No One Gets Out Alive
How Florencia 13 ruled the streets
The chilling details from the indictments
LA City Beat
November 8, 2007

The largest federal gang case ever in Southern California has netted 80 members of the Florencia 13 street gang, with 21 others still at large. The accused are charged with a variety of crimes, ranging from racketeering to narcotics trafficking to attempted murder. While many of them were plucked straight from the higher echelons of the gangâ??s leadership structure, a number of â??day-to-day gangstersâ? are included as well.

â??Theyâ??re a serious threat to the health and safety of the people of South L.A.,â? said Assistant United States Attorney Peter A. Hernandez. â??The intent [was] to cripple the gang as much as possible in terms of the leadership structure and their abilities to traffic in large amounts of drugs, to diminish the random acts of violence â?¦ and to lessen the control they have on the community.â?

Worries exist, though, that the arrests could leave a power vacuum in the area, leading remaining gangs to fill it as quickly as possible. A significant portion of the drug trade in the area is now up for grabs.

â??Our hope is that people wouldnâ??t necessarily come over and take over the drug distribution dens that Florencia 13 set up,â? said Hernandez.

The two arrest sweeps last month are part of an ongoing investigation focused on a range of criminal activities, including a string of race-motivated murders. â??The most disturbing aspect of the case is that in working to eradicate rival gangs from streets claimed by Florencia, gang members allegedly engaged in a series of attacks on rival African-American gangs that extended to innocent citizens who ended up being shot simply because of the color of their skin,â? said United States Attorney Thomas P. Oâ??Brien in a statement. Investigations continue into these alleged race-motivated murders, many allegedly committed by Florencia against their rivals, of whom the most significant are the predominantly African-American East Coast Crips.

The four indictments are wide-ranging and detail a complex, three-year investigation â?? named Operation Jokerâ??s Wild â?? into the Florencia 13â??s activities in and around Huntington Park and other unincorporated areas south of Los Angeles.

According to the indictments, the gang was controlled by senior gang members in the Mexican Mafia, an organized gang involved in narcotics distribution and other criminal activities in Californiaâ??s state prisons. Florencia 13 collected â??taxesâ? from people participating in other criminal activities in areas it controlled and paid its own â??taxesâ? to the Mexican Mafia in exchange for controlling the areas it operated in, and for protection once gang members entered Californiaâ??s prison system……

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3 Responses to ““No One Gets Out Alive” Part 2 - Florencia 13”
  1. Vincent Narodnik says:

    With an eye to how closely the Mexican Mafia is linked to the Mexican government*, doesnt this then seem to rise to the level of an act of war on their part? …and not one of the single incident type, either; I mean an on-going, deeply criminal and deliberately lethal kind.
    Not like shooting down an airliner of a foreign nation filled with citizens of that country; more like shooting down day by day small planes and killing 4 or 5 people every day. …and paying people in the victim nations government to look the other way?
    So here we have our government acknowledging that they are fully aware that (by way of extension) a foreign government is operating in the clear light of day formenting what amounts to soft genocide, and …what do they do?
    OH…and that billion and a half or whatever it was 2 months ago to help them “fight drugs”.
    We all know how judiciously THAT money will be ‘redistributed’ among the ‘authorities’ of Mexico.

    Lets just say that I had a beautiful daughter who had taken up dating a gang-banging cholo while I was busy traveling trying to make a name for myself in my profession. If one day I started coming to my senses and realizing that regardless of how ‘open and tolerant’ I had tried to be in her raising, that her chosen ‘lifestyle’ would lead only to an early grave-
    What kind of father would I be if I, looking at the needle marks in her arms, thought that the solution was (drumroll please)
    *Take Sociology classes, to try to ‘understand’
    *Give choloboy a ’seat at the table’, with a view to ‘raising his self esteem”
    thinking that “self esteem” would change him from animal to decent fellow.
    *Mortgage my house and wife and childrens present and future earnings on a big cash gift to choloboys downtown supplier. Not a loan, mind you-a free and clear GIFT.
    You get the idea.
    What kind of father would I be if I responded in this way?
    A loving father who responded by becoming the lion he is supposed to be under the circumstances?
    Since Neglect is Default Hatred,
    would I be a hateful father, who, when under threat, colludes with the jackals who have broken into our house?
    How bad does it have to get before we realize that sometimes Peace can only come by the sword?
    We should rely on Joan of Arcs judgement on this,
    and not that of Roger Mahoney.

  2. Mountain Man says:


  3. Johnny says:

    Vincent Narodnik,

    Good points!

    We have a foreign invasion of criminals controlling the community. That is indeed an act of war that should have military intervention.

    Try and pull that shit in my neighborhood and you will get to meet my AR-15.

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