do not find your company, please inform us by sending mail to and we will add the company for you.

    We are preparing a list of lawsuits filed by employees working on H1B visa against their employers and vice versa. And also complaints filed with DOL (Department of Labor) by employees working on H1B visa. Please provide a detailed information and submit a URL link of the website which will provide more details.

  112. BEADALONG says:

    I think this is great Melody. Let them complain loudly to these chump traitor companies we have!

    Let’s see if if our traitor companies of ours remains happy with their H1B people….AND if they want more money, then these companies will be right back where they started (if they don’t drop these people like hot potatoes) and seek other countries that are willing to put up with their BS.

  113. Sandman says:

    Melody, Lou Dobbs did a report on Tuesday about how the corporations are lying about the need for H1b’s. There are actually too many students in the U.S. who graduate with math and science degrees and cannot find work. Also, a vast majority of the H1B workers are taking entry level jobs that do not require any type of special training. This is just a stunt from our trusty corporations and Government (pretty much the same group) to undermine the middle class and reap larger profits for big business.

  114. The Watchdog says:

    I’m sure they’ll ban lawns in Los Angeles at some point. We’ll all have rock gardens like they do in Phoenix. Las Vegas is in real trouble.

  115. The Watchdog says:

  116. Vincent Narodnik says:

    â??Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.â?

    -Joan of Arc

    (AHEM) thats SAINT Joan of Arc, Roger.
    keep that in mind.

  117. NoYouCant says:

    WD, imagine what the world would be like if no one was afraid of hell?

    Vincent, right…bananas.
    Eating Rice Krispies with a sliced up banana didn’t feel or even taste right this morning. Way too much evil out there! Insane!

  118. melody says:

    You have a good point. Who feels like eating when you think about where the food came from. Also, did they wash their hands?

  119. Eddie B. says:

    Sandman -

    “Angel, When large American cities start going dry, people will start asking questions like: â??Why are they flooding so many foreigners into America while our natural resources are going dryâ?

    I was listening to NPR and the discussion panel was about the illegal immigration from Mexico to America and about the severe WATER SHORTAGE sorrounding Mexico City and the other arid areas there. You know the old saying… never drink the water.

    You are absolutely right on this point fer sure. Read up on Bolivia and how the World Bank and IMF loaned Bolivia $41.5 BILLION DOLLARS to build a water purification system with mineral rights as collateral. When they fell behind on payments then Bechtel, the prime contractor, sent in Black Water to strong arm the population. They were forced to pay for rain water they collected in barrels.

    I am sure that these elite pigs are planning right now how to get every last cent with the water shortage that I am sure will pop up in time now.

    After all… you can’t drink gasoline. And what we the do with the war machine after they through stealing all the gas?


  120. Vincent Narodnik says:

    (continuing on with the mineral rights thing) I understand that a Dutch company was in the US, esp. in Texas last year fishing around for gullible municipal governments to lease the water rights right from under the citizens feet. Literally. So then if you lived out in the county and had your own well,you would have to pay some foreigner a monthly “consideration” for “their” property.
    Guess its time to update that old This Land is Your Land, song, aint it Eddie?
    This land is your land
    This land was my land
    But then came “FreeTrade”
    And the Nation of Aztlan
    something different now
    have you heard about a guy named “the Guy from Boston”?
    If’n ye haint, ye shall.
    Hes going viral right now.
    grab a listen to this video-but first-a warning

  121. BEADALONG says:

    Wow, that is so bad Eddie B. Bechtel had Blackwater come in & the Bolivian people were forced to pay for their own water they were collecting in their own barrels?

    Ugh, How could Erik Prince of Blackwater claim to be Christian and do this? (at least I thought he read he was on the Christian Far Left).

    Changing the subject a little but the topic is still water: I read that in Atlanta, there is this rich dude in his mansion that is guzzling water while most other people are cutting back.

    The strategy is to raise his water bill, but this situation is supposed to an emergency and as such, isn’t it the duty of the mayor or Governor to shut off this guy’s water?

    Is this dude that important that either the mayor/governor won’t shut off his water?

  122. Eddie B. says:

    Watching Hillary was high entertainment. Her face is tighter than a snare drum.

    Maybe she should have called Pelosi before pulling the ears back so far. I see she fecided to wear a pants suit. So many difficult decisions.

  123. Angel says:

    Beadalong - Everyone is all up in arms about that guy. He used as much water in one month as 60 homes. It is all over the news here. He’s up around the north end. How could even come close to that amount of water.

    They are already raising water bills here. Yeah Eddie…water is the new oil. Ingenious…really

    Oh that rain last night was really interesting. It was a dumper. I think they got worried about that link from Lousiana where people are starting to test the air and find barium in it. Did I post it here?? I think so. I posted it somewhere. A good dumper cleanses the air for them. They’ll gradually pollute it again. Also pay attention to your chest. After breathing in barium, you get chest pains. I’m sure they have another chemical too out there. People just need to pay attention. Angels are very close to nature, so we really notice. The neat thing about being me is that we know everything that is going on, BUT most others think we are nuts if we tell them. It’s really an oxymoron.

    Sandman - you asked about Lake Lanier…well all of Atlanta, North Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall require it. Like I said, it shall be interesting. Good point …let’s get rid of the illegals. Any takers on sharing our water with illegals. I’m really curious to see how this all plays out. At my work, someone posted a flyer stating that the governor is asking people to pray for rain. I always love it when they always appear to be so concerned about things that they are involved with. It must be taught in Political Science 101.

