Wikipedia: “SUR-13″ - These symbols represent Sureños (Spanish for “Southerners”) a group of Mexican American (Chicano) street gangs with origins in Southern California.

[1] There are hundreds of Sureño gangs in California, and each has its own identity on the streets. The gang’s strong hold have historically been in Los Angeles and San Diego. Sureños are controlled and influenced by the Mexican Mafia, who represent about half of the gang membership. These gangs are found throughout the urban and rural areas of Southern California.

Sureños conduct moderate criminal activities including drug smuggling and sales, theft and human trafficking. They represent themselves with various names or tag symbols such as “Sur 13″, “Los Sureños” and “Sureño Trece”. These indentifications are accompanied by the color blue, numeric code of number 13 and the Roman numeral of XIII.

Del Rio News Herald

?I think it?s really sad when people do something like this,? said Dr. Gene Haverlah as he surveyed the black and blue spray painted scrawls on the Wells family marker in the Westlawn Cemetery Saturday morning.

Thug Life

The imposing red granite stone that marks the Wells family plot was one of about a dozen headstones, tombs and monuments defaced by vandals sometime during the past week, Haverlah noted.

The Westlawn Cemetery, which lies just south of Del Rio International Airport at the end of West Second Street, is the final resting place for members of many old Del Rio and Val Verde County families.

Bullriding legend George Paul lies in the Westlawn Cemetery, and his white, above-ground tomb also was attacked by the spray-can wielding vandals.

The vandals also left their marks on a statue depicting the crucifixion of Christ in another part of the cemetery. After scrawling letters and numbers on the statute?s base, they sprayed blue paint on the faces of some of figures ranged below the cross.

Neither was the damage at the cemetery limited to the resting places of the affluent. The vandals had also spray painted small weathered headstones in an older section of the cemetery.

6 Responses to “Mexican Gang Vandalizes Texas Cemetary”

    It’s a shame ,that these thugs have no respect for the dead! , But what else can you expect, from individual who don’t have nothing to do than just wasted their time destroying the neightborhood. All these neightborhood terrorist should be sent to a prison camp like guatamamo base in cuba , have them lock up until the last day of their lifes,with no communication to the outside world… for if we were to let them out ,the only thing they are going to do is continue to destroy the neighborhoods….. but it is just a wishful thinking , because the Goverment won’t do it, and don’t want to do it,

  2. John CreasyNo Gravatar says:

    This is simply incredible…why desecrate a grave?! It’s just plain meaness and evil. mexicans in the main, it appears to me anyway, are just barbaric miscreants. The guy in Pasadena, Texas, Horn, I think his name is, had the right idea. These people must be driven out by the citizens, because the govt., as American Citizen wrote above, will not do it.

  3. Eddie B.No Gravatar says:

    Makes you feel like Sean Penn in Colors when he spayed painted that punks face after catching him.

  4. AngelNo Gravatar says:

    Nice artwork.

    I remember the days when you would only see that stuff in the deep inner cities.

  5. BEADALONGNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, I want to see them driven out. It is clear they have no respect for us, only contempt.

  6. the marlboro man says:

    This is the good people that GW BUSCH AND the SENATE AND CONGRESS want us to embrace???WHERES MY GUN!!!!

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