Dennis Slater is a friend of mine. He heads the Southern California group No More Invasion. Lately they have been protesting sanctuary churches, but they also protest day labor sites. They do this almost every weekend in an attempt to get people to hire legal workers at temporary employment agencies.

Ironically, this attack occurred on Dennis’ last scheduled protest. He and his fiancee are expecting the birth of their son very soon so he wanted to take a short break.

This Saturday Dennis Slater was ganged up on by a dozen or more day laborers as they were ending their protest. Most of the NMI members had just driven off when the attack occurred. The day laborers threw bicycles, paint cans, and rocks larger than softballs at Dennis until he was on the ground. Then they beat and kicked him. His head was split open by a large rock and it took eleven staples to close the open wound. He lost a lot of blood. His eye was bruised and his arm was cut up badly. They only let up on their attack after Dennis fended them off with pepper spray. They meant to kill him.

Most of the perpetrators are easily identified but so far no one has been arrested. After the attack, the 100+ day laborers in the parking lot ran away. Dennis has a Lawyer working with him already.

The attack on Dennis was lead by the individual seen in this old video spitting on a woman and assaulting several others.

23 Responses to “Dennis Slater of 'No More Invasion' Brutally Attacked By Day Laborers”

  1. 1 Jalira

    This was a very scary moment. This was not OK, Dennis was not OK. I witnessed it all and I am afraid that it will harden me even more. America, your freedom of speech is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Zorro

    I feel so badly for the patriots that endured this. Sue the PANTS off that Home Depot and file assault charges against the John Doe illegal aliens at the Home Depot. Since it was a mob attack, any of the illegals there that day can be accused of participating in this attack. Make them prove they were NOT part of the attack. Let Klaudia Smith try to defend them in this open and shut assault case. This is just as bad as the Jena 6 attack.. When WILL the media take notice???

  3. 3 Sandman

    I know this much, the story will never reach national or even local news because it may cast a negative viewpoint on the chosen ones. But let us try to imagine if just ONE Minuteman attacked an illegal (even if the illegal was breaking the law) The media all over the country -perhaps even the Western world would be talking about the story because it would finally PROVE to the open borders nuts that invasion fighters are violent and dangerous (they have been claiming this for years without proof)
    Dennis Slater may have a good case against Home Depot for a lawsuit and my best guess is that Home Depot will give an out of court settlement in order to avoid the bad publicity that a story like this could bring. The more witnesses Mr. Slater has, the better…I hope you will follow this story, Watchdog because something like this could change company policy on aiding our invaders. Pepper spray would have been a great tool in an event like this because it would have pinned down one or more of the guilty for future use.
    I have witnessed near-violence many times at anti-invader events and strangely, some of the most threatening people are the white liberal sympathizers who want direct confrontation. If they want war, they will have it and many of us are more than ready!

  4. 4 Sandman

    …Watchdog, about the pepper spray, Did an invader get any in the eyes? I had trouble downloading the second video and could not see what happened.


    Wow, this is pretty bad. I definitely think Home Depot should be sued. I wonder if they can be contacted by email to state that it is a dangerous situation to continue to allow these illegals to be hanging around like that. I refuse to do any business with Home Depot because of this policy.


    Hmm, it would be nice if enough people just decided to boycott Home Depot in large numbers. Maybe that would get their attention.

  7. 7 The Watchdog

    The second video was not shot on Saturday. It’s an older video of the guy that led the attack on Dennis. I think he was the one that hit Dennis with the huge rock.

    I wasn’t there but I heard that he was on the ground and they didn’t stop beating him until he shot a few of them with pepper spray.

    I talked to about 5 people on the phone right after it happened and only one of them was actually there. This was while I was in McGonigle Canyon so I was kind of occupied.

    Follow the link to No More Invasion “More photos and reports” to get more accurate information.

  8. 8 SkyPainter

    This is happening all over the USA. Illegal aliens are abusing, assaulting, molesting children, raping women and murdering American Citizens every day. Not to mention turning our neighborhoods into 3rd world slums while taking away the jobs that are meant for our own teenagers and American Citizens who have no skills. It seems like everyday I hear something along these lines happening to us.

    The MSM keeps it quiet. The Latino media spins it as if the illegal aliens are the victims and our own President, Senators and Representatives from both parties act as if nothing bad is happening while at the same time tearing appart our sovereignty to allow more of these invaders to come here illegaly and murder, rape and assault more American Citizens.

    This has got to stop! How many more American Citizens will have to be murdered at the hands of illegal aliens before we wake up and start recalling and voting out the current lot of traitorous, on world order, inept clowns we have in our government. How many more? HOW MANY MORE?

  9. 9 Mountain Man

    I hope Dennis Slater sues the HELL out of Home Depot. American Citizens have the right to go to public businesses if its to shop or protest, without the treat of violence. Since Home Depot is RESPONSIBLE for ALLOWING the ILLEGAL INVADERS to CONGREGATE on there grounds, they are at fault.

    Here again like the post a few days ago, this is a HATE CRIME that is being kept quiet and out of public view.

    WatchDog, we need to send this to O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs and anybody else who might get it out in the public eye. This kind of thing might even effect and bring around the liberal fence sitters once they see the blooded man.

  10. 10 Davey in Seattle


    I would like to get some people here in Seattle to form a group around Home Depot but, many still think we do’t have a problem. Yes, it would help out a lot to get a group but, many are afraid of getting beat up!