    Eddie Hillary was on CNN tonight for the debate. They smashed Obama with illegal issues and problems to expose his stance. They only asked Hillary about her stance on the driver’s licenses in NY. It’s rigged.

  124. Angel says:

    Yes, I did post it here. Check it out if you didn’t already see it. Everyone on here needs to start making contacts to scientists and microbiologists and meteorologists. At least in my area, you’ll have to wait until they pollute the air again. When all you know what starts breaking lose again is when they start really throwing the chemicals in the air.It was so bad on Monday and Tuesday in my area, that I developed a slight bad taste in my mouth. Please start really paying attention to everything.

  125. Angel says:

    This is being passed around. Cut and paste it to keep it going….

    OH YES

    No Way! OH yes!!!

    If the immigrant is over 65 they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and get more than my mom gets for Social Security, and she worked from 1944 till 2004, only getting $791 per month because she was born before 1924 and there is a “catch 22″.

    It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.00 and each can also obtain an additional $580.00 in social assistance for a total of$2,470.00/month.

    This compares very well to a single pensioner who after contributing to the growth and development of America for 40 to 50 years can only receive a monthly maximum of $1,012 00 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

    Maybe our pensioners should apply as refugees!
    Consider sending this to all your American friends, so we can all be ticked off and maybe get the refugees cut back to $1,012.00 and the pensioners up to $2,470.00 and enjoy some of the money we were forced to submit to the Government over the last 40 or 50 or 60 years.

    Please forward to every American to expose what our elected politicians(Nancy P. Included) have been doing over the past 11 years - to the over-taxed American.


    My Question is why pay refugees anything? They contributed absolutely NOTHING to this country so why does this country owe them anything??

    If you don’t stand behind our troops,
    PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!!!!!

  126. melody says:

    “federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1,890.00 and each can also obtain an additional $580.00 in social assistance for a total of$2,470.00/month.”

    Remember how Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton used to gripe about Americans who raise their kids on Welfare and how Welfare should not be a way of life? I found this fact:

    The House Ways and Means Committee found the average 1991 benefit for a mother with two children was $402 a month, rising to $623 when food stamps were included.
    I don’t know what that amount would equal today, but I know it would be nothing like what the refugees are getting.

    No wonder people all over the world risk their lives to come here! On top of all that, when the middle class and rich people hear their sob stories, they feel sorry for them and donate some really nice stuff that they would never give a poor homeless American who they feel is blessed just being born here. The best thift shops seem to be in immigrant neighborhoods and remember there are churches that don’t speak English, so it’s easy to sneak them all sorts of free stuff and they get free interpreters who can coach them on what they need to tell the government.

  127. BEADALONG says:

    Angel, I’m glad you got some rain even though it was a dumper AND isn’t that rich water hog disgusting?….The mayor/governor just shut off his water completely since this is an emergency situation….Hmm, I wonder what they’re afraid of if they won’t do it?

    Thanks for the link. I think it’s wonderful that this guy actually got a response from a news team and they even got the water tested (I got nowhere in San Jose when I wrote the news and weather departments.

    And, that’s terrible Angel that these benes are forked out to people that never contributed.

    Melody, I remember those days. Yea, there was a huge hullabaloo about the “Welfare Queens.” I personally don’t think anybody should be making a living having babies, but to me, it’s downright BIZARRE to be passing these benes to people who AREN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!

    The 1st inkling I got that some hankypanky was going on was when I was going to a vocational school and a schoolmate asked me how to get Social Security for her father who was coming from Vietnam (this happened about 9 yrs ago or so.—That floored me because I thought SS was meant only for legal citizens of the U.S.

  128. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm Angel, what do you think about this article? On YAHOO NEWS online: CDC: Atlanta: New Respiratory Bug Has Killed 10 Over the Past 18 Months.

    While it is certainly true that viruses & bugs mutate all the time (and we have people entering our country all the time/we freely travel around), but could this possibly have anything to do with the chemtrailing? Who knows with this one?

  129. Eddie B. says:

    That sure was a pitiful display last night. Did anyone even hear the words North American Union even uttered? Loaded question fer sure.

    And that pitiful, mousy, pandering little puke next to Richardson getting huffy over using the words illegal immigrants… made me lose a perfectly good dinner. Pants fit better though.


  130. allamerican says:


    The United States Marine Corps was a sponsor for the National Council of La Raza 2007 Capitol Awards. I am so shocked I don’t even know what to say. Get and keep your kids out tof the armed services now. They are betraying the American People royally.

  131. allamerican says:

    and, you are supposed to be boycotting Wal-Mart!!

    here again is the list of La Raza corporate sponsors:

    Corporate Programmatic Supporters
    NCLR depends on our corporate partners for a variety of programmatic support in areas such as Education, Community Development, Health, Youth Leadership Development, Civil Rights and Advocacy, Workforce Development, and Affiliate Member Services.

    Chevron Corporation
    Lockheed Martin
    Lucent Technologies Foundation
    Marathon Oil Corporation
    Rockwell Automation
    State Farm Insurance Companies
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Verizon Communications, Inc.

    Housing and Wealth Building
    The Allstate Corporation
    Chase Home Finance
    Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
    E*TRADE Financial
    Fannie Mae
    Freddie Mac
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
    Wells Fargo & Company
    Washington Mutual, Inc.

