Illegal Drunken Drivers



Take cover !!

America?s highways are becoming far more dangerous because of cultural differences?unassimilated foreigners who believe that knocking down 10 beers before hitting the road is no problema. And drunk driving is an accepted behavior among Mexicans in particular.

Americans have changed their outlook regarding this irresponsible activity over the past few decades partly because of the commendable consciousness-raising efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). But there has been no such cultural shift among Mexicans in Mexico. There are laws against drunk driving there, but a small bribe to the arresting officer may be all that is required to fix things. Mexico City police actually suspended breathalyzers and checkpoints on Christmas Eve and New Year?s Eve last year, saying that drunks would sleep it off before driving.

Traditionally, drinking to excess is valued in Mexican and Latin culture, where it is seen an expression of machismo. Moreover, MADD reports that Hispanics believe it takes 6-8 drinks to affect driving, while Americans think it takes 2-4 drinks.

In 2004, according to MADD, 44.1 percent of California?s drunk driving arrests in 2004 were of Hispanics, although Hispanics made up only 31.3 percent of the state?s population.

The general incidence of drunk driving has worsened in California?parallel with the skyrocketing Latino population. Accidents involving drunk drivers increased overall nearly 5 percent in the state in 2000, with an uptick in Los Angeles County of 7.6 percent in that year. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Hispanics ages 1-44.

A good friend of mine who is a Cop in the L.A. area says, ?One thing I have noticed is that the Hispanics I arrest for DWI, 90 percent of the time, are more drunk than the white and black people I arrest.? (more)

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  1. Bill Harer Says:

    Great article thank you. It is a shame though that regular papers don’t print articles like this. I am a cop in Orange County Ca. your buddy is right they don’t just drive drunk, they drive shit faced drunk! The one good thing is in 13 years I have never had to show up to their court appearence! They plead guilty or just let it go to warrant and when that happens it’s time to play that favorite Hispanic game…the name game, who do you want to be today?

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