    I wonder if a tazer is legal? These animals are using rocks and other weapons. I know our first amendment being violated left and right. If they get close to you, start breaking knee caps. Three vitials, the throat, the eyes and the knee caps!

    The media is the problem and lie in most of the reports.

    It is a hard order to get people to do anything unless it affects them directly. Once they lose their jobs and livelyhood, they will wake up!

    For the most part, patriotism has died and there are very few of us left. We can’t give up and we have to get Ron Paul’s name out if we are to survive a country!

    Passing out flyers of every subject gets peoples awareness! I talk to many people everywhere. I carry cards, flyers, and other information all the time. If we all do this, will help wake up the sheep like Dolly!

  11. 11 Roger

    These illigal aliens are capable of murdering or even murders, and they are out there walking the streets right now. That’s a really scary thought.

  12. 12 The Watchdog

    Davey, the best self defense product is pepper spray. But they caught Dennis off guard and he must not of had his pepper spray in his hand. When 12 guys jump you when your back is turned it’s difficult.

    A tazer will only take care of one attacker. A stun gun requires close contact and you can only momentarily stop one attacker. A can of pepper spray ready to use in your hand is the best way to go. It stops them in their tracks and you could fend off a group of them with that.

  13. 13 Angel

    Gosh, I was just on his site the other day.

    WD - Thanks for the email newsletter of this event.

  14. 14 lores629

    It sounds like a bad situation but there are always two sides to the story. Violence is not the answer but I strongly believe they were just trying to give him a warning sign with no intention of killing. If a Mexican, latino or hispanic has the intention of killling they won’t beat around the bush, they will just tell you how it is unlike others. Dennis Slater knows what he’s up for when he protests, there will always be some people who will react the way they do so he shouldn’t be surprised.
    I’m sure most of the people that have responded to the above article have @ some point hired, been helped, or served by a “illegal”. I think the protests and whatnot you’ve tried havn’t worked, maybe you should try boycotting stores these people work at or restaurants “illegals” serve @, think about it. Would you have anywhere to go?

  15. 15 NoYouCant

    “Violence is not the answer but I strongly believe they were just trying to give him a warning sign with no intention of killing….

    “just trying” LMAO! Keep typing, please!

    “Dennis Slater knows what he?s up for when he protests”

    While protesting in The United States of America, we should expect attempts to take our lives? Like I said, keep typing! LOL!

    BTW, the “answer” is Attrition through Enforcement!

  16. 16 Johnny

    Let the war begin!!!!!!!

    Next time you guys attend one of them ralleys exit in groups and carry a baseball bat. Pepper spray is fine but sometimes it don’t work. A bat can put someone out of comission real quick.

    And next time ask for a police escourt back to your car.

    It makes me sick to no end to see fellow Americans being assaulted by these illegal immigrant invading scum pieces of shit. This is an act of war!!!! I am dead serious! this is serious! Next time beat the shit out of them with a bat. Or bring a gun like a shotgun. I would have shot them with my Glock 45 !!!!!!!!! It’s self defense and it can proven.
    An off duty Arapaho country sheriff in Colorado just blasted one of these illegal aliens in self defense last week. The illegal scum tryed to jump in in the parking lot near his car so he pulled out his piece and gave it to the would-be attacker.

    Get a weapons carry permit and start carring a side piece on your self.

  17. 17 melody

    The bikes had to have been stolen. If they had used their own money to buy them, they would not have thrown them on somebody like that and left them behind.

    I don’t know who you can boycott and still buy needed supplies for your house. The rich people got everything set up to where if you don’t have a job, or you are just low income, you have no choice but to shop at there evil stores. So which store don’t buy products made by questionable labor? I still need to buy food, laundry supplies, health care items, etc.

    The rich people hide from us and they are the ones who need to be protested. Home Depot should be sued. That situation really is stupid. Everybody knows they are illegals and nobody does nothing to stop it? Unbelievable. Most people really do have their head in the clouds. I guess they won’t realize we got a problem until they are the ones who can’t find a job or gets hurt by one of these invaders. Lots and lots of selfish people in this world who don’t think about anybody but themselves.

  18. 18 Johnny


    they will all pay for their crimes soon!!!!!

    Keep up the good fight and some day soon things will get better!!!!

  19. 19 Mountain Man

    Johnny you hit the nail on the head, about getting a Concealed Carry Permit. Every law abiding American citizen should have one.

  20. 20 Sandman

    MountainMan, I have looked into the concealed carry permit but I wonder sometimes if being on that list will almost guarantee the Blackshirts on your doorstep if/when Marshal law is implemented. Anyway, have you noticed how brown on white or brown on black crimes are almost never reported. If a reconquista hung a noose from his tree, it would go unnoticed, but imagine if a Minuteman did it!!!

  21. 21 Johnny


    You can thank the liberal media for what you mentioned above.

    THe MSN is on the radical leftists side and on the side of the illegal immigrant.

  22. 22 Mountain Man

    Sandman,your right when a person gets a concealed carry permit you have to list the firearms on the permit that will be carried so the state does have a record of what is listed. But this is a vary dangerous time in American history. The danger is here in our streets.

  23. 23 gunkgy

    Mountain Man, What State do you live in ? I live in Washington and we do not have to list any firearm on our permits. Washington is also a SHALL issue State. Unless the State can find a legal reason to not give you a permit, they must after 30 days.

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