    Belrex Inc.
    Eli Lilly and Company
    Metropolitan Life
    Novo Nordisk
    Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
    Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals
    PepsiCo Foundation

    Workforce Development
    American Express Company
    Ford Motor Company
    The Home Depot, Inc.
    PepsiCo Foundation

    Youth Leadership Development
    The Allstate Corporation
    Exxon Mobil Corporation
    Marriott International, Inc.
    MBNA Corporation
    Sallie Mae
    Sodexho, Inc.
    Sprint Nextel Corporation
    U.S. Marine Corps

    Civil Rights and Advocacy
    The Allstate Corporation
    American Honda Finance Corporation
    Bank of America
    Chevron Corporation
    Freddie Mac
    The UPS Foundation
    WFS Financial Inc.

    Affiliate Member Services
    Comcast Corporation
    Ford Motor Company (NCLR Affiliate of the Year Award)
    Microsoft Corporation
    The Annie E. Casey Foundation

  132. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    HYey angel you know after living for 62 years now at 63 years of age I suddenly have high blood presure??? could it be caused by barium form the Chentrails????

  133. Vincent Narodnik says:

    The Marines sponsoring LaRaza?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Everytime I think it cant get any worse-
    something else comes up. a new low is found.


    Im beyond speechless.

    Well, heres why I came over here: its another good Ron Paul video made by a Citizen. Give it a look

  134. NoYouCant says:

    melody, it just made me wonder if anybody died over my bunch of bananas. Boycott Chiquita!

  135. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Angel that news you posted about how much money illegals get a month that is outrageous. I was disabled at a young age so I did not have enough quarters to qualify for disability so I am on SSI and all I am getting is$831,00 a month and these bastards are giving invaders are getting $2,470.00 and they never paid wvwn 1penny wow talk about being pissed off My great grand parents,grand parents and my parents contributed and I did as much as possible considering that I was only18 years old when I became disabled.

  136. Angel says:

    Bingo Beadalong.

    Not all chemtrails are loaded with chemicals. Some are pathogens that they expel in the air. Also, a lot of times they’ll make a false claim ahead of time like 20 killed of such and such . So that way when people start getting sick, everyone expects it.

    Very cruel.

    If you really study the air each day. You can start to see when there are increases in pathogens in the air. I know that sounds crazy , but they move and when you have a ton in an area, you can see a movement. They grow this stuff in labs and then disperse.

    You’ll see alternating temperature changes. For instance, when they first dump them, the weather is warm for a few days so they’ll multiply. Then all of a sudden a cold snap, so they will rush indoors. Boom! People get sick. We had several warm days and then yesterday it was freezing. Now everyone at my work is losing their voices etc.

    Remember the so called West Nile?

    Not last summer but summer before last they dumped a bunch of mosquitoes. Within days they multiplied to enormous numbers. I could not sit out in my back yard because they were so bad. They were mean too. If they can brainwash and control people, I’m sure they can do the same to insects. They literally attacked you. I think they managed to kill only one lady down in Columbus, GA, so they packed up that idea and went on to another. Miraculously all the mosquitoes disappeared. Everybody just needs to pay attention. I know all of you do, but everybody else is in la-la land.

  137. Angel says:

    From 1850 - 1930 Americans were very healthy for the most part. Then they starting vaccinating for things that were declining on numbers on their own. Vaccines are like time bombs in your body.

    Notice how the population of special education students is growing. It’s not by chance, unfortunately.


    Dobbs tells friends

    Mexico does not give illegals driving licenses

    Border with Mexico worse than ever

    The Border Fence Hoax

    Nwo vIDEO

  138. The Watchdog says:

    We are back to normal after the software update. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately the comments that were made during the update were lost.

  139. Eddie B. says:

    Vincent -

    Considering we can’t recruit mercenary soldiers fast enough from Mexico AND South America this really surprises you? The idea here is that when they tell the soldiers to aim at citizens they won’t think twice about it. Scary isn’t it?

    Nice new look Dog!!! Very professional.

  140. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Melody where did you read about refuges receiving as much as $2,470,a month ???? I would sure like to know.

  141. melody says:

    George(formerly-Ed), I got that info from Dog house comment 126.

  142. The Watchdog says:

    Melody noticed that our comments are now numbered!

  143. George(formerly-Ed) says:

    Melody Yeah I see now Angel posted it. So angel where did you find the info on how much immigrant receive in ssi is it fctual???

  144. BEADALONG says:

    Thank you Watchdog, I really like this and I missed this site and everybody.

  145. melody says:

    One of the things I like about this website is I know when something was posted. Often I will visit a website and wonder how old the information is.

  146. AmericanWorker says:

    Hey folks in a comment I made early this month I mentioned about looking on line for products made in the USA for holiday gifts. Anyway I found a great site to buy blue jeans made right here in the good old USA with fabric made in the USA. They fit great look good but are stiff, but hey a few washings and that will fix that. Price is good and I saved gas and stress and shopped at home. These jeans are the perfect replacement for that jean company that moved out of the USA you know the company ( L**I ) . Well these guys now have my business. clothes allways make a great useful gift. Check em out I was happy. Oh buy the way they even have those in between sizes.

  147. AmericanWorker says:

    Sorry it’s

  148. Angel says:


    My post 125 was a cut and paste from an email that is going around. I believe I received that one from a relative who is on a huge mail out list.

    So, I don’t have a source to back it up.

    However, it probably wouldn’t be difficult to confirm it. I think melody’s #126 post had a related link.

    Love the numbering of posts Watchdog.

