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Someone sent this to me in an email. I’m not sure where it is taken from.

If you thought the floodgates for illegal immigrants were wide open in Los Angeles up until now, hold on to your sombrero. Now that Antonio Villaraigosa has been elected mayor you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!! The guy who was Chairman of the UCLA chapter of MEChA, the anti-American and anti-Israel Mexican separatist group; the guy with the “born to raise hell” tattoo; the guy who was past district president of the ACLU; the guy who rewards illegal aliens with Matricula Consular IDs; the guy who wants to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses; the guy who supports Special Order 40, the regulation that will not allow local police to turn over illegal alien criminals to the Feds, will now be in charge of the second largest city in the nation. Well done, voters of Los Angeles!

Hope your proud of yourselves!

Mexican President Vicente Fox really has a real freakin’ compadre in the City of Angels now. Villaraigosa has virtually the same take on Mexican illegal immigration that Fox has. Fox, who has repeatedly refused to back away from his racist remark saying that Mexican immigrants take jobs “not even” blacks want in the United States, has never had a problem with illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States, as a matter of fact, he has encouraged it. It’s great with him that his lower class
citizens cross the border illegally by the millions to get jobs in the US, and then send the money back to Mexico. It’s also okay with him that these criminals commit murder and rape in America then run back to Mexico to hide. Fox refuses to extradite murderers to the US.

And yet the people of Los Angles voted for him …..

Remember a murder by an illegal in Denver a few months ago? Raul Garcia-Gomez is accused of gunning down Denver police Detective Donnie Young. On Monday, police called him “armed and extremely dangerous.” The search is currently focused on the Los Angeles area and Denver homicide detectives in L.A. said they have information that he is still in that area, despite some reports he may have fled to Mexico.

The car police believe Garcia-Gomez used to flee Denver was found behind his mother’s home in Los Angeles. Her neighbors told reporters that the suspect’s mom, Gregoria Gomez, has since fled to Mexico. They say they saw Gomez leave with four of her other children late Saturday. Next-door neighbor Jose Luis Herrera said Garcia-Gomez’s 26-year-old cousin, Ismael Goytia, left for Mexico because he was scared after he was mistaken for the suspect by police.

The group, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform gathered at the City and County Building to protest the way illegal immigrants are allowed to live and work so easily in the Denver area, using Garcia-Gomez as the example. Denver has become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and officials are not doing their jobs in policing and checking paperwork.

“What happened was that an illegal got across our border, like tens of thousands do everyday, and made it to Denver because he knew that Denver was a sanctuary city and that he’s safe here. He can drive without being arrested,” said Fred Elbel with the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. They want Denver to end its policy of not taking any action against suspected undocumented aliens, a practice that is virtually the same in Los Angeles and many other big cities.

Denver police officers will not go after any person solely because he or she is suspected of being an undocumented immigrant. Garcia-Gomez, an undocumented Mexican national, is suspected of using fake documents in order to get a job and live here in the Denver area. He was working in the kitchen at the Cherry Cricket Restaurant in Cherry Creek hours after Young was shot and killed.

Garcia-Gomez was never reported to immigration authorities after he was stopped three times for traffic violations and he showed no proof of residency, and no proof of insurance. Young and Detective John Bishop were shot from behind on May 8 while working off-duty as security at a baptism celebration. Bishop was treated at a hospital and released the same day.

Young was laid to rest last week.

And, oh yes, it happens in Los Angeles too. An illegal alien killed police officer David Marsh in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and fled to Mexico where he is still on the loose. Heaven knows we don’t need Mexican criminals; we have enough of the home-grown variety to keep law-enforcement plenty busy as it is.

It’s still too early to tell how Mayor Villaraigosa would handle the next murder in our city by an illegal, but if his past is any indication, I wouldn’t expect much. Liberal mayors, like liberal attitudes only encourage increased law breaking. Nothing will change until the folks rise up, like the Minutemen did in Arizona, and take matters into their own hands peacefully, yet determinedly.

We need to vote in politicians who actually support the idea of obeying America’s immigration laws. If you know any politicians like that, let me know, ’cause I sure as hell don’t. But if we DO find one, by all means support him. Meanwhile, we mustn’t let up and we must let our elected officials know that we will not sit still and watch our country get slowly swept into the “world without borders” We must preserve America as the great sovereign nation it has always been … or at least thats the way, “It seems to me!”

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  1. rog Says:

    Antonio Villaraigosa, Are you a son or grandson born to an illigal immgrants?

  2. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    L.A. Mayor reconsquita’s recent victory might ve had a great deal of support from 1986’s 2 1/2 millions amnesties for illigal alliens.

    Nine states gave up one seat in the U.S. House after the 2000 census because the populations of illegal immigrants and legal noncitizens in California, Texas, Florida and New York had surged. That is another fatal loophole in the system, and it should be fixed before this nation reaches a point of no return, that it is coming very close with 12 millions illigal aliens, and lose its sovereignty forever.

  3. Jerry Says:

    There are a few things I have a problem understanding about our elected officials. President Bush says the patroit act is crutial to the security and well being for our country and says it should be continued. This I agree with. It is expected that our congress act on this issue immediately. Yet no one in our government seems to see the urgency to pass a bill to secure our north and south borders from illegal entry. This should be priorty (one)along with the patroit act. People talk about illegal immigrants being in this country and that they have a right to be here. There is no such thing as an (illegal immigrant). According to our immigration laws a immigrant is a person who is in this country with legal documented papers issued by the immigration department. So anyone who is in this country without the approval of our immigration department or legal documented papers are allians not immigrants. So how can an allian, who actually became a criminal the second he or she stepped foot on our country’s soil have rights in our country? The American people had better wake up and see what is happening before it is too late. The fastest way to loose your beloved freedoms in this country is to set back and ignore the very things that are happening in front of you and doing nothing to stop it until it is to late. Stop and think back about some of your freedoms you have lost in the last few years because you did not think it would go that far and you did nothing to prevent it. This is the country of the american citizans, and we are the ones who have the rights to say what goes on in this country. We are american citizans, a country of the people, for the people and by the people of american citizans who have fought and died for this country to make it what it stands for today. If people want to migrate to this country then let them do so legaly the same way our ancestors did many years ago. And to clear up your thoughts they came to this country legaly by the laws that were in effect at that time. They learned english so they could get their american citizianship. They gave to this country their life and made it the best country in the world. They fought in world wars and other conflicts. They helped establish the very laws the illegal allians break every day. So here are your choices. You can set back and watch your country’s north and south borders continue to be unsecued so anyone can come into your country unchallanged to bring anything they wish into your country ie, weapons, disease, drugs, ect. Or you can get off your duffs and start telling your elected officials you what some action and you want your country’s borders secured. Picture this if you can. Someone in the world wants to cause harm to the United States and its people. So they get a slow acting highly contaguious biological agent and infect 20 people they have arranged to transport into your country illegaly. These people could infect thousand of people in many different states before anyone could figure out what was happening. Does Ebola ring a bell? This is your future but most important it is your childrens future and their childrens future.

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