“La Raza” - The Real Racists

I recieved an email from a Dr. D. E. Wright today regarding video’s I shot of the Mexica-Movement. The first two video’s are from the SOS vs. Home Depot protest.

The Master Race
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Nican Tlaca
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These same clowns from the Mexica-Movement also showed up at the Minutemen vs. NBC protest.

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I’m not sure if D.E. Wright wrote this himself or where he got it.


“la raza” - “for the race (Mexican) everything, for everyone else nothing.

First of all, in response to the outrageous sign which states “who’s the illegal alien here” and to the comments from some posters echoing this sentiment, I have a very old and good friend who is a REAL & TRUE native American Indian … here’s what he has to say about it …

Mexican indios are not indigenous to ANY USA lands, and have never been. Mexicans are of Spanish-European and Mexican indio heritage, and those Mexican indios are indigenous to the lands SOUTH of the US-Mex border not north of it. There have never been any native indian tribes living on any land which is now the USA which were ever “Mexican”, “Spanish”, “hispanic”, “latino”, “aztec”, “mayan”, “toltec”, “chicano”, “cholo”, “vato” or “homie”. So you can stop with your “this land was ours” garbage. The land of the Mexican was, is, and will be the Mexico which is south of the border, if you are ashamed of that it is your problem. Just because your people did make enough of your homeland to be proud of is your problem!!

You can make as many signs as you want and yell and rant all you want, but it will not alter the reality that you are not United States Native American tribal Indians, and you will never become such. You are Mexican indios, and most of you are of mixed Euro-Spanish heritage … Secondly, any person who enters the United States to live without immigrating legally IS an illegal alien or illegal immigrant, as defined by United States law, and this IS the United States of America, USA law is OUR law, if you don’t like it go back to your homeland. (MEXICO)

It is a CRIME to enter the US illegally. It is a CRIME to live in the USA if you are here illegally. It is a CRIME to work in the USA if you are an illegal immigrant. It is a CRIME to lie about your immigration status, this includes applying for any type of suppliment (WIC, HUD, food stamps, medical care, after school program, free lunch school program etc….), enrolling in school or enrolling your children in school, renting an apartment or house buying a vehicle, filling out an employment application, filling out any forms to obttain medical care, etc…. It is a CRIME for any employer in the United States to hire any illegal alien for any job at any time. It is a CRIME for any person in the United States to work without a legal social security number. It is a FELONY to use a stolen (made up, bought or “borrowed”) social security number, or to obtain a social security number by use of false identification, and the penalty for this felony is 25 year in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. It is a CRIME to use false identification anywhere in the USA at any time. It is a CRIME to transport any illegal immigrant anywhere in the USA at any time. It is a CRIME to provide shelter to any illegal immigrant at any time (this includes renting an apartment or home to an illegal alien or letting an illegal alien sleep on your floor or in your garage for even one night). It is a CRIME to aid and abet any illegal alien at any time.

Why should illegal immigrants be treated any different than legal immigrants and United States citizens?

You want to live in the USA? Then you are subject to our laws. When US citizens and legal immigrants violate our laws they are arrested, charged with the crimes they have commited and jailed and fined, in the case of foreign nationals who have violated federal immigration laws, those illegal immigrant criminals are deported. ALL illegal immigrants are criminals, they have no respect for United States law, they have no respect for the citizens of this nation.

Lastly, to use the term “racist” in defining the Minutemen is WRONG! Illegal immigrants come from every nation on this earth. It is rather, those who support a “guest-worker program” for ONLY Mexicans who are racist. It is those who say “for la raza everything, for everyone else nothing” who are racists. It is rather, those who say that the USA “belongs” to their “raza” because once long ago their nation claimed they “owned” this land for a few unimportant years who are the racists. Is it lack of education or blind ignorance that they omit the FACT that this land was the land of US Native American Indians who were NEVER “Mexican”, and that the European nations of Spain, France, and England all claimed they “owned” this land before Mexico and for more years.

“It seems to me” …YOU who hide your face behind masks to make a public display of your lack of knowledge and YOUR racism.

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