  149. Angel says:


    I had posted a couple of comments with links to your last posts which were responses to mind. I think that they are lost in cyber space :)


  150. Angel says:

    WD - I finally watched that movie on#98 you posted. I have a hard time watching anything pertaining to 911 because of the truth. Anyway, it seemed as if a few parts of that video were cut. Too bad the air after the “explosion” went off can’t be tested. I thought I saw a plane flying around too. She said she saw a military plane.



    Oh… just be careful of eating in restaurants where illegals are working. Recently, I ate at a Mexican restaurant because co-workers were there. Felt sick within 30 mins. of eating. I still don’t feel right. Caucasians aren’t their favorite people these days.

  151. Angel says:

    The army of Angels are at work right now :)

    Bringing forward the truth :)

  152. BEADALONG says:

    I know how that goes Angel. How’s the water situation in Georgia? Did the water ever get cut off to that water hog in Atlanta yet?

  153. Angel says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Hold on tight as things are declining rapidly. There is a news black-out about the liberty dollar confiscation from both Indiana and Idaho. The only station that had it on the news was CNBC. Heck, I don’t know really what all this is about. I just know it’s not good for us. Dollar is declining rapidly. Canadians are loving it for the Xmas season. It will probably bottom out soon.

    Also, I hate to spread rumors with out facts, but I’m reading in several places lately that Ron Paul is a plant . Before you take that as truth, check it out first. It could be true or it could be the other side trying to discredit him. I’ll have to meditate on it so I see the truth.

    Beadalong - that water hog got his name and address plastered all over the Atlanta news that he’s been nailed to the ground for sure. I don’t know what legal action (if any) they will take. The public ridicule he’s gotten is probably worse than anything. I still wonder how anyone can use that much water????

  154. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel, yea I know our $ seems to be taking the plunge now (I wonder if that has to do with get the Amero implemented). It’s going to be bad if our $ is going to decline down the value of a peso…..(naturally the media paints this as “tourists love this”) and don’t mention a thing about the Amero.

    I’ve also been reading that in 2008, our $ will be even worse and food will become critical (I hope that’s not true) but I’ve been storing more food now. Maybe I should at least look at putting in dwarf citrus trees on my porch and planting a small garden.

    I hope Ron Paul isn’t a plant. If he is, maybe there’s Tancredo…Otherwise everybody else seems belong to the CFR (as far as I know).

    Good, the “Water Hog” is hopefully getting royally embarrased. Now if the mayor has any cajones, his water should be cut off immediately.

  155. Angel says:

    Quick! Hide your Ron Paul liberty dollars.

  156. melody says:

    Today I researched post 125 for the first time. This is the information I found on a Florida NBC website.

    There is also a video on the page. At 3:00 minutes of the video it says that to get the help they must enroll with Catholic Charities and work toward getting a job and at 3:22 minutes says refugees are only eligible for government benefits for 8 months. At 3:36 Senator Nelson statement: “The government is inconsistant in the way that the Refugee assistance program is applied”
    I’m not sure what he means by that could it be different from state to state? Could it be post 125 is true in a state, but I don’t know which one?

    lllegal Immigration: It pays to be a refugee

    Last updated on: 11/7/2007 5:16:46 PM by Kara Kenney

    COLLIER COUNTY: The NBC2 investigators discovered millions of dollars in free money is being given to men and women who enter the U.S. illegally from Cuba. Once they set foot on U.S. soil, they are considered “refugees” and that entitles them to cash, food, even free medical care - and taxpayers foot the bill.

    Jorge Rojas is from Cuba. He lives in Collier County, doesn’t speak English, and doesn’t have a job, yet in less than a year he has made $2,600.

    How? The federal government gives him $150 a month in food stamps and $180 a month in cash.

    The federal Office of Refugee Resettlement spends nearly half a billion dollars a year on refugees.

    In most cases, refugees must show they left their home country in fear of persecution, but Cubans do not have to prove that.

    For an American citizen to get cash assistance, they have to have a minor child. Refugees don’t.

    To get Medicaid, Americans have to be disabled, elderly, or the parent of a minor child. Refugees don?t.

    To get food stamps, citizens have to make less than $1107 a month. Refugees have to meet that income requirement too.


  157. BEADALONG says:

    Boy, they have us pegged, eh Melody? They think we’re nothing but a bunch of chumps!

  158. BEADALONG says:

    Oh, has anybody looked at the busses and bus stops in your areas lately?

    In San Jose, CA, they have very large RAZA ads on the busses (92.3 with Piolon and La Branca).

    and just recently on the 64 line bus stop on Almaden Expressway (x st Cherry Avenue), there’s this nice big ad by {CLEAR CHANNEL} advertising the RAZA station (92.3 F.M.}

    MERVYNS: Blossom Hill Rd (x st Kooser)-there were all kinds of “FELIZ NAVIDAD” signs in there.

    I won’t be going there even if they do advertise they’re opening at 4:00 in the morning. I think if anybody needs to go there at 4 AM, they need to see a psychiatrist….I like to shop, but that’s insane.

  159. BEADALONG says:

    Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates it.

  160. BEADALONG says:

    Oh, one more thing before I have to start baking, what do you think of those Gestapo tactics used on the parents in Maryland to immunize their children? The parents were forced to go to court and the children were immunized there. The police also had their dogs with them and the parents were threatened with prison if they didn’t do this.

    So, while schools are banning cupcakes, the schools don’t care about the thimerosol (mercury) and other heavy metals in the immunizations.

