Judge Hears Arguments In Day Labor Suit


Fairfax, VA — Lawyers for the town of Herndon and Fairfax County (website - news) asked a judge to toss out a lawsuit filed by opponents of a taxpayer-funded day labor site that opened in the town this week.

‘They are assuming that these services are going to illegal immigrants, and there’s no factual basis for that,’ said Corinne Lockett, a lawyer for the county, prompting snickers from some courtroom observers who oppose the site and say that it’s obvious the day laborers at the site are predominantly Hispanic illegal immigrants.

William Hurd, the former Virginia solicitor general who argued the case for Judicial Watch, said Virginia Supreme Court precedent specifically gives local taxpayers the right to file suit opposing local government action, because a local government’s decisions so often directly affect residents.

Hurd said the town and county deliberately violated federal immigration law when they established the site by facilitating illegal employment.

Herndon officials voted in August to establish the site, using a $170,000 county grant and providing use of the town’s old police station.

Herndon’s mayor and town council members who voted to establish the site said they are not able to enforce federal immigration law and needed to establish a regulated site to eliminate the chaotic scene at an unofficial site, where day laborers waited for contractors in a convenience store parking lot.

Hurd said that ‘whether or not they have the authority to enforce the law, they certainly do not have the authority to flout it.’

Circuit Judge Kathleen MacKay said she will issue a written ruling on the motion to dismiss at a later date.

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  1. Don Silva Says:

    For the love of sweet baby buddah layin in the manger sippin egg nog, can you believe the PC coming our of that ladies pie hole ? “There is no factual basis for this” !!!!! Oh, other than taking a look as walk or drive by ???

    PC is the denial of reality… I see that more clearly than every now.

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