Vichy America: Three More Signs We’re Losing The War With Mexico By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles,

Here are three more especially disturbing signs that collaborators in state, local and federal government are aiding and abetting Mexico’s conquest of our country:

1. Speaking English Only Is “Illegal” At School District Advisory Meetings When American parents objected to the fact that meetings were conducted in Spanish, and wanted to adopt an English-only bylaw, the school district’s lawyer concluded, according to the L.A. Times, that the rule would be “ILLEGAL and impractical.”

Repeat: the school district’s lawyer concluded it would be ILLEGAL to require meetings be conducted in English. I wonder if he’s as concerned about the fact that half the parents in the district are also illegal? Of course not. Only American citizens have to obey laws, right?

If your blood isn’t boiling enough, I urge you to read the entire article.

I think my “favorite” line was this one, about one of the parents at a meeting named Guadalupe Aguilar: “She added that she considers it racist when parents are told that, in America, they have to speak English.”

Well, of course she said she considers it racist! Illegal aliens and those who aid and abet them know that’s the “secret weapon:” you can intimidate many Americans into silence simply by calling them “racist.”

Please note, by the way, how the headline for the story makes no mention whatsoever of the language or illegal immigration issue at all, and is instead so blase that most people interested in the issue would overlook the story. It’s “Discord roils L.A. Unifed parent panel.” This is typical of the L.A. Times: a reporter writes a terrific story, and whoever writes the headline tries to divert attention or make it misleading (e.g., by calling the Mayor’s proposed tax HIKE a tax CUT).

2. Yo Soy El Army!
Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, “Yo Soy El Army,” and had a U.S. Army logo on it. Today I went to the U.S. Army’s website and, sure enough, they have a Spanish-language version of the site, along with a giant Hummer that looks like it was on the “Pimp My Ride” show, emblazoned with the words “Yo Soy El Army.”

Terrific. Why, after all, should we care if our soldiers speak English, or owe any allegiance to Mexico? After all, it’s not like we’ll ever need to defend our border, is it? And it’s not like the members of a platoon need to communicate with one another in order to coordinate an attack or sweep through a building during a fire-fight, right? Carumba!

Here are the links to the Spanish language Army website and the low- rider Hummer:

3. California Labor Department Forms In Spanish Want the State of California to pressure your boss to pay you disputed wages? Hey, there’s no need for you to learn Engish, or hire a translator of your own. Instead, let us, the taxpayers of California, make life easy for you by taxing ourselves to pay for interpreters for you. Heck, we’ll even provide bilingual forms, and hire the staff to process them. Here’s the link for that:

So what’s the point of all this? The same one as usual: if you want change, if you want to replace the career politicians who aid and abet the conquest of our nation, then contribute to my campaign so we can take back America’s second-biggest city.

Advertisements cost money, and advertisements are the only way we can reach our fellow citizens. The L.A. Times is not going to cover my campaign unless it absolutely has to do so, and even then you can bet the coverage will be unfavorable since I want to deport the illegal aliens who buy “Hoy,” which is published by the same people.

Please contribute today at It’s way easier than learning Spanish or moving away.

8 Responses to “Three More Signs We're Losing The War With Mexico By Walter Moore”


    Oh, I could just see this scenario now: I move to Mexico and demand they conduct their meetings in English and I call them racist when they don’t.

    Wow, I could really picture that, huh? I wonder how well that would go over.

  2. 2 the marlboro man

    ABOUT LIKE A LEAD BALLON/This man has one of the most GET UP facts I have ever heard to be the MAYOR of a city thats in big trouble,the people of LA had better get there heads out of thr TV and hear what this man is saying if they want to see another 5 years as a city?Or become a northern section of TJ/plus we need to try to get the word out over the net/if what he said was on every major paper you would have ,all kind of people supporting him/he needs all he can get because he,s up against a corupt GOV,t that will do anything to hert this man!!Same thing with RON PAUL,the MSM won,t put it in the polls when he,s doing good,and call him crazy,just to get the DUMBASSES that don,t think for there self,to think he has lost his mind.This happen in 2004 when Bob graham of FL. tried to run,when he wouldn,t bend to there ,that be,s wish he was throne in the ditch.This was The one Man in 2004 that could have beat BUSCH and brought the TRUTH back to AMERICA.Help this fine man in LA who dose have what it takes !!!!PS got a little caryed a way sorry///

  3. 3 Roger

    LA Times is about kissing illigal aliens on rear ends for providing paper deliveries, while profitting from cheap labors at the expenses of taxpayers money to provide illigal aliens’ social services and their children education.

    Hundreds of millions of tax dollars pouring into LA Unified alone every year for some hundreds of thousands illigal aliens or anchor babies educations for decades. Now the third grade parents want Spanish only for the district with highest drop out rate in the nation. Like they care about their kids’ educations. It’s sure a blood boiling article.

  4. 4 seven_staarten

    “If your blood isn?t boiling enough, I urge you to read the entire article…”

    THEY ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE. the sense of entitlement: termites eating away at the system that was not constructed for them, and then the bitches bitch because it doesn’t work for them, and never will.

    GREAT to hear that American parents are still in the fight in los angeles, though.

  5. 5 stacey antu

    How the HELL do they get away with this? Seriously?? I need to know!!

    I am nauseated!

    We need to do something about this.

  6. 6 Proud_NicanTlaca13

    It’s funny, how you call us “illegals”…I could of sworn you migrated to my land in 1492. You want a “English Only” contry? Go back to you’re homeland, go back to Europe you Pilgrims!

  7. 7 The Watchdog

    Pretend Indian alert!!!

  8. 8 Sandman

    It would be funny to be a mouse in the corner watching the fake Indians create bogus names for themselves. Proud Niccotine13 has a name like Jose Gomez or Arturo Sandoval…You know, SPANISH names…EUROPEAN names. Indian my A$$!

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