    And If MD pulled this off, other states would look at this and do the same. (I think if I read right but I don’t remember the link) the guv of Texas allowed Guardasil to be forced on the girls in Texas.

  161. The Watchdog says:

  162. Eddie B. says:

    Beadalong -

    This was everywhere on the news in my area the other day. This is EXACTLY what Alex Jones has been telling us for years now about forced immunizations especially with anything like the READ ID. Swipe the cards… no shots… go to jail. Don like what is in the vaccine… too bad. Personnaly, I am not getting a flu shot this year. I got sick as a dog from it last year.

    Matryland is cratering very fast right now. Our Governor has passed a $1.6 BILLION TAX INCREASE BILL (of course free day laborer camps, multi-million dollar grants to CASA De Maryland, medical, drivers license if you have a ullity bill, etc. for invaders) and we have the CINTRA group going to build our first highway in fifty years. Toll road of course.


    Take a guess what that will do to the IT industry oin Maryland? Like Ross Peroe said… a giant sucking sound going down to Virginia, West Virginia, up to Pennsylvania and maybe even DC but DC is way too expensive to survive.

    How many people will be driving to Virginia to buy computers now?

    I knew it was coming when I saw O’Malley’s “Amigos De O’Maleey” website when he was running. He is a total sell out along with Ben Carden and Barbara Mikulski.

  163. Angel says:


    This is for you two.

  164. the marlboro man says:

    As I give thanks for my wife and kids and grand kids ,I think about 200.000 VETRANS on our streets,that I think things have hit a LOW that we the people of this great country,let our vetrans wonder the streets,when we will welcome an ILLEGAL in our country with open arms,and support them!!!WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY,off life,and freedom.GOD HELP US for we know not what we do???

  165. Faye says:

    Perry was shamed into pulling his mandate to have the girls mandatorily immunized. Dispotic little crumb of humanity that he is.

    I don’t understand how Maryland is forcefully innoculating their kids. Anyone can refuse ANY medical treatment. I’ve read that these are the regular immunizations kids are supposed to get for school that they’re refusing. True, public health is involved because the kids, if left uninnoculated, may get smallpox, hep B, whooping cough. But the others ARE innoculated. In which case, they have protection. Legally, those refusing get educated — explanations given as to the benefits of the injections and the risks associated both with getting the injections and the risks of not having them and, if they still refuse, they must sign a waiver. ANYTHING else is ASSAULT AND BATTERY.

    And to have them innoculated under gun point with the threat of jail sentences boggles my mind.

    Did this really happen up there in Maryland?

  166. Faye says:

    Yep. Really happened. Evidently for the love of money.

    And it turns out Maryland will only let them waiver for a medical condition or religious reason. I can’t reconcile that with informed consent and our assault and battery laws. And evidently they had someone other than doctors and nurses administering the injections because doctors and nurses would have been held to the informed consent laws. Who’d they get — the court clerk? Isn’t that practicing medicine without a license? If you give an injection incorrectly, you can cause severe nerve damage.

    This is totally wrong. We live in an absolutely wrong-headed world today, dogs. This happening while they allow murder under the banner of free choice in the case of abortions. But I guess that’s ok because anybody wanting a child can always go overseas and adopt one.

    This is wrong.

  167. Angel says:

    There are two people that may not be who they pretend to be. It’s not Bush or someone in his administration. But, these are people that most everyone in the movement knows. I’m not sure if they are who they are or try to be. In another week or two or at the latest a month, we will know one way or the other. We’ll all see.

  168. Angel says:

    Don’t think big brother isn’t already using planes to peak into your cars and homes.

  169. Angel says:


    Thanks for the research on how much it costs us to have illegals in this country.

  170. George says:

    post 156 melody.I have knowm that since the early 60’s that cubans get favered more than Americans I was in the unemployment and the guy that interviewed me told me that Cubans get more money in benefits both unemployment & welfare much.Also I have always wondered how all of the Viet Nam r4efuges were here such a short time but managed to drive new cars.Now I know if we want to do better here in the U.S. we should leave and return as a refugee and we would make out like bandits.

  171. George says:

    Angel I read about the same thing taking place in Los Angels years ago.

  172. George says:

    Well good for the AAPS and the parents who refuse to have there kids vaccinated.

  173. Eddie B. says:

    Faye -

    In Maryland the new county executive Leggett is a TOTAL SELL OUT. He immediately took up the day loabor center agenda after folks in Gaithersburg MD voted it down THREE TIMES and jammed it through being run, of course, by CASA De Maryland which is funded by the Washington Post.

    I just read an artcle yesterday about 140 arches of preserve that has been snatched by Montgomery County for the new Spanish toll road. Pennies on the dollar and if you resist then you are issued a court summons.

    I am moving to the mountains. The traffic here is overwhelming and it is 24×7x365. Non stop and they can’t stop building. But now it just goes up. We are a perfrect example of the elites plans for “sustainable development-smart growth” where they will force people to live in ultra compact, living centers where nobody can move without being on camera.

    Here is an interesting side note too. We now have these dwellings being promoted as “eco-friendly, sustainable community biospheric living qurters”. I am not kidding or making this up. They first appeared in Seattle and here is the deal.

    People buy Condos where the dining room and the kitchen IS SHARED with 5 or 6 other condos. The sales pitch is less water, less electricity, yada yada yada. These moron yuppies here are going this is great!

    This is the COMMUNIST MODEL from Russia and these idiots are buying it!! You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

    Maryland is a goner. Our politicians are complete sell outs and if Hillarious is elected you can count on our Senator Milkuski being part of her new world order cabinet.

  174. Angel says:


    Thanks for the info. So that is why they are building condos left and right in my area. Your area sounds like my area and probably others all over this country. We’re in a drought and they are still building. We’ve got unbelievable traffic 24/7 too.

    On I-85 from Pleasant Hill Rd all the way into Atlanta (about 20 miles). There are 2-4 cameras on every light post. Some are pointing down so they can obviously look right into your vehicle as you drive by. When I took a road trip to Chicago, I didn’t notice as many cameras like they have here. Why do we need cameras at ever 200 ft on an interstate? It’s probaby coming to an area near you next. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

  175. the marlboro man says:

    HAY take a look at the RON PAUL site scoll down to the NH COMM. to ask each candate direct qestions, this could get real good ????

  176. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel and Eddie B to posts 174 and 173–I think this getting everybody together like sardines has to do with AGENDA 21.

  177. Zorro says:

    I looked into chemtrails this week after seeing Angel and others post about them.

    Check out the vid I made with the footage I shot of chemtrails in the making in my area around Philadelphia

    Something is definitely going on with these chemtrails. At the very least they are screwing up our blue skies. At the worst - who knows? Are they poisoning us - on purpose? are we collateral damage? is it weather manipulation?

  178. The Watchdog says:

    Okay gang, I’m allowing image advertising on my website along with the Google ads. I hope this doesn’t annoy anyone.

    The first ads that appeared were scantily clad women kissing each other so I immediately changed the configuration. Now only family friendly ads should appear. It may take a few hours for that change to appear on the website.

    I hope no one is offended.

  179. BEADALONG says:

    Ok, Watchdog (I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving-along with everyone else of course). Now, that you’re mentioning pix, I wondering if it’s my computer, but it looks like when you post a picture, it’s almost completely covered up. Other than that, everything’s great.

  180. The Watchdog says:

    What do you mean covered up? What browser are you using, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox? I’ve checked the site in both and it seems okay. Maybe you are using a really old version of your browser and you should update it.

    I recommend the Firefox browser.

  181. BEADALONG says:

    The pictures are covered up to almost 9/10th of the way up so I’m only getting a sliver of the top of the picture.

    I’m using Internet Explorer. Okay, thank you, I’ll follow your suggestion. Thanks for the link.

  182. BEADALONG says:

    Good video Zorro. At this point, the purpose of these chemtrails are up for grabs since the media, weather people and politicians are not answering this (with the exception of a news station back east somewhere) that actually tested the ingredients and found aluminum and barium. I tried contacting my politicians (Feinswine, Lofgren, Boxer) and Channels 7/11 (both the main departments and the weather departments) on this, but I never received an answer from any of them.

  183. AmericanWorker says:

    Hey WatchDog I have the same problem with the pics. that BEADALOG is having ,only the top is loading. Internet explorer. Thanks for the Ron Paul banner back up it looks good.

  184. Sandman says:

    Great new R.P. banner Watchdog. I heard R.P. interviewed today on the infowars show, and there was an interesting conversation about how MSM is stepping up the attacks on Ron Paul. Horowitz and Beck are comparing the R.P. Revolution as being equal to the “Islamofascists”…That kind of low-level smearing is a sure sign that the establishment is getting desparate. BTW, that interview will be looped all night on It is worth streaming!

  185. Sandman says:

    I am building an addition on my shop and I had a goal of making it an invader-free project. The kind of work required for this job involves cutting steel and pick-axe work. I spent 2 days calling people for this project and ALL the contractors use invaders. So I did the form work and Bobcat myself but the rebar and bagging work is way too much for one person, so I got desparate and called a guy that I think may be illegal. I am pissed off because the American workers have been completely flushed away from the building business and I CANNOT find an American worker anywhere! I have been dealing with construction contractors for many years and I can tell you that it is RARE to find a “Gringo” to do this work now. Even 6 years ago, I could find some American workers without trying too hard and I really prefer to use them because they do higher quality work. Anyway, I cannot say that I did not try my best to find American workers…They are all GONE!

  186. BEADALONG says:

    Wow, that is bad Sandman. If this happened, then it does mean they’re gone (at least in your area).

  187. BEADALONG says:

    1. On the website of WeHateGringos: there’s an article concerning the Western Union called:
    Western Union-The Fastest Way to Profit from Illegal Immigration.

    Also, FirstData is the parent company of Western Union AND….they’re trying unseat Tom Tancredo.

    2. A Yahoo article said that Mexico was going to send $millions to save the Monarch Butterfly (I like butterflies too), but….they’ve got money to help the butterflies but not to resolve the illegal immigration problem?

  188. Sandman says:

    Beadalong, I think the lack of American construction workers (at least around here) has been caused by the fact that a skilled framer once made $20-25/ hr. Some leads make that but the pool of semi-skilled guys is huge because of the invasion and it is very hard to compete with a hungry 3rd worlder. As a result of the job market flood in the construction business, few (if any) Americans can afford to live on $7/hr. It is hard work and sometimes dangerous. It is easier to stock store shelves or drive a forklift. When I was a student at TSU I looked for these types of jobs because getting a quick $60 for a half-day’s work helped alot. Now it seems, most of the students here have a hard time peeling their butts of the leather seats on their Jag. I think that to some extent in the past 12 years or so, life has become much easier and pay has gone up to national avg’s . 15 years ago, the local high-tech companies were starting college grads from UT or A&M at $7 per hour working in the cleanroom. Now the pay is decent, but the new grads have to compete with H1B PHD’s from India.
    The middle class is being scaled down so fast now that I wonder what America will be like living in when we become a peaon/caste system. With all the industry leaving faster than you can say GATT and the impending dollar collapse I can see a RAPID transition (not unlike 1929 or Weimar Republic fall) I better not discuss the much-desired (by the NeoCons) War with Iraq that could be absolute disaster to this economy…I do lots of worrying these days!

  189. BEADALONG says:

    Yea Sandman, you make some good points.

    Well, if one sees the job market being flooded with people that aren’t supposed to be here and then go to learn another trade with high costs but get blasted again by the H1B etc visa holders, then we have to wonder how we’re going to make a living.

    I find it ironic that we’re facing this when the media occasionally claims “we’re the best workers in the world.” If so, how do we deserve this?

    On the other hand, I hear we’re fat & lazy and although many of us learned “the Information Age”, we hear from a$$holes like Elaine Chau and Co that we “Lack Skills.”

    I definitely see signs of us going down. Some of us a little sooner. Look at me with MCS and my hubby with 30% disability (and not helping us)….We already got almost to the bottom pretty quick.

    …I also wondered when I saw on the news of people acting like idiots at 4:00 in the morning to get into the stores, if they even remotely what’s coming if we’re correct….because if it is, it’s going to get real bad.

  190. BEADALONG says:

    Okay, I watched the video. Toward the end when the guy attended the IMF meeting, he said there was a lot of uncertainty and the banks didn’t quite know what was going on (at least that’s what I got), …. Yea, right, they know exactly what they’re doing. The IMF/world bankers did it to other countries and now, it’s our turn for another great depression. Their greed never ends.

  191. The Watchdog says:

    “Hey WatchDog I have the same problem with the pics. that BEADALOG is having ,only the top is loading. Internet explorer.”

    What do you mean “only the top is loading.” The top of what?

    Could you click on the “Help” tab of your browser and see what version you are using. For example, my browser at work says Firefox

  192. AmericanWorker says:

    Watchdog I’m using MSN Explorer version 9.50 Only about 1/2” of the top of the pictures can be seen on African Immigrant story and Huckabee says Immigration Enforce story. All the pics of the youtube are ok and the Pat buchanan pic .

  193. Eddie B. says:

    Well Maryland got a nice piece on Lou Dobbs tonight on the illegals getting licenses. All they need is a utility bill for “proof” of residency.

    How do you like them apples? I think we should demand “proof” of intelligence from our representatives.

    Actually “proof” of veracity would be even better. Of course, there wouldn’t be too many politicians left after that test. And that would be a good thing.

  194. The Watchdog says:

    AmericanWorker, I just changed something. Delete the temporary internet files in your Internet Explorer and then refresh the page. See if that fixes it.

    You delete the temporary internet files by clicking Tools> Internet Options> and then Delete Files under the General tab.

  195. BEADALONG says:

    Hello Watchdog. I’m currently on Internet explorer 7 and the version is: 7.0. 5730.11. I’ll try any suggestions you offer tomorrow because I’m making some beaded jewelry for this weekend.

  196. The Watchdog says:

    Beadalong, I installed IE7 onto my laptop and now I see the problem you are talking about. It’s not there in IE6 or in Firefox. I’ll see what I can do to fix this. I just hate IE, it’s always a problem.

  197. The Watchdog says:

    Okay, problem solved. For some reason IE7 doesn’t handle the word wrap feature well. Block quotes cover up the image. We’ll go back to centering our images. Dang.

  198. BEADALONG says:

    Oh, thank you very much Watchdog. I’ll be trying your link out later you gave out earlier too, but probably not until tomorrow when I have a little spare time.

  199. AmericanWorker says:

    Watchdog everything looks good ! Thanks .

  200. AmericanWorker says:

    Hey Eddie B . Did you go to and join ? He’s got some things going on in MD . He is a good guy I listen to him on wcbm radio 680 am.
    I know you said he was on Lou Dobbs show but I don’t pay to watch tv (cable). So I don’t know if you already have this info.

  201. Angel says:

    Game is Over

  202. Sandman says:

    Just a reminder for the Pat Buchannan fans out there, he will be on Coast to Coast am TONIGHT to discuss his new book. The show starts on the West Coast at 10:00. Almost ALL major AM radio stations across the country have this show. But if you want to stream it on the web, go to The show will last at least 3 hours and I am sure that the interview will be a good one!

  203. Sandman says:

    Interesting video Angel, I am not too sure about the UFO stuff though!

  204. AmericanWorker says:

    Well Well what do you know the story about the illegal that helped the boy in the desert after his mother crashed the car just aired on the world news tonight.
    Damn I got so Pi$$ed off because all I kept thinking about is all the Horror stories that don’t get attention. Like the 13yr. boy raped for 5 hours in that migrant camp in calif. And many many more !

  205. Eddie B. says:

    AmericanWorker -

    Whoa! Thanks for the link! We need all the help we can get. If our Governor is not bad enough, our County Executive Leggett who can’t open tax payer funded day laborer centers fast enough is now talking about raising county taxes to fix a $410,000,000 budget short fall…..

    Can’t any of these clowns use a spread sheet or a calculator?

    I am watching Dobbs talking to Guitierrez…. That guy is such a fool.

    That story about the boy helping the mother in the desert reminded me of the movie Babel. There was so many illegal activities taking place with the Mexicans that it became laughable but they intended to make us feel sorry for the woman when she gets departed…


  206. Eddie B. says:

    Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo on the same stage.

  207. Sandman says:

    Eddie, Anderson C. did not give Tom T (at the debates) any time at all. Is MSM scared of his message?

  208. Mayday says:

    OMG! Check out the latest on Kelsey the teacher who ran away with 13 year old Fernando to Mexico in the video section on this page. Turns out Fernando has a two year old anchor baby.

    This story keeps getting stranger and stranger.

  209. Sandman says:

    Eddie That Lou Dobbs/ Gutierrez debate was gr8. Gutierrez is such a slime ball. His eyes were shifty and squinty when he spoke to Lou. Gutierrez has that greasy cholo accent and East LA manerisms.I was waiting to hear him use the word “Bato” or “ese” at any moment in his sentences… Is he REALLY the voice of the “Latino Community”( How in the hell did he get into ANY office?) I would not trust him to clean my toilet! Funny how Lou would ask Gutierrez a direct question and he would answer by changing the subject. (Lou did not let him get away with that) I hope that debate was recorded for the Watchdog site, it is well worth watching!

  210. Mayday says:

    Just discovered a link to the story.

  211. BEADALONG says:

    I watched that Dobbs/Gutierrez debate as well. Gutierrez made me so angry. I hate to say it, but I was really wishing Gutierrez would have his ID stolen by illegals, he deserves it.

    Dobbs also had someone else on tonight (forgot the slimeball’s name) but apparently this clown says we’re bigoted and racist if we want employers to use those E Verify machines to check for status.

  212. BEADALONG says:

    How’s the water situation in Georgia, Angel? I hope it’s getting better. I also noted that in CA, we’ve hardly gotten any rain either but I don’t know if it is simply just occasional drought or due to chemtrailing (I’ve seen a little chemtrailing done now usually toward sunset) and only a little during the day). It’s not done as heavily anymore in San Jose, CA lately from what I’ve noticed.

  213. HellDogger says:

    Dittos on the Dobbs/Gutierrez gig. If we had true leadership in this country, this bastard and others like him would be jailed for involvement in anti-American activities. I had to clean the oil off my T.V. screen afterwards.

  214. Eddie B. says:

    Is McCain insane or what? I loved it when Ron Paul said how many contributors were armed forces officers in the field.

    Romney is a total slime ball. What a liar.

  215. melody says:

    post 210, wow, if he really is only 13 years old and already has a 2 year old anchor baby, wow, the invaders are telling the truth: they were born to be baby making machines. He will probably have 20 kids.

  216. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Anyone with about 9 minutes to spare and wanting a very dry laugh may listen to this. Kind of makes me thirsty for gin.

  217. Angel says:

    Hi Beadalong,

    They decided to give us a real good dumper at beginning of week. It was clean rain. Always check you windshield after rain.

    We’re still in drought. There is a positive side. I’m watching all the landscaping, construction, and other illegal job industries drying up. Droughts can be a blessing.

    They are still putting stuff in air, but not so much the chemtrailing since people are taking pics. Also after that LS place started testing air, I think some of their work is down some, but after I write that …don’t be surprised if you have a hazy day.

  218. Angel says:

    People need to start check the tap water; however, it was a little cleaner these last couple days. I can just eyeball it.

    Start testing the water using non-governmental agencies.

  219. Angel says:

    A little Angel lore,

    As I’ve said before, it’s still an adjustment for me being me. The other night I ran into someone from my past +5 years ago. I recognized the person, but had to jolt my memory. It’s a little uncomfortable for me to see people from long ago because they will realize fairly quickly that I am not the same person.
    I’ve tried to act like the old me, but it’s not the same. They never say anything, but I can tell what they think. I even had to ask other angels to help me remember what all transpired with this person. I have no trouble meeting new people. In fact, I enjoy it. But, anyone from my long ago past makes me uncomfortable if they start to see that I’m different. Imagine trying to explain everything. Not. Now who would truly understand??

    I wish everyone on here with good intentions ……peace and light.



    Found this on youtube; I go in each day and search lightworker clips; this one is a little strange??? But informative

    Another dose of positive explanation and positive energy

    Did you know that November is Angel Awareness month? Here’s a clarion call

  220. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel, so you’re finally getting some rain. That’s good. I hope that will be on a regular basis again.

    Yup, I’ve seen less activity too, but they’re still at it. Maybe they’re trying to be less obvious now (as you mentioned with more people taking pix).

    Hmm, well people might not think you’re the same, but then again, they could possibly chalk that up with increased age and life experiences or they might not remember all that well after all, who knows?

    I’ll check out your links during the weekend.

  221. Huitzilopochtli says:


    If you want to comment on my website, you can. But you’re not going to use it just to post links.


  222. K2 says:

    Is that “Aztec” Naui? Awesome. Am actually a big fan of his antics. Nobody, but nobody, does delusional, narcissist ratbag, like “Aztec” Naui. His kung fu is the BEST.

  223. The Watchdog says:

    No, I don’t think that’s Naui. It’s some other pretend indian that has posted here before. He got tired of losing arguments so he just started posting links.

  224. Eddie B. says:

    If you all have any extra cash kicking around Ron Paul is making the big push. Anything can help to save the republic.

    Wow…. November is over. One more month until Election Year.


  225. Faye says:

    Eddie B.,

    I had missed your post above re the condos. How weird! I swear this world is getting to be more and more like George Orwell’s “1984.”

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